About Hamtronics, Inc.

Some Background on Who We Are…

Hamtronics, Inc. was founded in 1962 by some hams who shared an interest in vhf and uhf. One of the founders has an extensive background in technical writing and graphic arts in addition to electronics, which is why you have come to expect attractive and meticulous instruction manuals.

Hamtronics, Inc. specializes in VHF and UHF RF design, with particular emphasis on repeaters and on voice, control, and telemetry links. Our designs have been perfected over time and incorporate features suggested by hundreds of users. Having been around for 50 years, we value our reputation for quality and value. We use our engineering expertise to manufacture superior quality communications equipment and sell direct to the end user at reasonable prices with no dealer markups. We control costs by keeping overhead low and avoiding the more expensive advertising media.

Originally a manufacturer of amateur radio equipment, today over 80% of Hamtronics® equipment is purchased by people in industrial, scientific, broadcast, and government organizations, many of whom are hams and recognize Hamtronics® equipment as a good value, well-built, and able to stand up to continuous duty. Some even prefer our equipment to more expensive equipment made by Motorola and others. That is because our receivers often are more sensitive and selective and our transmitters are designed to operate in continuous duty applications, holding up under adverse conditions better than transceiver-grade equipment.

Being modular in construction and designed with interfaces needed for repeaters and links, our equipment also offers additional flexibility. You can buy just the modules needed and combine them in ways not possible with equipment from transceiver manufacturers.

We often adapt our equipment for OEM’s who need an ally in the RF field. If you have such a need, our engineering department will be glad to consult with you and offer practical suggestions.

Our customers tell the story best about the service we like to offer…

You make great kits. Extremely well built and engineered!  I received the trimmer cap. yesterday and want to thank you and all of your efforts in providing outstanding products and services to the electronic community!  I look forward to ordering more products from you and passing good praise to all potential customers about your company.  Again many thanks!…Michael Perkins, Gaysville, Vermont

Thanks for the reply to my email. Out of all the Ham Radio companies that I have dealt with, Hamtronics has the quickest and most helpful customer support department! Keep up the good work!…Gabriel Cocco, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

When a person spends significant amounts of money for a repeater, that person might just get hardware and software. But technical support makes the difference between repeater vendors. The technical support we have received from you is far more valuable than the dollars we have spent for the hardware. I am very glad to have purchased our repeater from you. If any of your potential customers inquires about references, send them to me. Hamtronics can’t be beat for service before or after the sale…. Bob Philbrook, KB9RNT, Freeport IL

I see now why so many have good things to say about your customer service!  73 and thanks!!… Jim W7RY

Wow! That’s fast follow up. Thanks for the great customer service….Tom Seay

Thanks for your prompt repair of this receiver. Another good reason to keep coming back to Hamtronics.  By the way, the rcvr is excellent for sensitivity and IF selectivity.  Haven’t checked for front-end image rejection and de-sense, but expect it to be excellent, also.  And you can quote me.  …John Harrington W5EME

“I recently purchased three units in kit form: R144, TA451, and R451.  Shipment on these units was made even sooner than I expected.  Construction and performance were excellent.  After nearly fifty years of designing, building, and working with electronic equipment, I can assure you, I am fully satisfied with these units and will be happy to recommend your products to anyone.  I am enclosing an order for some additional equipment.”  … IDB, Nashville TN

“I’d like to add that I enjoy building Hamtronics kits, as they are a perfect compromise between designing and building from scratch and buying assembled/tested equipment.  Lastly, I would like to thank you for your speedy service on the last two orders.”  … DH, Ottawa ONT Canada

“I want to tell you how thoroughly pleased I am with your products and service.  The kit went together beauti-fully.  I powered it up and aligned it carefully.  Wow, was I surprised!  This is the best VHF receiver I have ever seen.  It ‘hears’ extremely well, the audio is clean, and the squelch characteristics are perfect for two-way com-munications.  I hope that others know that the best, state-of-the-art equipment isn’t always the most expensive.  Many thanks to all of you who really did an outstanding job on the design of this receiver, and to those who back up the products with outstanding service.”  …DSC, Granada Hills CA

I have been operating my 2-meter REP-200T since January 2000 without a hic-up. It works flawlessly and is extremely reliable. There are two other so called repeaters in my area. The other two repeater owners have complemented me on how great the REP-200T operates. I keep telling theses guys that they should get rid of their Kenwood so called repeaters and get a real repeater like the REP-200T. The REP-200T hears very well and always puts out a clean 28 watts signal when called. I have nothing but high praise for the Hamtronics products and continue to sell other hams on the reliability and support that your company offers to the Amateur Radio community. I love my REP-200T. Thanks for making such a reliable and great operating REPEATER…. Bill Abbott, WA5PP