The Best CB External Speakers for 2023

The external speaker is one of the most important parts of any CB radio system. The quality of your radio system is manifested the most clearly through the audio performance. Therefore, it is understandable that you should invest in the best CB external speaker for a better CB radio experience.

I know that there are built-in speakers in most CB radios and many people might not understand why you have to purchase a separate one. However, you will see the difference once you have equipped your CB radio system with an external speaker.

The external speaker does not simply increase the volume of the audio, it makes the sound output clearer and much more stable. Hence, the sound quality is significantly improved, and you would never get to enjoy this if you stayed with the default radio speakers.

Now, you’ve known why the external speaker is a must in the collection of any radio lovers, you should definitely get one for yourself. However, the search for a suitable device can be quite challenging, considering a wide selection of external speaker models on the market.

But don’t worry too much, we are here to help you. We have compiled a list full of the best CB external speakers with detailed reviews for reference. Read through it carefully and make your own choice.


Best Overall Best Sound Quality Most Budget-Friendly
Preview RoadPro RPSP-15

Uniden BC15

Cobra HG S500

Dimensions ‎8.6 x 4.7 x 2.3 inches 4 x 2.5 x 4 inches 3.3 x 5.3 x 5.6 inches
Weight 0.55 pounds 1.389 pounds ‎2 pounds
Speaker 8 Ohm/ 5 W 35 mm/ 15 W 101 mm/ 15 W

Best CB External Speaker Reviews

1. RoadPro RPSP-15 Universal CB Extension Speaker


The first CB radio external speaker that I’m going to introduce is a product from RoadPro. I think this external speaker would make a great part of your CB radio system, considering all of its amazing features. Let’s look into details and then decide whether this product is the perfect fit or not.

I’m impressed with the construction of this small and portable external speaker. It is well-built and can last for a long time. The product comes in full black: the body is made of plastic, while the mesh grill is made of durable metal. If you take care of it carefully, this CB speaker can make a good companion.

The product is generally small so that it can be placed anywhere without taking up too much space. This CB radio speaker also features a swivel bracket so that you can install your external speaker on different surfaces.

This product is also easy to use. There is no complicated control panel or confusing knobs and buttons. Just plug the device to your radio system, make some adjustments and you are good to go. I highly appreciate the friendly user interface of this speaker for CB.

I can say that this CB radio external speaker delivers impressive sound quality. The sound is stable and clear. Moreover, there is no significant distortion even when you turn up the volume. Many people are also satisfied with all the volume range of this speaker.

In the product package, you will also receive some speaker accessories, including an 8’ cable and 3.5mm plug. Overall, this radio speaker is budget-friendly and is probably the best external speaker for CB radio at a price.

However, there is one thing that you need to consider. Some customers complain that the grill of the product they received is smashed. This fault might not affect the performance of this CB radio external speaker but it can cause certain conveniences. I suggest that you take notice of this point.
  • Relatively easy to use and install
  • Excellent sound output
  • Reasonable price
  • Sometimes you might receive smashed CB speaker grill.
Regardless of one minor downside, I’m sure that the other wonderful qualities of this radio speaker would impress you. This is a basic but worthwhile piece of equipment that you should not miss out on.

2. Uniden Bearcat 15-Watt External Communications Speaker


The next product from Uniden is certainly one of the best CB radio speakers that you should take a look at. I promise you won’t be disappointed with all the wonderful aspects of this radio speaker. If you are looking for a high-quality speaker to use at both home and workplace, this product is the answer.

First of all, the design of the product is rather simple, with two color tones: black and silver. Almost the parts of this product is in plastic, while the mesh grill is made of strong and durable material. Moreover, there is a bracket so that you can mount the device on any location without much difficulty.

This CB extension speaker can work on whichever type of radio that supports 3.5mm plug, from scanners, ham radios, to CB radios. The maximum power of the product is 15 watts, promising to bring out the best of your radio’s audio quality.

The audio quality is relatively impressive. The sound output of this speaker is clear and stable, which will satisfy even the most difficult customer. Furthermore, this radio accessory features a noise blanker to reduce the noises and electrical interferences for better audio performance.

There is also a 10-foot wire to connect the device to your radio. The cord is long enough for you to work with comfortably in most cases. I can say that this a portable radio speaker that can be easily installed almost anywhere. Moreover, the speaker is not bulky at all so you can carry it anywhere effortlessly.

However, I noticed that when using the speaker outside, the volume is not loud enough. Rather, this product works better indoors.
  • The noise blanker button to reduce outside interferences
  • Decent audio quality
  • The product can be easily mounted on different locations
  • Sometimes the sound is a bit soft
This product is undoubtedly top of the line. I’m satisfied with every aspect of this radio speaker and you should definitely check this one out. For all those assets, this high-quality noise cancelling CB speaker would make quite a deal.

3. Cobra HG S500 Highgear CB Speaker


Coming up next on our recommendation list is Cobra external CB speaker. This is another high-quality product that would not fail to catch your attention. The product stands out because of all the wonderful features and amazing overall performance.

The design of this speaker is simple but the construction is impressive. You can use the product for quite a long time without any huge problems, as long as you take care of it regularly. That is why many users claim that this speaker is considered as a strong and durable one.

With this radio external speaker, you are in for an extraordinary listening experience. The sound delivered through this device is loud, clear, and powerful – thanks to the built-in noise filter. The audio is amplified but not distorted, even at the highest volume range.

A special thing about this external CB radio speaker is the talk-back control feature. You now can monitor your talking voice at the same time it is transmitted. This feature could be convenient and useful in many cases, especially when used as a public announcement device.

With the maximum power of 15 watts, this speaker for CB is a relatively powerful product that can work for a long time. It is also suitable for outdoor use, seeing that this device is well-built to last despite conditions.

The only thing that might put off customers is the fact that the product delivered might not be the same as the picture in some cases. This does not happen on a regular basis but you should pay extra attention to it.
  • Clear and powerful sound delivery
  • Talk-back control allows you to monitor the voice.
  • High durability.
  • In some cases, the delivered product is different from the picture.
Despite a minor downside, the design and quality of this CB speaker shine through. This product will prove to be a valuable accessory in your radio system, considering how wonderfully the speaker does its job.

4. Astatic 302-VS4 Classic External CB Speaker 5 Watts


The fourth product is a CB radio speaker of supreme quality from the well-known brand Astatic. This device does its jobs wonderfully and would live up to your expectations. This is a basic, no-frills but effective product that is worth your money.

This small external CB speaker is relatively light so it can be moved around at ease. I really appreciate the portability of this product and I believe it would benefit many customers who travel frequently. Moreover, this pocket-sized speaker can fit in different places.

The product comes in a full black color. This external CB speaker is made of high-quality materials so you don’t have to worry about how long it will last. The timeless design and the great durability are some of the selling points of this CB radio speaker.

There is also a swivel bracket attached to the speaker’s body so that the product can be mounted to any places you want. Also, it is not hard to install this external CB speaker, even when you are no technician. The user-friendly design of this product certainly helps a lot.

When it comes to the sound quality, this speaker also does not disappoint. The audio is loud and powerful, but still very clear and crisp. You didn’t have to turn the volume all the way up to keep the sound audible. This loud volume makes the product a perfect fit in your truck while you are driving.

The only thing I can complain about this product is the cord. It is a little bit shorter than expected so it makes it difficult to connect the device sometimes. If you can’t find a way to work around the problem, I suggest you buy an extra cable that suits your needs.
  • The product comes in a small and portable size
  • Easy to be installed anywhere
  • Clear sound, loud volume, suitable for outdoor use
  • The cord is a bit short
There is one minor inconvenience with this product, but this speaker is still one of the best external vehicle speakers. I’m impressed by the great quality, from the outer appearance to the technical performance. You won’t be disappointed with this product.

5. VECTORCOM TRD550 Rectangular 3.5mm Plug 5W External Speaker


For the next product on our list, we would like to mention a powerful speaker from VECTORCOM. Although it comes at a low price, this device does not pale in comparison with any other model. If you are looking for a radio external speaker that ticks all your boxes, this is the answer.

First of all, the product is reasonably priced, but that does not mean the quality of this speaker is inferior. It is great that customers can purchase a high-quality device at a very good price. Therefore, anyone who is shopping on a budget should definitely consider this wonderful product.

The design of this product is worth the praise. This CB radio speaker is simple and minimalistic so that no one has any difficulty operating and using the product. Moreover, the small size and lightweight enhance the portability of this CB radio speaker, making it more convenient for customers.

The sound quality of this CB radio speaker is generally good. With this product, the audio will be amplified and you can hear it even from a far distance. I believe this external speaker will be a great complement to your radio system, and overall, your radio experience will be significantly improved.

With the impedance of 80 Ohm and the maximum power of 5 watts, this speaker is a powerful device that can do its jobs wonderfully. The product is compatible with different types of devices, such as CB radio, ham radio, transceivers, scanners, and so on.

However, there is a minor problem with the sound when you turn up the volume. The audio might slightly distort and is not as clear as it is in the normal volume range. That will not affect the clarity of the audio, but you might feel some inconvenience.
  • Competitive price
  • Small and lightweight design, suitable for on-the-way use.
  • The sound slightly distorts when turned up
I have to say that this CB external speaker is a great deal. Despite that one minor downside, the other aspects of this product is exceptionally good. You should not miss out on this great radio accessory and the wonderful experience it’ll bring you.

6. Midland 21-406 Deluxe Radio CB / Amateur / Marine Extension Speaker


The next product from Midland is another product which is seen as one of the best external CB speaker. Every feature of this high-quality device is well-designed and well-built. This is one of my favorite models and you should definitely check this out.

The first thing that I want to mention is the overall design. Both the body and the mesh grill are in black-colored plastic, all creating a consistent look. The casing is thick and durable, but not heavy at all. With this great portability, you can easily carry the device around.

At the back of the device, you will find a mounting swivel bracket that can be adjusted with knobs. You can install the speaker at any place you want with this small bracket. Also, the speaker is designed with a huge magnet in order to keep it in place.

Of course, we can not leave out the sound output of this product. This external speaker can produce clear and crisp audio, which will definitely improve your radio experience. There is little to no glitches or interferences in the sound delivered through this speaker.

There is one small thing that you need to be aware of. Many people complain that the sound from this CB radio speaker is not loud enough. Therefore, when the speaker is used outdoors, the background noises might drown out the actual audio from the device.
  • High-quality casing made of thick and durable plastic
  • Clear and stable sound output
  • Featuring a huge magnet to keep this speaker for CB in place
  • The sound is a bit quiet at times
Overall, there is just one small issue with this CB external speaker. But if used in the best condition, the product will certainly prove its worth. I highly suggest that you should consider this wonderful device before making any purchase.

7. RoadPro RP-108C 2-3/4″ CB Extension Speaker with Swivel Bracket


The seventh product is a nice extension speaker from RoadPro. This device deserves a spot at the best-selling list, considering all of its strong points. With this small but powerful speaker for CB, you are in for a satisfying experience.

The biggest strength of this device must be its portability. The small size and the lightweight make it easy to move the device around. You can install it inside your car, your truck, and other personal vehicles. Also, it doesn’t take to much time with the installation, even the amateur can do it.

Moreover, attached to the back of the device is a swivel bracket so that the speaker can be mounted on different locations. You are also provided with a 6-foot cord for a wired connection between the speaker and the radio. With all those features, surprisingly, the product is not expensive at all.

This device might look like a little box but the power it holds is so much more than that. With the impedance of 8 ohms and the peak input power of 6 watts, the speaker fulfilled its jobs wonderfully. It produces a loud and clear sound that can reach a long distance. Therefore, this radio external speaker is the perfect fit for outdoor use.

The product would be better if the manufacturers could work on improving its sound quality. Its audio is not really poor; however, this speaker for CB might not be the best one to stream music. The audio delivered through this device lacks the bass and midrange sounds, which might affect your music experience.
  • Light in weight and small in size
  • Loud and powerful sound
  • An inexpensive but high-quality purchase
  • The sound output is a bit lacking, not suitable for music streaming
Learning about both pros and cons of this CB speaker, you can come up with your own decision about this product. Don’t forget to check it out, to see whether you agree with me this is an outstanding radio device or not.

8. ZAXIDALER Rectangular External Communications Speaker


Next, I’m going to introduce to you this box-shaped speaker from ZAXIDALER. This is also a really nice external speaker that you should keep an eye on. I believe this device would make a good investment since it not only looks good but also functions well.

The speaker is relatively small in size, and it doesn’t weigh too much. With all those features, it is safe to say that portability is a noticeable point of this product. This radio external speaker will be a great companion to any CB users.

Installing this speaker for CB is actually simple. In the product package, you are given two sheet metal screws, plug, and cord. Also, with the attached mounting swivel bracket, the speaker can be placed almost anywhere you want. Moreover, the small size helps the device to fit in confined spaces.

The sound output of this CB radio speaker will not let you down. You can enjoy loud, clear, and stable sounds with this powerful speaker. Your listening experience will be completely changed once you upgrade your radio system with this product. The sound is really good, even in high-noise areas.

You can use this external speaker with different types of radios, such as the two-way radios, CB radios, ham radios, or police scanners. In addition, this device would work well as a communication speaker, where the clarity, stability, and volume is prioritized.

However, the quality of the product is not stable. This speaker for CB works better with certain devices while performing poorly with others. You should remember this when picking up this model.
  • Small in size and lightweight
  • Loud and clear sound quality
  • Suitable for communication
  • It works better with some devices than some others.
There is a minor problem with this radio speaker, but it is negligible. This CB speaker is still one of the best external speakers available on the market, and I highly recommend it.

9. Radioddity CB Mobile Radio External Speaker


We will conclude our CB external speaker reviews with a great product from Radioddity. I can talk about numerous good points of this device, from the outer appearance to the inner quality. Were I to choose just one word to describe this external CB speaker, it would be ‘amazing’.

First and foremost, I’m amazed by the audio sound quality of this CB radio speaker. The sound delivered through this device is clear and loud. If you notice, you can see that there are way less background noise compared to the ordinary speaker. I believe that it is one great selling point of this CB speaker.

It is actually easy to set up and operate this external CB speaker. You might notice the bracket behind the device, now you’ll have to mount the bracket tightly with screws. Then, you connect the extension speaker to the radio using wire. Done! Now, just sit back and enjoy it.

The provided wire is very long (71’’), so you don’t have to worry that there is not enough length to work with. You will also receive some screws to install the external speaker properly. Remember to check them carefully to make sure you have all the hardware parts. This CB radio speaker has a 3.5mm jack, which means that can compatible with any devices that support the same jack.

A suggestion that I can give the manufacturers is that they need to work on the sound performance. Some people think that the audio lacks a bit of tonal quality, so the overall experience might be affected in some way.
  • Successfully reduce most of the background noises
  • The wire is long enough to route around comfortably.
  • It is easy to set up and operate this CB external speaker.
  • The audio lacks a bit of tonal quality.
Although this radio speaker is a bit lacking, but I stay with all the compliments I give this product. No matter what your purposes are, I think this speaker could be an ideal choice.

10. Wilson Antennas 305600CHR Chrome Finish CB Extension Speaker


The ninth product is a metal CB speaker from Wilson – a neat-looking device at that. Right from the first look, this speaker for CB will certainly catch your attention. Looking into details, you will be even more impressed by how excellent this small device is.

Unlike other models, this CB radio external speaker is covered in full steel, from the outer housing to the mesh grill. The full-metal casing not only gives the speaker a futuristic look but also enhances its durability. With a reasonable price, you will get for yourself a heavy-duty CB speaker device that can last with time.

There is also a swivel bracket attached to the back of this CB external speaker for easy mounting. You can install the speaker onto any places that work best for you. Furthermore, you can totally do it yourself since the installation process is quite simple.

This CB radio external speaker can produce a decent sound quality. The sound is crisp, clear, and stable – and it is so pleasant to the ears. You will have nothing to complain about the audio performance of this product. I guarantee that your radio experience will be significantly improved.

Everything is great; however, I have a small issue with this product. Some customers said that they found a few scratches on the surfaces of the new products. Of course, it does not always happen, but you should know the risk and be extra careful.
  • Full steel construction for better durability
  • Extra bracket allows easy mounting
  • Decent sound quality
  • There are a few scratches on the products sometimes.
Overall, I highly appreciate all the aspects of this wonderful CB radio external speaker. The device is distinguishable with its look and other excellent functions. This product deserves a high place in your consideration list, and maybe even in your cart.

11. Pro Trucker CB Radio 5 Watt External Speaker


It is not an exaggeration to say that this product from Pro Trucker is the best waterproof external CB speaker. If you are looking for a device that can last for a long time, this one would be a smart choice.

The most significant feature of this external CB speaker is the weather-proof quality. This weather-proof cover will protect the device from the impacts of the environment so that you can use it for an extended amount of time. You can also have trust in the great durability of this product.

Personally, I’m impressed with the sound quality of this radio external speaker. Overall, it is loud and clear, you can hardly hear any sizzling sounds. Also, the audio runs smoothly and there are no noise interruptions. I have to praise the stability of this product’s audio performance.

If you are not a fan of bulky electrical devices, I highly recommend this product. The small size allows the CB speaker to fit in most spaces without much difficulty. You can also carry the speaker around comfortably anywhere you want.

There is only one thing that I wish the product will improve on. The sound is a bit soft to me, and I would like to see that powerful force in the audio that will grip people’s attention instantly.
  • Excellent weather-proof quality
  • Small size for better portability
  • Smooth and stable sound quality
  • The sound is not very powerful
The problem with this external speaker is just a minor one. For the other parts, I’m 100% satisfied and would definitely recommend the product to other people. Check it out and see for yourself how great this radio external speaker is.

12. Zerone Mini Walkie Talkie CB External Speaker


The eleventh product on our list is an external speaker from Zerone. Like other products on the list, this device boasts supreme quality that will not disappoint any customers. This small-sized would definitely change your listening experience for the better.

First of all, the compact size of this product makes it a portable and convenient device. It fits perfectly inside your palm so that you can put the product in your bag and carry it around anywhere. I am a fan of small and delicate designs, so I’m satisfied with this product.

This CB external speaker is made of high-quality materials. I can say that the durability of this product is quite impressive, seeing that it can last with time. A CB speaker like this could be your valuable companion on many occasions.

It is not difficult to use this product. Every detail is designed to be user-friendly so that customers have no struggles installing, operating, and controlling the product. I believe that anyone can figure it out from the first try.

This external CB speaker also has some special features. There is a noise filter that would cancel the sizzling noises for a clearer sound. In addition, you can use the mute switch to turn on/off the external speaker more easily. Both functions work really well and are very helpful to the customers.

The product package would come with an external CB speaker and two screws for you to install the device. Also, there is a 3.5mm plug and a 70.9-inch cable so that you operate the speaker properly.

There is this a thing that I wish the speaker manufacturers can change. In my opinion, the sound is a bit soft and quiet; therefore, sometimes it is hard to hear clearly. If they can work on that, I believe the device can be a lot better.
  • Compact size for enhanced portability
  • The noise filter and the mute switch work well.
  • It is easy to install, operate, and control.
  • The sound is a bit soft
The minor downside does not put me off enjoying the wonderful experience I had with this CB speaker. It works perfectly as a speaker – the product gets anything that I could’ve ever asked for in a radio speaker.

What to Look for When Buying a CB External Speaker


It’s going to be really confusing when you are presented with a load of different radio speakers at the same time. “What should I look for in a product?” – You will soon ask yourself that question multiple times before reaching a final decision.

Each person has their own definitions of the best radio speaker. There are different priorities, different tastes, and different needs; therefore, it is hard to come up with a common formula to find the best product.

However, we have listed out some factors that we believe the most important aspects when it comes to CB external speakers. Please consider it as a buying guide and refer to it whenever necessary. Here are some bullet points that you should not forget:

Sound quality – The number one thing to pay attention to is the audio quality. You would want to choose the speakers that can produce loud, clear, and stable sounds. Make an audio check if possible to detect any faults with the device before making any purchase.

Also, there is another thing to consider. Each CB external speaker has its own tones and nuances. The differences might not be huge but it can subtly change the way you perceive and enjoy the audio. Some CB speakers have a high tone, while others have a deeper tone. Depending on your preferences, you should decide for yourself.

You should also care about what the CB speakers do to the sound. Some speakers would simply amplify the audio, while in others, there are noise filters to make the sound much clearer. Once again, you should make a choice based on personal needs and preferences.

Materials – The materials that make up the product are directly related to the durability of a CB external speaker. Therefore, you should look for materials with higher quality that can last with time. It would be better if the casing is weatherproof or scratchproof.

Size – Most people prefer small and delicate CB speakers to chunky and heavy models. It is important to know the size since you need to make sure that the device fits the place you have prepared. It would be a disaster if your newly-purchased CB radio external speaker can not fit in your vehicle.

Premium features – Some external speakers can perform certain functions that make them stand out from the rest of the market. Those qualities can be of great assistance in some cases and you would want to have them in your CB speakers.

There are some features that you can look for. For example, an external CB speaker with talkback allows you to hear your voice and then make adjustments. Some CB speakers have decent noise-reducing quality so that you can improve the sound quality.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a CB external speaker?

CB external speaker is an essential part of a CB radio system. The radio might have built-in speakers already, but having another external speaker would make a huge difference. Connecting the speaker to your radio would improve the audio quality and give the customers a satisfying listening experience.

How does it work?

It is rather simple to operate and use a CB external speaker. Most radio external speakers support wired connections, which means you can simply plug the device in the radio and it’s good to go. The CB external speaker will help amplify the sound and you will have a better radio experience.

Who is this for?

The CB external speaker is dedicated to radio users who wish to improve their audio quality. It would be suitable for both amateur and professional use, depending on your preferences and needs.

You can use the CB radio external speaker at home, at your workplace, or on road trips, vacations, and so on. The CB external speaker can also be fixed at specific locations and works as a public announcement device.

What are the different types of CB external speakers?

There are a wide variety of external radio speakers available on the market. The two most noticeable types are PA speakers and CB extension speakers. Each type of CB external speaker will serve a specific purpose, so you should choose carefully what works best for you.

Why do you need a CB radio external speaker?

Different types of CB external speakers serve different functions, but they all work to improve the audio quality of your radio. If you want to amplify the audio output, you should look for a PA external speaker. Meanwhile, if you want the sound to be more crisp and clear, the CB extension speaker is the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted CB external speaker brands?

There are many brands that provide high-quality external speakers and that might confuse customers. Each person will have their own idea of the best brand, based on the quality of the products or customer service. Some of the most trusted external speakers brands we can name are Astatic, Wilson, RoadPro, Cobra, and so on.

How do I connect my PA speaker to my CB radio?

Connecting the PA speaker to the CB radio would give you a full PA system. You need to wire the two devices correctly, or else the system won’t work. For better visualization, you can tune in some tutorial video and follow accordingly.

What is PA on CB radio?

Like I have mentioned, you will have a full PA system with PA on CB radio. When the PA (Public Address) horns are connected to the CB radios (with the PA speakers mounted on top of the vehicle), you can broadcast your voice over the speakers.

Do CB radios have speakers?

All CB radios have a speaker. If you wish to improve the audio quality, you can totally purchase an external CB speaker and connect it to the radio.

Where to buy?

You can either buy the speakers directly at the store or order online. Either way, you should always stay alert and be careful before making any purchase.

You can visit your local physical stores or any retail chains such as Target, Walmart, and so on. For online shopping sites, I suggest you check out Amazon, HomeDepot, and many more.

How to care and clean?

In order to keep the CB speakers in good condition, you have to take care of it regularly. You should wipe the surface of the external CB speaker gently once in a while to prevent dust from gathering. Keep the product in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Also, you should be gentle when handling the device to avoid any scratch or dent.


All in all, each external CB speaker has their own strength and weaknesses, and please remember that what works best for others might not be the perfect fit for you. We hope that with our recommendation, you are able to find the best CB external speaker by your own definition.

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