The Best Kitchen Radios for 2023

Have you ever thought of having a radio in your kitchen? I know ‘kitchen’ is not a place that immediately reminds you of a radio. However, once you have learned the benefits of having a decent radio installed under your kitchen cabinet, you would want to get one.

A kitchen radio would bring great fun to your cooking sessions or your get-together meals in the dining room. Some music would set the tone for the room and boost people’s moods in that room. Imagine all great moments you can share with just a small kitchen radio.

Now, if you are wondering what kind of radio to buy, we are willing to help. Here is the compilation of the best-selling kitchen radios for you to choose. The definition of the best kitchen radio might vary, but all of the products we mention are of superb quality. Check it out to see if there is anything that catches your eyes.

Best Overall Best for Speakers Most Budget-Friendly
Preview iLive IKB318S


Panasonic RF-2400D

Dimensions 9.09 x 7.32 x 2.44 inches 14 x 4 x 12.5 inches Panasonic RF-2400D
Weight 1.61 Pounds 1 Pound 1 Pound
Radio Bands Supported FM FM AM/FM
Bluetooth Yes Yes
CD Player Yes Yes

Best Kitchen Radio Reviews

1. iLive Wireless Under Cabinet Radio


Another kitchen Bluetooth radio for you to consider is this great one from iLive. There are many good points that you can look forward to. This will be the device that will tick all of your boxes.

If you are looking for a simple and modern design, this device might appeal to you. You can easily mount this radio under the kitchen cabinet, sit back and enjoy your favorite tunes. This wireless radio blends in well with the surrounding and you can maintain the aesthetic of your kitchen.

This radio is compatible with Bluetooth, so you can connect it to other devices that also support Bluetooth. With this feature, you can stream your favorite playlist anywhere you want. The wireless range is up to 60 feet so you will have a lot of leeways to dabble.

The sound performance of this product is of great quality. With the supreme built-in speakers, the audio delivered is consistent and clear. When compared to other models, the quality of this product does not fall inferior. I promise that you will have a one-of-a-kind experience with this radio.

There are many other interesting features to look into. To keep track of the radio you are tuning in, there is a large LCD screen with white backlight to use in the dark. You also have a timer, a digital clock, an alarm, and so on. Customers can utilize these functions to their own needs and preferences.

As for the FM receiver function, radio users will have up to 20 preset channels in memory. You can tune in your favorite channels at any time. There is also a memory function that allows you to get quick access to the channels you last tuned in. These convenient features would definitely improve your radio experience.

To charge this radio, connect the device with the power source via an AC/DC adapter. In case it is not applicable, customers can turn to batteries as a backup plan. You will need 2 AAA batteries to power the radio fully. With that, you are good to go for an extended time.

However, there is a small issue with this product. Many customers complain about the lack of the auto-search tuning function. Everyone understands how tedious manual tuning is, especially searching between hundreds of radio stations. This downside might affect your experience with this product a bit.
  • 60-foot wireless range
  • High-quality built-in speakers
  • AC/DC adapter and battery backup for power input
  • No auto-search tuning function
Overall, there is no serious problem with this wonderful radio. Its strengths truly shine through and appeal to even the most demanding customers. I don’t see any reason why you do not put this radio to your cart right now.

2. Sylvania SKCR2713 Radio


The next product is brought to you by Sylvania. This kitchen radio with Bluetooth can do its job wonderfully and would live up to your expectations. It is always great fun to own a radio in your own kitchen –  and a high-quality one would upgrade your experience to a whole new level.

A radio of this size would fit perfectly under your kitchen cabinet. Unlike other chunky models, this product does not stick out, but blends in well with the surroundings. It is designed to keep the aesthetic of your kitchen.

This radio can receive signals from any FM stations, and it does the tasks perfectly. Thanks to it, you are able to enjoy consistent and clear sounds without breaking up noises. In addition, you can also stream music from any Bluetooth-supported devices with this radio. However, this kitchen radio does not support AM channels.

This product is designed in a way that maximizes its effectiveness. There is a built-in antenna to enhance signal quality. You need to reposition the device to get the right angles with the best reception quality. On the front of the device, you will see a large display screen with the time and the current radio station you are tuning in.

It is not difficult to install the device in the right place. You will be given a mounting kit to do the installation. After some simple steps, a new radio will be mounted nicely and securely under the kitchen cabinet. Anyone can do it themselves, so you needn’t worry too much. Furthermore, there is also a remote control for greater convenience.

To power this device, you can use an AC adaptor that is included in the package. Apart from that, there is also a back-up battery in case of an emergency. It will be convenient when there is a power cut and you can’t charge the device.

Were I to complain about this product, I had a little problem with the digital clock function. While the radio is playing, the clock does not show on the screen. It is quite inconvenient since I have to stop the radio to see what time it is. If manufacturers work on that matter, customers will have a better experience with the product.
  • A great combination of an FM radio receiver, and a Bluetooth-compatible device
  • Large and easy-to-read display screen
  • Easy to set up
  • The digital clock does not appear when the radio is playing.
I’m quite satisfied with the quality of this wonderful kitchen radio. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the best radio for kitchen within the price range. I highly recommend this product to any radio lovers who spend most of their time in the kitchen

3. Panasonic RF-2400D AM/FM Radio


Coming up next is a high-quality radio from a household name – Panasonic. I bet that you are all familiar with this brand, and you can have trust in the quality of their products. This radio for kitchen counter is the right answer for anyone attempting to renovate their cooking space.

You wouldn’t have to spend a lot to get your hands on this wonderful radio. I believe it is a huge plus point of this product. Customers are given a chance to shop with a budget for products of supreme quality.

In essence, this radio is an effective AM and FM tuner. It works perfectly within the frequency range from 87 to 108 MHz (for FM stations) and from 520 to 1730 kHz (for AM stations). You can tune in whichever channels you want and have a diverse radio experience with this device.

I have to say that the signal sensitivity is pretty impressive. This radio does not only work well within close range but it also does a great job with weak and faint signals. Even with stations from a couple of miles away, this radio tuner can receive it well. On top of that, you can extend the antenna for even better reception quality.

As a result, the sound quality is superior. With this device, you can enjoy loud and powerful audio from your favorite radio stations. The quality of the built-in speaker is great and I can say that it is on the same bar with standalone speakers from famous brands. There is also an input jack for you to plug the headphones in and enjoy the music in private.

It is easy to operate and control this radio, especially with the display screen and the large tuning knobs. The labels under the knobs and buttons will tell you what to do with them. This is a user-friendly device that would be suitable for different customers, even when you are not too familiar with the radio.

There is one small problem with this radio. I’m quite disappointed with the quality of the protective casing, especially when compared to the product’s performance. It will be better if this device is built with more durable materials.
  • A budget-friendly choice
  • Great signal sensitivity
  • Nice sound quality
  • The casing quality is not the best
For all of its strong assets, this incredible device deserves the spot on our list. I can promise that this radio would deliver on your expectations. It could be a great source of entertainment right in your own kitchen.

4. JENSEN SMPS-628 Music System


The fourth product that I would like to introduce is a great-looking radio from JENSEN. Moreover, the quality of the radio is outstanding and it is definitely a worthwhile investment. This is the product that will step up your radio game.

The first thing that struck me is the design of the product. The modern, sleek style would appeal to a lot of radio lovers. Plus, this radio is small in size and it can be mounted under the cabinet, so it does not take up too much space. This device is ideal to be used in crowded places.

This radio is a wonderful FM receiver, and you will have a great time streaming your favorite channels. There are up to 20 stations in memory so that you can tune in at any time. This device also features a phrased-locked loop (PLL) tuning function for better convenience.

There are many interesting points about this radio. It is compatible with Bluetooth, so you can connect this radio to any devices that support Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite tunes. There is also a high-quality speakerphone with a built-in microphone for you to use.

There is a large LCD screen on the front to keep track of what is happening. You will also see a timer clock on the screen and a digital volume control. You can make adjustments right on the screen for better radio experience. Apart from that, you can connect other audio players with this radio via an auxiliary cord.

It is relatively easy to install this radio – I swear it wouldn’t take you more than thirty minutes. You will receive the mounting hardware in the product package to secure the radio to the right place. To do it properly, you can refer to the manual with step-by-step instructions.

I’m quite impressed with the sound quality of this radio. Through high-quality speakers, the audio is crisp and clear. Whether it is music, news, podcasts, or audiobooks, the sounds are pleasant. You are in for great fun with this small but powerful radio.

There are two ways to charge this radio. Firstly, you can use a 120V AC adaptor that comes with the radio unit. All you have to do is plug it in any nearby power source. The second way is to use batteries. This radio runs on two AAA batteries and they are not included in the package.

I only have a small issue with this radio. The control buttons are a bit small so it is a bit hard to press, especially in the dark. If the manufacturers could work on that, I think this radio could be perfect.
  • Sleek and space-saving design
  • Convenient night light
  • Crisp and clear sound quality
  • The buttons are small
Occupying a spot on this list, this wonderful radio lives up to the expectations. You won’t be disappointed by the excellent performance of this product. With this small kitchen radio, your cooking sessions will be a lot less boring, and great joy is added.

5. Sangean WR-11 AM/FM Radio


The next product on our list is a beautiful radio from Sangean. This radio looks different from other models on the market – and it is amazing. This would be the perfect choice to whoever is in search of a decent AM FM kitchen radio. Let’s look into details and see what this device’s got to offer.

Personally, this is my favorite design of a kitchen radio. I’m a fan of its vintage, wood-covered look since it gives off a warm and cozy vibe – a nice touch to your kitchen. This radio can be placed in the corner of your kitchen countertop and it wouldn’t take up too much space.

Since the casing is made of real walnut wood with a veneer finish, you can have trust in its durability. This radio can be your companion for a long time. On top of that, the device is generally lightweight and it can be carried around easily. I have to give another plus point for its portability.

On the front of the radio, you can see a rotary vernier tuner as well as a volume control. All the controlling knobs are precise and function well. Overall, this interface is user-friendly and you can figure out what to do with it in seconds. I highly recommend this product to those who are not yet familiar with radios.

On the back of the radio, there are a lot of input jacks so that you can connect this radio to other devices. Some of the rear connections include Aux-In, DC-In, AC-In, REC Out, antenna terminal, and so on. For example, you can stream your favorite playlist from a smartphone, and iPod or so with this radio and all you need is connect the two devices.

I’m quite satisfied with the excellent audio performance of this radio. What contributes the most to the superb sound quality is the full-range built-in speakers. With the deep bass compensation and an enlarged magnet, the sound is delivered at its best quality and you are in for a wonderful experience.

The signal sensitivity of this product is also impressive. There is little to no interference or background noises and the sounds are really stable and clear. An advice for you is to adjust the position of the radio in case the signals flicker unexpectedly.

The only thing that might put off the customers is the price. This might not be the most budget-friendly choice, so I suggest that you shop around for other options if you could not afford this radio.
  • Simple but elegant design with a real wood finish
  • A myriad of rear connections
  • Fantastic audio performance and excellent sensitivity
  • A bit pricey
Although this radio could be a bit pricey, I believe it is a worthwhile investment. Thanks to this small but powerful device, your kitchen would be a lot more lively. This will be a wonderful companion for a long time.

6. RCA SPS3688B Under Cabinet FM Radio


The seventh product is a wireless radio from RCA and you can expect a lot from it. I can say that his radio ticks all the boxes to make it to our recommendation list. Customers are in for an incredible experience with this small but powerful product – not a dull moment in your kitchen!

First of all, this device appeals to radio lovers with its slim and delicate look. This compact is well-suited to a modern kitchen, where you can easily install the device under the cabinet. It is not at all difficult to mount the radio with the hardware included in the product package.

This radio is equipped with a huge display screen on the front. The digital numbers on it are easy to read, even when it’s dark. There is also a clock so you can keep track of the time. It is particularly useful when you are cooking to some certain recipes and need to watch the time.

To begin with, this radio is an effective FM radio. You can store up to 20 preset stations of whatever you want in the memory for quick tuning. There is a wide range of options for you to enjoy during cooking sessions. The signals are generally great; however, for the best signal reception quality, the product includes an external antenna.

This radio also supports Bluetooth connection. This wireless technology makes it way more convenient for users to stream from another device (such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and so on). That means there are many more listening options for you to choose from – and of course a lot more joy in the kitchen.

However, there might be a small problem with this radio. For the most part, you have to do manual tuning to reach the radio channels you want and it could be tedious. A suggestion for the manufacturers is that there should be a digital tuning feature. That would save a lot of time and improve customers’ experience at the same time.
  • Small-sized and compact design that can be fitted under kitchen cabinets
  • Large and easy-to-read display screen
  • Excellent signal reception
  • The manual tuning function is tedious
The small issue could not faze me and I’m 100% satisfied with this product. This basic radio lives up to the expectations and totally deserves this spot on our list. I highly recommend you pick up this wonderful device and see if you agree with my opinion or not.

7. Victrola FM/AM Radio


Coming up next, this product we are going to review is a nice, retro radio from Victrola. If you are a fan of vintage interior design, you should not miss out on this wonderful radio. Also, its performance will not disappoint you. This is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Personally, I really appreciate the outer design of this radio. It looks really pretty with the wood cover and copper details. You can find this radio model in two colors: a walnut tone and an espresso tone, and you can pick one that you prefer. This device can double as a nice piece of ornament in your house.

Another thing is that the design and the sound of this radio make the atmosphere warm and cozy. Imagine all the chill and relaxing time you could have with this great companion. Plus, considering its small size, this radio does not take up too much space and it adorns your kitchen counter nicely.

This is a traditional but effective AM/FM tuner. This radio would bring you in for a wild ride with all your favorite radio stations. You can tune in the channels you want using the rotary dial on the front. The knob works really well and smoothly.

This radio is also compatible with Bluetooth. The connection is really good and I can ensure that the overall performance truly delivers on the expectations. With this feature, you can expand your options range of what to stream with this wonderful device. We sincerely want you to have a great time with this incredible kitchen radio.

Thanks to the high-quality speakers, the sound quality is superior. You can enjoy crisp and clear audio without distortion. In addition, the bass and treble controls function adds depth to the sounds – all for the best listening experience for customers. Its quality is as great as any standalone speaker.

It is generally easy to operate this radio. The user-friendly interface with knobs allows users to get used to it easily. The labels are self-explanatory and you can control all functions looking at those labels.

Many people have actually complained about the volume of the sound, though. It is a bit soft sometimes and some people might not hear it well. That is a small issue with this radio and you should take it into careful consideration before making any purchase.
  • An elegant retro design that gives off a cozy vibe
  • Excellent Bluetooth connection
  • Easy to operate
  • The sound is a bit soft sometimes
I like everything about this radio: from the beautiful appearance to the excellent quality. This is a product that you should not miss out on. You will be satisfied with the experience this radio brings. I highly suggest that you add this wonderful device to your cart.

8. iLive iKB333S Under Cabinet Radio


The first product on our recommendation list is a wonderful radio from iLive. At a competitive price, you can have an all-rounded kitchen radio for yourself that would add fun to your cooking experience. This product appeals to even the most demanding customers.

This radio would be the perfect fit to be installed under the kitchen cabinet. This small unit does not take up too much space, and it blends seamlessly with the kitchen furniture. If you are looking for such a radio, this device is a suitable answer.

First of all, this product is a decent FM radio receiver, with up to 20 preset stations in memory. The overall quality is great, amazingly, this radio can pull in weak signals flawlessly. Secondly, there is another option to stream your favorite tracks: Bluetooth. All you need to do is to connect this radio with a compatible device and enjoy the tunes.

The user interface is intuitive so you can figure out what to do in seconds. There is a large backlit screen to display all the necessary information. The radio also includes a digital clock feature so that you can keep track of the time. Apart from that, the alarm clock could come in handy,  you can control the volume digitally on the screen as well.

This device is easy to control and install. You don’t need any special skills to mount this kitchen radio to its place. The product package comes with three spacers and three screws, and all you need is following the instructions. The tutorial is clear and easy to follow. After a few minutes, you can experience the new radio system right in your kitchen.

The signal quality of this product is quite impressive, resulting in its excellent audio performance. This radio packs loud and powerful sounds with little to no distortion. With this high-quality radio, you are in for a one-of-a-kind experience at your own house.

However, this Bluetooth kitchen radio is not faultless. The only problem with this device concerns the LED screen. From certain angles, you can not read out what is displayed on the screen. You can only do that while looking at the screen at eye level. It is inconvenient, especially when the radio is often mounted under the cabinet.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to install
  • The Bluetooth function works smoothly
  • You can’t read the LED screen from certain angles
Overall, I don’t have any serious problems with this product. This kitchen radio is impressive in many aspects, and it deserves a spot on your list. This is a basic product that will tick all your boxes.

9. AUNA KR-140 Kitchen Radio


The next product is a high-quality radio from AUNA. This product is an all-rounder and it is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a decent kitchen radio. Your radio experience will be significantly improved with this product.

This radio comes in the perfect size to be mounted under the kitchen cabinet. I can promise that this device does not stick out, but it blends well with the surroundings. This is a smart choice if you are looking for a cheap and compact kitchen radio to spice up your cooking sessions.

The FM tuning function of this radio is impressive. You can store up to 40 preset stations in memory and tune in whenever you want. The signal sensitivity is great, and so is the audio quality. All of which contributes to the supreme performance of this radio and you should not miss out on it.

The Bluetooth function of this radio also works really well and the connection range is quite far. With this feature, you can have more listening options to choose from. By connecting this radio with other Bluetooth-compatible devices, you can do wireless streaming anywhere you want.

In addition, there is a wide range of extra features that I would like to mention. This device can work as a timer and an alarm with a snooze function. These are all practical functions that will come in handy in certain situations.

There is also a LED lighting system that can illuminate the surface below – it will be convenient when it’s dark. The touch screen is another great point, since it makes the customer – device interaction easier. Also, it is easy to wipe the surface of this radio clean, in case food splashes on it.

Another special thing about this radio is the hands-free call function, thanks to the Bluetooth connection. This radio also features a built-in microphone so you can make calls just like any other phone.

However, I have a small problem with this product, and it concerns the controlling buttons. Their labels are a bit hard to read and that would interfere with customers’ experience. It would be better if manufacturers work on this problem.
  • Up to 40 FM stations in memory
  • A wide array of extra features
  • Hands-free calls
  • The button labels are hard to read
Of course, there is room for development, but this is still an outstanding product in my opinion. This radio does its job wonderfully and I actually have nothing to complain about it. This nice piece of equipment will bring a great atmosphere to your kitchen.

10. Greadio Vintage Radio


The final product on our list is a cute radio from Greadio. This radio could appeal to many people thanks to its attractive appearance and incredible quality. This is a product that you should consider adding to your list. Check it out to see if you share the same opinion as I do.

This cute vintage radio comes in two colors: red or green. I believe these color pops would be a nice touch to your kitchen. The vintage design also gives off a cozy and nostalgic vibe, and it is really nice to have one such in your house. It can totally pass as a nice piece of decoration.

The portability is a huge plus point of this radio. It is small in size and light in weight, so it can be carried around easily. Although it might look like a toy, the quality of this radio is irrefutable. You can have trust in this small but powerful radio.

In addition, this radio is compatible with Bluetooth and you can stream music in this way, too. This is a more convenient approach than a wired connection, so many people are looking for it in a radio. The reception quality is stable enough for the device to function smoothly and cater to customers’ needs.

The audio quality of this product is great. The sound that this device produces is clear and consistent and it stays true to the original – all to bring customers the best listening experience. This radio is perfect for music streaming. Imagine a nice afternoon when you’re sitting back, having a cup of coffee, and enjoying the soothing tunes from this small radio.

An 800mAh built-in battery powers this device and it can be recharged. You can use this radio for 6 hours on end. This is perfect for a picnic outside, a party in the yard, or a drive on the road. This radio can be a great companion anywhere you go, not limited to the kitchen only.

The only thing that bugs me is that this device gets fingerprints too easily. If you are not careful, the surface of this radio will be covered in fingerprint stains and it is not easy to wipe it clean. Many people might not like this very much so this is a small reminder to those who are considering buying one.
  • Nostalgic vintage design in red/green paint
  • A great choice for music streaming
  • Great Bluetooth connection
  • The radio gets fingerprints on it easily
To me, I highly appreciate this wonderful radio. It appears to be a mere toy, but its quality goes beyond that. You will not be disappointed with what this device can do. There are a lot of things to look forward to. This radio will be a perfect fit for you and a great gift for your loved ones as well.

What to Look for When Buying a Kitchen Radio


It is always difficult to pick up the most suitable product for yourself from a diverse array on the market. And this is no exception. Many people are confused about what makes the best kitchen radio. “Which type of radio would suit me best?”, “Should I go for the most expensive model?”. There are several questions that you wish to have an answer.

But don’t worry too much. We have compiled an exclusive buying guide for you which lists down the most important factors to consider. Although opinions vary, these bullet points are things that you should not miss out on when shopping around for a high-quality radio.

Design – It is important to take the aesthetic aspect into account, especially when you are going for the permanently mounted radio. An elegant and compact design is quite appealing and it suited most kitchen settings. A nice radio that blends in well with the surrounding should be the number one choice. Furthermore, it is not all about how it looks, but it is the functionality that also matters. A user-friendly design would significantly improve customers’ experience.

How to Install – I highly suggest you pick up the easy-to-install radio model. It would save you a lot of time and effort. Many products do not require any special equipment and tools to install. You can consider and pick up the best one.

Extra Features – Nowadays, a radio is not only a communication device but it also packs other amazing functions. It could be a CD player, a clock, a timer, an alarm, a speaker, and so on – everything you can imagine! You can choose what you want in a radio and go for it

Overall Quality – Of course, when buying a radio, you can not ignore the reception sensitivity as well as the audio quality of the product. Basically, that is what sets a good radio apart. It is almost impossible to examine the performance of a product on display, but there are ways to do it. You can either test the sample model or look for reviews from experienced customers.

Other Important Factors to Consider

What is a kitchen radio?

A kitchen radio does not differ too much from a normal radio. It features all the essential functions that make a standard radio. What’s different is that the kitchen radio is designed in a way that suits the kitchen setting. It is often small-sized and lightweight, and some models can be mounted under the kitchen cabinet. It would help if you looked for those designs when buying a kitchen radio.

Who is this for?

This product is targeted at radio users who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. A kitchen radio would spice up your cooking sessions, and add great fun to the experience.

How does it work?

It is not difficult to operate a kitchen radio. Having installed the device, you can put it to use by getting at the buttons and knobs. The labels will tell you what to do with all of them. If you have any struggles, please refer to the manual for further instructions.

What are the different types of kitchen radios?

There are two common types of kitchen radios that you will most likely see on the market. Firstly, there is the portable type that perches on the countertop. This kind of radio can be carried around easily, especially with its small size and lightweight. Another type of radio is a unit that can be securely installed under the cabinet. Unlike the former one, this radio is permanently mounted and it blends well with the surrounding. Each option has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Why do you need a kitchen radio?

A radio will bring more fun to your kitchen. It could be a great companion during your cooking sessions, your get-together dinner, or a party. Additionally, a radio can double as a clock or a timer, making your daily life more convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted kitchen radio brands?

Many brands have rolled continually out some of the top-rated kitchen radios you could have had. Each brand has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you should consider what to buy based on your own priorities.I can suggest some brand names: Panasonic, Bose, Tivoli, Sangean, Greadio, and so on. You can look into our reviews for more suggestions.

How to use?

It is similar to other types of radio. If you are familiar with radios, operating and controlling this radio is a piece of cake. But don’t worry if you are an amateur, the user manual will tell you everything you need to know about this product.

Where to buy?

There are online and offline shopping options. If you want firsthand experience, I suggest you go for the stores to get a radio. Local stores can be a great idea, or you can visit huge retail chains like Target or Walmart. On the other hand, you can visit Amazon or Home Depot if you are more of an online shopping person. Those are some trusted names you can consider.

How to care and clean?

I suggest that after each use, you should wipe the surface gently with a clean cloth to remove fingerprints and stains. It is even more important when the radio is installed in the kitchen where it is prone to food splashes and stains. Moreover, you should keep this radio in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight.


Each model of kitchen radio has its own charming points. We hope that our detailed reviews have provided useful information to help you. With careful research, you will be able to find out the best kitchen radio.

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