The Best Bluetooth Radios to Enjoy Your Music

These Bluetooth radios are far from being just your basic wireless radios with their amped-up features ranging from music streaming to charging your phone battery.

I’ve reviewed some of the industry’s trusted brands to make it less of a hassle for you to find your possible perfect match. Read on below to find out about these exciting features, and what is in store for you on the best Bluetooth radio there is!

Best Overall Most Feature Rich Best Sound Quality
Preview Sangean BB-100


Antimi Radio



Victrola VRS-2800-ESP


Dimensions 12.76 x 7.62 x 9.15 inches 6.7 x 1.6 x 2.4 inches 9.5 x 6.3 x 4.9 inches
Weight 7 pounds 0.65 pounds 2.83 pounds
Power AC & Battery 2200mAh (8 -12 hours) AC Adapter
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth/ 3.5mm Bluetooth/ 3.5mm/ USB/ TF Card Bluetooth/ 3.5mm
Water Resistant JIS4
Material Plastic Metal

Best Bluetooth Radio Reviews

1. Sangean BB-100 Bluetooth Radio


This durable and compact AM/FM radio with Bluetooth model from the world brand Sangean is Roll Cage protected, perfect for withstanding challenging environments.

This feature is reinforced by its shock, dust, and water-resistant (JIS4 standard) design that you won’t have to worry about having a splash here and there or suffering a little tumble on a challenging dirt road. The radio’s antenna helps boost radio reception and is made flexible – sticking through to its design’s purpose!

Not only that, the model has a high-powered speaker ensured to let you enjoy a top-notch quality sound experience, whether you’re in your room or out in the woods. Just the type an epic adventurer would take with him!

It’s very flexible when it comes to device connection – with wireless and wired options. You can connect Bluetooth enabled devices, and the upgraded built-in Bluetooth Technology version 4.1 makes the link efficient, especially in power usage. You can also connect your MP3, CD player, and similar wired devices through the Auxiliary-in port.

My personal favorite, being a visual person, is the cool, large backlit LCD on which you can see choices for settings or what song or station you’re streaming. For that, it’s easier to navigate through those things when you can see what you’re doing on a screen.

This device can also operate on four rechargeable “C” batteries that you can charge inside the radio with its built-in battery-charging feature. How cool is that? It also comes with a power cord in case you drain your batteries and forget to recharge them.
  • Roll cage protected
  • Dust and shock-resistant
  • Water-resistant to JIS4 standard
  • Flexible wireless and wired connectivity
  • Backlit LCD allows you to see navigation on the screen clearly.
  • Two power supply options
  • Not advisable to be submerged in water
Suppose these features excite you as an adventurer or just as a busy home person in need of the perfect company from a dependable brand. In that case, this Bluetooth radio might be the one for you.

2. Antimi Bluetooth FM Radio


If you’re looking for Hi-Fi sounds in a compact and handy Bluetooth radio, Antimi is a brand to reckon with. It’s one of the top-notch Bluetooth radio for its superb quality speakers that produce high-level detailed sound.

Antimi brings in crystal clear music and distortion-free audio, making listening to music an enjoyable experience. Its powerful 3-watt speakers can easily pack a punch and produce groove-inducing, high-energy music to fill indoor and outdoor spaces. Moreover, even at peak volume levels, the highs and lows remain rich, full, and undisturbed.

With all its powerful features, I’m amazed at how they can keep it compact, which is another plus for this device. With its size, you can take it with you anywhere by merely slipping it inside your bag.

You can also enjoy 12 hours of playtime with its 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery that’s rechargeable via any USB power source. Long road trips will never be dull with this radio by your side.

What I like the most about this Bluetooth radio is its all-metal body, which makes it quite durable. On top of that, its curved-edge design is ultra-comfortable to the hands.

It is also a highly flexible device, allowing various means of playing your music from different storage devices. On top of its Bluetooth connectivity, it has a micro SD or TF card reader and Aux-In. Plus, it also has a wireless antenna to play FM radio stations!

However, there seems to be no way of manually setting stations to the presets, and you just have to rely on its auto-set function. This gives you less control over which stations you’d like to be on your device.
  • Superb quality speakers that bring in clear, distortion-free audio
  • Its powerful 3-watt speakers keep highs and lows rich even at peak volume levels.
  • It is compact, handy, and slips easily into your bag.
  • Comes with a 2200 mAh rechargeable battery for 12 hours of playtime
  • Built with a durable all-metal body with a comfortable curved edge design
  • Supports Bluetooth technology, micro SD, and aux-in methods
  • Users have little control in setting up FM radio stations.
Experience full functionality in a compact device with Antinm Bluetooth radio.

3. Victrola Retro BluetoothRadio


Reminisce old-fashioned trends in a modern device with Victrola’s Retro Wood AM/FM radio with Bluetooth. The gadget’s classic vintage walnut look, matched with modern features, makes it a timeless brand that adds beauty to your space.

This radio is not just gorgeous; it is also highly functional and is jam-packed with convenient features. You can listen to AM and FM stations with it or stream music via its Bluetooth connectivity. It also sports built-in stereo speakers that emit powerful, jitter-free full-spectrum audio. What else can you ask for?

Its Bluetooth capability functions without fuzz as it pairs quickly with most audio sources such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops.

Say goodbye to cumbersome cables with wireless transfer from your favorite apps. Simply enable the pairing devices’ Bluetooth connections to pair, play within seconds, and enjoy lush and crisp audio from Victrola’s Retro Wood AM/FM Bluetooth radio.

But what I like most about this radio is it has all the controls you need to operate and adjust its features. It has a two-in-one power button and volume knob, an AM and FM tuner to scan through different stations, and a bass and treble knob for customized listening.

Moreover, these knobs are easy and comfortable to operate and display a trendy and old-fashion vibe.

However, the knobs can be difficult to adjust in the dark due to the absence of backlights.
  • Capable of playing AM and FM radio with Bluetooth output
  • With built-in speakers that emit clear, full-spectrum audio
  • Compatible with most audio sources such as smartphones and computers
  • Can establish Bluetooth connection within seconds
  • Comes with trendy and straightforward control knobs for efficient use
  • The knobs are missing backlights.
Overall, I think Victrola is a well-balanced product. It has incorporated functionality and artisanship quite well to produce a practical but beautiful device.

4. Tenmiya Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Tenmiya is a Bluetooth FM radio that prides itself in having everything you need; it’s easy-to-use, highly functional, and stylish. It’s a top-rated product and one of the most acknowledged brands in the market. Find out why here.

With this brand, you will never be disappointed with the sound quality that goes off your speakers. It’s a high-powered 10W stereo, with three loudspeakers for sound surround and one high output subwoofer.

These features give off not just loud and crisp audio but also an enhanced sound reproduction quality. This produces rich highs, detailed mids, and resonating lows, making me love this radio even more.

Further, its Bluetooth has a 33-ft reach and pairs quickly with most smartphones. So, whether I have my iOS or Android phone with me, I can easily toggle the Bluetooth feature to any of my devices. It also has a 3.5mm aux port and a TF Card for more music playback options.

Moreover, you can also tune in to FM stations. You have two options for programming FM stations: the radio’s auto scan and save feature and the manual mode. The second allows you to save your favorite stations via the remote control selectively.

It’s not just the functionality that I like about this brand, but the design as well. The speaker box is crafted from wood materials, making it sound and look better. Wood products exude elegance and warmth, which metal and plastic cannot, so it adds flair to your home.

But, the guide that came with it is of little help due to problematic instructions that I had to figure out how to use the radio on my own.
  • Its 10W, high-power stereo gives off loud and crisp audio.
  • Has three speakers for sound surround and one subwoofer for a resonating bass
  • Bluetooth can connect up to 33 ft. and pairs quickly.
  • With Aux input port, SD card reader and FM station
  • Features auto and a manual scan and save modes switchable via an RC
  • Made from wood with an elegant, warm design
  • The instructional guide should have been more clear.
This easy-to-use device in a stylish body is truly a joy to have due to its high functionality.

5. PRUNUS J-288 Portable Radio


An affordable Bluetooth radio with all the modern features you could ever ask for is what PRUNUS J-288 offers. Its stellar audio performance and convenient features make listening to the radio a hassle-free and refreshing experience.

PRUNUS Bluetooth speaker with AM FM radio is a digital radio with an antenna that’s none like the others. Its 56 cm-long antenna, which’s 3x the length you usually see from other brands, performs exceptionally well in enhancing signal stability and produce a clearer and static-free reception.

Enjoy a wide range of frequencies and store as much as 99 AM and 98 FM stations for a readily “scannable” playlist.

You can also use this radio with so much flexibility as it comes with a 3.5 mm jack socket for your headphones, a TF card reader, an aux input, and a USB flash drive mode.

Its upgraded 4.0 Bluetooth technology has superb transmission speed and connects to a paired device in a blink. Moreover, if your phone rings while the music plays, immediately turn this radio into a hands-free transceiver.

And as you get back to music mode, be prepared to get lost in the moment listening with its powerful 3W magnetic speakers that deliver clear bass and an immersive sound surround for an overall enhanced audio experience.

If you like listening to music before dozing off, you’ll appreciate its sleep timer feature. It allows for worry-free midnight music listening as you can just set the timer to shut off the radio automatically and prevent draining the batteries.

But, if I have to nitpick its downside, I wish it supports Bluetooth headphones for a fully wireless experience.
  • Sports a 56-cm antenna for clearer reception
  • Can store up to 99 AM and 98 FM stations
  • With 3.5 mm jack for headphones, TF card reader, Aux input, and USB port
  • Bluetooth 4.0 is superbly fast, and the unit turns into a transceiver during a call
  • Powerful 3W magnetic speakers for immersive sound surround experience
  • Comes with a sleep-timer feature to prevent draining batteries
  • Incompatible with wireless headphones
To get the most features in a compact and affordable radio, try this PRUNUS Bluetooth speaker with radio tuner.

6. iLive Under Cabinet Bluetooth Radio


iLive Wireless Under Cabinet Bluetooth FM Radio is what you need to fill the kitchen space with some good music without crowding the countertop. And on top of being a space-saver, it comes with practical features, too! Read on to find out.

This device’s Bluetooth range can reach 60 feet, allowing distant pairing and remote operation. It also has a built-in FM antenna for better coverage of your favorite FM stations.

Moreover, this radio has all the buttons you need to control its features better. It has a dimmer control, a pairing button, a play/pause button, and digital volume control. Most manufacturers lump more functions in one button, but the dedicated key for each function in iLive makes it easy for you to adjust settings.

Aside from its impeccable Bluetooth technology and straightforward controls, the iLive Bluetooth radio is packed with other useful features that you’ll surely enjoy. It’s not just a Bluetooth radio with built-in digital FM capabilities. It doubles as a reliable timer and a digital clock with an alarm feature, all of which come in handy in the kitchen.

It sure does live up to its reputation of being a perfect cooking companion.

Other subtle but beneficial features that I like about this radio are the negative LCD with a white backlight that facilitates ease of reading, and the station memory presets that help you quickly navigate your favorite FM stations. You can also recall the last user’s setting easily with just a push-button, which is another plus for me.

But I can only wish it comes with a USB port to play the music from my flash drive. And the print on the button is a bit tiny that reading may be a little harder for some people. Otherwise, it’s still a pretty decent Bluetooth radio for home use.
  • With a superior Bluetooth range of 60 ft
  • An FM radio with a built-in antenna for better coverage
  • Has a button for each setting for effortless settings control
  • Multifunction device – has a timer, a digital clock, and an alarm.
  • Its negative LCD and white backlight promote readability.
  • With memory presets and memory recall features
  • It does not have a USB port.
  • The button prints are smaller.
Who says it’s cumbersome to have a radio in the kitchen? iLive makes it easy for you to enjoy music anywhere.

7. Tenmiya Bluetooth Boombox


Are you the kind that’s looking for something that is intense and powerful but at the same time portable and handy? Read on as this might just be the Bluetooth radio of your dreams turned into reality.

This model from Tenmiya features a 30-Watts, upgraded three-speaker configuration with a unique speaker cavity structure. It delivers a clear, rich, solid subwoofer sound to fill a room effortlessly and make the outdoor pool rave or beach party livelier. Add to that excitement the colorful lights and EQ sound effects to suit your vibe.

I like that it has comfortable handles and removable shoulder straps so that you can take it anywhere you’d like to party or chill. It has a 4.2 chip, which ups its wireless compatibility with any Bluetooth enabled device.

You can also connect your computer, television, and other non-Bluetooth devices with the 3.5mm audio jack to boost the multimedia experience. Or connect it to a microphone to sing along to your favorite songs!

When it comes to these kinds of devices, I like to look into battery life or my power sources option. Thankfully this speaker has a built-in 4000 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery, which lets you listen and play music non-stop for up to 10 hours.

There is also the FM feature, which saves you a ton of effort searching for a channel since it automatically saves all the available stations where you are.

I think that the game-changer for this speaker, though, is the remote control. Speak of portable and convenient! You don’t have to keep on coming and going to punch buttons on the speaker if you want to switch to another music or radio channel, all the functions you can find on the remote.
  • 30-Watts, upgraded three-speaker configuration
  • Colorful lights and EQ sound effects
  • Comfortable handles and removable shoulder straps for easy carrying
  • Flexible and compatible with both wireless and wired devices
  • 4000 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery worth 10 hours
  • Comes with a remote control
  • No alternate power source
Whether you’re just a chill music lover who loves listening to rich sounds, or you’re a party animal who likes powerful rave beats, this radio can certainly live up to your needs.

8. Avantree SP850 Portable FM Radio


This 3-in-1 radio has a slick, lightweight (158 grams), and compact (13×3.2×6.6cm) design that comes with a hand strap so you can carry it anywhere you go. It’s very portable and handy that you can even slip it into the back pocket of your pants.

The Bluetooth speaker streams solid and crystal-clear quality sound for such a small device at five inches. To experience that quality on a whole new level, you can plug your earphones into the 3.5 mm headset jack and lose yourself in the tunes.

I love that there’s a slot specifically just for your micro SD card so you can listen to music you’ve stored in there. You can wirelessly connect your Bluetooth enabled devices to it or through the Aux-in for wired connection.

It has navigation and menu buttons, which lets you easily choose from different playback options and songs and lets you smoothly go through the settings. It also has a number pad on the spine that allows you to save the FM stations you like manually.

In looking for devices that stream music, it’s a priority for me to have a screen display to see what I’m doing when trying to navigate through songs or radio stations or explore the settings. I like that this model features a LED display with an excellent interface.

Lastly, it operates on a Nokia-type Lithium-ion battery that fully recharges in just 2 hours and lets you enjoy 6 hours’ worth of music jamming. And it just makes you love it more for that!
  • Portable and handy with lightweight and compact design
  • 3-n-1 FM radio, Bluetooth speaker, and SD card player
  • Strong FM reception
  • Compatible with both wired and wireless connections
  • User-friendly LED display interface
  • Convenient navigation and menu buttons
  • No alternative power source option
If you’re one for a handy and feature-packed device, then this one is your perfect match!

9. PORTER-CABLE PC771B Bluetooth Radio


The brand boasts a whooping sound and clear reception with its PORTER-CABLE Bluetooth Speaker and Radio Model PCC771B, which features two high-performance speakers with an equalizer feature for enhanced sound quality.

Just give it a little tweak of all the above features, and you get an added depth and vibe for your sound trip.

Plus, I like that I have two power options on which it operates as it can go with either 20V MAX Lithium-ion batteries or use the AC wall adaptor as an alternative.

Points for portability and convenience there, if running out of batteries, I can turn to the AC wall adaptor, or if I want to take it somewhere with me, I don’t need to worry about looking for a power source.

The radio features AM/FM/AUX and 12 presets where you can save your favorite stations to make it easy for you to navigate your preference.

Also, Bluetooth compatibility allows wireless music streaming from any other smart device. Even if I’m somewhere without any chance of catching radio frequency, I can still play and listen to music using my smartphone anywhere without a worry.

Another thing I like about this Bluetooth radio is the durable and compact design that can withstand jobsite elements, and it’s relatively easy to carry around at just 3.20 pounds, which is more or less the equivalent weight of 1.5 Liters of your favorite beverage!
  • High-performance speakers for loud sound and clear reception
  • Equalizer feature for an enhanced sound experience
  • 12 preset features for saving radio station frequencies
  • Two power options: 20V Lithium-ion batteries or AC wall adaptor
  • Flexible utility as a radio or wireless Bluetooth speaker for streaming music
  • Has a durable and compact design
  • No rechargeable power feature
If portable and flexible is what you’re looking for in a Bluetooth radio, then this model is for you.

10. Sangean WR-16 Bluetooth Radio


This Wooden Cabinet Radio Walnut color comes with tuning and band indicators; it takes you back in time with its vintage chic radio design but with the modern world’s Bluetooth technology features. It also has a functional FM wire antenna to complete the classy look.

It will be easy to look for the radio station you’re fond of with the use of the dials for soft and precise tuning.

My favorite part of this radio is the Deep Bass Compensation feature that helps pick up the sound’s quality, making it full, natural, and rich to the listener’s ears. The enlarged magnet on its 3-inches 10-Watts Full Range speaker works magic in amplification. At 9.45×4.69×6.61 inches, this radio is small yet formidable!

Compatibility-wise, there’s an auxiliary input for any additional audio sources so you can connect and play music from other devices, plus a REC Out jack for your recording equipment. It’s also easy to pair with a nearby Bluetooth enabled smartphone with just a simple tap.

There’s yet one more thing to love about this Bluetooth radio, and it’s the 5V/1A USB port where you can charge your mobile phone while the power is off.
  • Vintage look with modern technology features
  • Tuning and band indicators that show channel frequency
  • Soft and precise tuning
  • Flexible connectivity options with other devices
  • Full-range speakers with enlarged magnet
  • Phone-charging port
  • Operates only on AC/DC power connection
If you’re into that vintage-modern crossover in one device, then this Bluetooth radio with its must-have features is for you.

AUDIIOO Bluetooth Radio (Outdated)

This model from AUDIIOO showcases its adoption of Bluetooth version 5.0, which is faster than its predecessors in terms of device pairing and has a more robust and more stable connectivity signal.

I look for speakers that can highlight the richness of the sounds that I’m listening to. And this model does just the perfect job with its HiFi Stereo, 3D surround sound combined with DSP noise-canceling technology. All of those attribute to that smoother, clearer, out of this world sound quality with deep bass and crisp treble.

And if you would rather have the music all for yourself, you can just as easily plug in your earphones with the 3.5mm headset jack.

Another thing that I like is that I can take it anywhere with me without worrying about it getting dropped in water or on the ground as it is fully waterproof (IPX7), dustproof and shockproof with all its sides covered in TPU silicone. I can take it to any activity or environment, and it will be fine.

This speaker also features an FM function and can be used as a radio even without an antenna. You can listen to your favorite radio station whenever you want. It can even play music from a micro SD card. It can also connect both wireless Bluetooth radio and non-wireless compatible devices to play music. It’s quite the flexible one!

Besides, this wireless portable Bluetooth speaker with radio has a built-in high performing lithium battery (1500mAh), allowing you to indulge in your playlist for 8-12 hours. And it’s fully charged in 3 hours through a USB cable. It enables you to enjoy music for the longest time.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for sped up device pairing with better signal quality
  • HiFi stereo, 3D surround with DSP noise-canceling for more vibrant sound
  • Flexible device connectivity
  • A Bluetooth speaker with FM radio function
  • Shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof with an IPX7 rating
  • Compact and portable size (5 inches)
  • Single-button navigation for different modes and operations can be confusing.
If you’re looking for that thick, crisp, and lush music experience for hours on end, I’m confident you’d be happy with this choice.

What to Look For When Buying a Bluetooth Radio


Bluetooth Radio Buyer’s Guide

With a plethora of Bluetooth radio in the market, shopping can become a daunting task. Here is a breakdown of the most important features to consider when buying portable radios with Bluetooth to make the search easy for you.

Sound Quality

Who would not want for a crisp, rich sound from your speaker? Before making a purchase, make sure the speakers are of superb quality and produce clear and booming sound. Test it out and listen for jitters.

Speakers with inferior DAC are jittery on playback and are not a joy to listen to. The best audio quality is consistent and emits a full reproduction of the entire audio spectrum, from Bass to Treble. This will make you appreciate the highs and lows of music.

Powerful Volume

Most Bluetooth radios come in smaller units, but that doesn’t mean they’re inferior in volume quality. Bluetooth radios can be as powerful as regular radios with an amp. What determines the volume punch of any Bluetooth radio is the wattage. The higher the wattage, the louder the speakers can get.

Some Bluetooth radios have dual speakers, while others only have one. Consider these when choosing which radio to buy.

FM/AM Radio

Most Bluetooth radios are capable of tuning in to FM channels. If you want maximum functionality, go for Bluetooth radios that allow both AM and FM listening. Having both AM and FM functions allows for a more diverse source of information and entertainment. It comes in handy when you’re on the road and want to tune it to local news channels to know the latest happenings or for some random music to fill the air. These features truly make a fair and useful addition to your Bluetooth radio.


While Bluetooth technology allows quick and efficient means of connecting to devices, it only works with devices having the same capability. Thus, it’s prudent to check for other means of connecting to peripheral devices for more versatile use. It will benefit you if the radio comes with a USB, AUX, and a jack where you can plug in a microphone or a guitar.

Extra ports allow flexible use of your radio and facilitate varied forms of entertainment.

CD Player

Some Bluetooth radios are generous with features; they come with additional connectivity ports and AM/FM radio, and a CP Player. With a multi-function device, you get more options on where to play your audio files coming from different storage media.


Not all Bluetooth is portable. If you’re looking for a handy device, make sure to check the size, shape, and weight of the radio. This holds when buying from online shops, where you cannot see the actual unit. Devices may appear bigger than real size in photos, so it is best to check design specifications to ensure it is what you need. Portable Bluetooth radios make a great company on trips.


A rechargeable battery, which complements the cordless design of Bluetooth devices, powers most Bluetooth radios. If you choose a battery-operated radio, check the battery’s playtime when fully charged. The average playtime for most Bluetooth radios is between six and eight hours, but you can find brands that offer a longer battery life.


The aesthetics of any device is as important as its features; hence, manufacturers should not sideline the looks. There are Bluetooth radios that come in visually appealing designs and colors. If you are using the radio at home or indoor, choose a style that matches the interior for a more natural blend.


Some radios are graded IPX5 or higher, which means they can resist water splashes and can even be submerged for up to 1 meter deep. This makes a cool device, especially for people who like to take their radios anywhere, such as the beach or the poolside.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a Bluetooth radio?

Bluetooth radio is just your usual radio device that can play AM and FM but with an added feature, the Bluetooth technology. With Bluetooth capability, the radio can receive the audio signal via RF waves from other portable devices to connect and play on the Bluetooth radio speaker without using the standard composite cables. Bluetooth radio comes in different forms and sports various features.

Who is it for?

Bluetooth radio is for those who like to enjoy their music on portable devices. Because it is devoid of cords, it makes a handy device. With it, you can take quality music wherever you go.

It is also for people who like their audio a little louder. Smartphones and other devices with its speaker may be low sounding. Connecting these devices onto the Bluetooth radio speaker makes the audio sound louder.

People who like to go on off-road adventures where there is no decent radio reception can also benefit from a Bluetooth radio. Simply connect your preset audio source onto the Bluetooth radio, and you can enjoy music, even in AM/FM radio-silent zones.

How does it work?

Bluetooth radio can play audio from other devices such as iPods or smartphones without using cords, thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology. The Bluetooth allows the transmittal and reception of data within these devices over short distances (10 meters) using UHF radio waves. Specifically, it makes use of the 2.4 to 2.485 GHz bandwidth.

To work, the source and the receiving device must “pair,” and pairing can only happen when both devices are Bluetooth-ready. Hence, Bluetooth radio can only receive the signal coming from devices that support Bluetooth technology.

To initiate a connection, the primary device, which is usually the source, “searches” for other “discoverable” devices in the area, such as the Bluetooth radio. A device becomes “discoverable” only when its Bluetooth feature is on.

Once the audio source discovers the Bluetooth radio, it establishes a connection and maintains it. The data is then moved from the source to the Bluetooth radio speaker. After that, the Bluetooth radio converts these data into meaningful media and broadcasts it.

It may sound like it’s rocket science, but in truth, establishing a Bluetooth connection can be done within a few seconds, with just a few clicks on your device.

What are the different types of Bluetooth radios?

There are different types of Bluetooth speakers designed to meet specific user needs. Let’s take a closer look at each of these types of Bluetooth radios.

  • Bluetooth radio with soundbar speakers

This type works best for movie avid who likes to hear the dialogues clearly. It makes a great speaker that easily converts any space into a home theater with its crystal-clear, stellar audio quality.

  • Waterproof Bluetooth radio

Whether at the beach, poolside, or inside the shower room, some people just can’t go without music. If you’re this kind of person, you better get yourself a waterproof Bluetooth radio. Not even the rainy weather can stop you from playing this radio, anytime, anywhere.

  • Bluetooth radio with party speakers

Some Bluetooth radios also make a great party speaker with loud and booming sound befitting rowdy events. If this is your purpose, make sure to get a party type speaker.

  • Bluetooth radio with boombox speakers

Bluetooth radios can also sport boombox speakers with subwoofers to bring in extra Bass for a heart-pounding music experience.

Why do you need a portable Bluetooth radio?

Bluetooth portable radios come with many benefits.

First, most Bluetooth devices are compact and portable; thus, you can take quality music anywhere.

Second, Bluetooth radios have better speakers than most handy devices. Hence, the audio quality is crisper, and the volume is louder in Bluetooth radios than in phones or iPods.

Third, most of these devices use power cells to operate, so you can play music even when there are no power outlets in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted Bluetooth radio brands?

Sangean and Tenmiya are two of the most well-loved Bluetooth radios in the market, but Antimi, Prunus, iLive, and JBL Bluetooth speaker with FM radio are also top contenders. These brands have different features that cater to various customer needs.

Can Bluetooth speakers play the radio?

If your Bluetooth speakers have radio features, then you can definitely play the AM and FM stations in it. However, not all Bluetooth speakers have a built-in radio. Some are just speakers and only work with an external audio source. However, if your audio source is a radio with Bluetooth capabilities, you can transmit its signal and broadcast your device’s AM or FM radio over your Bluetooth speaker.

Can you listen to the radio with Bluetooth headphones?

Listening to the radio through Bluetooth headphones is possible if both devices are Bluetooth-ready. Remember that the devices must ‘pair’ before the source device can connect to the peripheral device. Only when such a connection is made can you listen to the radio through Bluetooth headphones.

Is Bluetooth AM or FM?

Bluetooth is a radio signal similar to AM and FM signals that use radio energy to send information. However, Bluetooth is ‘modulated’ quite differently from AM and FM. Moreover, Bluetooth signals transmit digital signals coded in binary format, while AM and FM signals transfer analog signals.

How to use and care?

Connecting your device to the Bluetooth radio requires easy steps. Here’s what you should do:

  • Make sure that both your audio source and Bluetooth radio are compatible, Bluetooth-ready devices.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth from both devices to make them discoverable. To turn on your audio source’s Bluetooth, look for the Bluetooth icon on your widgets or go to the Bluetooth settings. To turn on your radio’s Bluetooth, usually, a button enables the feature while some radios are automatically Bluetooth-ready when the radio is on.
  • Once both devices are ready, open your audio source’s Bluetooth settings and look for the radio.
  • Click on the device name. Pairing happens at once or may sometimes ask for a PIN. Enter your device’s PIN.

To care for the device, follow these steps:

  • Clean foreign substances on the radio as soon as possible.
  • If the radio is waterproof, you can wash it with tap water. Make sure that the caps are tightly closed.
  • Do not use water pressure on the radio as they may not be resistant to it.
  • Dry the radio by wiping off excess water with a dry cloth.
  • Put the speaker over a dry cloth facing down to drain the water that has gotten inside.
  • Place in a well-ventilated place to dry completely.
  • Never use a vacuum to remove foreign objects.
  • Do not use cleaning agents such as detergents, alcohol, and whatnot.
  • Do not place the radio in cold areas as the moist may freeze and lead to device malfunction.
  • For non-waterproof radio, simply wipe off the dirt.
  • Make sure to read the care label that comes with every gadget to know the proper way of caring for your device, ensure maximum protection and long life.

How do I know if my Bluetooth radio is plugged in?

To know your Bluetooth radio’s connectivity status, head to your device’s control panel, select Network and Internet, and enter Network connections. If your Bluetooth radio is installed and configured, you will find the setting “Bluetooth Network Connection” alongside other configured networks such as Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Why does my Bluetooth radio fail to connect?

There are different reasons for failure to establish a connection, but the most common ones are the following:

  • The Bluetooth features of either or both devices are not switched on.
  • The Bluetooth technology of the devices is not compatible. This happens if your audio source device uses Bluetooth smart and your radio is not Bluetooth-smart ready or uses older Bluetooth technology.
  • The devices may be out of the connectivity range. Place the devices closer to each other.
  • There may be a previously paired device around the area where the audio source is trying to connect instead of the device you’re trying to pair it with. Remove all other previous connections.
  • There may be inference in the area from other devices that utilize the same spectrum.

Where to buy it?

Bluetooth radios are a very common device. They can be found in brick and mortar gadget stores, and they are also being sold online. When buying from online shops, make sure to read the specs carefully as sizes and dimensions may appear differently from the photos than in person.


With a highly functional, durable, and the best Bluetooth radio, your days are assured to be filled with great music at all times. Just make sure to get the right device for your needs to guarantee satisfaction and enjoy your new purchase to the fullest. Hopefully, our article already helps you with the selection process.

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