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Crystal-controlled VHF/UHF FM Exciters

High quality exciters, ideal for repeaters, links, telemetry, and other demanding applications.

The TA51 Exciter, available for various vhf bands, and the TA451 uhf Exciter are tough, commercial-grade, low power transmitters which answer the need for the most demanding applications.

Over the years, our commercial customers have told us amazing stories of all the applications in which our exciters and receivers have performed in the most demanding environments! Uses such as flying drone airplanes for the military, telemetry in rockets, audio & tv links for security systems, controlling city water supplies, research on wildlife migration, listening to whale sounds, doing remote broadcasts of sporting events, and reporting on traffic conditions from helicopters.

Some of our enterprising oem customers have purchased our units to save their customers trouble and money by combining our transmitters and receivers with digital equipment they make. This equipment then was used for security systems, monitoring freezing temperatures in orchards, checking milk production in dairy herds, reducing manpower required for traffic signaling in highway construction, detecting leaks in water mains. The list goes on and on.

You can rely on our transmitter and receiver modules for your project, too! If you have any questions, send us an email. We'll be glad to work with you and suggest cost effective solutions.

Note: Our synthesized T301 Exciter has advantages for 2 meters or 220MHz bands.  The frequency is set by dip switch and there is no need to wait for a crystal or pay for a crystal oven.

Amateurs often use the TA451 Exciter on 439.25 for ATV using a homemade video modulator.    Here is a link to plans to make one.


  • RF Output (50 ohms):  2-3W continuous duty
  • Frequency Range: 50-54, 72-76, 144-148, 220-225, 400-450 MHz (see price list) 
  • Frequency Stability: [See crystal options]
  • Modulation: phase modulated
  • Deviation: adjustable, vhf 5 kHz, uhf up to 10 kHz
  • Crystals: Standard 12MHz, 32 pF parallel
  • Harmonics and spurious: -50dB (even lower with power amplifier added)
  • Sideband noise at repeater spacing: -80dB
  • Audio Input: Low Z dynamic mic or unbalanced line from COR, etc. (2Kohms)
  • Pre-emphasis: +6dB/octave up to 3000Hz; -12dB/octave above 3000Hz
  • Operating Power: 13.6 Vdc at 550 mA max.
  • Size: 3 x 5 in.
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lb.

TA51 VHF Exciter

TA451_Board.jpg (43344 bytes)
TA451 UHF Exciter


TA51 Exciter kit, 50-54, 72-76, 140-148 or 222-225 MHz, less xtal  .............$199.00

TA51 Exciter, w&t, 50-54, 72-76, 140-148 or 222-225 MHz, less xtal .............$349.00 *

TA451 Exciter kit, 420-450 MHz, less xtal  ..........................$199.00

TA451 Exciter, w&t, 400-450 MHz, less xtal ..................$349.00 *

* Note: We do not normally stock wired units as most customers use synthesized modules now; however, they are available on special order with 2-3 week dely.

Crystals commercial grade, for all units .....$25.00

Click here for tuning tools and RCA plug & cable to connect to board.

See what our customers say about these modules:

I built your UHF crystal exciter and UHF receiver and they work GREAT! I am very pleased with the performance of each module. I am building a split site 6M repeater using most of your modules. Thanks for your help.   ...Roger Myers, N9JHQ, Elkhart IN

The 440 and 220 transmitter and receiver boards we purchased from you years ago are still in operation today and have been working at 100% the whole time. They are totally reliable and even working under some harsh weather conditions. The crystal heaters we installed in one location on the receiver boards keeps the frequency rock solid. The downtown repeater site has two UHF receivers, one 220 receiver, the main 220 transmitter exciter board plus 10 watt amp - and they all perform flawlessly all the time. Even after years of use to this day, they have never stopped working or drifted off frequency. We are also using ID boards, timers boards and so forth on two remote receiver sites - and they are all as accurate as the day we installed them over ten years ago. Good engineering designs - good going! Thanks. ... Tom Mogan, AA6IP; Sacramento, CA