The Best CB Radios for Jeep for 2022

When it comes to a beneficial radio for Jeep car models, I bet that there are many selections will pop up in your mind. Nonetheless, professional market researchers state that you should install a CB radio due to its compatibility and flexibility. You are curious about what it can do, aren’t you?

A CB radio for Jeep usually contains 40 AM/FM channels with other helpful functions such as weather channel scan, instant approach for help in emergencies, radio conversations via a microphone, noise reducer, public address and so on. So to help you narrow down some of the best CB radio for Jeepthis article will provide general reviews about different brands name of CB radio for you to consider.

Best Overall Most Feature Rich Most Budget-Friendly
Preview Uniden PRO520XL


‎President Electronics TXUS001


Midland 1001LWX


Dimensions 4.5 x 6.75 x 1.38 inches 9 x 3 x 7 inches 9.8 x 9.2 x 2.5 inches
Weight 1.63 Pounds 1.9 Pounds 1 Pound
Channels 40 Channels 40 Channels 40 Channels
Voltage 12 Volts 12 Volts 12 Volts

Best CB Radio for Jeep Reviews

1. Uniden PRO520XL Pro Series 40-Channel CB Radio


The first thing that strikes me about the PRO520XL CB radio from Uniden is its microphone positioned right in the front, with a long coiled cord plugged into the mic jack which allows convenient communication. The external PA jack can be made used for amplified announcements of its public address function.

There is a total of 40 channels on this CB radio with a phase-locked loop for accurate frequency control and it is operated with 4W transmit power. Channel 9 is for emergency cases and the radio has an instant switch for you to get access to it. This radio is widely applied to industrial and commercial uses.

You can set up a full Jeep TJ CB mount with the PRO520XL radio thanks to its set of mounting hardware and bracket. Plus, it fits a lot of other vehicles. If your radio communication line is frequently interrupted, there is a built-in noise reducer and an auto squelch function for you to get rid of excessive sounds.

I once read an online comment saying that it came with a blown fuse upon opening. This is unfortunate to hear because users will need to replace it with a new one, and there is a high possibility the new fuse is not compatible. I suggest the brand to have better fuse protection.
  • The microphone has an extra-long coil cord.
  • Allows public address announcements.
  • Enables precise radio frequency control.
  • Immediate access to Channel 9 via a switch.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Can be mounted in Jeeps and other cars.
  • Reduces noise for better communication.
  • The fuse is already blown upon opening.
Your current channel number will be displayed on this radio screen. This brand offers a two-year product warranty for their CB radio so all of the manufacturer defections are solved within this period. I appreciate how not only Jeeps but other car models can also benefit from the Uniden radio head unit.

2. President Electronics BILL CB Radio


This CB radio includes a bright LCD screen. The volume alteration and channel selector knobs are simple to control. Its 40 preset AM channels are still programmable. There is an extra USB portal that operates with the power of 5V/2.1A. The hi-cut filter is responsible for cutting off low frequencies.

The President Electronics Jeep Wrangler CB radio provide a weather channel and it comes with an alert. Moreover, this unit installs the auto noise limiter in order to reduce the amount of unwanted noise during your communication via its microphone. And also, there is a roger beep button to indicate the other of your concluded speaking.

You can activate the key lock feature on this radio to prevent children from messing with it. Its signal reception is said to be most sensitive at 20 dB. Considering the overall weight of this CB radio for Jeep, it is really lightweight of around 0.7 lbs. The radio comes with a mounting bracket and fixing screws.

Overall, the radio from President Electronics performs pretty well. However, there is a case when a small part on the on-screen channel portion erratically goes out. It is not a major problem, but I am certain that customers would not feel pleased in thinking of this defection.
  • Switchable multi-colored LCD display.
  • 40 programmable preset AM channels.
  • A hi-cut filter to optimize frequencies.
  • Weather channel available with alert.
  • Auto limits interrupted external noise.
  • Enables quick conversation ending sign.
  • Provides effective key lock function.
  • An on-screen section tends to disappear.
Basically, this CB radio has included most of the basic requirements to be used on a Jeep.If the brand knows how to improve its LCD screen to be more stable, I bet the radio will attract lots of customers.

3. Midland 1001LWX 40 Channel Mobile CB


As one of the most reputable brands in manufacturing radios for cars, I bet Midland will not disappoint their customers at ease. Do not let a simple packaging fool you, this compact size CB radio for Jeeps contains a built-in weather channel scan so that you would be updated about local weather conditions in time.

There is a large speaker zone on the removable microphone for improved voice clarity in communication via this radio. The different knobs are meant for volume adjustment, squelch control and channel switching. You can also make use of its ANL function through a front button to decrease unwanted noise.

I can see that most customers of the Midland CB radio blame its narrow and small screen which cause difficulties in reading in poor light conditions. I understand their concerns because CB radios are usually engineered to have backlit LCD displays to enhance reading ability. I expect the manufacturer to take this into account.
  • Updated NOAA weather channel scan.
  • The packaging set is frustration-free.
  • Enhanced clarity in radio conversations.
  • Manual squelch control front knob.
  • A quick approach to the noise limiter.
  • It’s hard-to-read on narrow radio screen.
I feel safe using the coil cable of this radio microphone thanks to its general sustainability over time. Regarding all of its functional features such as the NOAA weather channel scan, the hassle-free packaging set and how it improves speaking clarity, the radio from Midland truly deserves to be given a shot.

4. Radioddity CB-27 CB Radio


Like myself, I believe most customers are interested in the effective squelch control of this CB-27 radio from Radioddity. It is divided into 9 levels for the auto squelch and 29 levels for manual modification. Those background static no longer can intervene in your radio communication and makes it difficult to talk.

The radio consists of a Jeep CB antenna mount with a 28-inch long antenna and its own jack on the backside. As usual, there are 40 AM channels for you to choose on and it is incredibly simple to use even for beginners. Its RF gain control offers an advanced signal filter to counteract redundant noise.

In terms of the following attachments, I am fond of the removable microphone due to its convenient mic hook and quick push-to-talk button. There are also a spare fuse and a car charger that is plugged into this CB radio for Jeep. Its external speaker would enable a group conversation between two different cars.

This is not common to occur regularly, but one previous user of this Radioddity CB-27 radio had to scroll through all the way around with the (-) button to find their desired channel. It was because of its channel up (+) button did not function. In this case, you need to check whether it got stuck or the inner wires burnt.
  • Have both auto and manual squelch control.
  • A 28-inch antenna for better signal reception.
  • It is not too difficult for beginners to use.
  • Filters out noise with the RF gain control.
  • The PTT button is applied to its microphone.
  • Provides an extra fuse for replacement.
  • Its channel up (+) button may disable.
The radio should obtain a professional check if there is an issue relating to its buttons. Besides that, I love how it provides an instant access button to Channel 9 and Channel 19 for emergencies. This CB radio is highly portable thanks to its ultra-compact size and would definitely fit into any Jeep car models.

5. Uniden BEARCAT 880 CB Radio


In general, the Uniden Bearcat CB radio has a larger control panel that is illuminated to enhance easier reading in all lighting conditions. There are 7 different backlight colors to make it a personal custom radio. The rugged and compact design with a mounting kit helps this radio suit almost all Jeeps.

It is not a lie to say this one is the best CB radio for Jeep Wrangler due to its upgraded microphone, which is able to cancel excessive noise with a long cord, and the way the entire key set is laser-etched so it is even clearer to read. Moreover, the current frequency you are on will be displayed on this radio LCD screen.

The NOAA weather channels will provide you an updated information about weather conditions around your areas. This CB radio from Uniden provides a useful memory channel scan and a dynamic squelch control knob. It is also compatible with wireless microphones, you are free to visit their website for more details.

One of its most noticeable drawbacks is that its display visibility is pretty disappointing at anything more than the 15° angle. I guess it is because the brand Uniden has not optimized the screen to perform well at different angles.
  • Wide 7-color illuminated control panel.
  • Can be installed in most Jeep car models.
  • An advanced noise-canceling microphone.
  • Each of the keys is made laser-etched.
  • Precise updates on NOAA weather channels.
  • Enables a convenient memory scan.
  • Compatible with wireless microphones.
  • The screen vision off 15° is quite poor.
Its effective diagnostic function ensures no defections can last for long and cause damage to the radio and that explains why I am highly impressed with it. When you buy the Uniden Bearcat radio, it includes a product warranty in two years from the brand so you can easily solve unwanted problems.

6. Cobra 29LTD Professional CB Radio


If you are the one who have a hard time catching your words, this Cobra CB radio will be the one for you due to its dynamike boost. This feature will raise your voice clarity up via a microphone. Moreover, thanks to SWR calibration, it makes sure the radio is always operating at its best to reach peak communication performance in a Jeep.

I do feel safe when driving with a Cobra CB radio Jeep JK like this since the radio provides immediate access to Channel 9 for emergency cases. The 9-foot microphone cable cord is easy to extend and reach for. All of its 40 preset channels have CB stations fully covered for you to scan.

This CB radio does not require an antenna so instead, it is equipped with a warning indicator that will auto illuminate when the system needs a check for errors. It also runs with 4W of output power. You can take advantage of its RF gain control to increase the sensitivity range for improving sound reception.

It is sad to hear from past customers of the CB radio that they are not happy with the weight of this unit. It is heavier than other regular CB ones. In my opinion, this brand might have intended to create a solid device to withstand time and external pressure. However, they should reduce the number of irrelevant inner components.
  • SWR calibration for the best communication.
  • Enables improved voice clarity quality.
  • Instant front button for Channel 9 access.
  • Its microphone cable cord is 9-foot long.
  • Advanced auto antenna warning indicator.
  • RF gain for reception sensitivity control.
  • It is heavier than the average weight.
From a long time ago, Cobra has been one of the leading CB radio for Jeep brands and their items are purchased and installed around the world.

7. Uniden CMX760 Bearcat Off-Road Series Compact Mobile CB Radio


Instead of having common LCD screen and buttons on the radio set, I like how Uniden decided to arrange all functions to be accessible on its microphone. There are still 7 backlit options for you to customize it together with the frequency display and everything you need right on a compact mobile CB radio.

By using the top-rated CB radio for Jeep JK like this one, you can reach out to NOAA weather channels with instant alerts in negative situations. The external speaker is recommended to be used in an open-air environment with lots of background noises. There is also an alert for high or low voltage operation.

Aside from its auto noise limiter, this CB radio offers a noise blanker to boost the task of eliminating noise to a whole new level. You needn’t say ending words to a radio conversation anymore as the roger beep will help inform your partner. I suggest placing it on top or beneath the dashboard or under a driver seat.

The only problem this radio from Uniden is facing is that it creates plenty of feedback noises through its amplified speaker whenever being turned on. This noise has irritated at least one customer and they have no choice but to return the radio. I expect the brand to figure out why and start to repair it promptly.
  • The display is placed on the microphone.
  • A total of 7 different backlit customizations.
  • Quick alerts for negative local weather.
  • Loud external speaker for noisy locations.
  • Useful noise blanker for better signals.
  • Manual roger beep to end conversations.
  • Can be positioned in multiple car areas.
  • Gives awful feedback noises via the speaker.
As being said earlier, most global users and I have always acclaimed the brand Uniden as a reliable CB radio for Jeep manufacturer address. I can guarantee that they always take all customer feedback into account and work to repair any existing errors. You should consider installing it for the Jeep one day.

8. Rugged Ridge 11503.95 CB Radio Mount


A CB radio mounting hardware is as relevant as the radio itself since, without the mount, a radio cannot be installed properly onto vehicles. That is why I would like to introduce a Jeep JK CB radio mount from Rugged Ridge. I like how it can fit into most car models of Jeep Wrangler JK from 2007 to 2018.

This Rugged Ridge radio mount includes a large hooked end for you to secure your handset cord because radios can fall out of its place if it not being installed firmly. The fact that it can be engineered straightforward to the factory footman loop makes the mount more convenient for positioning a CB radio on Jeeps.

I am a little concerned about installing a full-size CB radio with this mounting hardware. It appears that when I equip the mount for it, the radio will shake and vibrate horribly. In addition, I am not able to open, close or move the car sunshades with a full-size radio being installed. Perhaps it is better for smaller ones.
  • An optimal CB radio mounting hardware.
  • Goes with Jeep Wranglers 2007 – 2018.
  • A large hooked end for high stability.
  • Can be mounted to the factory footman loop.
  • Convenient to place on-vehicle radios.
  • Not ideal to install full-size CB radios.
It truly does not cost much to take in high protection and flexible installation for CB radios for Jeep so if you wish to secure your radio, I would recommend using this mount. The mounting hardware from Rugged Ridge has been commended for its peak performance in a long time period and will continue to do so.

9. Firestik FS-4BK 4′ Firestik(R) II FS Series Tunable Tip CB Antenna


When it comes to essential accessories of a CB radio for Jeep, I can never forget to mention Jeep CB antennas. A suitable high-quality antenna helps to enhance signal strength in transmission and reception for a radio. Therefore, I believe that you would be fascinated by the tunable tip antenna from Firestik.

There are 4 different color choices for this CB antenna. It has a design of ⅝ wavelength and can be operated smoothly at 900W. Either the single or dual configurations is alright to apply using the antenna. Its solid loading coil delivers high performance. This antenna requires fine-tuning SWR from the radio.

One of its current disadvantages is that the Firestik CB antenna cannot be functioned on an aluminum truck body. The brand explains that an aluminum body has no ground plane and this antenna also lacks that component so they are not compatible with each other. In this case, it is best to look for alternatives.
  • The CB antenna tip is tunable by hands.
  • The optimal ⅝ wavelength antenna design.
  • Applicable to single or dual configurations.
  • A high-performance and solid antenna coil.
  • SWR requirement for peak operation.
  • Not compatible with an aluminum body.
If you are looking for a CB antenna that its tip can be tuned easily by bare hands without any technical help, I would not hesitate to suggest this one. Having a strong antenna will ensure better signal transmission and reception, therefore I hope the Firestik antenna is the first thing that comes to your mind.

10. Wilson 305-4FD Silver Load Series 4′ CB Antenna Whip


Here is another interesting antenna from the brand Wilson that I believe would perfectly fit to your Jeep TJ CB antenna mount. The standard height of 4’ makes it possible to be installed at the rear side of a Jeep. This CB antenna is also made of premium fiberglass whip that is considered durable and flexible.

I love its ⅜ wavelength design with 24 well-made threads. Its ferrule is fully covered with chromed brass to improve protection and longevity since it has to suffer various external impacts. This Wilson antenna performs at 200W and the tunable tip requires the fine-tuning SWR frequency.

Nevertheless, I am concerned about the grievance from a past customer of this product, which is related to the lack of its instruction manual. Without it, the user had to struggle with installing the antenna and its black wires. The instruction manual is essential so it definitely should be included.
  • A standard 4’ fiberglass whip antenna.
  • The optimal ⅜ wavelength antenna design.
  • A premium ferrule covered in chromed brass.
  • Functions well with 200W power source.
  • The tip is easily tuned by bare hands.
  • The absence of its instruction manual.
An instruction manual is essential for customers to learn to install this antenna properly on their Jeeps and should always be included in the pack. Aside from that, to miss out on such a wonderful item means losing a great opportunity to support your CB radios in the long run. The antenna is worthy of your interest.

11. Jeep Spare Tire CB Antenna Mount for Jeep Wrangler


Last but not least, if you want to secure the antenna whip behind a Jeep then it certainly requires the precious support of a high-quality Jeep Wrangler CB antenna mount. That is exactly what the brand Bentolin intends to provide their CB antenna users with – the perfect antenna mount for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Having 304 stainless steel as its fundamental material, it is extremely hard for this antenna mount to corrode or peel under weather pressure. It also enables hassle-free installation because you do not have to use any screws to drill the mount. I am pleased with its firmly made edges that can hold 4’ antennas with ease.

There is only one manufacturer shortcoming that most of its customers are unhappy about, is the hole for the antenna has been built too big and they had to get plastic spacers for them to let them joined as one. I hope the brand Bentolin is fully conscious of this situation and strives to find a proper solution to fix it.
  • Goes best with a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.
  • Made from premium 304 stainless steel.
  • Anti-corrosion and sustainable material.
  • Can be installed easily without drilling.
  • Firm construction to handle 4’ CB antennas.
  • The antenna hole is bigger than expected.
I truly believe that this CB antenna mount for Jeep would be an optimal and practical assistant in boosting signal transmission and reception for the car. The brand only needs to adjust the width of its CB antenna hole. Other than that, it is one of the best antenna mounts available on the market.

12. AnyTone Smart 10 Meter Amateur Radio


This AnyTone CB radio requires 15W of output power to function. The default frequency it can handle is from 28.000 to 29.700 Mhz and offers both AM/FM channels. Its signal distortion is guaranteed by the brand to be less than 5%. The radio is truly a small one but it is made to have a full alloy body for high persistence.

Its proper operating temperature range is from -20℃ to 50℃. The removable microphone contains a push-to-talk button. On the backside is an antenna jack to plug in the best CB antenna for Jeep Wrangler. You can choose to use this radio indoor and outdoor. It is a wonderful choice for radio shacks on trucks.

I see that there is a large group of customers complaining about the way this unit receive incoming sound and signal in a poor way, especially when they place it near another vehicle, the receiver blanks out. This situation is definitely involved with manufacturer failure to stabilize its transmission line.
  • 15W output power for stronger operation.
  • The signal distortion rate is inferior to 5%.
  • A powerful and durable full alloy radio body.
  • Wide temperature range to perform well.
  • A convenient PTT button on its microphone.
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • The signal blanks out next to another car.
From my perspective, the AnyTone 10 Meter CB radio for Jeep has a lot of potential on the market due to its great feature as well as its inexpensive price. I know that they will make a considerable effort to improve any disadvantages and satisfy more customers with their excellent radio.

What to Look for When Buying a CB Radio for Jeep 


Channel 9/19 access – It is obvious that every single one of the CB radio for Jeep being reviewed in this article consists of a front button to get immediate access to Channel 9/19. These channels are useful for on-road applications.

As far as I am concerned, Emergency Response Units in Canada and the USA take responsibility for monitoring Channel 9 on CB radios functioning in their regions. Whereas, truckers use Channel 19 to provide quick on-site reports of their current traffic conditions so other drivers are aware of the situation.

CB radio users approach Channel 9 and 19 the most due to their relation with emergency cases and instant traffic reports. That explains why all CB radios require to have these two channels combined into one quick front button. But do not forget to check for this feature before purchasing to avoid common sense.

Detachable microphone – Microphones on CB radios for Jeep are plugged into a large portal that is usually placed right in the front. The CB microphone enables free, quick and convenient communication via radio connection link, therefore it is considered as one of the most relevant Jeep CB radio accessories.

You should take a look at the following microphone of your targeted radio to see whether its speaker zone is large enough to transmit and receive sounds crystal clearly. It is best to connect that radio with another one and talk into its microphone to make sure there will not be disturbing background static in your conversations.

One of the CB radio for Jeep from Uniden, which was shown above, includes the entire key set on its microphone for you to manage tasks directly on there. I think it is a brilliant construction since you can treat it like a mobile CB radio. Plus, remember to test the length and durability of its coil cable cord as well.

Auto noise limiter – A radio cannot become the best CB for Jeep without the effective feature of the auto noise limiter. It is impossible to block out all of the surrounding sounds from radio conversations so the ANL button is responsible for minimizing them. This button can be reached out easily on the front panel.

Similar to the two mentioned factors, nearly all CB radios have to include this auto noise limiter function to reduce background noise and boost voice clarity. Though it is close to being a must for CB radios, I still intend to remind you of giving a thorough check for this feature before buying for the best assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted CB radio for Jeep brands?

Since there are thousands of different brands that manufacture and sell CB radio for Jeep, you need to be aware of which of them is truly the best place to get this type of radio. On the list above, I have Uniden, Radioddity, Cobra, Midland and President Electronics as the most trusted CB radio for Jeep brands.

Regarding reputable brands to purchase a Jeep CB antenna mounting, I would suggest Bentolin with Firestik and Wilson antennas for Jeeps. All of these items come with a reliable product warranty to your advantage. Their internal and external components are designed and built to maximize user convenience.

Do I need a CB radio in my Jeep?

Apart from entertainment purposes with music channels and radio talk shows to catch up on the go, a CB radio keeps you informed to update the latest news in multiple fields via 40 programmable preset AM/FM channels. You can also communicate with other users when you are long-road traveling as a group.

Instant local weather and traffic reports are certainly available on a CB radio with NOAA weather channel scan and Channel 19 from truckers. In order to reach out for help while driving, Channel 9 is a reliable address for emergencies. The mounting of a CB radio is suitable to fit multiple Jeep car models.

Where does the CB radio go in my Jeep?

With a compatible mounting bracket set with related screws, a CB radio can be placed in various areas on your Jeep such as on top or underneath the dashboard and below a driver seat. There is no need for you to worry about hardship and inconvenience in usage because CB radios are made for these positions.

How to set up and use it?

First of all, install the mounting hardware at your desired position on the Jeep as guided above. Next, place the CB radio in and meanwhile, make sure all of its electric wires are connected so you can turn it on. Lastly, the microphone cannot be missed out from being plugged into the radio, and there you have it.

If you have a long antenna whip similar to two products on the list, it should be placed at the rear of the Jeep. After the CB radio goes active, I suggest you scan through crucial channels like Channel 9 and 19 and test its knobs to see if any of them got stuck. Check for incoming signals and audio clarity as well.

How to install a CB radio in a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited?

It is the same process as installing a CB radio for other Jeep car models. Moreover, 4’ antennas are highly recommended to be situated behind the spare tire of a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited car with a compatible Jeep JK CB antenna mount. The car sunshades should not block the connection link of its wires.

How to take care and maintain it?

If it ever gets dirt from external impacts, simply wipe the dust and stains on a CB radio with a damp cloth of light detergents, not a soaked one to avoid water damaging its internal electrical components. I think you should be really careful even with a waterproof CB radio for Jeep, which is sort of a rare kind.

Users should have the CB radio active frequently to maintain the operation against technical problems related to interrupted usage. It is common sense that anything electrical would downgrade much sooner than you expected if you do not keep it running often. Its lifespan depends on how well you treat it.

What is the warranty policy?

Usually, brands will provide their CB radios for Jeep with the return window within 30 days after purchase and up to 5 years of limited product warranty. In case any manufacturer defections occur in the meantime, you would be able to exchange or return the radio or request a money refund from those brands.

Where can I buy a CB radio for Jeep?

Besides visiting a local chain store, a lot of customers are shifting into online shopping due to its high convenience level and a wide range of products. However, either of them is fine for me and here are the most reliable locations to get it: eBay, Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, Best Buy, Amazon and Lowes, etc.

No matter what your final decision is, I want to give out some advice based on my personal CB radio shopping experience. Do not hesitate if you are allowed to turn the radio on and try it directly beforehand. For online customers, my tip is to scroll through its feedback review from previous ones to ensure reliability.


With my dedicated help, I believe that your process of searching for the best CB radio for Jeep available on the market has been considerably shortened. If you are not entirely interested in the CB radios I reviewed here, I expect you to acquire the useful buying guide and tips to apply in your case. Thank you for reading.

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