The Best CB Coax Cables for 2023

Radio is again gaining attention and many people are building their own radio system. Apparently, it takes a lot of time, effort, and of course accessories to do the job. But the results are definitely satisfying and worth the investment.

You can not build a decent radio system without the best CB coax cable. The cable is the direct link between your radio and the antenna. The quality of the signal reception and audio performance depends greatly on the quality of this small cable. Despite its important role, many people fail to give it the deserved attention.

Therefore, I highly suggest that you use a good and durable antenna cord in order to improve your entire radio system. Many radio enthusiasts might also agree with me on this matter. The coaxial cord is an indispensable part of a supreme radio.

This article will provide reviews on some of the best-selling cable models that are readily available. It will be a useful buying guide to those who are still confused by an incredibly wide array of antenna cables on the market. We hope that our compilations will help you in some way.

Best Overall Most Durable Most Budget-Friendly
Preview RoadPro RG-58A/U

RoadPro RP-8X18CL

CablesOnline RG8x

Connector Type Coaxial Coaxial Coaxial
Cable Type Coaxial Coaxial Coaxial
Length 18ft 18ft 18ft
Gender Male-to-Male Male-to-Male Male-to-Male
Connectors PL-259 PL-259 PL-259
Resistor 50 Ohms 50 Ohms 50 Ohms

Best CB Coax Cable Reviews

1. RoadPro RG-58A/U Coaxial Cable w/Molded PL-259 Connectors


The first product is a high-quality CB radio coax cable from the brand RoadPro. This radio accessory is impressive in many ways, and let’s see what is so special about it.

This cable is 18 feet long – the length can be used in different settings: at home, at work, or on the way. You won’t have to worry about the cord being too short and failing to reach the place that you want. I bet that you understand this frustration of pulling the cord so hard, trying to make it reach the jack.

This product is designed with PL-259 connectors so that it could prevent moisture. If your place is a bit humid, it will help you a lot. The sheathing of this cable is also made from high-quality materials so the cable can be protected from any interference and leaks.

With all of those qualities, I can say that this CB radio cable is of supreme quality and can last for a long time. It can stand a certain degree of impact to perform its jobs perfectly. Also, it is convenient that this coax cable can work with any type of CB radio.

In addition, this cable is reasonably priced and you can easily get one for yourselves at any store or shopping sites. The only thing I can complain about this cable is that the central connector sometimes gets pulled out unexpectedly, which might cause inconveniences. I think you need to be mindful of it.
  • Reasonable price
  • Good length (18 feet) which is useful on many occasions.
  • It is a solid and durable product
  • Sometimes the central connector gets pulled out.
We start with an impressive coax cable – a product that is not only cheap but also does its job wonderfully. You can not miss out on this great deal!

2. RoadPro RP-8X18CL 18′ Clear CB Antenna And Cable


Coming up next is another product from RoadPro – an excellent CB antenna cable. This is undoubtedly the best coaxial cable for CB radio, considering several wonderful features that might interest you.

First of all, there are up to 122 copper strands are braided, creating a long and sturdy cord. The sheathing is also sturdy so that the cord can stand outside impact. Therefore, you can use this cable both indoors and outdoor.

Secondly, this cord is bendable. You can roll it into a coil and put in in your work bag, but the coax cable will not go out of shape. Now, the antenna cable can be stored neatly and nicely in your drawer or your toolbox, ready for the next use.

At two ends of the cable, you will find two soldered connectors. They are also the same PL-259 connectors, which makes the cable a versatile accessory that can be useful on many occasions.

This CB coaxial cable guaranteed a wonderful sound delivery with the minimum signal loss. This product is perfect to be used at your own home, at your workshop, or in your car. Any radio lover should have at least one of these.

Moreover, the product comes in three different color options. You can freely choose whatever you like and match your radio. Having considered different aspects of this cable, from the outer appearance, the quality, to the performance, I’m greatly pleased.

However, there is a small thing that needs to be improved. Many customers complaint that they have some problems with the connectors. It is hard sometimes to install them properly.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • A bendable cord that will not go out of original shape
  • Three choices of color.
  • The connector does not work very well
Regardless of one downside, I have to praise the brand for producing such a great product. I promise you will have the same pleasant experience as I do with this cable.

3. CablesOnline RG8x Coax UHF Male to Male 50 ohm Antenna Cable


The next product on the list is a great coax cable for CB radio from CablesOnline. I put this antenna cable on our recommendation list because of all the wonderful features it boasts. This could be the perfect fit for you, so please check it out.

The best thing about this product, in my opinion, is that it offers a wide selection of length options. You can choose whichever type of cords that will fit your needs. The measures range from 2 feet all the way up to 50 feet. Hence, cords with different lengths will suit different purposes.

This 50-Ohm cable features two male connectors that are fully nickel-plated. It can be used in connection with multiple devices: the main antenna, an antenna tuner, meters, and other measurement devices. Moreover, they can fit nicely and tightly to the jack, and can hardly come off.

On the other hand, this universal and versatile piece of technology accessory comes at a reasonable price. This would make an economical choice for you. Anyone who is shopping on a budget will benefit greatly from this deal.

Although the price is relatively low, the quality is superior. I have to say that this product does its job wonderfully and you will be satisfied with it. Many customers have complimented on the significant improvement in signal delivery with this cable.

However, I am not satisfied with how the cable is coiled in the product package. It was coiled so tightly that I can not straighten it out properly. The cable looks all curly and messy. It would be better if the manufacturers work on that.
  • Reasonable price
  • Several length options (from 2-50 feet)
  • The connectors fit tightly and nicely
  • The cord is coiled too tightly in the package
The problem with this product is not that serious and it does not eclipse other incredible parts of this cable. You should definitely add this product to your cart and try it out with your own radio.

4. Workman RG58A/U COAX CABLE 3 foot Jumper for CB / Ham Radio


If you are looking for a short cord, this product from Workman is the answer for you. This is a well-built coaxial cable that will serve your needs. The price is also very good – it is indeed an economical deal. I’m satisfied with every aspect of this product and can not recommend it enough.

People often look for long CB radio antenna wiring so that they could use the product more comfortably. But in many cases, all you need is a small-sized and fitted coaxial cable to connect to your radio. You can find a short and high-quality antenna cord in this product. This 3-feet cable would make a neat wire connection.

The materials that are used to make this cable is of great quality. Each part of the product is well-built and attached securely. Therefore, you can be completely assured about the reliability of this antenna cable – it can last for an extended time.

The specifications for this cable are pretty standard. The product features two PL-259 connectors. In case you might wonder, the impedance for this cord is approximately 50 Ohm. You can use this basic antenna cable with different types of radio: ham radio, CB radio, or two-way radio.

However, I need to warn you that the male plugs of this cable might not fit some female connectors. You may struggle a bit when putting the connectors in. Make sure to do some research before making any purchase.
  • The short cord is suitable for specific purposes
  • A reliable product with good quality materials
  • Reasonable price
  • The male connectors might not fit some female ones
I’m impressed that this antenna cable does its jobs quite well at such a low price. Despite one minor problem, this product still deserves its top spot on the list. This is one of the best CB radio antenna connector that you should consider to buy.

5. Wilson 305-830 18 Foot Automotive Accessories


The next product I want to recommend is this Wilson CB coax cable. This cable would be suitable for those who are into a small and lightweight design. As for the quality, it is not inferior to any other model on the list.

In comparison with other products, this cable has a smaller diameter. This would reduce the overall weight of the cord, but its durability stays the same. This small size is especially helpful when used in small places. Also, this cable model is relatively long, so you would have plenty of wire length to work with.

The cord is almost completely (around 95%) shielded by a coat of tinned copper. The center conductor is made from braided tin strands. Using of high-quality materials not only enhances the durability of the cable but also facilitates its performance.

This cable has two different ends: an FME connector and an Amphenol PL-259 connector. It is pretty easy to install this cable, and it takes almost no time. What’s more, this antenna cord also features a removable PL-259 connector for even easier installation and a more versatile use.

However, the removable end is also the shortcoming of this product. Many users are complaining that the removable connector comes off too easily. You should take note to avoid any inconvenience.
  • The cable has a small diameter
  • Made from durable materials that can stand the weather.
  • A removable PL-259 connector.
  • Sometimes the removable ends come off easily
This antenna cable fulfills its jobs well, and there are some small design details to improve the customers’ experience. I really appreciate that and highly recommend this product to you who are in search of the best coax cable.

6. Extreme Consumer Products Cable Experts RG-8X Coax Cable


The next product is an impressive heavy duty CB coax cable from Extreme Consumer Products. This cable is easily my personal favorite, considering several of its strengths. Don’t hesitate to check this product out.

With this antenna cable, you have up to ten options of sizes, ranging from 1.5 feet to 150 feet in length. Each cable length is suitable for a particular purpose. Therefore, by offering diverse choices, it is easier for you to choose the best CB coax cable sizes that fit your needs.

When breaking down this antenna cord, you will see there are four layers. The innermost core is conductor made from copper. Next is the layer of the dielectric insulation to ensure a stable signal quality. Wrapping around it is another layer of braided copper with 95% coverage. Finally, there is a PVC jacket acting as the outer coat. Hence, you can clearly see that the design of this antenna cable provides the best protection. Overall, the product is durable and can survive a long period of time. Furthermore, it can be buried underground and stay intact without constant maintenance.

Here are some product specifications in case you wonder. The velocity factor is up to 74%, while the impedance stays at the standard level of 50 Ohm. This cable supports the maximum power of 875 Watts.

This cable is compatible with UHF, VHF, and HF. It is also a perfect fit for any common type of radio, such as CB and ham radio, as well as other devices (antenna tuner, meter, and so on).

I’m just slightly displeased by the fact that the connector can sometimes come off. The product would be flawless if the manufacturers improve the fit of the connector.
  • A wide array of length options
  • Durable four-layered cord that can be buried underground
  • Compatible with different types of radio
  • Sometimes the connector comes loose
I’m completely satisfied with this product. That one small problem can not put me off enjoying the experience I had with this cable. It would be a shame missing out on this excellent antenna cable.

7. Ancable CB Radio Cable 10ft, Ancable 50 Ohm Low Loss RG58 Coax Jumpers


The next product on our recommendation list comes from Ancable. I can guarantee that this antenna does not disappoint. It is outstanding in every aspect, and many customers have a satisfying experience.

My first impression of this product is its affordable. Many people might hesitate to spend a large sum of money to buy a cable. If that’s the case, this product is perfect for you – it is cheap but incredibly great. Also, there are five length options to choose from, depending on your needs.

This antenna cable is well-built and can last for a long time. One noticeable point of this product is the 95%-coverage shielding to protect the wire. The core wire is made of aluminum for the best effectiveness.

You will be satisfied with the performance of this product. The signal delivery is stable and clear. Through this antenna cord, the sounds stay true to the original so that you can enjoy the most satisfying experience.

The problem with this cable is the size of the connectors. Many people want them to be a bit smaller so that it can easily get through tight space. If the product can improve this, I believe the customers would be even more pleased.
  • Different length options to choose from
  • Aluminum wire for the maximum performance
  • The size of the connectors is quite big.
Besides that one problem, I highly appreciate this product. This is a basic antenna can cord that can do its job exceptionally well. I don’t see why you shouldn’t get one of these wonderful cables.

8. Firestik Fire-Flex Cable Assembly W/Low-Profile Fire-Ring and Stud


We have come to the end of the list and I spare this final spot for a product from Firestick. The cable that I’m going to review right now is truly a great product. It boasts multiple wonderful features that will urge you to buy one right away.

The brand offers the cable in 18-feet size. This can be considered as the standard length which is enough for users to perform most of the tasks they need. I really like that this cable can fit nicely in tight places.

On one end of the cable, there is a stud mount that is made of stainless steel. This stud mount is designed to help with the installation. With this small part, you can install the cable easily in tight space or from a weird angle.

On the other end of the cable is the “fire-ring” connector. This end connector is well-built and well-assemble; and it can survive in different weather condition. I’m really satisfied with all the small details of this product, and it shows the care and dedication of both designers and manufacturers.

One reminder is that the stud comes separately, so you will have to assemble the cable yourself. I would also like to emphasize the importance of keeping the cable out of the reach of small children, to prevent any unwanted accidents.

There is a minor problem with this product. Sometimes, the package you receive lacks some spare parts, for example the stud. It might cause inconvenience so I advise you to check the package carefully.
  • Easily fit in tight places
  • The stud mount makes it easy to install
  • In some packages, the extra parts are missing
We end the list with a decent product. This antenna cable would make a good-quality piece of radio accessory for you. Don’t forget to check the product out and add it to the cart if you feel good about this coaxial cord.

9. 18′ RG-58A/U Coaxial Cable With Pl-259 Connectors


The third CB radio antenna cable that I’m going to introduce is from TruckSpec. This is another contender for the spot of the best coax for CB radio. Let’s look into details and you will know what I’m talking about.

Like many other models, the cable has a standard length of 18 feet. This length is enough for you to connect the cable to your devices comfortably most of the time. Also, the cord can be coiled tightly and kept in store if you don’t use it.

One noticeable strong point of this cable is the shielding. Up to 95% of the core is entirely covered by a strong and durable shielding. This is to prevent outer interference and leaks. I can say that this product can stand a long time of heavy use.

The connector ends stay on very tight, you don’t have to worry that they might come off unexpectedly. Another plus point is that the cable is generally flexible. You will find almost no difficulties routing the cable around different objects to reach your radio.

However, the connectors are a bit big, so you might struggle to put them through tight spaces such as under the door or behind the furniture. I highly suggest that you take notice of this point to prepare for any inconvenience.
  • A comfortable length to use on different occasions
  • Durable shielding that covers 95% of the core
  • It is hard sometimes to snake the connectors through tight space.
Overall, I had a good experience with this product. Of course, there is a downside, but I can not complain anything about the effective performance of this antenna cable. So why not give it a try and have your own opinions about this product.

10. Astatic 302-10267 Gray 18′ Mini 8 Coaxial Cable


The next spot on the list is reserved for the high-quality antenna cable from Astatic. This brand of technological devices is pretty well-known, so you can trust the performance of this product. and you should definitely give it a go.

This coaxial cable is 18 feet in length. I believe this length can work for most of the cases for regular use. Moreover, this cable comes in the gray color. So if you find the color black a bit boring,

This antenna cable also features a protective shielding with up to 95% coverage. With this coat, the signal loss and leaks are minimized so that users are ensured with the best delivery quality. There are also four-point weatherproof boots to prevent moisture from gathering and damage the cable.

At each end of the cable is a male PL-259 connector. They can be plugged in other devices without much difficulty, and anyone can do it at first try. They also stay on tightly, even after a long time.

However, there is a minor problem with this product. The product you received might not be the same as the posted information, specifically in terms of the length. It does not vary too much but still, you should be mindful of this mismatch.
  • 95%-coverage shielding to prevent signal loss
  • Weatherproof boots to avoid moisture
  • Easy to install and use
  • The length might vary slightly compared to the product information.
There is only one thing missing from this product, apart from that everything else is of great quality. You will not regret purchasing this antenna cable.

What to Look for When Buying a CB Coax Cable


Now you are all aware of the importance of having a suitable CB coaxial cable. You can really tell the differences between using a high-quality radio cable and using a mediocre one. The antenna cable is one of those things that you should definitely invest in.

But of course, that doesn’t mean you should spend a huge amount of money to buy the most expensive and complicated cable. What you need is a product that is “tailored” for you – the one that fits your preferences and needs.

We are here to help you find out the perfect fit among a myriad of products on the market. There are a lot of things that need to be considered when buying an antenna cable, but here is a list of things that should be the priorities in my opinion.

Length – The first advice that I could give you is to pay careful attention to the CB coax cable length. It is a simple thing to do but many people often ignore it.

Anyone would understand the frustration of buying a cable that is too short to connect two devices. Even if you buy a long cable to be 100% certain that it would fit, this only increases the chance of tangled wire.

I suggest that you should have in mind a size that you want your cable to be before making any purchase. Then you proceed to buy the exact length that you want. Many products offer different length options for you to choose from, from short cables to much longer ones.

A little reminder is that sometimes there might be slight variations between the product information and the real cable. Make sure that you check it carefully, as well as consult other customers’ reviews.

Material – The quality of the cable depends mostly on the material it is made from, or specifically what the core wire is made of. Different kinds of metals can be used to make the wire, and each material has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Therefore, you should do a little research before buying, to see what metals would fit your needs best. For example, aluminum is lightweight and cheap, but it oxidizes quickly. As for the outer jacket, you should choose those made from high-quality plastic to ensure safety while using.

Connectors – The CB coax cable ends are critical since they are directly plugged into your devices. Good connectors that fit the jack nicely and tightly will keep the connection stable. Also, you need to pay attention to the materials that connectors are made of. Some metals might tarnish after some time, so you should choose something with good weatherproof quality.

There are many types of connectors, normally divided by shapes. The most common types include ring style, barrel style, terminal style, and so on. You should check which types of connectors would fit the ports on your devices.

Price – You should not forget to check the price. There are many coaxial cables at different price ranges. Shopping around would allow you to compare the prices and choose just one product that fits you the most.

Don’t fall into the consumerism trap by going right away at the most expensive product. The best CB coaxial cable can not be decided by prices, it is what ticks most of your boxes and can give you a satisfying experience.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a CB coax cable?

CB coax cable is an essential radio accessory. It is used to connect your own radio to the antenna. The quality of the signal delivery depends largely on whether your cable is good or not.

How does it work?

When connected to the radio and the antenna, the cable would transmit the radio waves smoothly to your radio. Then you can tune in the radio to hear whatever you want.

Who is this for?

This antenna is a staple item for whoever owns a radio. In order to build a decent radio system for yourself, you can not leave out this important accessory.

What are the different types of CB coax cables?

There are many different types of antenna cables and each model is suited to a specific purpose. Based on that, you should carefully choose a product that fits your needs and do the jobs the best.

Here are some of the most common types: hardline (normally used for broadcasting and professional communications), the classic RG-6, RG-59 ( a double coax cord), RG-58 and its upgraded version RG-8X, and so on.

Why do you need a coaxial cable for CB radio?

Owning a right coax cable would improve the quality of the signal delivery significantly. Therefore, in order to enjoy the best radio experience, you should get a high-quality coaxial cord to equip your radio system.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted CB coax cable brands?

You will see that there are a lot of brands producing CB coaxial cables now on the market, and each person would have their own idea of the best brand. Some brands that I’m impressed with include Astatic, Wilson, TruckSpec, CablesOnline, and so on.

Can you use a TV coax for CB?

You can plug the TV coax cable on your radio but I don’t suggest you do so. A 75-Ohm TV cable won’t be compatible with the antenna feed line that is designed with the impedance of 50 Ohm.

If you insist on connecting the TV cord to the radio, the device might likely break down. Please refrain from doing so.

How long should my CB coax be?

It really depends on your purposes and the distance between your radio and the antenna. Buying a cable that is long enough to cover that distance comfortably, but avoid buying something too long. You don’t want your cord to be entangled into a mess.

How to shorten CB coax cable?

Use a cable cutter to cut your coaxial cable to the desired length and then crimp the wire together. A typical cable will have three layers, and when you cut it open, remember to connect the right wire together.

However, I don’t recommend any form of tampering with the cable. If anything happens, replace the old cable with a new one.

How to put an end on a CB coax cable?

First of all, use the cable cutter to strip off about 1.5 inches of the outer jacket. Trim down the braided strand shielding and fold it back on the outer layer. Continue the same step with the insulation. Put the wire through the connector and screw it tight.

This is our recommended steps to install a connector. For visual aids and clearer instructions, watch tutorial videos from experts so that you can successfully install it.

How to run CB coax cable?

It is actually simple to run a coaxial cable to your CB radio. First of all, you need to find an appropriate place to lay your cable. It could be under the door frame, along the foot of the wall, or through the window – whichever way that looks neat and works best for you.

Once you have done with the first step, just plug the connectors into the right place. Check carefully to see if it fits to prevent it from coming off later. There you go, you have successfully installed the cable to your radio system.

Can you splice a CB coax cable?

In theory, you can splice a coaxial cord using some splice connectors. Some websites might have some of these products on sale. However, I do not recommend doing so, since those connectors are not reliable. The best thing you could do is to install a brand new cable.

Where to buy?

When it comes to electrical devices, I always want to come directly to the stores to have first-hand experience with the products. You can easily find most of the products mentioned above at any local stores, and even in Walmart.

If you can not go out to buy the cable, you can always turn to the online shopping sites. Of course, it is of great convenience, but you should be extra careful and double-check everything before making a purchase. Some reliable websites you can check out is Amazon, HomeDepot, and so on.

What is the warranty?

It depends on each brand. Each brand has its own warranty policy and customer service. Before making a purchase, you should check it out to see what works best for you. Normally, the warranty might last for 8 to 12 months, and you can even get a full refund during the first few months if you discover any faults during the manufacturing process.

How to care and clean?

It is not difficult to take care of your antenna cable. You should keep the cable in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight. If the cable gathers dust after a long period, use a clean cloth to gently wipe it off. If you don’t use it, roll the cable into a nice coil then keep it in the drawer or in your toolbox.


We have compiled a list of the most outstanding CB coaxial cable for radio for anyone who is looking for one. We also include our detailed reviews of all those products so that I hope that you can take it as a useful recommendation. After weighing up both pros and cons, I believe you will have your own choice of the best CB coax cable.

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