The Best Ham Radio Speakers for 2023

Your current job or your personal use might require the best external speaker for ham radio. So it is essential to know what aspects and components to consider before making a purchase.

Driving in our vehicles with the blast of sounds coming from the speakers has become a norm. Additionally, it would be smart to select an all-around speaker that can be compatible with ham radios, scanners, radios, and more essential car gadgets. But with all the available variety of external speakers in the market nowadays, it could be hard to select the best quality ones.

Communicating through the ham radio indeed requires a great deal of quality for my external speaker. So while I’m trying to find the best ham radio speaker, I have come up with a list of reviews for products that have passed my evaluation test.

Best Overall Best Sound Quality Most Budget-Friendly
Preview Uniden BC15




RoadPro RPSP-15


Dimensions 4 x 2.5 x 4 inches 4.33 x 2.36 x 2.95 inches ‎8.6 x 4.7 x 2.3 inches
Weight 1.389 pounds 0.68 pounds 0.55 pounds
Speaker 35 mm/ 15 W 3 inch/ 5W 8 Ohm/ 5 W

Best Ham Radio Speaker Reviews

1. Uniden BC 15 External Speaker


This product made it to my list primarily because of its volume capacity. As a middle product of Uniden with the 15-watt speaker, such an audio performance is decent.

Whether you intend to use it in your vehicle or an indoor premise, the sound quality will suffice to precisely what it’s devised to do. I installed this portable ham radio external speaker in my office. And it is a double upgrade to the built-in speaker on my scanner. It even comes with a filter that strains the voice frequency audio to make it more transparent and solid-sounding.

It is super easy to connect this speaker to any of your scanners or communications devices. In truth, it can be installed using the standard 3.5 mm audio plug. Additionally, this model can be ruggedly related to your mobile application, so it is a handy fellow.

I have only good things to say about the physical attribute of this product. Most users love how it is shaped in a square design with a black and silver faceplate. It also is genuinely durable, perfect for heavy-duty usage.

The only thing I’d like this product to improve on is its mounting feature since its mount design does not support free-standing placement.
  • Significant upgrade to built-in speakers in your ham radio or scanners
  • Can be used in vehicles, indoor premises, or even offices
  • Loud and clear enough to hear, you don’t need to maximize the volume range
  • Easy to install and is compatible with any radio with 3.5 mm audio input
  • A sleek look with square design and a black and silver faceplate
  • Permanent mounting, so it might be challenging to keep relocating the speaker
This communication speaker is a win-win in all aspects. I am happy that I decided to invest in this external speaker.

2. ZAXIDALER Speaker for Ham Radio


I am particularly concerned with my external speaker’s communications features, luckily, this ZAXIDALER Speaker for Ham Radio exceeds my expectations. It regulates and reproduces the audio while getting rid of the noise. Hence, I can understand why some people claim it the best external speaker for ham radio.

The quality of the sound is very compact, making the two-way communication efficient and reliable. Even with the windows down, the sounds are clear and distinct.

Furthermore, this speaker is compatible with an outdoor trumpet car horn speaker for maximized volume purposes. For commercial vehicle advertisements or police roving services, this speaker can ensure quality sound.

As for its assembly and usage, it comes with a cord that is about 6 feet long and comes with a standard 3.5 mm male plug. For me, the installation is pretty neat due to the hardware included. Plus, a sturdy bracket can make sure this speaker stays firmly on its place, despite driving off-road or unleveled pavements.

This device is designed in a rectangular shape that does not consume much space on any surface you want to mount. Also, I love the metal box in black color because its modern look blends well into my car’s interior.

This speaker is indeed a match for CBs and ham radios, but it should improve on audio quality for playing music.
  • Adequate audio performance as a communications speaker
  • Excellent sound quality despite open-windows with other external sounds
  • Volume is loud enough
  • Easy installation with available hardware and bracket
  • Looks sleek and has a minimalist design perfect for any car’s interior
  • Sound quality is best on CB radios, but not sufficient for playing music
If you need a speaker to perform best even with the loud engine, this model won’t fail you.

3. RoadPro RPSP-15 CB Extension Speaker


This list won’t be complete without this popular RoadPro RPSP-15 Universal CB extension speaker. For those who have been familiar with shopping for radio accessories, this product may have already established a name for itself.

This is a compact speaker that comes with a durable metal mesh grill. It can be the best alternative for your internal speaker inside your vehicle. It can prevent your voices from sounding mushy and distorted due to the noise of the road, engine, or even the music playing.

Also, it is very lightweight at 0.55 pounds, compared to most communication speakers. Yet, what draws me in with this ham radio mobile external speaker is its loud and impressive sound range quality.

Its rectangular shape can be installed in any gaps in your vehicle bars. It does not consume much space at all. And it can be mounted with a swiveling bracket, making it super convenient and user-friendly.

Bias aside, this external speaker is close to perfection. But of course, any product has some space to improve and innovate. So, perhaps the brand can improvise this model to fit motorcycles and open-engine vehicles
  • Easy to mount, and comes with a swiveling bracket
  • Tiny sized and portable, so it does not consume much space
  • A lightweight ham radio speaker
  • Very loud volume capacity despite its portable size
  • Comes with a durable metal mesh grill
  • Not compatible with motorcycles or open-engine vehicles
Should you wish to use a tiny-sized communication speaker with a fantastic sound range, this product is perfect for you. I would have to admit that this is my most favorite comm speaker. It is something that I highly recommend to anyone.

4. Radioddity CB Radio External Speaker


When it comes to design and appearance, I must admit that this Radioddity CB Mobile Radio external speaker is my favorite. It looks immaculate and sleek in black, and its portability is genius. With its 4.5 x 2.6 x 2.1 inches size, it is with no doubt that I can bring it along to anywhere.

This 5-watt speaker can be turned into your own DIY ham radio speaker in comparison to factory radio speakers. It performs way better while offering louder and clearer sound quality. Best of all, it comes with minimal background noise, making it more comfortable for use at night.

This product comes with a 71 inches power cable that can be stretched through the back of your dash. It may reach even the right post and speed radar too. You can simply mount the bracket with the screws for secure placement. Just connect the jack to the radio, and you’re good to go.

The downer for this product is minor. The tonal quality needs a bit more upgrade. But overall, it is capable of handling high volumes reasonably well.
  • Compact and portable ham radio speaker
  • A smart and cool design in black color
  • Provides clear sound and minimal background noise
  • Easy to mount with reliable screws
  • Comes with long power cable
  • Minor glitch on tonal quality (needs more improvement)
All in all, this device is a great-sounding speaker that can be an ideal replacement for the old and noisy factory radio speaker.

5. VECTORCOM TRD550 5W External Speaker


This VECTORCOM TRD550 Rectangular 5W external speaker is a small-sized speaker, but I was caught off guard by its loud sound. I was not let down, especially after hearing the voices from my HAM radio.

This external speaker for mobile HAM deliver incredibly solid sound. The volume improves even more when plugged into the transceivers’ internal speakers. For its price, you’ll realize how much of a superb buy it is.

If we talk about its physical aspects, I particularly love its metal case ensemble because it is sturdier and more long-lasting. The size is a draw-in because I could install it anywhere, considering my tight automobile installs.

The cord is long enough to be placed under the car’s seat or anywhere else. It comes with a right-angled plug, making it super convenient to connect to the scanner or radio.

I’ve got no complaints about it for my ham radio and scanner, but it would be great if this speaker would have the same quality sound when played on a mobile phone.
  • Reliable sound quality; perfect for scanners and radios
  • Metal case ensemble making it very sturdy
  • Small size for easy installation anywhere
  • Comes with long cable enough to be placed anywhere in the vehicle
  • Volume on mobile phones won’t be as high as expected
Overall, try using this speaker, and you won’t ever be disappointed. Your money spent on this speaker will go a long way, for sure.

6. Pyramid CB External Speaker


Here is one product that boasts the water-resistant feature. Such a feature may not be a priority for some people, but if you opt to mount it somewhere open, it will come in handy. Remarkably, this PYRAMID speaker works well with CBs, ham radios, and scanners.

One of the things I heard about this product on some ham radio speakers review is its astounding noise-canceling technology. This means that unlike other accessory speakers, this external speaker has reduced electrical interference. Thus, the audio quality is vivid, with no technical disruptions.

Regarding its compatibility, this device can work well with various radios. As long as your unit can accommodate a 3.5 mm audio plug, this product is perfect for it. You won’t have any stress in its installation for sure.

I would also love to mention that I like its symmetry and size because I can easily place it in a space near my station transceiver. It can also, of course, fit anywhere in your vehicle. It is also lightweight at 0.49 grams, so it’s ideal for using it anywhere you wish.

My only concern for this com speaker is the flimsy thin mounting bracket that comes with it. I found it a bit problematic to mount it in high places, as the stand may not sustain its weight. But you can be more resourceful and find an excellent mounting bracket alternative.
  • Water-resistant feature for installing in open space
  • Noise-canceling technology to minimize electrical interference
  • Universal compatibility of the 3.5 mm audio plug
  • Perfect symmetry and size fitting various places
  • Pretty flimsy thin mounting bracket
Imagine having a com speaker that is not only water-resistant but also has a noise-canceling feature. It sure does not get better than this

7. ASTATIC 302-VS6 External CB Speaker


This specific product is a top choice for users, making it more appealing for me as well. This ASTATIC 302-VS6 External CB speaker is another product line of the Astatic brand, which does not disappoint me. As it turns out, they are not only great at producing quality microphones but external speakers for radios too.

Considering its price, the quality is top-notch. This speaker excels at removing and clearing out the edge of the static sound. It also comes with an audio filter that can be switched on and off conveniently.

This has got to the best noise-canceling speakers for ham radio in the market these days. I am surprised to hear the speaker’s voices, they make me feel like we are just in the same room. That’s how superb the sound clarity is.

I particularly love that it is mounted in a metal bracket. This creates a much more secure and stable placement. You won’t ever need to worry about rigorous vibrations even when traveling off roads.

The tiny glitch I must say about this external speaker is the plastic cover that fits the button. I noticed it could slide off easily. So, I suggest using glue to make sure it stays in its place permanently.
  • Great noise canceling feature
  • Comes with a switch that can turn on and off the audio filter
  • Unequivocal and distinct voice and sounds on the speaker
  • Secure and sturdy metal bracket and assembly
  • The plastic cover on the switch button could slide off easily
I recommend this speaker if you are more concerned with the noise-canceling feature. Nothing gets better than using this communications speaker.

8. RoadPro RP-101C Extension Speaker


Another from the RoadPro brand is their RoadPro RP-101C extension speaker. I include it on the list because of its sound quality. It sure is a significant improvement from the built-in speaker on my ham radio.

This is designed as a compact cube speaker, so it can be easily mounted anywhere in your vehicle.

It comes with a swivel bracket and 6 feet cord, and I think those are basic, but it suffices. I decided to place it above the driver seat not to affect the sounds blasting off from the car’s stereo. It worked perfectly fine, and I could monitor my ham radio easily.

I love that because of its portability and lightweight aspect, and this does not require screws for placement and mounting. It comes with the usual metal bracket. But the best part is that it could be mounted by only using Velcro strips.

This is quite comparable to a Yaesu external speaker. This is sold at a lower price, but its quality is not bad at all. Considering its size, I am impressed with the volume capacity. The tonal quality is crisp and clear, even with road noises appearing here and there.

The only thing I would like this product to improve more is the depth of the sound. The sound is excellent but goes more faint compared to a similar Yaesu speaker.
  • Portable and very lightweight
  • Can be mounted with Velcro straps rather than using metal brackets
  • Works perfectly well as an external speaker for ham radio
  • Crisp and clear tonal quality
  • Fainter depth of sound
Suppose you want clarity on your ham radio while on the road, choose this external speaker. It does not only have a reasonable price but excellent quality too.

9. MLS100 YAESU External Speaker


If you wish to have crystal clear audio quality for your car, this MLS100 YAESU high-performance speaker won’t disappoint you. I have tried using this on my dad’s Jeep Wrangler, and it worked perfectly. I installed it on the rear passenger under-seat, and it had great results.

Notably, this ham radio extension speaker audio could still be heard despite the opening roof window. With the loud wind seeping in, engine and other external noises, this external speaker’s voices are still clear. It is loud enough for everyone in the car to hear.

Another thing I notice is its durability and toughness. No matter how many times I had hit my feet on it unintentionally, it has not been broken. Despite the shaking when on the move, its quality and condition stays superior.

This product’s size is reasonable enough to be mounted in your vehicle, office, or shelves. It includes a rotatable bracket and screws. I wasted no time in assembly and installation.

With its overall performance, it’s hard to point out anything negative. Well, maybe I am not just a massive fan of its bodily design. But that’s not entirely something to dwell about.
  • Crystal clear audio sound despite external noises
  • Easy to install in vehicles, offices, or shelves
  • Extremely durable and robust
  • Includes rotatable bracket and secure screws
  • Nothing worth mentioning except that I am not a fan of its design
It is the perfect time to try this external speaker’s capacity even when your car windows and roof windows are open. You’ll be surprised by its performance.

10. ANTEENA TW-09-Straight CB External Speaker


Another high-quality speaker product that got included on my list is the ANTEENA TW-09-Straight speaker. Like the rest of the speakers, this is also perfect for mobile transceivers like ham radio and CBs.

I won’t beat around the bush and tell you exactly what I love about this ham radio base station speaker. For its affordable price, I get more value than my money. The audio volume is pretty loud for its size. This product measures 80 x 63 x 54 mm, so it is portable and handy for sure.

With the swivel bracket, you can conveniently mount it anywhere you wish. In my case, I tried having it on my radio on the dashboard of my car. The assembly and installation were hassle-free.

I’d like to point out that the cable that comes with it is 1.8 meters long. This is a pretty lengthy cable that allows me to connect it to my radio easily. Unlike other speakers with limited wires, this one is more than sufficient.
  • Perfect for mobile transceivers like CBs and ham radios
  • Loud audio sound despite its tiny size
  • Includes a 1.8-meter-long cable
  • Easy to mount anywhere you prefer with its swivel bracket
  • Nothing worth mentioning
So far, this may not be my most favorite external speaker, but it doesn’t have any significant negative points.

What to Look for When Buying Ham Radio Speaker


Ham radio base station speakers are vital and essential for when you get stuck in a devastating situation. These radios are simply the best way to communicate with others if you need help, especially in places where there is no reception for a mobile phone or the internet. But what aspects and features should be considered when selecting the most proper handheld ham radio?

  • The device is usually compatible through manual programming, or it can be done through the computer. You need to select which one fits your preference and convenience.
  • The memory slots are also crucial for you to consider. If you are going to use the ham radio in a local setting, then 12 memory slots will be more than enough. When you want to use your communications radio in an international environment, you need about 100-200 memory slots.
  • Your ham radio license will vary, so it will come with a list of frequencies that you may also use. The VHF and UHF are the most accessible bands for radios. They don’t require so much power in comparison to radios using HF bands.
  • Depending on your handheld radio purchased, some of them require antennas to improvise the connection’s quality. So it would be smart to select a durable and superior antenna.
  • You should also find noise cancelling speakers for ham radio as they can filter out obnoxious ambient noise. Hence, you will be no longer be bothered by those vibrations when enjoying a long driving trip.


Before now, Ham radios and CB radios are still useful as communication tools for everyone. Whether you want to use it in a mobile setup or an indoor setting, finding an external speaker to amplify and strengthen the volume capacity is just smart.

The list of products in this article is consolidated to help guide you to find the best Best Ham Radio Speaker in the market. Different factors and aspects are considered before they are enlisted as the best among the rest. Try them and see for yourself.

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