The Best iPhone Dock Alarm Clocks for 2023

Our phones’ most convenient use in this day and age is our handy bedside morning alarm clock. However, there has been an ongoing discussion among health professionals about the impact of cellphone use on our health as it has become an integral part of human lives.

One, exposure to our phones’ blue light confuses our brains into thinking it’s daytime by stopping Melatonin release, which is the sleep hormone, and it also causes stress to our eyes. Two, having our phones within arm’s reach poses some risks to our brain functions.

Fortunately, the best iPhone dock alarm clock was born to solve this problem; it has an alarm and a charger all in one, and you stay a healthy distance away from your phone. I’ve made a review of the finest products to help you find dock alarm clocks that will fit your needs.

Best Overall Best for Charging Best for Alarm




I-box Clock Radio


Dimensions 9.6 x 4.3 x 4.2 inches 3.5 x 4.3 x 6.8 inches 10.04 x 6.14 x 5.28 inches
Power AC & Battery AC AC & Battery
Alarm Clock Dual Alarm Clock Dual Alarm Clock Dual Alarm Clock
Connectivity Technology Wireless/ USB/ Bluetooth Wireless/ USB/ Bluetooth Wireless/ USB/ Bluetooth
Display Type 1.2″ LCD LCD LCD
Charging Qi Wireless Charging/ USB Port Fast Wireless Charging/ USB Port Qi Wireless Charging/ USB Port
Speaker 2 Inch/ 5W 2 Inch/5 W/4 Ohm 3W

Best iPhone Dock Alarm Clock Reviews

1. iLuv Morning Call 5


This device is a compact digital bedside alarm clock with multiple alarm options. The best iPhone alarm clock dock you can find!

If you have a roommate, you can share or have two alarms to set off at different times and wake up to either the buzzer or your favorite FM radio station. There are separate buttons to turn each alarm off, and the snooze button is at the center of the charging dock if you want more bedtime.

The dual alarm feature or the loud FM sound can also do the trick for chronic heavy sleepers who tend to hit the snooze on the alarm, completely ignoring the wake-up call. It is sure to haul you out of bed any time you have set it up.

Speaking of FM radio stations, the digital radio on this alarm clock can have up to ten preset stations. It also comes with an auto-off timer that you can set from ten to ninety minutes for those of us who like getting lulled to sleep by listening to our favorite songs.

I need something my eyes can easily adjust to, and I try to avoid straining them, especially when I’ve just woken up and still feel a little dazed. That’s why I love the 1.2 inches jumbo LED clock display on the Morning Call 5Q. It has a three-level dimmer brightness control, which is quite a considerate feature for those of us who have sensitive eyes.

Not only that, this device allows you to charge either wirelessly or through the use of its USB port. It is Qi-certified for a safe and dependable wireless charging experience and is compatible with most devices.

The only downside of this brand is that it does not offer Bluetooth connectivity for devices, which I believe would make this product more convenient to use.
  • Dual alarm clock with separate off buttons and snooze button
  • A buzzer or FM Radio alarm options, loud enough for heavy sleepers
  • 1.2″ jumbo LED clock display with three-level dimmer
  • Digital FM radio with ten preset stations and auto-off timer
  • Charges your device either wirelessly or through the USB port
  • Flexible wireless charging compatibility
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
If a flexible device from a reputable brand is what you are into, I highly recommend this. The jumbo LED is a dream come true!

2. DPNAO YW-012A Alarm Clock


The two most desired features for this dual digital alarm clock has to be its Bluetooth connectivity and 5-Watts loudspeakers. And if that doesn’t make this the best iPhone clock radio, I don’t know what does.

You can connect your Bluetooth-enabled devices and play your favorite songs loud enough to wake you up or a little mellow lullaby for your sleep.

I am honestly grateful for the usefulness of an alarm clock in my life. Still, since I am not much of a morning person, I prefer waking up peacefully to a gentle warning over the sudden blast of a buzzer or music. But thank goodness this alarm is perfect for me since the buzzer can be loud enough to wake me without giving me a shock in my sleep-dazed state.

The brand, with its technical staff and R&D team, designed this alarm for flexible wireless charging. You can charge vertically or horizontally—no worries about your phone’s position when you set it on this device.

Its wireless charging feature is also widely compatible with most devices. Word of warning, though, if you are an owner of an iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, or 7, these devices do not support wireless charging. But fear not, you can still charge your phone through the USB port on the speaker’s back if you can’t use the wireless charging dock.

The clear, large display makes it easy to tell the time without causing much discomfort to your eyes. There is also an indoor temperature indicator, which can help you assess whether you have the best atmosphere and environment to ensure sound sleep.

However, the touch buttons for the snooze and nightlight can be confusing to operate.
  • Has dual alarms
  • Bluetooth connectivity and 5W loudspeakers
  • Gentle buzzer alarm ensured to wake you up minus the shock
  • Flexible wireless charging alarm clock
  • Clear large screen display, indoor temperature indicator
  • USB port charging option
  • Touch buttons for the snooze and nightlight can be confusing
For a person looking to wake up more relaxed rather than alarmed like me, I believe this is the perfect bedside device for you.

3. i-box Bedside Alarm Clock


This i-box model is the best iPhone 6 alarm clock dock that’s also great for any compatible device. If you are a light sleeper who has trouble sleeping straight hours without being disturbed by the slightest sound around you, then this is for you.

This dock alarm boasts its White Noise Machine feature that drowns out all the unnecessary sound and eases you well and deeply into that good night’s sleep. It also has six different colored nightlights that you can cycle through or settle on just one to set the mood for relaxation or for that dreamy bedtime ambiance.

After finally getting that nice, long, undisturbed rest, the dual alarm makes sure you don’t miss your wake-up call by allowing you to set up different alarm times. And if you have a roommate, you can share it by setting up other schedules.

Also, with the FM radio, you can have as your alarm the morning news or music. It can automatically save up to ten preset stations and comes with a sleep timer, automatically turning the radio off after the set time. And if you prefer a more natural and organic way of starting your mornings, it has four built-in nature sounds to give you that zen and energized vibe.

Its 3-Watts RMS speakers promise deep and clear sounds when you stream music through your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can also connect devices via the Aux-in port. How’s that for flexible device compatibility!

But what I find a bit off is that the clock is disabled when the radio or the White Noise Machine is on. And wireless signal charging is not possible for cases 5mm or more in thickness.
  • White Noise Machine for comfortable, sound, and undisturbed slumber
  • Six different mood lights for the added ambiance
  • Dual alarm clock you can set at different schedules
  • FM radio with auto-save feature up to ten presets and sleep timer
  • Built-in nature sounds
  • Versatile device connectivity and compatibility
  • The clock is disabled when the radio or the White Noise Machine is on
  • Wireless signal charging not possible for cases 5mm or more in thickness
White Noise Machines are definite heaven-sent for deep, well-rested slumber. And for an affordable price, this device is a worthwhile investment if you take your sleep that seriously.

4. Emerson ER100301 Alarm Clock


Emerson ER100301’s patent Smartset technology makes manual tuning look primitive with its digital clock that automatically sets the time and date. It’s arguably the best iPhone docking station alarm clock yet that’s also compatible with other enabled devices!

An automatic time setting system like this is a thing to consider when looking to buy devices that should remind you about the time. It would be a hassle to wake up late for work or get confused with the actual time because of a power trip, and your device doesn’t reset.

Add to that the digital tuning FM radio that can save up to twenty presets in its memory if you have that much for your favorites. You can also use it as an alarm. Now you can wake up to your station’s headlines or music or the alarm’s very own buzzer.

It also has a 1.4-inch blue LED clock screen and a blue dimmable night light adjustable to four levels of brightness for your eyes’ comfort. I like that they chose blue for the lights as it is calming and cool for the eyes.

I like that I don’t have to worry about power outages lasting all through the night since it comes with a cell battery to maintain the time and alarm settings. It is such a dependable bedside hub in case of any emergency. You can rely on it to do its job!

The only downside is that it doesn’t have a wireless charging dock where you can conveniently place your Qi-enabled phone to charge. It does have a USB output port for your mobile charging.
  • Patent Smartset technology for automatic date and time setting upon power-on
  • Digital tuning FM radio with up to twenty preset stations in memory
  • Wake up to an FM radio alarm or the conventional buzzer sound
  • 1.4-inch blue LED clock screen for easy viewing
  • Dimmable blue nightlight with an adjustable brightness level
  • Cell battery maintains the clock and alarm settings in case of power outages
  • Does not support wireless charging
It would look like a small thing, but the impact of the brand’s Smartset technology cannot be ignored, especially in a fast-paced world like ours nowadays. So if you like to be at the right time, make this your choice for purchase.

5. JALL WX1502 Alarm Clock


This device’s ability to support most wireless-charging-enabled phones makes it the best alarm clock iPhone dock. You only need to properly place your phone on the charging pad/dock and leave it there to get powered up. It operates solely by being plugged into a power supply.

Since it is an upgrade from its predecessors, I’m expecting some bonus, and bonus it is, with not only two but three alarms. You can designate any alarm time to schedule a particular event of your day, whether it’s to remind you of medicines to take, a meeting to attend, or your favorite TV show’s screen time.

With the multiple set of alarms, you can even share it with the rest of your family! And if you like to sleep in on your weekends, you can set it to weekday-mode so that your alarm only rings from Monday through Friday. You can have that long, undisturbed weekend rest.

Personally, the adjustable brightness level is a plus. I don’t want my eyes to suffer from the harshness of bright screens at midnight or when I’ve just woken up to check on the time, so I like that I can make the display a little dim to my preference. This model’s design is also relatively easy on the eye with its stylish and delicate wooden look. Indeed a nice and pleasurable view to behold!

Finally, when this alarm clock is in sound control mode, the LED screen automatically goes off after five seconds, making it energy efficient. And the exciting part about that is you only need to clap or touch it to awaken the screen. What a time to be alive, indeed!

But if I were to nit-pick, the device is very light and needs rubber on the button to prevent it from slipping.
  • Stylish wooden design
  • Energy-efficient sound control mode
  • Three-set alarm to schedule at different times and shareable with loved ones
  • Weekday-mode for that long, undisturbed weekend’s rest
  • Adjustable screen brightness level that’s friendly to the eyes
  • Compatibility with most wireless-charging-enabled devices
  • The device is very light and needs rubber on the button to prevent slipping
The sound control mode made me fall in love with this one, and if that excites you, too, I’m sure you’ll love JALL WX1502.

6. La Crosse Technology C80765 Alarm Clock


This global brand’s C80765 Wattz model is an iPhone docking station with clock and alarm made for your modern needs. This retro-look-meets-modern-functionality might just make this the best dock alarm and charger for you.

It features a dynamic color LCD screen with a vibrant and easy to read display of time in twelve-hour or twenty-four-hour formats. The brightness comes in four intensities that you can adjust for your eyes’ comfort. Or, if the LCD screen bothers you, you can switch to the projection feature, and you will have a dim enough environment conducive for your sleep.

Also, I love that Wattz has a gentle beeping alarm that gradually becomes louder the longer it is left to set off. You’ll surely be more than willing to get out of bed.

However, suppose the alarm is not snoozed or deactivated, it automatically turns off after two minutes to avoid causing any disturbance. The snooze is customizable from five to one-hundred-twenty minutes, though, so you won’t be troubled about sleeping in after all.

The 3.55-inch wide wireless charging stand is compatible with any enabled-phone, and you can charge vertically or in landscape. This allows you to have full access to your phone to do tasks while your phone is powering up. It has an alternate USB charging port for wired-charging devices.

Lastly, since I like paying attention to some unique details, this product has a smartwatch stand that safely and securely holds your smartwatch. And when not in use, you can keep it in the integrated storage compartment. There is also a magnetic cable organizer to store your device’s long cables neatly. I am a massive fan of anything involving organizing clutter, and I find delight in these thoughtful details.

If I should be critical, though, the touch buttons are so sensitive that they’re susceptible to misoperation.
  • Vibrant, dynamic colored LCD screen
  • Easy to read info display with adjustable screen brightness
  • Alternate display through its projection feature
  • Crescendo alarm sound with five to one-hundred-twenty minutes snooze time
  • Supports wireless and wired charging
  • Thoughtful smartwatch stand and magnetic cable organizer
  • Touch buttons are so sensitive that they’re susceptible to misoperation
This device is fun, quite nostalgic, highly functional, and the projection feature blew me away. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s looking for that vintage-meets-modern vibe.

7. Emerson Radio ER-X300 Docking Station


From the leading consumer electronics distributor comes your quality, multi-tasker iPhone charging alarm clock to give you a thrill on what it has to offer.

The ER-X300 has a 5-Watts built-in charger to supply power for your compatible mobile device wirelessly. It’s a slip-resistant, wireless docking station on an adjustable, rotating arm. It allows you to perform tasks on your phone conveniently as you charge. Also, it has a built-in microphone for that hands-free mode of taking calls and video calls on your device.

When it comes to playing music, this device has a powerful 10-Watts, Bluetooth 5.0 speaker that lets you stream music for five hours straight when fully charged. This version of Bluetooth is more efficient and powerful than its previous versions in terms of paring and streaming. You cannot ignore technology upgrades like this one.

The speakers help blast your alarm sound loud and clear with a bass boost, sure to get you up and about your day. The speaker’s lovable extra oomph is also extended to the digital tuning FM radio so you can enjoy your favorite station’s news or music whenever you want.

Most of all, I love the relaxing, soft white LED screen that has a three-level dimming feature to avoid keeping you up at night.

On the downside, the device may not be able to maintain stable support for heavier phones on its rotating arm.
  • 5-Watts built-in wireless charger with slip-resistant docking station, rotating arm
  • Built-in mic for hands-free mode
  • 10-Watts, Bluetooth 5.0 speakers with bass boost
  • With digital tuning FM radio for entertainment
  • Dimmable brightness with soft, white LED screen to display information
  • Rotating arm is not suitable for heavier phones
If you love the soft, clean design and the convenience this item can give, then I suggest you add this to your cart and proceed to checkout, especially if you’re looking for a Bluetooth alarm clock iPhone charger.

InstaBox W33 Alarm Clock (Outdated)


Its charm lies in its alarm clock features, fast wireless charging capabilities, being your music buddy right at your bedside; throw in a remote control, and you’re sure to love every minute of having this model!

W33 is arguably your best alarm clock with lightning dock that can charge devices wirelessly and through a USB port.

It has Bluetooth version 4.2 equipped for easy pairing with your Bluetooth-enabled devices. Its 6-Watts, full-bodied, stereo speakers allow you to listen to your favorite music or answer your phone. It also has a 3.5mm AUX-In jack to support a wired connection for non-Bluetooth devices.

The dual alarm allows for shareability and setting more than one schedule. The clock rings on a gradually increasing volume to gently wake you up to start the day. You can hit snooze and set to ring at nine minutes intervals if you want to squeeze in a few minutes of sleep without facing any epic delays on your schedule.

The 3-inch large LCD screen makes it easy to read the info flashed on it, and there are four levels to which you can adjust the screen brightness to save your eyes from the stress of an intense nightlight as you sleep. And if it still has too much light, you can turn off the display for a comfy bedtime.

Lastly, it comes with an antenna for the FM radio to deliver a crisp, clear reception for that enjoyable listening experience. There are twenty presets to save your favorite stations too. You can fall asleep lulled by listening to music that automatically turns off with a programmable sleep timer.

However, the USB port doesn’t provide enough power to charge an Apple watch, which is somewhat disappointing to some.
  • Supports wireless and USB charging
  • Bluetooth enabled with 6-Watts, full-bodied, stereo speakers
  • 3.5mm AUX jack to stream music from non-Bluetooth devices
  • Dual alarm with ascending volume and 9-minute snooze
  • 3-inch LCD screen with adjustable brightness
  • FM radio comes with 20 preset stations, plus a sleep timer.
  • USB port doesn’t have enough power to charge Apple watch
Instabox W33 is compatibility, flexibility, utility, and functionality packed in one palm-sized yet formidable device. For a machine as reliable as this one, it’s a must-have!

Hopkog LED Smart Alarm Clock (Outdated)


This device from Hopkog is your trusty bedside alarm and wireless phone charger with a beautiful, sleek, glass-like design. It will make you look forward to the moment you wake up. If you’re looking for iPhone clock docks, do check this one out.

The Qi-certified built-in wireless charging station with over-temperature, short circuit, and over-voltage protection features is very reassuring for device safety. There have been one too many mishaps from electronics going haywire. With this brand, I can sleep well and attend to things at home without worrying about such incidents.

It has external power-off protection, which automatically and conveniently sets the time after any power supply interruptions so that you won’t have to do it yourself. Plus, I love the stand-by and power-saving mode because who would rebuff an opportunity to save on energy? It’s not only environment-friendly but pocket-friendly as well!

I honestly find it difficult to get up in the morning without much trouble, and the three-set alarm feature is such a godsend. It sure helps make a stubborn riser ready for the day with three sets of alarm schedules you can set to your need. You can also share your alarm with a roommate and schedule alarms at different times. Or, use multiple alarms to manage your time throughout the day.

My only trouble is the LED screen brightness that I can’t adjust. At night, it is too bright for sleeping if you place it on your nightstand.
  • Smart alarm clock with power features
  • Qi-certified wireless charging station built for your safety
  • External power-off protection that automatically sets the time
  • Stand-by and power saving mode
  • Three-set alarm feature to schedule wake-up time or manage activities
  • Beautiful glass-like design
  • Screen brightness on the LED is not adjustable
If you are one for modern, conventional electronics with high functionality, this brand’s device is undoubtedly the best for you!

BONLION Alarm Clock (Outdated)


This device promises utility and performance packed in a 7.79 x 4.20 x 1.06 inches ergonomic, chocolate bar design. It is the best iPhone 7 alarm clock dock, also compatible with any enabled devices, and the charger of your dreams made real with a bonus!

This particular model features a three-coil, built-in wireless, non-slip charging platform that promises faster charging time. You won’t have any difficulties recharging your phone because unlike other charging docks that seem to be quite sensitive and particular with the phone’s position, this model’s platform has a larger and more stable surface that allows you to just casually place your phone on it and leave it to do its work.

And definitely, nothing compares to its Dock-and-Go portable battery. You charge it wirelessly on its specific station, and then you can carry it anywhere with you. It is such a game-changer!

This model can power up not two but four devices, you can charge one wirelessly, and the others you connect via three output ports on the dock. Surprisingly, one of the ports is a USB Type-C, and to be honest, that is quite rare to find across the board. For sure, I’m giving this one two thumbs up for that kind of inclusivity.

The wireless charging is compatible with any Qi-enabled device, and the wired charging feature is highly compatible with other devices.

The downside to this is that you have to set the clock to an updated date and time during power outages. There is also no way to adjust for screen brightness, so it might not be friendly as a night clock.
  • Handy, portable, and powerful
  • Three-coil, non-slip, wireless charging platform with a large surface
  • Bedside digital alarm clock function
  • Compatible with any Qi-enabled device
  • Dock-and-Go portable battery
  • Inclusive power out ports compatible with USB Type-C devices
  • Date and time on the clock does not automatically set
  • Screen brightness is not adjustable
If utility and performance are what is in your heart, I highly recommend this brand’s model!

Seneo Alarm Clock (Outdated)


This product competes at a very affordable price while having some of the best features a dock alarm clock and charger can have. Seneo Alarm Clock is your dependable partner.

This device is not only for iPhones, though, it also supports charging wirelessly across many devices that are Qi-enabled. This wireless charger is an efficient power source. It can provide 10-Watts for Android devices, 7.5-Watts for iPhones, and 5-Watts across other wireless-charging-enabled devices. Plus, there’s a USB output port for wired charging. Compatibility is key!

The wireless charging platform has an anti-slip silicone surface to prevent any phone on vibrate mode from slipping off and ensuring that it stays aligned and has a stable position on the charging platform.

I like the hot-white digits on the LED screen with a black background as it gives a sleek, modern vibe to the product and highlights the information on the screen well. It is suitable for any amount of light in any given environment.

The info on the screen will still be as clear during bright sunny mornings as it is in the darkness of the night. You can have the option to adjust its brightness or completely turn off the LED screen during bedtime, so it doesn’t cause you any trouble when sleeping. Light sleepers will surely appreciate this feature. I know I do!

Another thing, if you want to wake up feeling relaxed rather than giddy with shock, this alarm has an adjustable volume for you. You can choose just how loud you want it to be in the morning. I prefer to get up gently, so I’m in for the adjustable alarm volumes so I can set it low and begin my day peacefully.

But, one button for the snooze and dimmer functions is susceptible to misoperation.
  • Efficient power source providing various wattage for different devices
  • USB output power port for wired charging
  • With anti-slip silicone surface to prevent the vibrating phone from slipping off
  • Easily readable LED screen regardless of lighting in an external environment
  • Adjustable screen brightness and volume
  • Has an affordable price
  • One button for the snooze and dimmer functions is susceptible to misoperation
I love the anti-slip pad and the thoughtful light feature. If you feel the same way as I do about these things, then add to cart and proceed to checkout!

Fomobest Wooden Alarm Clock (Outdated)


This item from the brand Fomobest, with its minimal and fashionable wood design, is your unique, modern alarm clock phone charger with a natural touch.

It gives a naturally calming and organic feeling. Its delicate look can make it double as a pleasant decoration in your room. Its wireless charging feature is compatible across most cellphone models. Correctly place your phone on top of the clock, and it will automatically start to charge. It operates by being plugged into a power source via a USB cable and four triple-A batteries.

The LED screen’s brightness is adjustable to suit your personal preference for eye safety. And the three-alarm set is convenient for sharing with loved ones or getting a heavy sleeper to start his day on the alarm’s warning.

The thing that I’m most thrilled with on this alarm clock charger is its sound control function. Isn’t it exciting? You can set it to power saving mode; then you wake it up by producing a loud sound or tapping the clock.

This device is not perfect, however, as it can be hard to determine whether to long-press or short-press the buttons, especially if you lost the instructions or haven’t used the clock in a long time.
  • It can double as décor with its delicate and stylish, natural wood design
  • Wireless charging feature for compatible devices
  • Operates on both batteries and being plugged into a power source
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Three-set alarm for scheduling time or sharing alarms with loved ones
  • Power-saving and sound control functions
  • Buttons can be hard to use
If you like the delicate aesthetic and straightforward functionality of fomobest’s wooden alarm clock charger, it may be the perfect partner for you.

What to Look for When Buying an iPhone Dock Alarm Clock


iPhone dock alarm clocks are everywhere, in different brands, with different designs, features, and prices. But when you decide to buy apple alarm clock docks, these are the things that you should consider:

Alarm features

Since you’re getting this device primarily for its alarm features, let’s focus on what it can deliver along this avenue.

  • Multiple Alarms – Some iPhone dock alarms can be configured to go off numerous times each day and be on repeat daily. This would save you from the hassles of having to reset the alarm every time.
  • Auto-off timer – It prevents draining the batteries in case you forget to switch off the alarm and has left home.
  • Alarm sound – Some brands allow you to choose from different alarm sounds – from boisterously loud to soft and mellow music. If you have an iPod, you can get an alarm clock with ipod dock.


iPhone Dock Alarm Clock varies broadly in design. Some are packaged as modern devices in a sleek layout. Meanwhile, other docks come in charming and more personalized looks to blend with the place’s aesthetics. There are also different colors to choose from. In terms of design, there’s definitely a dock alarm clock that’ll suit your preference.

Functional Features

Not all dock alarm clocks are made equal. Some have more features for added functionality. The following are extra features that come with most dock alarm clocks that are worth a look:

  • FM radio – It would be more convenient if your dock alarm clock comes with other useful features to save on space and enjoy added functionality. An FM radio is undoubtedly a welcome addition.
  • Speaker – You can get an iphone dock speaker that doubles as an alarm. You’ll never know when it’ll come in handy.
  • Bluetooth – What could be way cooler than an alarm dock sporting Bluetooth technology for wireless tethering?
  • Remote Control – Allow convenient operation at a distance.
  • Charging- Some iPhone dock alarms are also chargers on their own.

Safety features

  • Slip-resistance – Movement from phone vibration can lead to slipping. This makes it essential for the materials to be made slip-resistant.

Other Important Factors to Consider


Affordability is another thing that we should consider as consumers. Some docks are more expensive than others owing to the added features in them. The brand may also dictate the price based on the material from which the dock is made of.

Aside from affordability, you may also want to look into the type of materials used in crafting the dock. The material used affects the overall look, durability, and even the price of the dock alarm clock.

What is an iPhone dock alarm clock?

It’s a multi-use device that holds your iPhone, syncs your iPhone’s time, and projects it on a monitor. It also has alarm features and other utility functions. There are products of this type that claim to be the best alarm clock charging station.

Who is this for?

iPhone dock alarm clock is for every iPhone or iOS user, across different age groups, who needs a reliable alarm buddy. It’s also for those having trouble waking up to the sound of the usual alarm clocks.

iPhone dock alarm clocks are indeed useful. As a student, waking up early is essential, and the iPhone dock alarm clock makes getting out of bed less stressful and much more comfortable. But this is not just for students but also professionals, people in business, and other individuals who are time conscious.

How does it work?

The moment you dock your iPhone into the device, it will automatically sync your phone’s date and time. It also projects the time, so it becomes viewable even at a distance. While the phone is docked, it also recharges your phone, so you don’t have to wake up with an empty phone battery. It may again come with an FM radio, so you can also play music on it.

What are the different types of iPhone dock alarm clocks?

There are two primary types of iPhone dock alarm in terms of usage: the multi-use and straightforward.

Simple dock alarm clocks are just that; they project your iPhone time and set off an alarm.

In terms of connectivity, an iPhone dock alarm clock can either be Bluetooth-ready or wired. Multi-use dock alarm clocks don’t just wake you up, they also come with features like FM radio and AUX connections.

Why do you need an iPhone dock alarm clock?

Waking up in the morning with an empty phone battery can be a lot of hassle. First, the alarm may not sound off, and second, we could miss important calls. Third, it’s a guessing game on what time it is since our phones are also our go-to clock.

So how do we remedy this? Via iPhone docks alarm clocks. This type of product is the best, why do we need this, you ask? Below are the reasons:


You can charge your phone without even using cords or wires, leave it on top of the alarm clock dock or in the wireless charging cradle that is provided.

It’s not just any alarm clock, like the one in your phone right now. Docks can project the time and have unique alarm sounds that can wake you up, just the way you like it. You can also easily adjust the time schedules whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted iPhone dock alarm clocks?

  • iLuv Morning Call 5
  • DPNAO YW-012A Alarm Clock
  • i-box Bedside Alarm Clock with Nightlight

These are the top 3 most trusted iPhone dock clocks in the market. Not far behind are the brands:

  • Emerson ER100301 SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio
  • Hopkog LED Smart Alarm Clock and Wireless Charging Pad
  • JALL WX1502 Wooden Digital Alarm Clock
  • ihome alarm clock dock

How to use and care?

  • Try to avoid getting the docks wet; it might cause some damage to the iPhone docks.
  • Keep out of reach from children.
  • Avoid dropping it on the floor.
  • Try to keep it clean and avoid getting too much dirt on it.
  • When clicking the buttons in the alarm, try not to push the buttons too hard because the controls are soft to touch and responsive.
  • Use your phone after you finish charging.

Where to buy it?

Some brands have their stores, and you can look for them either online or from brick and mortar shops. For online stores, just search for the brand you’d like to order from, and you’ll be prompted with online stores selling the brand. You can also find dock alarm clocks in gadgets and appliance stores.


With the daily activities of modern men becoming more complicated each day, all the more we need devices that provide convenience and efficiency. This is what the best iPhone dock alarm clock offers. It’s a useful buddy that makes waking up easy and refreshing. And with its added features, there’s more you can do with this device. Who wouldn’t want an alarm, an FM, and a speaker in one sleek, handy and efficient tool?

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