The Best Galaxy CB Radios for 2023

Have you been searching for the best galaxy CB radio for quite some time now but you still cannot seem to find it? The real question here is do you know what to look for? The worst thing that you can do is end up buying a radio that does not fit your needs. This will just cause you to waste more than a hundred dollars of your hard-earned money.

CB radio Galaxy is quite possibly one of the most popular brands of citizen’s band radios on the planet. The company has been in business for more than thirty years, proving its mettle and authority in the industry. Various Galaxy CB radio models have been the favorites of many radio hobbyists and professionals for years.

If you also want to start using this radio then you may want to check out each short Galaxy CB radio review here so you can make a wise choice.

Best Overall Most Budget-Friendly Compact & Mighty
Preview Galaxy DX-959B


Galaxy DX-959


Galaxy DX-979


Dimensions 9.5 x 8 x 2.5 inches 9.25 x 7.9 x 2.35 inches 9 x 7.25 x 2.5 inches
Weight 4.4 Pounds 4.4 Pounds 4.1 Pounds
Channels 40 Channels 40 Channels 40 Channels

Best Galaxy CB Radio Reviews

1. Galaxy DX-959B CB Radio


The first thing I noticed with this Galaxy CB radio mobile is its clean faceplate design. I am glad that the labeling is white during the daytime. Once it gets dark and the backlight is turned on, the letters will glow the same color as the backlight. This can either be red or blue depending on your choice.

Another feature that I like is that the radio has a large easy-to-read meter that you can use when you are searching for a particular channel. It has a clearly-labeled and clearly-marked gauge so you can easily get an accurate reading whenever you need to.

Speaking of meters, this radio has a built-in SWR meter. This means you no longer need to buy a separate SWR meter that you have to disconnect and reconnect every time you relocate your external antenna. With this unit, you can bypass connecting the antenna to the SWR meter and just directly connect it to the radio.

I also like that this radio has a built-in noise filter. This helps when I need to recover weak SSB signals because it greatly reduces the amount of background noise. Another creature comfort feature is that just by pushing a button, you can turn off the backlight of the meter.

The one thing that I did not truly like with this radio is the blue backlit LCD. It is because I find it too bright. Even at the dimmest light setting, the blue LED can be quite blinding at night. Moreover, the blue backlight for the meter is too bright.
  • Comes with an SWR meter
  • Features a bright LED backlight, which is sometimes too bright
  • Easy to use, thanks to the backlit feature on the labels of the switches and dials
  • Comes with a noise reduction function
  • Variable output control included, which is a variable talkback circuit with its power switch
  • The backlight is a bit too bright.
Although I had some trouble with the bright backlight, the moment my eyes adjusted to it, they did not seem to cause much of a problem. They even helped quite a lot because they made the faceplate easier to read.

2. Galaxy-DX-959


The first thing that you will notice on this radio is the yellow backlit LCD. There is one for the frequency, a 5-digit display that allows for fine-tuning. The other is for the channel. There is also an option for turning off one or both screens to reduce the brightness of the faceplate. This is useful for driving at night.

Another feature that I love about this radio is the clarifier dial. This works in conjunction with the other settings such as RF gain and volume squelch. This helps reduce the amount of static in the reception. It is also helpful in ensuring that the user’s transmission gets to the recipient loud and clear.

I am also glad that this radio has an SWR meter built-in. This means that when installing the radio, one no longer needs to connect an external SWR meter in between the antenna and the radio to measure impedence. The antenna can be directly connected to the radio to get a reading for the SWR and check if it is on the safe side.

Speaking of SWR safety, this unit comes with an SWR alarm LED light. This means that the user does not need to keep a close watch on the meter all the time. When the SWR reading gets a little too close to critical, the LED light will flash brightly to alarm the user of the situation.

I am not a fan of the layout of the switches and knobs of this radio, though. It is because they seem too cluttered and the switches are placed too close to each other. This will be a bit harder to use for those with large hands.
  • Has bright, yellow backlit screens that display the frequency and channel
  • Comes equipped with the proprietary Galaxy Noise Filter (GNF)
  • Features a helpful SWR LED warning light
  • A large and easy-to-read meter that measures several values included in your purchase
  • Easy to install with its small and compact design
  • The faceplate is a bit cluttered.
Although the cluttered faceplate of this radio will take a bit of getting used to, there is nothing else that I can complain about. Just like the others that Galaxy radios made, this unit is more than worth your money.

3. Galaxy DX-979


The thing that I liked the most about this radio is its compact size. It is small enough that you can also install or set it up in a compact car with a bit more space to spare. This is best for people who do not like their knees hitting the radio while they are driving.

Another thing I love about the design of this radio is that even though it has a smaller faceplate than most others, the dials and switches are still properly spaced apart and easy to control. Even for people with particularly bigger hands, fiddling with the settings will still be a breeze.

The Star Lite faceplate makes all the writings glow in the dark, so you can adjust the settings even at night. The built-in meter and LCD that says the current channel are both backlit brightly so you can easily read it even during the day.

I am also glad that it comes with a built-in SWR meter. This means you do not have to get a separate one in case you are setting it up. You can also monitor impedence in real-time. However, you do not have to constantly monitor the meter. If the impedence gets to a worrying level, there will be a small LED light that will flash in a warning.

The one thing that I found a bit iffy in this radio is the built-in SWR meter. There are times when it does not seem to give a proper reading. Fortunately for me, the inaccurate readings are few and far between but they do happen. It is still best to have an external SWR meter, if only for double-checking the reading.
  • Features a compact yet very ergonomic design
  • Built-in meter for SWR, RF power, and modulation included
  • Features switches and dials that are properly sized and spaced apart
  • Comes equipped with Star Lite faceplate that has a glow-in-the-dark lettering
  • Features a connector for a separate 6-digit frequency counter if the user ever wants to add one
  • The SWR meter is not always accurate.
Given that the issue with the RWR being inaccurate can be quite troubling, it seems that this issue does not happen all of the time. Also, if you think about it, all the other features and benefits of this radio far outweigh this rather minor issue.

4. Galaxy DX-99V2 Mobile Amateur Radio

This is yet another compact radio that is perfect not just for big rigs but also for small cars because this is small and compact enough. It also helps that the mic jack is located in front of the radio for easy access and space-saving purposes.

Another feature that I love on this radio that you normally do not see in many other units is the voice changer. There are lots of people, like me, who would like to preserve their anonymity on the radio waves. This voice changer changes the pitch of the user’s voice so much that one cannot even tell if it is a man or a woman speaking.

This radio also came with a high-performance circuit board, which is the same one used in DX98VHP. It provides the user with improved stability of frequencies and increased accuracy for sidebands.

The high-performance main circuit board (same as the one used in the DX98VHP) provides increased frequency stability and accuracy for sideband. It also increases sensitivity and selectivity on receive.

Just like the other 10-m radios, one has to take the radio to a certified technician before it can be used. You will have to pay extra on top of the cost of the radio before you can use it.
  • Small and compact design, perfect for small cars as well as big rigs
  • Has a built-in SWR meter and LED alarm
  • Comes with a built-in voice changer and echo switch
  • Has a front-facing mic jack for the mic, making it very compact when installed
  • Comes with two large and illuminated LED screens
  • Categorized as a 10m radio, which means you will need a license to operate
Thankfully, you can easily modify this radio to run from the 10m to the Citizen’s ban, so you do not have to worry about getting a license to operate it.

5. Galaxy DX-33HP2 Mobile Ham Radio

This radio comes with all of the features that I came to expect from a mobile ham radio (10m radio) and more. This radio comes with both AM and FM operation, a PA out feature, talkback, and echo. It also has dual MOSFET finals. These are more than enough features for the regular amateur ham radio operator.

I also love the multiple noise-reducing features. First of all, it has a standard squelch feature, which is coupled with a 3 position ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter)/NB (Noise Blanking) switch. These features help improve the quality of incoming broadcasts quite a lot.

This unit also comes with a mic gain control. This way, the person on the other end of your conversation will be able to hear you loud and clear. Speaking of loud, this radio also comes with a PA connectivity and also has provisions for attaching external loudspeakers.

Most of all, I am happy that the faceplate layout is clean and clutter-free. Each dial and switch has clear and legible labels. The black background and the white, bold letters make it easier to identify all of the controls, even when it is slightly dark. It is still easy to know which switch does what.

Even though many radio enthusiasts claim that this is one of the best radios made by Galaxy, it is quite a hassle that you have to take it to a technician to properly get it tuned and programmed before you can use it. Moreover, since this is a 10-m radio, you will need to get a proper license for it. Don’t worry, though. Getting a radio license is not that hard at all.
  • Comes with all the bells and whistles one would expect from a 10m radio but in a compact package
  • Features a plethora of signal-boosting and noise-reducing features
  • Equipped with more power for longer distance transmission
  • Can be programmed to work on CB frequencies
  • Features a nicely laid out faceplate
  • Needs to be taken to a specialist to activate and tune, which costs quite a hefty amount
Yes, having to convert this radio to run on the CB frequency can be quite a hassle but with all of the features and the power it has, it will seem like a small price to pay.

6. Galaxy DX29HP

The first thing that impressed me on this radio is the fact that it has a 45-watt power. This is more than enough in case you are planning to use this unit for 10m broadcasting and reception. However, for CB radio use, I would like to point out that this unit is much too strong, so you need to modify it a bit; otherwise, you will be in trouble.

This radio also comes with a very useful talkback feature, which you can turn on and off whenever you wish. The talkback feature allows the user to hear his/her voice in his/her speakers. This specifically means that the transmission was successful. If you do not you’re your voice on the speaker then there might be a problem with the technical aspects.

This radio comes with an SWR meter built-in. This is great because this means that you can monitor the impedence of the radio’s antenna in real-time, not just before setting up the radio like what you do with an external meter. This radio also comes with an SWR warning light so you do not have to constantly monitor the meter readings.

Another thing I liked is that this radio has PA connectivity. It also has external speaker jacks for the PA system. This means that the radio does not have to be hooked to massive speakers so that you can use it as a PA system.

What I did not like about this radio is that you need to modify it and tune it with the help of a certified technician. You need to do that before you can install it in your vehicle.
  • Has more than enough power for both 10m band and the CB radio use
  • Has a compact and flat design, making it easy to install even in tight spaces
  • Comes equipped with a talkback function for easy diagnostics
  • Can be used in a PA system or can be its PA by connecting external speakers
  • It has a clearly-detailed and marked meter for SWR.
  • It must be modified before it can handle CB frequency, which many find inconvenient.
If you will be using this unit as a 10m radio, then you will realize that it is already ready to go. However, take note that you will need a license to operate such a powerful device. Still, this does not deny the fact that it is a sound investment.

7. Galaxy DX55F 10-meter Radio

The last unit I intend to discuss is the Galaxy DX55F. I love how small and compact this unit is. The good news is that even though it is small, it can still do all the things that other kinds of radio can. The compact size of this unit makes it easier to install regardless if it will be on a car with some issues. It can even fit in the overhead cubbies of semis.

Another nice touch is the addition of a built-in SWR meter. This means that you can monitor the SWR readings in real-time and act accordingly when it gets a little too high. You do not necessarily need to watch the meter constantly for sudden jumps in SWR as it also has an LED warning light.

This radio does not only come equipped with a meter. It also has two LED screens – both of which are perfectly sized and backlit by blue light. There is one LED screen for the current frequency. The other screen, on the other hand, is for the channel indicator.

I am also very delighted with the talkback feature integrated into this small radio. This way, I can check how my voice sounds like from the other end. This feature is also good in case I need to check if I am broadcasting and getting heard on the other end of the line.

If I do not hear my voice in the speaker when I talk then there might be something wrong that is keeping me from broadcasting. The things that I did not like so much on this radio are the somewhat small buttons.

Yes, Galaxy had to make certain adjustments to make all the dials fit in the smaller faceplate but they could have tried other configurations that would have worked better and not bunch up the dials.
  • Has a smaller and more compact size and shape
  • Features vital features, like SWR, RF power, and modulation meter
  • Comes equipped with the helpful talkback function
  • Comes with LED backlighting for the meter and the two LCD screens
  • Has an LCD screen for the frequency counter and another one for the current channel the radio is on
  • Has small dials and switches, making it unsuitable for those with larger hands
The size and positioning of the buttons are not that big of an issue, though. If you consider all the things and features that you will receive and enjoy from this Galaxy CB radio, especially its compact size, then I am one hundred percent sure that it will not lead to disappointments.

8. Galaxy DX98VHP 200-watt Radio

Technically speaking, this is not completely a CB radio but a Galaxy 10-meter radio. It is more powerful and requires a license to operate. However, you can modify this in a way that you can use the CB frequency. This means that this radio can transmit much farther than regular CB radios.

I like that this radio has a variable power output because I do not want to use it at full power all the time due to possible dangers. This is the reason why 10-m radio operators need licenses – there is an inherent danger to using it. This radio also comes equipped with a variable RF gain control, a feature you can use to increase or decrease the strength of reception.

Why do you need to weaken the reception? It could be because once the radio picks up even the weakest signals from far away, it turns into background static. When you lower the reception strength, you are essentially silencing the signals that come from far away and increasing the strength of the ones coming from nearby.

I am also happy that unlike the classic models, this one has backlit faceplate. This makes it easier to read the LCD screen even in the bright daylight. You can also clearly see the labels on the faceplate because they are backlit.

As good as this radio is, there is one thing that I did not like and that is the fact that it is not set up for the CB frequency. It is advisable to set it up for CB before you can use it without needing a license. Yes, you need to have a license to operate a 10m radio. Also, it is quite pricey, so one needs to know what this radio is for before purchasing.
  • Can transmit a bit farther
  • Comes with a variable RF gain control for clearer reception and broadcast
  • Has a nice backlit faceplate
  • When unmodified, it can let you talk with other people from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Boasts of a variable power output
  • Slightly on the expensive side
The reason why this radio is a lot more expensive than CB radios is that it is not meant for use on the CB (though it can be modified to do so). It is also more powerful and can transmit much further. If you are on the market for a 10m radio, this is the one that you need to get.

9. Galaxy-DX-949 AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio

One thing I instantly noticed in this Galaxy CB radio for sale was the large and clearly labeled meter for power output, modulation, and SWR. Aside from being large, it is also backlit so it is much easier to read. This allows for easier monitoring of the important numbers so one can act accordingly when needed.

Speaking of the meter, it is great that this radio comes with a built-in SWR meter. This means there is no need for a separate SWR meter. The SWR is a measure of impedence in the antenna. If it goes far too off the chart, then you need to check the antenna and make a few adjustments. This is important for you are first setting up your radio.

I like the knobs and switches as they are spaced perfectly from each other. They are also large enough that even people with large hands can still easily adjust the values and flip the switches. Each switch-and-dial is also clearly labeled with the text. It also has backlit so you can still use it in the dark of night.

This has all of the settings that one will ever need for a pleasant radio-using experience. There is a knob for power output, mic squelches, volume and more. When these dials are set up properly, you can minimize background noise until it is no longer noticeable.

One thing that bugged me about this is that the knobs are a bit too loose. It would have been perfect if the knobs are firmer and not so loose. As they are, if you brush your hands against the dials, they will turn by a significant amount.
  • Takes pride in its nicely laid-out faceplate
  • Features switches and knobs that are the right size for small and large hands
  • Comes with a built-in SWR meter so there is no need to buy an external one
  • Equipped with a large and backlit meter
  • Boasts of a nice vintage styling that does not go out of style
  • The dials are a bit too loose.
It is hard to find anything to fault this radio with because overall, its quality is great, especially for beginner and experienced CB radio operators.

10. Galaxy DX-939

The Galaxy DX-939 is also another fantastic choice offered by Galaxy CB radio dealers. The first thing that I immediately noticed in it is the large, blue backlit, LCD. One screen for the 5-digit frequency display and another 2-digit display for the channel. I find the frequency display especially helpful as it allows fine-tuning of the radio.

I also liked that the “Star Lite” faceplate has glow-in-the-dark lettering that makes operating in the dark much easier. Although it is not the same as having backlit lettering, the letters are still bright enough that the words are legible.

You can also access several controls that can help reduce the static noise, like the RF gain, Squelch control, and variable power control. A neat addition here is the mic gain, so the user’s voice can get through clearly and loudly to the recipient. The dials are also big enough that large hands can adjust them accurately.

There is also a dimmer switch/control that helps lower the brightness of the backlighting so that the screens will not be blindingly bright when using the radio at night. Also, you can choose to turn off the frequency display to turn down the brightness of the faceplate.

Although this radio is quite good, there is one thing that I did not like that much and that is the build quality, which is not that good. It was not only my radio that somehow broke after a couple of months. There have been other people who experienced the same thing. Thankfully, it was quite easy to get a replacement unit and this time, it lasted quite long.
  • Equipped with multiple LCD screens
  • Features controls that can help reduce noise
  • Takes pride in its backlit meter and LCD screens that can be dimmed
  • Features an ergonomically designed faceplate
  • Comes with dials that are perfectly-sized
  • The build quality is a bit iffy with the screens usually being the first ones to go.
Thankfully, the issues regarding the radio conking out after a couple of months were just isolated cases. The replacement units lasted much longer than the first batch, so this radio is still quite a worthwhile investment.

What to Look for When Buying a Galaxy CB Radio


If you want to make sure that you are getting the coolest and the most reliable galaxy CB radio today then make sure to look for the following features and capabilities:

PA Capability – CB radios are made to facilitate 2-way communication with ease. This means you are either listening or talking through the radio while tuned on a certain channel. This is possible when using any CB radio as it has built-in microphones and speakers that are rather small.

However, what will happen if you find yourself in situations wherein you need to amplify your voice? An example would be when you need to address a small crowd of people or when you are in rescue situations where you are either the one calling for help or searching for someone in need of help.

It is in these cases where you can greatly benefit from having a galaxy CB radio with a PA capability. This makes it necessary to look for this capability when shopping for this type of unit.

Built-in SWR Meter – Before you can use your CB radio, you need to tune it first. This is one of the most important tasks that you need to do as a CB radio owner. If you did not tune your radio properly, it can lead to getting a weak broadcasting signal, or worse, severe damage to your radio.

The entire tuning process takes some time and one will need an SWR meter to do it properly. To avoid the additional cost of buying a separate SWR meter, it will be more cost-effective to buy a radio that already has an SWR meter built-in. Aside from letting you save money, having a CB radio with a built-in SWR meter will greatly lessen the set-up time.

If you will be using an external meter, it must first be attached to the CB and the antenna, a task that takes a lot of time. Also, with a built-in meter, you can get real-time SWR readings anytime as long as the CB is powered on.

Clarity and Ease of Use – For years, one of the biggest challenges of CB radios is static production. This noise greatly reduced the quality of audio received by radio. Thanks to modern improvements in CD tech, most notably the squelch control and RF gain, the problem with static is almost eliminated.

When shopping for a galaxy CB radio, you also need to take into consideration its ease of use. Check the controls; where they are placed and their size. You should also check the unit’s capability to connect to external accessories.

Noise Reduction – Too much background noise can make communicating using CB radios more difficult than they should be. However, most of today’s CB radios already come with noise-reduction features built-in.

An example of such a feature is the Automatic Noise Limiter (ANL), which blocks out noises within a certain decibel range, such as traffic and engine noises. This will allow you to hear and be heard clearly.

Background noise can make communicating using a CB radio difficult if not impossible. Fortunately, most modern CBs have built-in noise reduction features that block out background noise.

Multi-channel Communication – Typically, modern CB radios have access to 40 different radio channels, including the emergency and weather channels. This number is plenty for amateur radio hobbyists. However, if you plan to become a professional radio operator, you will need access to more channels so they can easily communicate within a group.

For this task, you will need a multichannel CB. This type of CB provides the usual 40 channels PLUS additional channels that you can program. These programmable channels will allow you to talk to a small group within the channel without the other users hearing it.

Size, Weight, and Appearance – CB radios these days are either designed for handheld use or installation in a vehicle, which is why the size of the galaxy CB radio is an important factor to consider when shopping for one. Generally speaking, smaller and lighter radios are preferred compared to large and bulky units.

It is because they take up less space and are easier to install. The design of the radio is also worth taking into consideration. Ensure that it has useful features, like a large, backlit LCD, large and accessible controls, and properly positioned and accessible jacks and ports. The design here is not just about the aesthetics of the device. It is more on the ergonomics.

Price – Galaxy CB radios come in a wide variety of models. Some are more expensive and feature-laden than the others, so consider what you will be doing with the radio before pulling the trigger and buying one.

For instance, if you are only looking for a radio that you can use to get in touch with your neighbors in your rural area, then you can just get a basic kit for under a hundred dollars and a basic antenna.

If you want to make a hobby out of it or turn your radio into a repeater so that other CB users can extend their range, get the more expensive and feature-packed radio sets.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a Galaxy CB Radio?

Galaxy is the name of one of the most popular brands of CB radios currently available. This brand has been around for more than thirty years. Ever since it started, the company has been producing some of the finest radio equipment ever and all for a relatively affordable price.

There are Galaxy radios that are perfect for a hobbyist who is just starting with the hobby while other models are perfect for companies. Whatever kind of radio you may need, whether it is handheld or desktop, you can be sure to find one with a Galaxy branding on it.

CB radios, on the other hand, are 2-way radios that are configured to access the Citizen’s Band radiofrequency. CB is a system that allows short-distance communications between two-way radios operating in 40 channels that are close to the 27 MHz shortwave band.

Who is the Galaxy CB Radio for?

Regarding who can use CB radios, note that there is no minimum age limit for operating one. Almost anyone can even use the CB band. However, there are some exceptions like if you are a foreign government, a federal government agency, or a representative of a foreign government, and similar.

Another exception is if the FCC slapped a cease and desist order against you and it is still in effect. Most of the users of CB radios are retail and commercial businesses. They use CB radios to manage the flow and movements of the workers so that they can work more efficiently.

They also use radios on their delivery vehicles to organize routes and improve delivery times. Event organizers also use radios so that every member of the team knows what they are supposed to do at all times. For instance, during concerts, the team can coordinate with each other to solve problems.

One example is dealing with unruly attendants by radioing the security personnel to respond at a particular location before things escalate. Galaxy CB radios are also for those who are just starting on their CB radio hobby. These also suit those who need a more modern solution for their communication needs.

This is the perfect choice for people who are living out in rural areas where cellphone signals are weak. These places are where CB radios usually thrive because radio signals are still strong enough in those areas to facilitate communications.

Another target audience of Galaxy CB radios consists of preppers or those who like to prepare for the end times as if it will be happening in their lifetime. They prefer using CB radios over modern cellphones because the cellular phone network is fragile and would not likely survive when the SHTF.

Radios will always be functional because they do not rely on signal towers. They rely on other radio users as repeaters to send their messages to others. If you are also interested in the world of CB communications, you are welcome to buy one and give it a try.

You can join the community of thousands of hobby radio operators from all over the country and even around the world. It might seem like an outdated way to communicate, but you can still find a lot of die-hard fans of this form of communication who are keeping it alive and well.

How Does the Galaxy CB Radio Work?

The Citizen’s Band (CB) radio service is one of the several types of radio communications that fall under the category Personal Radio Service. Just like the other PRS, CB radio is meant for both private consumer and business use. Unlike other types of radios, one does not need a license to operate a CB radio.

The Galaxy CB radio serves as both a transmitter and receiver for radio signals. When you are not holding down the talk button, the radio turns into a receiver of signals. However, when you hold down the button, it becomes a transmitter, allowing you to send in your voice to the other person.

There are so many buttons on a traditional CB radio that it takes a bit of practice to get the hang on when to use every one of them. To help you understand, here are some of the more common buttons on a CB radio:

Squelch – This feature helps minimize the amount of noise that you are receiving or sending out. Some radios have squelch buttons while others are dials. The dials will allow you to gradually tune out background noises. On the other hand, switches reduce a preset amount of noise when turned on.

This will help you hear transmissions better so you will not miss anything important that was just broadcast on your channel.

Mic gain – This feature allows you to raise the volume of your mic. It effectively makes you sound louder than you are. You will not notice anything but the people who are listening to you will. This makes it necessary to go easy when dialing this setting. Do not put it on max right away.

RF gain – This is another way to lessen the amount of noise that you receive. What this does is it lowers your radio’s ability to receive signals. You are virtually lowering the sensitivity of your radio so that you can only clearly receive the signals that are nearest to you and reduce the amount of noise coming from all the users that are far from you.

CB/WX switch – CB radios that have these switches are capable of receiving signals from the NOAA weather advisory channels. On CB mode, you can receive and broadcast over the CB band but when you switch on the WX mode, you can receive transmissions from NOAA channels. However, you cannot broadcast as you should.

PA switch – This will allow your radio to broadcast over a PA system. When your radio is on CB mode, it can broadcast and receive regular CB transmissions. However, when on PA, you can only broadcast over the PA. You cannot broadcast on the CB nor receive from it.

Volume – This will only turn up the volume of your radio’s speakers. It will not make your voice louder. It is just making things louder on your end. If the other person complains that they cannot hear you then that is when you will be using the mic gain.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to set up and use the Galaxy CB radio?

It is easy to set up a CB and antenna at home. You just need to have a place where you can install it that is higher off the ground. However, this does not necessarily need to be your rooftop. First, you need to get an antenna that you can easily set up even by yourself.

Next, mount the antenna on one end of a twenty-foot steel pole. It is recommended that you use U-bolts to secure the antenna. Mount the pole on your roof or back porch.

Next, attach the ground wire to the antenna’s mast. Run the wire to the ground and then attach the other end to a 3-4 feet long steel rod embedded in the ground.

You then attach the coaxial cable to the antenna and run the remaining length of it inside your home. Connect the cable to a standing wave meter and the coax coming from that into the CB radio. The meter reading must be in the white, not in the red. Disconnect the SWR meter and connect the coax to the radio. Once done, it will be ready to use.

For radios with built-in SWR meters, just directly connect the coax to them.

How to care and maintain Galaxy CB radio?

Even though galaxy CB radios are tough, they still need proper care and maintenance if they were to work properly for many years to come.

First off, you should only use Galaxy batteries, chargers, and AC adapters on your Galaxy CB. Using only the approved accessories will preserve the radio’s warranty. Also, these accessories are guaranteed to work.

Do not leave the radio and/or its batteries on the charger for too long. Although the Galaxy battery charger comes with overcharge protection, it is still better to be on the side of caution and not abuse this feature.

Turn off the radio and unplug it from the wall outlet before cleaning or doing maintenance work. If you will be cleaning the radio, just use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away all of the dust accumulated on top and the receiver. Also, when cleaning the cord, do not pull on it too much.

When you are storing the radio, remove the batteries first and store them in separate containers.

What is the warranty?

All galaxy CB radios are covered by the company’s two-year, limited parts and labor warranty. This means that the company will repair the radio at no charge if the problem is caused by factory defects, or just due to normal usage. Work done by qualified technicians that did not result in any damage will not void the warranty.

Damage caused by unauthorized technicians, user error, or other miscellaneous catastrophes will still be repaired but will be charged. The warranty period begins upon the first purchase of the radio. If the receipts are lost or the radio was bought used, they are still covered by the warranty for 26 months of its manufacture date, which can be found in the serial number.

The warranty is attached to the radio, not the buyer. This means that even if you sell the radio to another person, it is still covered. Even factory-refurbished units (distinguished by the “R” on the serial number) are covered by the warranty.

How far will my handheld CB radio transmit?

The distance of your radio’s transmission will depend on your location and the kind of antenna that it uses. If you are outside, the most distance that you can get from your radio is around 2 to 3 miles.

If you are indoors or in a moving car, your signal will be weaker. You can remedy this problem by attaching an external antenna, like a magnet-mounted antenna for your car.

How are CB radios powered?

Handheld portable CD radios are powered by a 12v battery pack. These battery packs are rechargeable by either plugging the entire radio (with battery pack installed) or placing them on a dedicated charging station. On the other hand, car-mounted portable radios have to be hooked up to the vehicle’s electrical system.

Can you use the cigarette lighter plug to power the radio? No, although the cigarette port can deliver 12v, it does not have enough current to power the radio, or at least that is the case for most CB radios.

If you will be using it at home, you can plug them into any available AC outlet. Just make sure that your external antenna is properly grounded to prevent getting your home’s electric circuitry fried during thunderstorms.

Where to buy Galaxy CB radios?

Since Galaxy CB radios are so popular, your local electronics stores may carry at least one model. However, it is very unlikely that you would like the CB radio offerings that are in electronics stores unless you take the time to visit several stores.

If you want to have a hassle-free shopping experience and find lower-priced radios, you should just go online. You can find dozens upon dozens of Galaxy CB radios in retail sites like Amazon and Best Buy. The great thing about this is that you can easily compare the prices of different radios from different vendors so you can get the best deals available.

Is it okay to buy secondhand Galaxy CD radios? Sure, but you need to make sure that you are getting the unit from a trusted seller. When buying online, ask the seller for some close-up pictures of the radio. Also, ask if any issues need to be addressed and if the radio is still covered by the 26-month warranty from its date of manufacturing.


There are many reasons why you would want to purchase the best Galaxy CB radio, not the least of which is that the Galaxy brand is one of the most popular in the world of CB radios. You can use these radios not just for communications but also to scan the airwaves looking for interesting chatter that you can listen to.

With the help of the buying guide and review list above, the task of choosing the right galaxy CB radio will be much easier than before. Hopefully, by now, you already have an idea or at least a shortlist of models that you will be getting.

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