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CrystalWe use only good quality, commercial grade crystals of 5 ppm tolerance from the best crystal labs.  Normal delivery time is about 2-3 weeks because the best crystals are aged to provide good stability over a period of time.

Beware of amateur grade crystals advertised in ham magazines. Many do not have good enough calibration tolerance or stability.   Insist on only commercial grade crystals for any 2-way radio equipment.   

Frequency stability for crystal controlled transmitters and receivers consists of a commercial-grade crystal with a rating of 5 ppm over a temperature range of +10C to +60C (50F to 140F).  Note that crystal ovens, for wider temperature range, are no longer available.

Crystals, commercial grade, for all units $25.00 (allow 2-3 weeks for manufacture)

Synthesized Radios

Our synthesized radios do not require channel crystals or crystal ovens.  Synthesized radios come standard with temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO), which provide 2 ppm stability over a temperature range of +10C to +60C (50F to 140F) without requiring a crystal oven.  That is a major advantage of synthesized modules vs. crystal controlled.   Replacement micros for synthesized units are available for $20.00