The Best Hand Crank Radios for 2023

If you don’t own an emergency best crank radio, then today is a good day to do so. Why? It is our obligation to be prepared for natural catastrophes and emergencies.

Hand crank radio flashlight is a self-contained survival gear that comes highly featured to help you out during a time of crisis.

In America, weather emergencies happen all the time, and that is a fact. The hand crank radio is one of the most powerful, reliable, and durable emergency gears you can find. After all, they are used by first responders during an emergency.

Emergencies, like storms, tornadoes, floods, do not knock and enter. They challenge your preparation beforehand. So, this inclusion in your emergency kit will keep you safe and secure.

To help you with your emergency readiness plan, I have compiled a list of some of the best hand crank radios.

Let us delve into the hand crank radio reviews.

  Best Overall Best Portable Best Rated
Preview FosPower Solar Hand Crank Radio Esky 3 LED Flashlight Emergency Radio Puiu Soul Hand Crank Radio
Power Source Hand Crank, Solar, Battery Hand Crank, USB Cord, Battery, Solar  Hand Crank, USB Cord, Battery, Solar
Battery 2000 mAH 1000 mAh 4000 mAH
Weight 0.68 Pounds 0.47 Pounds 0.77 Pounds
Best Hand Crank Radio Reviews
1. FosPower Solar Hand Crank Radio

Don’t you feel happy, when stumbling upon a cheaply priced, feature-rich hand crank radio USB port like this one? With the support of this device, you can feel safer, no matter what is in store for you.
Fos Power has a good reputation due to its ability to produce rugged, highly robust, and matchless products. In fact, this FosPower Emergency Radio is more than just a battery as it comes with a barrage of critical features like LED flashlight, SOS signals, and USB port to charge other devices. It cannot get handier than this when outdoors.
Furthermore, the device comes with a sublime 2000mAH battery that can be recharged and NOAA radio.
I am happy to know that the battery can work 3 hours regularly, for three years before you have to replace it. I tested the crank lever and found it to be robust. It is also lightweight at just 14 ounces.
I also like the fact that it comes with a solar cell for working on solar power. Using the USB port, you can charge your electronic device or smartphone and call for help if you find yourself in a grave situation.
Crank flashlight radios can run for several hours when the battery is full. This device provides you with an ample supply of information along with power.
However, some users voice their concern about the fact that they had to turn it on the whole time for getting the updated news.
Top-notch quality and robust crank radio.
Adequately supports NOAA weather.
Can emit SOS alarms during emergencies.
Additional features include USB support and flashlight.
Quite cheaply priced crank radio.
Keep the radio switched ON to receive the news.
Overall, this FosPower model comes with all the features that will help you out during an emergency. You can rest assured that the pick of hand-crank radio with USB port won’t fail you, come what may.
2. Esky 3 LED Flashlight Emergency Radio

At times, you might have got stuck in your vehicle, and your smartphone is dead. The worst part is a storm is bellowing on your neck, and it is getting dark. This is when the Esky emergency hand-crank radio brings an end to all your troubles.
I like the fact that the crank up radio is a multi-functional device. In detail, it comes with three charging modes, USB cable, and has a solar panel. The device can charge itself using the micro USB ports.
The hand crank radio has a bright flashlight with 140 lumens offering you ample light, even in low-light conditions. It is resistant to water and comes durable. It is a super stylish model with retro looks and available in two colors, i.e., red and yellow.
Further, talking about cranking, the device has a manual lever that the user can rotate smoothly. I never feel pressure on my hands while using it due to its ergonomic design. Also, you can use the crank radio to charge your other electronic gadgets.
Best of all, you can easily place it inside your pocket or handbag as it weighs only.5 lbs. Most products tend to occupy space and are bulky, but this one is not due to the 1000 mAh battery. With such a compact device, you can get the work done and give emergency calls to rescuers as signals are clear.
Not to mention, the hand crank radio is usable for more than 12 hours. It comes with flaws like it cannot run on batteries, and the reception is doubtful in very remote areas.
This exclusion is not a handicap because you can still work on the radio when the rechargeable batteries stop holding the charge.
A compact-size device and weighs only 0.5 lbs.
Affordable radio model without compromising quality.
Multi-functional device to use for various emergency purposes.
Clear and loud signal quality.
Not a battery-powered crank radio.
Reception could have worked better.
Apart from the fact that Esky 3 LED Flashlight Emergency Radio is an excellent storage option in tight spaces, it has decent features. Hence, this is a durable emergency radio that is multi-functional and worthy of ordering today.

3. Puiu Soul Emergency-Hand-Crank-Radio

This is another solid contender for you to utilize in urgent situations. The built quality is just phenomenal and rugged, which can withstand adverse weather conditions.
The Puiu Soul model MD-090P comes with a 18650 li-on battery of 4000mAh for breezy replacement. Also, you can recharge the battery in 3 modes, with the hand crank, USB port, and the solar panel.
The flashlight is peerless, and so is the motion sensor lamp. When I was lost once, deep in the woods, its high-sound SOS signals saved me because its high beams and audible siren can be heard from a long distance. If your smartphone is dead in such dangerous circumstances, this Puiu Soul hand crank solar radio can be your reliable source for vital information.
It is priced similar to that of the FosPower radio, which you read above and comes with a 1-year warranty. However, few users felt that it is slightly big for them to carry around outdoors. But that should be a hindrance.
When you have a huge battery to rake in, you know that you are safe outdoors. The waterproof IPX3 means a user can use the radio outdoors conveniently, without any fear of damaging its parts if it rains.
It is slightly on the heavier side, but if you look at the positive side, you do not have to replace this often, unlike other radios.
First-rate and robust crank handle.
Resistant to adverse weather conditions.
Durable product with a rugged design.
Get a one year warranty with this crank radio.
Relatively huge and bulky to carry.
On the whole, I recommend Puiu Soul Emergency-Hand-Crank-Radio as one of the most essential survival gadgets. It comes with a motion sensor, LED flashlight, SOS alarm, and a massive 4000mAh solar battery.
4. Rege Modal Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio

Up next, picking this elegantly designed, but robustly built portable emergency radio makes excellent sense. You can find everything that you need in an emergency device. It comes with NOAA access, radio stations, is water-resistant and IPX3 certified.
Users are pleasantly surprised that the FM radio signals are sharp and crisp. Its 2000mAH battery might not sound much but is adequate for 6 hours. As it comes with a solar panel, USB cable, and battery option, your chances of running out of power stand nil.
The flashlight worked splendidly, and the reading lamp was comfortable to use. If a user is in some kind of trouble at all, then the red light and SOS alarm will bail him out. It was quite close in making it to the top.
Its plastic covering is quite hard, it is resistant to water, accidental drops outdoors, and is easy to use. Also, it is priced cheaply for a feature-rich device. You should have one in your car for urgent needs.
This model comes at a weight of more than 0.5 pounds. Few users felt that it is on the heavier side when camping outdoors. But, once settled, the need for carrying it around often does not arise.
A portable device to carry during camping.
Water-resistant and IPX3 certified crank radio.
Loud and easy to work FM radio reception.
4-way charging support makes it easy to recharge.
Cheaply priced yet fully functional device.
Bulky device; thus, difficult to hold for long.
When I end up searching for a no-frills, but solid radio, then I strongly feel that the RegeMoudal Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio has it covered.
5. Kaito KA500 Solar Powered Radio

I strongly feel that this Kaito ka500 model is the perfect hand cranked radio with cell phone charger, not only for outdoor activities but for emergencies too.
It is a beast, coming with a 6-mode charging option. Wait, the list is not yet over. Users can work with it, using a rechargeable battery, AC/DC adapter, USB charger, hand cranking, and eventually, its solar panel.
I am impressed with the ABS material that it is designed from, like a bomb shelter. It feels strong enough to withstand those drops that normally occur outdoors. The device comes in handy with seven weather channels.
Further, LED light and an emergency beacon in the device work efficiently and act as a life savior during difficult situations. The telescopic antenna also has a stable range to give users precise signals. It even has a headphone jack so users can listen to AM/FM radio without disturbing others.
Of course, most of these features are commonly found on hand-crank radios. The device also comes in several colors; I like the yellow and blue color. It is easier to find during dark conditions.
For a higher price, I find it surprising that it has no digital display. However, it comes with a manual one that is quite visible and clear.
One of the most robust devices on the list.
Receive 24/7 weather reports using its seven channels.
The reception is terrific to get signals even in mountainous regions.
Power the crank radio in 6 modes.
Choose from a wide range of bright colors as per your choice.
No digital display is quite disappointing.
I know for sure that this Kaito hand crank radio is your ideal companion for disasters. If you don’t yet own one, you should go with this because a hand crank emergency radio is an essential part of your readiness plan.
6. Raynic Solar Hand Crank Emergency Radio

This solar hand crank emergency radio from Raynic comes with admirable features. The device has a 5-mode charging source that makes it your ideal companion outdoors.
When you face a prolonged situation where continuous power is required, this device can fill in the gap effortlessly. Notably, this durable radio can withstand cracks to ensure long-term utilization. The battery capacity is a decent 2000 mAh, which can power my smartphone or tablet seamlessly.
The battery capability may not seem much, but you will be instantly surprised at its power. The flashlight is at 3W, and the reading lamp comes at a sublime 2.5W. They both give out excellent lights, depending on the situation.
This is a never say give up device suitable for conditions like cyclones and tornadoes. The NOAA solar hand crank radio was designed to receive alerts. The water-resistance and build quality are exceptional that offer you a superb signal every during storms or heavy rain.
Besides, in case there’s an emergency power failure, users will find its 2.4W reading light and 3W flashlight handy to detect any signals. Apart from this, IPX3 waterproof certification of the radio allows users to carry it along as their effective trekking gear.
I was speechless with the crisp FM signal on a rural property. Some users were concerned about weight and size. Though it appears small, it weighs slightly heavy.
A robust built and water-resistant device.
Lights are bright and comfortable to use.
The power crank is effortless to work on.
Crisp FM signal is exceptionally clear.
Weighs more than 1lbs, making it challenging to move around.
Overall, this emergency radio can be your go-to device during an emergency. Despite it being slightly heavy, this device deserves a spot in your home.
7. Eton Emergency NOAA Hand Crank Radio

What do you do when you find a device that is recommended by emergency professionals? You do not ignore their advice. The same can be said about this Eton make that comes highly recommended by the American Red Cross.
Indeed, this reliable radio is a sublime combination of durability coupled with quality. Users can get everything they need on the purchase of this stature coming with a 2600 mAh battery. It has a weather alert function for an instant update on signs of upcoming dangers.
On the whole, the hand crank is very ergonomic for power and a solar panel. The FX3+ comes at a weight of 15 ounces, making it sturdy and durable. You will like the audio quality as it is supreme and cleaner than most of the radios discussed in the list.
The hand crank radio with USB port is easy to use for charging other electronic gadgets. It comes with additional features like an alarm clock, weather channels, a display screen that is visible, and an LED flashlight.
There is also a beacon for emergency situations. When I want to remain in communication with civilization from the wild, this is my best bet.
The pricing can be a dampener. Do not forget that it comes with a huge list, and the makers can be forgiven for keeping a high price.
Loud and clear audio quality, ideal for emergencies.
Easy to use hand-crank radio.
Powerful solar panel to charge instantly.
A weather alert function suitable for emergencies.
An impeccable digital display for precise reading.
Slightly on the more expensive side than most radios available in the market.
I highly recommend the Eton American Red Cross FX3+ Emergency Radio as it helps to be on track with crucial weather information. If that convinces you, then you are equipping yourself with a hand crank weather radio that is highly suggested by real emergency experts.
8. RunningSnail Solar Crank NOAA Weather Radio

When you are in search of a radio that is worth your money, then the Running Snail is your best option. I tested this device, and the results were astounding. With two minutes of cranking, it can provide more than 5 minutes, which is better than the crank-powered radios sold in the market.
Not to mention, it can work for close to 12 hours. I liked the case, which is robust and exceptionally built. The 7 NOAA weather channels work well during a natural catastrophe. If you are residing in an area prone to storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes, this device is useful.
It comes with a 2000mAh capacity, that may not sound huge but can offer you 11 hours of light. The 1W LED flashlight glows in dark areas seamlessly. When I face a light shortage, this feature is immensely useful.
The flashlight works for 6 hours on the radio. It also comes with an SOS alarm and a red light that blinks, helping me during an emergency. I liked the distinctive feature in this weather radio of having a Morse code beacon for alerting the rescuers of your location.
The device can also charge tablets and smartphones. It weighs less than 11 ounces. Hence, I can easily carry it with me during camping trips and can use it for charging my gadgets in remote areas.
Beyond that, some users claim that the AM and FM signals took time.
The SOS alarm with the Morse code beacon.
The flashlight works for close to 12 hours.
Seven weather channels working remarkably well.
The bright 1 W flashlight is efficiently usable in dark.
Slightly tricky to find the FM and AM stations.
When faced with a disaster and your communication networks are inactive, this well-made weather radio proves to be extremely helpful.
9. Dodocool NOAA Weather Radio

The Dodocool weather radio is also one of the best in safety devices. As a user, you can easily follow the weather warnings on the channels accessed. When you are located in a region known for severe storms, this device comes handy.
It features a telescopic antenna to enhance signals for a precise and crisp sound. Not to mention, it also incorporates a built-in speaker for better audio quality. The battery capacity comes at 2000 mAh, which runs efficiently for half-a-day.
I can quickly charge smartphones and tablets effortlessly. Apart from that, the device can run for 6 hours continuously. This device’s standout feature is the one-charge method during non-emergency and four modes of charge when there is an emergency situation.
The device is beneficial for office, home, and outdoors. The SOS alarm is loud and clear, in case you get lost outdoors. Users have commended the built quality of the product. It is resistant to impact and drops, and made of ABS material, with durable life.
I was not pleased with the pricing of this otherwise matchless hand-crank radio.
Sturdy and well-built hand-crank radio.
ABS material used to make the model.
Seamlessly working SOS alarm feature.
6 hours of long battery power.
Built-in speakers for excellent sound.
Not reasonably priced device.
With multiple features offered, you should consider adding the crank radio with cell phone charger to your survival gear.
10. Rocam Emergency Hand Crank

This hand-cranked radio with a cell phone charger comes with a barrage of features. I was stunned because of its simplicity. As it was lightweight and portable, I am able to easily carry it around outdoors.
It works with a 5-mode power option. You can make use of its remarkable 2000 mAh battery that is rechargeable. Charging other devices during an emergency isn’t a problem anymore. If you are not able to use the other power modes, you can always install AAA batteries. Of course, plug the device using a DC power adapter that can work, too.
The flexibility of the radio device is incredible. You can access a wide range of stations using its 10.3″ extended telescopic antenna. Additionally, the device receives alert signals from NOAA weather signals effortlessly.
The LED flashlight is more sturdy and brighter than most conventional devices. In truth, the device earns lots of compliments from users for the amazing brightness. The buttons are also accessible and adjustable outdoors.
Besides, the SOS alarm is loud and audible, offering alerts to your rescuers. It can be heard for miles away. The device comes with a carry strap for giving you the right directions in the wild. This is a very compact device that is the same in the size of a smartphone.
Still, this product might not be as durable as expected.
Lightweight and portable model.
The 3W powerful LED flashlight for any dark outdoor environment.
5-way charging support giving ample flexibility.
Allows charging other electronic devices.
Get a loud and audible SOS alarm.
Lacks in sturdiness factor.
I think that the Rocam Emergency Hand Crank is meant for adventurists and outdoor activities. If you consider yourself to be one, your first emergency gear should be on emergency radio for preppers.
11. Givoust Emergency Weather Crank Radio

Givoust Crank Radio is your perfect find when you are residing in a hurricane-prone area. The device has a lot that goes for it. I could do just about what I wanted with it.
This device can aid you during an emergency using the 4-mode power option. You can use solar power, battery, USB cable, and hand-crank power. It gives you a dependable company during blackouts.
I was amazed at the powerful signals for receiving alerts. The versatile device gives the latest information on the bad weather. Additionally, it offers you 20 hours of the flashlight since its rechargeable battery comes at a massive 4000 mAh.
The LCD screen is excellent and viewable. You can see everything clearly on it, including remaining power, channels, volume, and other information. Furthermore, it comes with SOS alerts and AUX music player ideal for outdoor activities.
The manufacturer has provided lifetime customer service along with a 1-year warranty on the product. Still, few users claim that the reception could have been better, and the built quality should be slightly improved.
A reasonably priced hand-crank radio.
Terrific battery capacity at 4000 mAh.
20 hours of flashlight operation ease.
4-mode power option for easy charging.
Clear LCD screen to view everything effortlessly.
Needs improvement in its reception and built quality.
It does come with few flaws, but I’m highly impressed with the Givoust Emergency Weather Crank Radio as it comes with everything that you need during an emergency.
12. Midland ER310 premium device

Among most of the hand crank emergency radio devices, I thought that this one is the crème de la crème. You can find it loaded with exceptional features along with the slim design. When you do not mind the high pricing, this is the best option for you.
It comes with the standard channels and 7 NOAA weather alerts. You will find the signal quite crisp, and the SOS beacon loud. The battery is a decent 2600mAh that can provide you with adequate power in an emergency situation.
The majority of buyers consider this radio as the longest-running with more than 30 hours of radio operation. The LED flashlight is a powerful 130 lumens that are bright enough for reading and signaling for help.
A noteworthy feature of this device is that there is an ultrasonic whistle that enables rescue teams to find you. Not to mention, the NOAA weather scan sounds and alarm if it is able to pick up the whistle.
The LCD screen is useful, and you can use the volume and tuning buttons on it effortlessly. Apart from that, it comes with a battery level indicator.
Does it come with any flaw? Well, the pricing is a drawback as its price is a little higher than other devices.
Incredible ultrasonic whistle to send an alarm.
Get 7 NOAA weather alert stations.
More than 30 hours of battery life.
Loud SOS beacon audible for miles.
High priced hand crank radio.
I cannot deny that the Midland – ER310, Emergency Crank Weather AM/FM Radio is slightly expensive, but it is lightweight and robust as well. The device is functional, sleek-looking, and a premium device. You know what to do.
What to Look for When Buying a Hand Crank Radio

How can you differentiate which is your chosen one? You can do that by knowing the factors that you really need. There are some factors to consider when buying a hand-crank radio. They will help you narrow down your choice.
Most radios discussed above are powered manually. However, you do not want to be left in the lurch by depending on manual products. Using an alternative power option is a good idea.
You can power the radio with replaceable batteries. Though the batteries are cheap, long-lasting, and portable, you might also want to opt for a USB port, too. Apart from that, there are devices that work on solar panels. As you can see, your power options are endless.
Emergency alerts
When in the woods, your only chance of coming out back is live information. When things tend to change for the worse all of a sudden, vital data can help save you from certain dangers.
Radios generally come with FM and AM functionalities. However, you cannot depend on them alone. Your radio should be able to catch vital signals from weather bands and emergency responders.
This way, you can listen to their news repeatedly on your radio on a continuous loop. Everything that you want to listen to is right in front of you, live.
A hand crank radio is not helpful when it is fragile and weak. Most of the devices produced these days are rugged and tough to beat down. They can handle anything that is thrown at them.
To be safe, you would want to choose a product that is specifically designed for outdoors. This way, you know that they won’t buckle under bad weather or accidents like rain, water, dirt, and damage.
The weight and portability
As this is an outdoor device, you will want to use something that is portable and lightweight. You do not want to get bogged down by the weight of carrying it around. Not to mention, portable radio is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and trekking.
The ease of handling the device
The product is meant to be easy to use. The controls found in hand crank radio are designed such that it is easy for you to handle. But you should be able to use it in low-light or dark conditions, during emergencies.
Additional features if possible
Some of the hand crank radios come with an LCD display that highlights the time and date. This is a handy feature. Most of them come with a flashlight and some of them also emit SOS signals during emergencies for first responders to locate you quickly.
Other Important Factors to Consider

What is a hand crank radio? Who is this for? How does it work?
A hand-crank radio is a radio device that can be used during emergencies when outdoors. It comes handy for people based in a rural area with no or less internet coverage, hikers going up a remote mountain, or cycling into the woods.
The device has a lever that is its distinctive feature, which you have to rotate with your hand. This helps in giving power to the radio. In this setup, when you rotate the lever, it spins around the magnet.
This gives out current that powers the battery on the radio. Your radio begins to work. Of course, the process takes a few seconds to a minute, and you can begin using this emergency device.
What are the different types of hand crank radios?
A hand-crank radio works with the hand crank. You need to crank it for 30 seconds or so for it to provide you with radio signals for 60 minutes. This is a manual device. With the advent of technology, you can find other alternatives.
Some radios come operated with batteries. Few of them work on solar power. You can recharge devices through an adapter to plug in and receive the power. Hence, I recommend that you look for radios having few alternatives embedded in them.
This way, their efficiency increases during your emergencies. When you evaluate any emergency electronic device, it is critical that the manufacturer offers consumers with adequate customer support and help.
Why do you need a crank radio?
Picture this, you are in the middle of nowhere, in a rural area, with your family and friends, suddenly the power goes off, due to a bad storm. Where you prepared, knowing full well a storm is approaching?
Irrespective of the answer, when you are able to access live weather reports during a severe cyclone or storm, you are doing yourself a big favor. It means the world to you because you can either make or break the situation.
When power runs out everywhere around you, the only thing that can work is your hand crank weather radio.
The emergency hand-cranked radio is built to last thanks to a robust design resistant to water, dirt, and do not break easily. They can work even if water splashes on them, or you accidentally drop them. I suggest carrying with you a device that comes with a flashlight.
You might consider using a rechargeable device coming with USB for your smartphone. When you can charge your smartphone, you can call for assistance in your area if you get a signal. You are not only saving your life but others too.
There is no denying, in fact, that our lives are dependent mostly on devices. A hand-crank radio emergency could be your only lifesaver when everything else around you fails.
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted hand crank radio brands?
Some of the most trusted crank powered radios are: FosPower, Esky, Puiu Soul, Kaito, RegeMoudal, Midland, Dodocool, Eton, Raynic, RunningSnail, and so on.
They are known to manufacture reliable and long-lasting hand-crank radios. More importantly, you might want to insist on using hand-crank radios made in the USA. In this list, I have compiled some of the highest-rated hand-crank radio products produced by reputed brand names.
There is no reason to worry about its durability. As you would have read, most of the hand crank radio comes under warranty. I have got you covered in that aspect.
How long does a hand-crank radio last?
The Esky 3 LED Flashlight Emergency Radio was able to work for 4-6 minutes during the power test, done by us. Most of the products lasted and gave similar timings. However, the RegeMoudal emergency solar hand crank radio lasted for 13 minutes.
A hand-crank radio can last for 7-10 years, depending on the usage. Though they come made rugged and weather-resistant, the handling aspect is also crucial. If you handle it gently and carefully, then it can last for ten years at the most, which is the best that it can give.
The working life and durability of the emergency hand cranked radio depend on the brand and model. So, please take your time and choose well.
How do you use a hand crank radio?
The working concept of a hand-crank radio is quite simple. A hand-crank radio is mostly used when you are outside, in a rural area, where the reception is very poor. It generates power when you turn the hand crank.
An adult shouldn’t find it difficult to crank the radio up. The power is generated internally through a magnet and coil wire that is embedded in it. When the crank is turned, the heat is up, and power is given to the radio.
Where to buy?
You can find countless options when you shop from a reputed online retailer like Amazon. Now, Amazon has a million customers worldwide. They are there for a reason. Most of the sellers on Amazon are verified and certified by them.
The most crucial part of shopping online for a hand-crank radio is that you get massive discounts on the products. When writing, most of the products had 10-20% discounts. I also like the comparison feature on Amazon, where you are provided with an endless list of similar products, made from reputed brands.
You never know what you might stumble upon. As far as the best hand crank radio is concerned, most of them are priced between $30-$100.
Apart from this, some crank radios are also available on other e-stores, like Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot. You can compare the price and buy from the site best suitable for you.
How to care and clean the hand-crank radio for durability?
You need to take good care of your best hand crank emergency radio if you want it to last and don’t have to replace it often. Firstly, storage is crucial. When you are not using it, then store it in a dry and cool area, away from direct sunlight.
It should be switched off, and you need to remove the batteries as it can cause leakages. Please use chargers and batteries that are compatible with the two-way radio. Otherwise, it can cause unwanted damage to your radio.
The product is designed for outdoor use. But that does not mean you intentionally misuse it and deliberately throw it around. Use a dry cloth and wipe them down so that there is no dust build-up.
If you are somebody who travels outdoors frequently or works in dusty conditions, then make sure to choose a rugged and dust-proof device for your requirements. Just make sure to wipe and dust it regularly once you are back from your trip or work.
How much does a hand-crank radio cost?
A hand-crank radio costs less than $100. However, it depends on the kind of features that you are looking for in your device. When you want additional features like flashlights, sirens, and Bluetooth on it, then you may have to shell out more for a well-designed product.
A well-built product like the Sony emergency radio can help you when you need it the most, last longer, and does not have to be replaced often, saving you money.
Can I use my smartphone for these kinds of emergencies?
Not always. Few readers might have been wondering this all along. I can do the same with my top-end smartphone. Yes, no doubt, smartphones are lifesavers in many situations. However, you are forgetting that smartphones will be ineffective when there is no internet signal.
Not to mention, its battery will eventually go out in a day or two. I did not mean smartphones are not worth taking along during your outdoor trip or workplace. You can use them for making calls and communicating where the signal is powerful. But you’ll still need a crank radio for better alarms and signal range.
I’ll suggest, every home in America should have the best crank radio for emergencies. As a responsible homeowner, with the storm approaching, you now have no excuse. The crank-up radio has stood the test of time.
When you are worried and concerned about your loved ones’ safety and well-being, then a hand-crank radio waterproof should find a place in your home. Owning the best hand crank radio can save your life. Not to mention, it is one of the most affordable devices you can own today.

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