The Best Microphones for Ham Radio of 2023

Ham radio is primarily used for recording audio at homely environments. It is a simple and less expensive way to get your music or audiobook recorded without leaving your home’s comfort. This radio itself won’t be of any help unless you have the best microphone for ham radio to come handy with it.

Always remember that each microphone has its unique strengths and power. So, when paired with the perfect instrument, it can always make better sounds. Moreover, every microphone will sound terrible if you are using it wrong. So, it is vital to learn more about the microphones first, and what they can do and don’t, before finalizing on the right choice.

Hopefully, detailed information about the top-rated products listed will make your selection process a breeze. For the time being, let’s delve into the top 5 microphones suited for HAM radio, shall we?

Best Overall Most Durable Best Sound Quality
Preview Ranger SRA-198



Commountain 8541724367


Dimensions 11.5 x 24 x 18 inches 5 x 3 x 2 inches 8.8 x 3.8 x 1.9 inches
Weight 12 ounces 5 Ounces 5.76 ounces
Polar Pattern Unidirectional Omnidirectional Omnidirectional
Connectivity Wired/ 4 Pin 3.5 mm/ 2 Pin 3.5 mm/ 2 Pin

Best Microphone for Ham Radio Reviews

1. Ranger CB Ham Radio Noise Canceling Mic


This 4 pinned wired microphone is one of the best choices you could think of whenever you are looking for ham radio microphones. It is a trusted device with a noise-canceling CB radio mix in the bucket. So, the features this radio holds are not like what you get from any other models in the market.

This is stated to be a rugged noise-canceling microphone featuring a promising and active noise filter. The filter excels at deadening disturbing and unwanted surrounding sounds. This device also has a voice response characteristic that works perfectly in any fine or quiet environment. Furthermore, it comes with wired 4 Pin and can work with Magnum, Stryker, Galaxy, Connex, Uniden, Cobra, and RCI.

The microphone can work great with CB and amateur radio as well. There is an added spring where the cord enters the microphone, which is nice.

The mic hanger comprises a hole in the top for hanging the microphone from the stretch cord. Otherwise, you can also try to clip it onto any of the regular clip mounts. The microphone gives a quality feel that can easily match with other Galaxy transceivers.

The Ranger microphone comes pre-wired, so it can easily work with 4-pin Galaxy radios and some other options. Upon usage, the device can cancel background noise right after modifications.

It is one close-talk microphone and will work just fine. Also, you can put the rubber pad on the top lip and then talk normally. It will sound great for users.

This microphone comes with a dimension of 11.5 x 24 x 18 inches and weighs around 12.8 ounces. So, this item happens to be a lightweight product that can easily be transported from one site to another.

  • Designed to last for decades
  • Excel at filtering disturbing sounds
  • Come with a voice response characteristic
  • Work well with Galaxy transceivers
  • Perfect for outdoor use on CB radio
  • Comes with 4 pins
  • Might not pass enough audio for some chosen radios
From the features that it has introduced lately, you can now easily focus on this microphone to be your best buy for a one-time investment plan.

2. BTECH Rainproof Shoulder Speaker Mic


This particular Platinum Series QHM22 model is a rainproof shoulder speaker microphone and a perfect match for some models like BaoFeng, BTECH, Kenwood Radios, and more. If you have any of these models and are currently looking for the best ham radio boom microphone, you can give this one a try.

The price of this product is pretty much towards the lower side. Still, it has higher impact casing with high graded reinforced cabling. It comes with an 8 position based reinforced spring clip, which works as a bonus point. Not only that, but the waterproof based heavy-duty remote hand or shoulder microphone can afford heavy use without break and tear.

On the purchase of this set, you can find a 3.5mm earpiece included to provide the ultimate accessory solution in loud environments. You can pair it easily with the QHM01 earpiece.

This excellent heil microphone consists of impact-resistant PVC casing under IP54. So, the casing remains dust, splash, wind, and shock-resistant. It is one premium quality microphone, which offers crystal clear audio all the time.

This microphone is compatible with BTECH, BaoFeng, AnyTone, some of the Wouxun models, Kenwood, and TYT radios. Apart from that, the model has heavy-duty stainless steel clips located on the lapel. It means you can talk over the microphone without the need to hold it always.

BTECH has currently introduced this heavy-duty speaker mic from the Platinum series you have been looking for. This one is particularly designed in the USA for industrial and constructional site use, for handling all the rough assignments.

For all the Kenwood K1 Series with 2 pins two-way radios, this microphone is a great choice. A sturdy built with 3.5mm miniature ear jack is another appealing feature of this speaker microphone. It is available with just one earpiece. If you want, you can pair this microphone with the QHM01 surveillance earpiece too, which is available with a 3.5mm based line out jack.

The product dimension is 5 x 3 x 2 inches, and it weighs just around 4.8 ounces. So, if you are making plans to carry this model around with you, you can. It is a wireless model, which adds up to the feature category. Even the included components make this microphone a leading choice among masses.

The only thing that bothers some customers is its limited choice of colour.
  • Impact-resistant PVC casing
  • A budget-friendly microphone for ham radio
  • Comprises of premium quality stainless steel clips for hands-free talking
  • Heavy-duty speaker for industrial use
  • Comes with 8 adjustable positions for a strong hold
  • Matches with the 2-pin K1 type connector based radios from Kenwood
  • Only available in black color
From what I have seen about this microphone lately, I can clearly state this to be an interesting product all the way through. So, you can give this one a try.

3. Commountain Heavy Speaker Mic


This speaker mic for your radio is made using heavy-duty construction. Meanwhile, the housing is built from higher impact engineering plastic. Therefore, this microphone can withstand pressure and ensure that the speaker works great for years to come with Baofeng radios.

This amazing product from Commountain consists of the premium quality Omni-directional microphone and an electret speaker enable voice. The PU cable gets reinforced by Kevlar Fiber along with long-life design and premium tensile strength coil cord. So, anyone who is in for a ham radio desk microphone should make sure to check out this well-built option.

This model has a rugged and detachable or replaceable swivel clip. It includes a 3.5mm audio jack with the section as well. You will also receive friendly customer service from the manufacturing house.

This is a heavy-duty microphone, where the housing is made using premium impact engineering plastic. It helps in transmitting premium-quality sound, even in some of the loud environments.

The long-life design is what makes this microphone stand out from other products in the market. It features a rugged detachable or replaceable swivel clip. It consists of a 3.5 mm audio jack, which is for listening to only one earpiece or headset. Best of all, the microphone weighs at around 5.8 ounces, which is pretty light.

This microphone is compatible with BaoFeng radios, PuXing radios, QuanSheng Radios, WouXun radios, and some other RELM radios.

If you have Arcshell radios in hand, you can try using this microphone with selected models like Arcshell AR-5 and Arcshell AR-6 as well.

It is incredible to find out that the microphone is compatible with Kenwood radios. Some of the models in here are TK-208/ 2100/ 2102/ 2130/ 2160/ 2170/ 220, NX-220 NX-320 NX-240, TH-F6/ F6A/ D7, TH-22A/ 22AT/ 22E/ 25 etc. It is also compatible with other Hytera or HYT radios like TC-2088/ 2100/ 286/ 2685 and among others.

However, this microphone cannot work as your standard Motorola plug.
  • Compatible with multiple models
  • A lightweight microphone for ham radio
  • Kevlar Fiber reinforce the PU cable
  • Premium tensile strength coil cord
  • A good alternative to some of the higher-priced models
  • This cannot work as your standard Motorola plug
In conclusion, this product is one outstanding choice, especially for people with a tight budget plan.

4. Chrome Delta Dynamic Power Base Microphone


If you are currently looking for a base amplified dynamic microphone for CB HAM radio, this Chrome Delta M2 Amplified Dynamic Power Base Microphone is the finest choice to make.

This product comes with tone control, heavy-duty construction, and modulation control. And the power CB HAM Microphone is the latest model in the market. Hence, this ham microphone is one to watch out for if you value a functional model.

This brand new microphone is designed and created meticulously by radio technicians with over 40 years of experience. The sole focus remains on crystal clear and loud audio. Additionally, this microphone with premium quality metal housing is perfect for Gam, industrial, and other CB radio applications.

It is outfitted with Chrome finished diecast cardioid body and a head. It comprises a simple push to talk button, which comes with slide locking capabilities on that heavy-duty metal base. The modulation and tone of this project can be adjusted easily right towards the base by turning the knobs. Besides, it allows for fine-tuning and easy adjustment for that perfect sound you are aiming for.

It has a voice tone control knob. This feature allows you to adjust bass tone and high tones, to get the exact sounds in the way you just want it to get transmitted. So, this product is great for meticulous CB and Ham operators.

It now has a 9VDC power supply, which is the latest addition to features. Best of all, This radio also has factory wired 4 pin cobra along with 3 feet sized four-conductor shielded coil cords.

Moreover, the microphone has the standard Push To Talk or PTT and Lock To Talk buttons to it. There is a fiber conductor shielded standardized color-coded cable, which has a 4-pin connector. With separate modulation and tone sliders and stand by on and off switch, you can always expect the best result with this product.

Moreover, it has a frequency response of around 40 to 150000 kHz. This mechanism’s output level is -44dB below the current 1.5V mark right at 1-Mega Ohm Impedance. Further, it has the output adjustment of around 40 DB range and an output impedance of 5 KOhms.

This microphone features a VU meter 270 Ohms impedance, which allows users to see modulation swing while talking on the rig. It needs a 9-volt battery for such task, which isn’t included in the pack. Plus, the off and on switch is located at the microphone’s neck for quicker STANDBY MODE.
  • Comes with standard PTT and lock to talk buttons
  • Handy on and off switches
  • Includes a VU modulation meter
  • Premium quality diecast microphone included
  • Equipped with modulation and tone sliders
  • Have to purchase a 9-volt battery separately
This microphone is an exclusive and brand new item in the market, which comes with the manufacturer’s ultimate guarantee.

5. Kenwood Deluxe Desktop Microphone


With an 8-pin connector, the MC 60A Deluxe desktop microphone from Kenwood is one option to give a try. This microphone can go with all kinds of Kenwood Mobile and HF radios that come handy with modular plugs. Stil, it needs the MJH 88 adapter to function properly, which is not included in the list.

For the communication type, much like a condenser microphone for ham radio, this microphone works with dynamic unidirectional based moving coil type based mic elements. It consists of a switch designed for PTT or push to talk and the lock features. So, this one radio can cover multiple services just as desired.

Furthermore, the microphone has a frequency response of around 150 Hz to 10 kHz, which is -6db. It has a preamp off and around 200 Hz to 7kHz or -6dB with current preamp on.

This product has been one popular microphone for desk, among most of the Kenwood owners for decades. It is one communication type and dynamic unidirectional moving coil type based element.

It consists of Up and Down tuning along with preamp features. There remains a switch, and it will be set for around 50K ohms or 500 ohms. The frequency response with Preamp off is around 200 Hz to 7 kHz when the preamp remains on.

Also, remember that the previous MC 60 or a Non A version will feature a 4 pin mic plug. It will not have an up and down tuning. For your information, the item weights at 2.8 pounds with the dimension of 9 x 5.5 x 3.2 inches. So, check if your table must have enough space to accommodate the radio and the microphone.

People indeed love how durable this easy-to-use device is. So, even a novice with no knowledge regarding the HAM microphone can utilize this product without hassle.

For enhanced stability, it has a heavy-duty zinc diecast base. It helps in offering the much-needed extra stability. Note that the preamp needs two AA cells, which will be mounted through the base’s bottom region.

However, on some of the latest Kenwood models like TS 2000, it is always better to never use this preamp function. Make sure to leave the switch always off and do not install the AA cells as well.
  • Durable microphone designed to last long
  • Cover multiple services
  • Comprises of heavy-duty zinc diecast base
  • The microphone is lightweight
  • It has an Up and Down tuning along with preamp features
  • The preamp function is not suitable for the latest models from Kenwood
From what I have seen after using this microphone, it works really well with all the Kenwood models, whether the traditional or the latest ones. So, remember to give this desktop radio a try for sure!

What to Look for When Buying a Microphone for Ham Radio


Being a first-timer makes it really difficult for people to focus on the best Kenwood ham radio microphones. Even after catching up with the best ham radio outlet, you might not always get the best verdicts regarding the right microphone speaker to look for.

The only option is to check out some of the necessary features to look for the best microphone in the market. Some of the major points to look for while buying a microphone for HAM and CB radios are listed below for you.

This form of the microphone is not like your usual ones but much more advanced and feature-loaded. Whether you are aiming for professional recording or for a fun-filled adventure into the world of music, you will definitely need the best microphone to go with the ham radio. You can even try out the electro-voice dynamic microphone as well, to match with your chosen radio.

The microphone comes with a big extension cord. So, it won’t be a matter to plug this product into the radio, no matter how far it is located. Some microphones will have 4 Pin connectors for a better grip and avoid any mishap. Make sure that you check the type of radio you are planning to use before selecting the microphone as there will be variations in such models as well.

You can purchase from various microphones models, which can prove to be a bit confusing at first, mainly when you are trying to record for the first time. Even when you have the right tools and software, your end music might still sound amateur. So, musicians are always on a mission to create notes to help amateurs end up with the best microphone in town.

  • Look for the pin connector:

It is really important to check out the pin connectors before finalizing any of the microphone speakers. It is pivotal to go for ones that have 8 pins for a better grip onto the radios. Just make sure to check out the brands and the features included in the list, if you are trying to look for the best speaker to go handy with your selected model of radio.

  • The hands-free motion of the microphone:

Not all microphones need to be carried around with hands. There are some microphones that you can place on the desktop. Those are called desktop microphones. The best part about these products is that you don’t have to carry it around. Then you have some other variations, where you can pin the speaker onto your clothes with the help of stainless steel pins. So, now you can enjoy the services of a microphone hands-free.

  • Warranty of the item from the manufacturing house:

Remember to check the warranty of the microphones too, before the final purchase. It is really important to know more about the warranty deals and the points related to it. Reputed brands are offering the best warranty services.

Within that, if anything happens to the product without any particular fault from your side, then you can get the item replaced from the center, without asking any question. So, get to the center first, check out the warranty, and then make way for the next steps in here.

  • The compatibility with different radio models:

Another interesting feature to look for in studio mic for ham radio is its compatibility with the radio models. How many radios are meant to be compatible with the studio mic? Kenwood, TYT, BaoFeng, AnyTone, Retevis, Arcshell, Radioddity, etc. are some radio models that remain compatible with just one microphone.

If you are looking for quality results, make sure to log online, and get imperative help. You will receive the best microphone designed for studio and home use as well.

  • Durability of the item:

Want to know more about the best microphone for Ham and CB radio? Remember to check the item’s durability for a change. Most of the time, the radios are designed to last for centuries to come. It means that the studio microphones are more like a one-time investment.

Once purchased, you don’t have to worry about its functionality. The cables are dirt, dust, and shock-resistant. So, even if you are trying to use the microphone in any rough environment, you can do so with ease.

  • Industrial use of the microphone speaker:

You have to check the industrial use of the microphone speaker now. There are some noteworthy ham radio microphone selector switch options available, which are meant for industrial use only. These microphone speakers are perfectly crafted to last for a long time, even while used in any of the industrial sector.

Some microphones are meant for constructional site uses. Remember to get that covered as well while investing in the best HAM radio microphone that the market has in store.

  • Things included in the package:

Don’t forget to check the things included in the package for the best buy. If the microphone requires batteries to work, you have to purchase the 9-volt batteries separately. But, if you are dealing with wired microphones, there is no need to focus on batteries anymore. Make sure to check more about the things included in the pack, before you finalize on the one to choose over here.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted ham radio microphone brands?

While searching for the best Ham radio microphone, you will come across multiple brands online and from retail stores. However, after covering my part of the research, I came across some of the best brands that you can rely on and give a try. Those names are Ranger, Commountain, BTECH, and more.

But, there are so many other brands that you will come across that offer quality products. So, make sure to keep an eye on those options as well, before making the final decision.

Why do you need a ham radio microphone?

A microphone is an essential part of an audio recording system, which comes in handy whenever sounds need to be picked up and transformed into electrical energy/format. It is then processed by an audio processing system and an electronic amplifier.

There are some particular features to look for in a HAM radio microphone to ensure that you have made the right choice. First of all, you can’t ignore the number of radio models your selected microphone is compatible with. Moreover, you have to check for the placement of the mics. Some are to be placed on desktop only while others remain portable and to be carried around due to wireless mediums.

Make sure to check out more about the cables and their strength to withstand daily pressure. You better watch out for the body of the microphone. Apart from that, the brand name, price point, extra characteristics, and features are some of the other specifications to look at while purchasing a HAM Radio microphone for your use. If you have Ham and CB radios both, then look for a microphone which remains compatible with both.

How to set up and use?

There is no hard and fast rule to set up the microphone before using it as it remains pretty simple. If you are using a wired microphone, then just plug it to the right jack of the Ham or CB radio, and you are off to a great start. After plugging in, turn the on switch and start communicating easily.

On the other hand, if you are looking to use a modernized wireless microphone, then you better watch out for the batteries first. Most of the time, you will need AA batteries or 9-volt batteries to be purchased separately. Get the batteries in the microphone and turn the “on” button and start conversing.

How to care and maintain?

It is very simple to care and maintain the HAM Radio microphone. Make sure not to get it closer to water or any liquid as you don’t want to short circuit the mechanism. In its place, you will need to use a dry clean cloth to wipe the microphone and free it from dirt or dust. There are some microphones available that are waterproof in nature. However, the cables are only waterproof, and the main mechanism needs to be aware of any liquid substance.

If you want, you can also use miniature vacuums to suction out the dirt or dust from the microphones, especially if you have taken those in construction or industrial sites. To maintain the Ham radio microphone longevity, make sure to vacuum or clean the product once in every week. You are cordially invited to check out some other ham radio microphone reviews to learn about the cleaning process in detail.

Where to buy?

You can buy the ham microphone from any store that deals in such products. But they are easily available at e-commerce stores as well, like Walmart, Amazon, and Target. It is always advised to get the items from online stores if you want to save some money.

What about the dynamic mics?

While looking for microphones to go with the radios, you might have come across dynamic mics. These are mainly targeted to be the workhorse mics, designed for studio use. These microphones are tough. You can even drop these microphones on stage, and nothing will happen to the product. They can easily take the wear and tear of any home studio, if not more.

These microphones are not particularly sensitive. So, they are perfect for those loud sources. That’s why you can see the maximum use of these microphones on guitar amps and snare drums. They are also pretty much versatile and used on all kinds of sounds in a studio. Moreover, as these mics are cheap, they are also easier to stock up well.

These microphones will have unidirectional patterns. So, the mic gets to pick up sound in any direction towards which it is pointed. It will further cancel out any sound that comes from behind.

What to know about condenser mics?

These microphones are noted to be frilly and rich cousins of dynamic microphones. They are way more complicated than the previous one, so they remain more expensive and fragile in nature. These microphones are clearer when compared to the dynamic ones. They are more accurate, sweeter, and well-balanced.

These condenser microphones are also more sensitive, which makes them preferable for brighter and softer sounds. For a studio-based environment, these products are quite powerful. These condensers cannot be used as quietly as most of the other sound sources like in dynamic. Condenser microphones pride themselves on producing sounds that are even better than the other models.

Can you get your price refunded for any microphone?

The refund policy is not quite meant for all the companies. There are only some particular brands available from where you can get these “no questions asked” refund policy. Within a certain time, say 30 days, if you find any fault with the microphone without you tampering with it, then the company will take the broken item back and refund money on your account. It is a great way to improve your purchase.

What about the battery usage?

It is hard to pinpoint any particular battery or wattage power for HAM Radio microphones as they differ from one model to another. For the wired options, you don’t have to bother about battery usage as it deals with the wireless options. Some of the reputed brands will ask you to use 2 AA batteries for the microphones. You need to buy that separately as most of the time, the batteries are not included in the pack.


From all the reviews and pros and cons mentioned, it is clear that the market houses multiple best microphone for ham radio. It is hard to pinpoint any one particular brand. So, the easiest way is to create a checklist of what you are expecting from the microphones and then look for the matching option.

The reviews about the top 5 HAM radio microphones are all results of my personal experience, and it is not the end of the story. You can easily check out the products on your own before a final verdict.

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