The Best Bathroom Radios for 2023

Several people take out their singing talent while taking a shower. The moment you turn on the tap and water starts splashing, it brings out the singer in you. Best of all, you can make your singing time in the bathroom more exciting by owning the best bathroom radio.

Turn on this water-resistant radio and sing along with your favorite artist. It is also an excellent choice for individuals who just like to listen to good music while bathing. Ideally, to kill time in the bathroom.

Let’s check out my list of the best radios for the bathroom available in the market.

  Best Overall Most Sound Quality Most Durable
Preview Sangean SNGH201 Sangean PR-D18GR HAISSKY F012L
Dimensions 2.2 x 9.3 x 5.5 inches 6.5 x 1.4 x 4.2 inches 3.35 x 2.56 x 3.35 inches
Weight 2.3 pounds 0.8 pounds 0.34 pounds
Battery 2 D Battery 4 AA Battery (Up to 72 hours) 650 mAh (Up to 6 hours)
Water Resistant JIS7 IPX7
Output wattage 2W 1W 3W
Bluetooth Yes
Best Bathroom Radio Reviews
1. Sangean H201 Portable Shower Radio

The innovative model is specially designed to play in wet locations that will resist the heavy splashes of water. Thus, I could efficiently use it in the bathroom without any functionalities trade-off.
With a plethora of preset stations, you’ll never get bored. What’s more? Good sound quality is what you can experience after buying this fantastic bathroom radio. I highly recommend this bathroom radio system due to easy access with or without batteries. Its ease to tune in stations will definitely win the heart.
Furthermore, there is a big LED display and buttons on the front panel to operate the radio effortlessly. The built-in hanging strap and the wall mounting plate of the radio make it ideal for placing even in the small bathrooms.
The waterproof bathroom radio runs on 2 D Cell Batteries as well as AC power adapter. Thus, we can utilize it with ultimate convenience. However, you will not receive an adaptor with the package, so you have to buy it separately.
Besides, the 7 NOAA channels keep you updated on any climatic emergency. Hence, my kid loves to take it with her during the trekking trip. In case it rains all of a sudden, the waterproof radio will still be safe and will entertain you. There is also an emergency LED torch that proves to be handy at night.
One thing that didn’t impress me is its flat design, with no unique style that grabs the eye. However, it is available in two color variants – white and pink.
Multiple preset stations
Available wall mounting plate and hanging strap
Big screen for easy read
Weather channel and emergency LED torch
Buzzer features for an ideal trekking gear.
Not a unique design
If you are looking for a simple yet fully-functional radio for bathroom space, this is your best bet.
2. Sangean PR-D18GR AM/FM Digital Radio

One more fabulous radio model by Sangean that features 10 preset AM and FM radios. What I love the most about this radio is that it has a truly classic look with a metal antenna to find the range properly.
You might love the red color version of this radio due to its unique vibe. The simple and robust design with smooth buttons allows users to switch the radio channels and volume instantly. Besides, the LCD screen displays all the functions varying from time, battery to alarm, and FM station.
Even on a single speaker, the radio has an excellent sound range, which offers me the best experience in the shower. I love murmuring songs along with artists on this radio. Since the radio is also portable, I keep it near the poolside sometimes and enjoy an awesome swim.
The radio has no suction cup or hanger, so I had to install a wall mount to place this radio. There is also no Bluetooth. However, this bathroom radio can work on AA-size batteries and AC Adapter both. What’s more, I can even plug in the earphones on the radio to not disturb others and have my good moments.
Fabulous sound quality
Can be charged through the battery and AC adapter both.
Allow plug-in earphones
A robust built in bathroom radio.
No a suction cup nor a hanger.
No Bluetooth connection
This Sangean shower radio is a classic model that will win the heart of people who are old school. If you want a simple, efficient, and sturdy model, I will recommend this one. Even if it does not have an impressive design, its sturdiness allows you to use it for many years.
3. HAISSKY Portable Wireless Speaker with FM Radio

One more amazing Bluetooth radio for the shower, which will make listening to all your favorite music a pleasant experience.
Firstly, you are going to love the sturdy and bold design that will boost the charm of your bathroom interiors. Placing it in the shower has given a smart touch to space. Moreover, the strong and detachable suction cup provides it a firm grip even on the slippery surface.
The water-resistant radio is the right choice not only to use in the bathroom but also near the pool or terrace. I always place it at the desired location whenever I throw a pool party or BBQ party in the garden. All the guests enjoyed the party, and some bought this for their home as well.
Further, this radio makes our lives easy with its quick connection with smart phones to stream any song or music album of our choices. The Bluetooth 4.0 version in the radio connects within a few seconds. One more advantage of this model is that it is compatible with all the operating systems.
Due to Bluetooth support, I can also attend my incoming calls while having a bath. It means I don’t need to miss out on any call, even if I’m away from the mobile. The speakers are well audible, which lets me communicate clearly.
Some other features include shockproof quality radio; hence, users can change the channels and volume with wet hands without any fear.
You can charge the radio through the USB cable that means you don’t have to buy batteries again and again. However, the radio’s in-built battery life disappointed me a little, with a playtime of only 6 hours.
33 ft Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy music without disconnection issue.
A stunning and sturdy design
High-quality shockproof
Strong suction cup
Frequent charging
This radio from HAISSKY is ideal not just for the bathroom but also as a party prop. If you are someone who often organizes parties at your space, I will say you don’t look beyond.
4. Sangean H202 Portable AM/FM/ Shower Radio

The next I will like to recommend to radio aficionados is this classic model. Knowing my fondness for listening to songs on the radio, one of my close friends gifted this on my birthday. I really appreciated her sweet gesture because this radio for shower served me well.
Firstly, it has an assortment of preset AM and FM options to choose from. Hence, I can play any radio station as per my mood and enjoy a lively bathing environment. Secondly, this advanced radio comes with Bluetooth, which means I can connect it with my smartphone and tune in to music saved in my shower music player.
The signal range is also of good quality that connects to available radio stations instantly. Hence, I don’t have to waste time adjusting the channels again and again.
The radio gives flexible installation ease, which means you can hang it, place it on a shelf, or mount it on the wall based on your bathroom’s requirement. I personally like to keep it on a small countertop that gives my bathroom a vintage look.
I also like its subtle and durable design that survives the water splashes and moisture in my bathroom. It’s been three years to my radio, and it still looks like new.
The Sangean H202 radio also boasts a dual and long-lasting charging feature. That said, I can charge this radio either through an adapter or insert 2D cells.
However, the charger isn’t included in the radio box. The LED display notifies me about the remaining battery on the radio, so I recharge it on time.
The high-frequency range for quick connect with the radio channels
25 AM/FM channels with plenty of music options.
The Bluetooth-powered radio for all the operating system devices.
A sturdy and classic design radio for long-lasting use
No charger included in the package
Thus, it has got everything to keep your mood up and happening. If you are looking for a sturdy and multi-functional bathroom radio model, don’t look beyond.
5. JENSEN JBS-225 Wall Mountable Music System

It is an innovative twist to the FM radio system that I chose to install in my farmhouse. I was looking for something different that will suit its modern decor. Hence, this radio got a checkmark on those specifications though it was a costly purchase for me.
Firstly, it is a wall mount radio bathroom and a bigger version. Thus, it was the best radio to place in my closet bathroom. I got the wall mount kit and detachable stand with this model, hence it saved me extra money on installation. My husband himself mounted it in the bathroom.
The highlight of this radio is that it has a CD player that excited my son a lot. Classic, Rock, Pop, or Jazz, whatever your choice, you can enjoy every kind of music on its fantastic bass speakers. So, if there is no radio range, I can play a CD of my favorite music album on it. Also, the CD player opens like sliding a cupboard door that gives it a unique look.
Not to mention, it lets you charge your phone through its USB Port. Moreover, I can connect the devices with its Bluetooth and stream songs directly from my stored music gallery.
Provide a radio, CD player, and Bluetooth streaming options.
A wall mount radio with a smart design.
Easy to install and use.
The X-bass system offers incredible sound performance.
A high- price radio range.
In my opinion, JENSEN JBS-225 is an ideal choice for people who have a large bathroom. Also, for those who love to use both radio and CD players can go with it.
6. Jensen JWM-160 Digital AM/FM Shower Clock Radio

I bought the JWM bathroom radio for my grandmother, knowing her love for listening to old melodies while taking a bath. She gets a rejuvenating time while taking a shower with her favorite classics playing in the back.
I chose this model for her because it has 20 AM and FM channels along with a Bluetooth connectivity option. Hence, she can select from different options and fulfill her love for music.
It has an attached handle that lets you hang it on the shower; a waterproof radio will sustain all the water dripping. The highlight of this radio is that my granny can change her radio station or volume with ease because the controls are simple to use.
Its portability allows you to easily fit into a small bag. Being health enthusiasts, some people can every day take the radio during morning walk sessions. As the name suggests, the radio functions as a clock that allows people to keep track of the journey. The lightweight radio is not difficult to handle at all.
Along with this, you can place it at the bedside table to use its alarm clock to wake up for morning walk. In fact, this multi-purpose AM/FM radio can become your go-to gadget.
The design of this radio is not very attractive. You can go for it if you are not into the looks, but more focused on the features.
20 AM/FM stations to choose from
A Bluetooth-enabled radio for playing songs on the phone
Also works as an alarm clock.
Fantastic water-proof feature
The design of the radio could be improved.
Lastly, I will say the decision to buy this water-resistant radio will be worth it. The radio is fully-functional and durable to keep you entertained for long.
7. Hydro-Beat Illumination Shower Radio

I am an adventure lover, so once I was looking for a radio that I carry with me when I go for outdoor fun. I came across this portable and water-resistant radio by HB Illumination.
What grabbed my attention was its usage versatility. That means it is not just fit for installing in the bathroom, but also for use in the swimming pool. Therefore, buyers love the floating and shockproof nature of the radio.
Furthermore, you can take this portable radio with me when I go for kayaking, jet skiing, or boating adventures. The suction cups on the radio are robust, enabling it to attach tightly on all water vehicles.
As far as sound quality is concerned, the model didn’t frustrate me on this as well. The built-in FM radio and a high range of audio both offer me an exceptional music experience. It also has Bluetooth support so I can play songs directly from the mobile.
Lastly, since it has a changing LED lights system, I can even use it during a party at home. Only less playback time of about 5 hours is something I disliked.
Shockproof function for use in the swimming pool and hot tub
Compact design for effortless carrying
A high range of audio quality
Excellent water-resistance
Suitable for Bluetooth devices.
After the charge, the radio only gives around 5 hours of playback time.
If you are looking for a heavy-duty shower radio, do not go anything less than this HB Illumination radio. I hope my experience with this model has given you an assurance about its incredible quality and performance.
8. CIYOYO Waterproof Wireless Bathroom Dab Music

The CIYOYO Waterproof radio boasts fantastic features that benefit people for long-term utilization. There is so much to discuss regarding this ultra-edge radio system that works in the bathroom like no other model.
I already own Ciyoyo Waterproof FM radio – an audiophile quality product. After placing the order, I expected no less from this one.
This radio comes with Bluetooth Speaker 5.0, which is compatible with all the Bluetooth-enabled iOS gadgets. The Bluetooth range is strong enough to connect seamlessly and instantly up to 33 ft of distance without any nuisance. Stuck in half of the shampooing session, no worries! You can pick your important call right through this radio speaker.
The sturdy built-in quality and cutting-edge technology make it an ideal match for smart homes. My bathroom gets an all-new contemporary look as soon as I fix it on the wall. Easily set the radio at any flat surface or even at your bathtub side with the help of its robust suction cup. Believe me, it is not moving from the place I stuck it to since the first day.
Regarding the sound quality and available radio channels, the product didn’t fail my taste. It will satisfy those who prefer top-notch bass while playing their music. I even use it whenever I throw a poolside party at my home, and it creates a lively ambiance.
The radio is fully secured when you take a shower due to its IPX4 water-resistant cover. Thus, no short circuits, erosion, or damage to the internal mechanism.
Strong Bluetooth connection
A crisp and powerful stereo sound.
An IPX4 waterproof casing
The lightweight design for easy installation
Offer all-new contemporary look for the bathroom
Do not support other operating systems barring iOS.
So, connect Ciyoyo Waterproof FM radio with your smart device and enjoy songs from your favorite brand group like never before. Thus, I recommend you also to invest in if you’re searching for the wall mounted radios for bathrooms.
9. Pyle PSR6 Hanging Shower Radio

If you are looking for a mini-sized radio for small bathroom space, look no further than this Pyle PSR6 Hanging Shower Radio with fantastic functionality.
It is a cute looking bathroom radio with a cool hanger style. You can directly hang it under the shower as its splashproof quality protects it from the damage inside and out.
Pyle PSR6 makes the shower time pleasant through its outstanding sound quality and different AM/FM radio stations to enjoy music according to your preference. The volume range is sufficiently loud to fill a small spaced bathroom.
It is a wireless radio, so you get a shockproof guarantee as well. The small size means you can take it along during the trekking trip. Best of all, the radio signals are so good that it works even in the mountains without fail. Just don’t forget to stack some extra 3 AA batteries with you.
The LED display will show you time, but it is quite small. Also, the radio has rotary volume and tuning control but not the one press buttons. Hence, it becomes quite time-consuming to tune the channels.
Mini-sized radio for the compact bathroom.
Provide shockproof and splashproof quality.
Offer a great range for both indoor and outdoor activities
A portable radio for various trips.
Small display screen and rotary control knobs
Pyle PSR6 Hanging Radio is undoubtedly one of the best compact-sized radio I bought. If you also want a small, affordable, and sturdy radio to hang in your shower, it is your ideal match.
10. AGPTEK Portable Wireless Speaker Radio

There is no need to carry the costly mobile phone with you when you fix this Bluetooth speaker radio in your bathroom.
The highlight of this bathroom radio system is that the call feature on the radio also features a redial last call option. Thus, you will appreciate the model if you can’t miss any call due to professional reasons.
The enhanced sound of this radio gives the best shower time while tuning in to favorite songs. It’s not only best for your bathroom, but you’ll even love to use it at the beach party. It is perfect for carrying along during road trips too as you can attach the radio on the car, enjoy the music, and take the calls handsfree.
The detachable suction cup and IPX4 certification make this radio perfect for placing on the bathroom wall. You can firmly fix it under the shower,
besides the bathtub or bathroom window as per your convenience. It’s a long-lasting product because of the double protection design.
For your information, the speaker only supports iOS devices.
High-quality sound
Promise no distraction during your bathing time
The double protection casing for long-term use
Compact design for outdoor escapades.
IPX4 certified radio for shower guarantees long-lasting results.
Only compatible with iOS mobiles and devices.
I highly recommend the AGPTEK to bathroom singers, travelers, and workaholics alike. It’s an all-inclusive model that will satisfy the needs of every kind of person. Just you must have an iPhone or a kind with you to connect and use this sound machine.
11. Sony ICF-S80 Splash Proof Shower Radio

Turn your bathroom into a dance floor with this water-resistant radio for bathroom presented by renowned brand Sony. It is an adorable looking mini-sized radio that easily fits in the bathroom.
This AM/FM sony bathroom radio comes with 5 preset stations that I can conveniently access by tapping on its smooth preset buttons. Hence, save your favorite radio station and play them instantly.
The little display shows selected stations, volume, and other options but reverts to time after a short while. The highlight of the bathroom radio model is its battery life for me that runs on good C-sized batteries. To my surprise, I could use it for about 100 hours without any need to replace the batteries for months.
The sony shower radio icf-s80 tested the waters literally because it is a reliable waterproof device. Without any flashy packages, this simplistic design and white color will suit any interior decor of the bathroom. Also, the detachable rubber strap means you can either hang it on the shower directly or place it on a countertop.
Moreover, seeing the features and design of this radio, I feel that this bathroom radio is overpriced compared to other models on my list. Anyhow, knowing the brand name, you may be ready to splurge that much. After all, you’ll get durability assurance.
A detachable strap to put in the bathroom
Long-lasting battery for stable use up to 100 hours.
5 preset stations to save your favorite radio channels
Reliable waterproof function
Simplistic design for beautiful bathroom decor
A high-priced radio
I will say to go with the Sony ICF-S80 bathroom radio because it has an incredible digital reception on AM and FM. Besides, the long-running hours enable bathroom singers to do and enjoy a karaoke along with their favorite music artist for countless days.
12. Pyle PSR16BT Waterproof Shower Speaker

If you are ignoring the radio specified above due to its looks, this one will match your taste. It is a cute looking aqua color radio with functions worth talking about.
When I got this Pyle PSR16BT splash proof radio, the first thing that grabbed my attention was its splashproof property. That said, the radio accurately worked even after I dropped it once into the bathtub mistakenly.
Furthermore, you can connect this mini radio with Apple as well as Android Bluetooth devices. The more than 30 ft range rarely gives me any connectivity issue. Moreover, I can sing along my favorite songs downloaded on my phone or laptop.
The LCD screen displays the exact time, so we know that we are wasting my time in the bathroom lost in the music and missing out on other important stuff. There is also an alarm clock feature.
Not to mention, it is a wireless radio that means it runs on 2 AA batteries. The model does not have a USB charging option. It has rotating tuning and volume controls that are a little time-consuming to adjust. I am an impatient person; thus, it personally bothered me. However, rest assured the AM/FM radio will win your heart.
A bluetooth-enabled radio
Incredible splashproof and high-grade quality plastic
Available time display and alarm clock features
Portable radio for easy transportation
Rotary tuning and volume controls
Work only on batteries.
I will suggest picking it as a gift for teenagers as its looks will win their heart. Also, Bluetooth support will let them enjoy music from their favorite band groups saved in the device while relaxing in the bathtub.
What to Look for When Buying a Bathroom Radio 

Don’t make quick decisions by merely looking at the design or a few useful features online. When it comes to buying a waterproof radio, you should consider various factors to opt for a suitable one. Do your research thoroughly. Go for the one whose features accommodate your needs and taste. Based on the radios I used by far in my bathroom, I’ve jotted down vital properties that a reliable model must possess.
Shower Proof
Check the IPX rating of the radio speaker to understand its endurance level in the water. It implies higher the IPX rating, the more waterproof it is. You can also put the water-resistant model beside the shower, but the ones with the waterproof certificate can even immerse in the water.
Size and Weight
When you look out for bathroom radio, remember to rather not go for a big-sized and bulky model. A compact sized speaker means you can install it anywhere you want. It won’t look gaudy to conflict with other bathroom decor accessories. Also, it fits even in the small-spaced bathroom. Big sized radios are only suitable for larger bathrooms.
Easy to handle
You need a shower radio that you can handle without much hassle. Select the ones with buttons that are smooth to press. If you are going for a smart model, make sure the panel is not touch-sensitive and has effortless control.
Always choose the shower radio whose design and color options complement your bathroom interior. Also, don’t overlook to check whether the model is sturdy and lightweight.
The majority of the radios for bathrooms are small-sized, making it ideal for carrying it with you anywhere you move. It can be so handy to take with you during road trips, trekking, and beach party. This property allows you to use it whenever and wherever you want.
Bluetooth Connectivity
If you’re a geek, go for the one with Bluetooth support. This kind of radio speaker connects to Android and iOS-powered devices, offering you the ease of streaming music from your favorite apps. Own the one that can quickly pair with your Bluetooth-enabled devices. They also provide call receiving convenience to the users.
There are two options available in bathroom radios. A battery-powered radio is an excellent option if you don’t like to recharge it often. The models with an in-built battery can be charged using a USB cable and is ideal if you get fed up with the frequent battery changing procedure. However, it should have a long-lasting battery life.
Other Important Factors to Consider

What is a bathroom radio?
As the name suggests, a bathroom radio is a wireless radio speaker that helps to play music in the bathroom. Also known as a shower radio, these devices are water-resistant so that they don’t damage in water. These radios typically consist of the AM/FM preset radio stations for quick music access. A few advanced models also have Bluetooth support for streaming music.
They either operate through battery cells or in-built batteries. Since they are waterproof, you can also use them at rooftop, pool, or beach party occasions.
Who is this for?
People who are bathroom singers or those who enjoy music while bathing will like to install it in the bathroom. Additionally, due to its portability feature, travelers will also benefit from them. One can stack them in their car or backpack to enjoy music throughout the way.
How does it work?
The waterproof internet radio is easy to use devices. The Bluetooth-enabled radios operate by connecting with the other Bluetooth compatible gadgets. Also, they have a built-in battery, which means you can refill the juice by charging it via the USB cable. On the other hand, some models work on batteries.
The operation process is also straightforward. You’ll see on/off button, preset AM/FM radio channels, and volume buttons. You will also find the call receive and redial buttons on some Bluetooth-powered shower radios.
What are the Different Types of Bathroom Radios?
In-Wall Radios
You can turn your music on and off quickly on these in wall radios for bathrooms, but they are usually for bigger bathroom spaces.
In-Ceiling Radios
You can generally use this kind of radio through a handheld remote control.
Mirror Radios
It is a multi-functional, mirror radio with built-in lights, demister, DAB/FM Radio, and Bluetooth music streaming.
Why Do You Need a Bathroom Radio?
Bathroom radio is your go-to option if you love to listen to music while bathing or are a bathroom singer. You can leave your precious mobile devices in the bedroom and enjoy music securely from the preset AM/FM radios. This product is a perfect match for people who have a never-ending love for the old classic way of listening to music.
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted bathroom radio brands?
You will find a variety of bathroom radios in the market. But if you want to invest in a reliable product, I’ll suggest choosing from Pyle, Sangean, or Sony brand. The radios by these brands are multi-functional, attractive, and long-lasting.
How to install?
The bathroom radio is simple to install and use in any bathroom. It depends on the type of radio for the bathroom you bought. If it is a hanger attached model, you can hang it under the shower or shower curtain rod. You can also keep them on a countertop or bathroom shelf. In-wall or in-ceiling versions come with a suction cup that you can stick on the wall, bathtub, or any other smooth surface.
Where to buy?
The radio for bathrooms is readily available on several online shopping portals, including Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, and home depot. You can compare the price range and check the availability to place an order for your preferred radio.
How to care and clean?
You can simply clean the bathroom radio using a soft dry cloth. It will increase the durability of your radio. Remember, harsh sprays or cleaning agents will damage your radio before time, so avoid using them.
With a plethora of water-resistant radios accessible in the market, you will surely discover the best bathroom radio. The majority of the radios for bathrooms have almost similar features barring a few unique functions.
Always check the water-resistance IPS rating, so you purchase the sturdy radio. Additionally, the preset AM/FM radio stations, sound quality, and charging options are the key things you must focus on. You need to make sure to select the one that ticks all your radio requirements.

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