The Best MURS Radios for 2023

The best MURS radio is ideal for short-range communication. What is good about it is that it does not require potential users to get a MURS license or certification to transmit via MURS frequencies. Also called multi-use radio service, the MURS handheld radio has a wide range of users.

You can now see it being used by farmers, Walmart, warehouses, campers, hunters, fishers, security companies, and small businesses. It works excellently in promoting short-range communications even in those instances when your phone network is down.

It is even possible to use it for maintaining communications when patrolling an area or calling for help from neighbors. Many also love the MURS radio equipment because it is simple and easy to use. It just requires you to choose a channel to work – no need for programming or anything.

Do you want to own your own MURS radio? Then these 7 amazing radios may be your best choices:

Best Overall Longest Battery Life Most Durable


Motorola RMV2080


Retevis RT27V


Transmit Power 2W 2W 2W
Channels 15 Channels 8 Channels 5 Channels
Battery 1800mAh 2100mAh 1100 mAh

Best MURS Radio Reviews

1. BTECH MURS-V1 2-Way Radio


The BTECH MURS-V1 2-way Radio is one of the best MURS two-way radios that you can use for retail, manufacturing, business, and personal applications. What I love about MURS-V1 the most is its ability to showcase farther transmissions when used in open areas in comparison to the usual walkie-talkies.

Another major highlight of this 2-way radio is that it does not share similar channels used by the usual kid’s radios and walkie-talkies bought in stores. I noticed that such plays a crucial role in making sure that there will be no interference when using this MURS radio for sale from BTECH.

With its non-interference design, I find it perfect for commercial and business purposes as well as recreational users who prefer to use a radio that mainly focuses on privacy. I am also very happy with this radio/s synchronized display and dual monitor.

This specific feature makes it possible for you to configure or set the radio so you can watch a couple of channels at the same time. You can also further simplify radio operations. All it takes is synchronizing the display and side-keys in such a way that it will only make use of one channel.

I am also glad to highlight the straightforward and simple construction of this radio. It is hassle-free to use since the whole structure is simple. It also features three banks of five pre-programmed 2-way channels. With that, you can enjoy shared MURS radio frequencies with tones for various users and departments separating them.

It is also beneficial as it allows ease of modification when using privacy tones. All it takes is to modify them using the menu. It can automatically save all the modifications you made, so you do not have to do it over and over again.

However, I noticed some flaws in this MURS mobile radio – one of which is that it makes use of thin and flimsy plastic for its belt clips. I also wished that the user manual has better content.
  • Versatile radio as you can use it in numerous applications and purposes
  • Using it does not require a MURS license
  • No-interference operation
  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Can automatically save your modifications
  • Thin and flimsy plastic used for the belt clips
Overall, this MURS radio review for BTECH MURS-V1 2-Way Radio is mostly positive because it carries several advantages over other choices currently available for potential users.

2. Motorola RMM2050 Two-Way Business Radio


Another amazing MURS mobile radio you can invest in is the RMM2050 Two-way Business Radio from the famous Motorola brand. I am greatly impressed with the business exclusive frequencies that this two-way business radio has. You can expect it to operate through its five MURS FCC frequencies that do not require a license.

I also love the super clear signal delivered by this radio, which is made possible by its more than two hundred PL/DPL codes with the six of them being customizable. I also like how easy and simple its operation is. It even comes with a couple of programmable buttons that you can use to access its features quickly.

It is also easy to clone the radio, thanks to the one-unit charger cloning cable. You may also use the multi-unit charger. The single-unit charger can also provide the status of the battery and charging level through its tri-color LED. I am also fond of the exceptional audio quality that this two-way business radio from Motorola delivers.

Furthermore, its overall performance and design are industrial-grade. This somewhat proves how strong and sturdy the radio is. It even adheres to strict standards when it comes to withstanding rain, shock, dust, temperature, sand, vibration, and fog. It also boasts of antimicrobial protection, further boosting the sturdiness of its structure.

You will also find pleasure in the channel announcement function featuring voice alias promised by this radio. With this, you can just leave this 2-way radio on your belt while still having exact knowledge about the specific channel you are using for communication.

It is even possible to customize your channel list. All you have to do is to choose from its pre-recorded work functions, including customer service, security, and cashier. The advanced voice activation of this radio also lets you operate it hands-free whether you are using the optional accessories or not.

However, this 2-way radio is kind of expensive, which is one of its most notable downsides.
  • Can be operated without a license
  • Allows the customization of your channel list
  • Can be operated hands-free, thanks to its advanced voice activation feature
  • Sturdy construction, allowing it to withstand numerous harsh elements and weather
  • Guarantees ease and fast access to features through its programmable buttons
  • Quite expensive
With the aid of Motorola RMM2050 Two-Way Business Radio, your business will surely gain a competitive edge in terms of communication, which is also a big help in boosting the productivity and efficiency of workers and raising your profitability.

3. Retevis RT27V MURS Walkie-Talkie 2-Way Radio


You can also go for the high-quality yet reasonably priced RT27V MURS Walkie-Talkie 5-channel 2-Way Radio from Retevis. I am so fond of this 2-way radio because I noticed that this license-free frequency band is capable of promoting clear sound transmission. It can even resolve problems associated with signal interference.

This is through the features integrated into the 2-way radio that are designed to assure users of interference-free and clear communication. The well-built and sturdy construction of this 2-way radio is also one of the good things that captured my attention.

It is so sturdy and durable in the sense that it is capable of withstanding even the hardest and harshest conditions and use. The radio features a charging USB cable and jack. With this around, I never have problems charging it anywhere because there is no limitation and restriction in terms of the charger base.

The quality of the audio is top-notch. This is made possible using the encryption codes in all channels designed to block anything that might interfere with the signal. It is capable of separating you from other hectic frequencies and interferences.

With that, expect more efficient and faster communications even if you are in a noisy event or a crowd. It takes pride in its substantial battery life, provided you use it properly. The battery is also rechargeable, preventing you from having to buy one continuously.

The operation is easy and simple, too. It is even possible for kids to use it because of its simplicity. It is also not as bulky as traditional radios, making it more manageable. I am impressed with the embedded antenna because it ensures that the antenna will not easily fall off.

Furthermore, you can use the four screws that form part of this radio to set the clip tightly to your body, preventing it from falling off. It also supports a hands-free operation.

However, one downside I want to point out is that the antenna built into the radio is not removable.
  • Sturdy and durable that it can withstand even the harshest conditions
  • Promotes interference-free, fast, and efficient communications
  • Decent battery life with the battery itself being rechargeable
  • Easy and simple operations
  • Assures users of hands-free operation
  • Not removable built-in antenna
To conclude, this RT27V MURS Walkie-Talkie 5-channel 2-Way Radio from Retevis makes for a sound and wise investment for anyone who intends to use a MURS radio for quick and clear communications.

4. Dakota Alert M538-HT MURS Handheld 2-Way Radio


Another device worthwhile to check out in this industry is the M538-HT MURS Handheld 2-Way Radio from Dakota Alert. I highly recommend this because it is one of those MURS radios that you can safely and easily operate even without getting an FCC license. It can be categorized as a very high frequency (VHF) 2-way radio.

Expect it to operate at frequencies of around 151.820~154.600MHz. I am glad about how it promotes dual-way conversation. It effectively acts as a transceiver, letting it receive and send messages to and from MURS units and alert transmitter. I also love how it guarantees ease of communication once you decide to use it.

If you have a business, for instance, then you can use it to communicate easily and conveniently with your employees whether you are in a hotel, warehouse, or any other work setting. It is even possible to communicate with your staff if you are on a construction site. You just have to use multiple MURS radio for that specific purpose.

Another thing that this type of MURS radio can guarantee is a safe and secure wireless conversation every time you decide to use it for that purpose. This is made possible through the five channels it features that also have more than thirty privacy sub-channels.

You can even use it to listen to conversations privately through its earphone jack. I also immediately sensed the flexibility and versatility of this unit. It is because I found out that it has extensive applications and users, including outdoorsmen, security guards, small businesses, and farmers.

Communication with this MURS radio is also easy. All it takes is for the alert signal to be received by the alert transmitter so a voice alert signal will come out. If this happens, expect a visual cue in the form of an alert icon to be displayed. This indicates the transmission and receipt of the alert signal.

I am also satisfied with the wireless long-range operation guaranteed by the radio. It is because it can still send and transmit alert messages even if the radio is a couple of miles away from other units.

However, I dislike the somewhat subpar mic jack/headphone integrated into this MURS radio.
  • Promotes 2-way conversations
  • Guarantees safe and secure wireless conversations
  • Highly versatile with its wide range of users and applications
  • Can send alerts for further ease of communication
  • Promotes wireless operation even for long distances
  • Somewhat subpar quality of mic jack/headphone
Overall, the M538-HT MURS Handheld 2-Way Radio from Dakota Alert will not let you down with how effective it is in performing its job of promoting clear communications and conversations even with the distance.

5. Retevis RT6 IP67 2-Way Radio


I also highly recommend Retevis RT6 IP67 2-way Radio, which also captures the interest of most MURS radio fans because of the level of clarity and quality of its audio. It provides as much as 128 channels, making it a truly great partner for all your communication needs.

I am also very glad that it has an IP67 waterproof and dustproof structure. This somewhat makes it impenetrable against any harsh element. The built is solid, adhering to the standards of the military. With that, there is proof of its ability to withstand even the longest and harshest use, abuse, and friction.

It also features a high-quality and water-resistant speaker microphone. This provides some sort of assurance that users will only get a clear and loud voice from the time they started using it to the end. You can also set its power to low, middle, or high, which somewhat provides that it covers almost every range and frequency.

This 2-way radio from Retevis also takes pride in its extensive use. You can even use it even in extreme outdoor environments, including cruise ships, dusty building setups, and during snowy and rainy days. I love the overall size and structure of this radio because I find it lightweight and easy to use and carry.

It even offers support for chirp and keyboard settings. Furthermore, this MURS radio has a rechargeable Li-ion battery with incredible capacity. This huge capacity allows long-term used. It also features its charging dock.

Another thing that I truly appreciate in this radio is the presence of an SOS emergency and LED torchlight.

However, I think that the belt clip needs a bit of improvement. It is because I find it loose and it tends to hang over the radio instead of connecting at the back.
  • Well-built, making it useful even in heavy and harsh scenarios
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Produces clear and loud audio without any form of interference
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery that also boasts of its huge capacity
  • Loosely designed and somewhat improperly positioned belt clip
It is easy to neglect that minor issue, though, especially if you notice how clear communication is with the aid of the Retevis RT6 IP67 2-Way Radio.

6. TERA TR-505 Dual-Band MURS Handheld Two-Way Radio


Another MURS radio that piqued my interest and gave me satisfaction is the TERA TR-505 Dual-Band MURS NOAA GMRS Handheld Two-Way Radio. It is reasonably priced while still letting its users enjoy its pre-programmed sixteen general mobile radio service (GMRS) channels.

It is perfect for the majority of recreational and outdoor activities, such as hunting, skiing, hiking, and biking. The radio takes pride in its complete 4-watt transmission power, which is a good thing as it further increases not only its range but also its coverage area.

It comes at a compact size even with its multiple channels and nice features. Operating it is also simple and easy. It even comes with channel knobs and top-mounted volume designed simply so you will be able to use it without hassle. This radio is also equipped with a channel lock.

Another nice feature I love in this MURS radio from TERA is the voice announce, which you can use for the battery level, on/off status scanning, hi/low power, memory channel, and channel lock/unlock. The range of the radio is high in the sense that you can use it for communication in up to a 10-mile distance depending on how rugged the terrain is.

In case you only need short-range communications, you can select its low 1-watt power setting. I am also very happy with its Li-ion rechargeable battery as it can provide a max of thirty hours of operation after each recharge. It takes pride in its rugged design, giving it the chance to withstand numerous harsh scenarios.

It even boasts of its loud receive audio. Your entire purchase is also complete with its versatile antenna, operations manual, belt clip, and 2-hour desk charger. Furthermore, it has a loudspeaker output, which is favorable if you intend to use the radio in noisy environments.

However, I am not so fond of the speaker/mic output cover, which quality is a bit lower than the ones integrated into other radios.
  • Can support clear communications in both short and long-range distances
  • Comes pre-programmed with sixteen channels
  • Compact size, making it easy to carry and use
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Ruggedly designed, making it truly perfect in recreational and outdoor scenarios
  • Somewhat low quality of the speaker/mic output cover
Overall, I can say that this handheld two-way radio from TERA is worthwhile to invest in as it provides the best combination of power, battery life, range, and size plus it is user-friendly that even kids will not face challenges operating it.

7. Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two-Way Radio


Lastly, I would like to suggest using the Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two-Way Radio anytime you want clear and interference-free communication with your family, friends, or colleagues. It is compact and economical, having decent coverage and distance. This affordable two-way radio is also famous for its ease of and simple operations.

I like the overall sound quality of this two-way radio, too. This sound quality is great, especially in the majority of outskirts environments. It can retain such quality throughout the time you are using it without any form of tin tones and distortion. I also like how good this radio works when used in both 2-m and 70-cm bands.

It comes with a couple of power levels – the 1 watt and the 4 watts. This can provide you with a few options to broadcast and detect a wide variety of signals. The fact that it is categorized as a two-way radio also makes it possible for you to keep track of two frequencies.

It is equipped with its default antenna, which is not only sturdy but also known to do a pretty good job in what it is intended to do. It boasts of its impressive battery life. You can even enjoy up to 10-hour talk time. When idle, expect the battery life to reach up to 25 hours.

It also features a cradle charger. This is a big help in trickling charge, which proves to be useful in expanding the standby charge up to indefinite. It also works smartly in the sense that it does not overheat nor overcharge.

However, one downside in this Baofeng MURS radio is that it seems to deal with distortion and static if you put it in an extremely crowded location, like a city center.
  • Boasts of its decent coverage and distance
  • Easy and simple structure, promoting ease when operating it
  • Good sound quality guaranteed
  • Boasts of an impressively long battery life
  • Equipped with a cradle charger, which is a big help in preventing overcharging and overheating
  • Not that ideal to use in extremely crowded locations
Despite that, Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two-Way Radio delivers an incredible performance when used within its acceptable range and recommended areas, which is proof that it is still a wise investment.

What to Look for When Buying a MURS Radio


If you are set on using MURS VHF radios, it will not be quite as hard as when you are looking for radios for other frequencies. It is mainly because it is still kind of new and not that popular as other radios.

With that said, here are some factors, characteristics, and features to look for:

Battery Size – When shopping for a MURS radio, make sure to go for one with a battery that is large enough to store enough power. It should last for the rest of your trip and still have enough for getting back home. Most VHF radios have batteries that range from 1000mAh to 2,500 mAh.

To give you some context on how these numbers work, a typical VHF radio having 1,800mAh can power the radio anywhere from 8 to 10 hours of typical use. The battery should also be swappable.

It should let you swap out the spent battery pack with a freshly-charged one when necessary. It should also allow you to at least replace it with a slide that can accommodate alkaline batteries.

Weather Alerts – If you will be using your radio outdoors most of the time, access to the weather advisories and weather reports from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration is important. Your radio should, therefore, have weather alerting capabilities.

With such capabilities, it can consistently keep track of the Weather Channel then send you alerts about the weather in your area. Also, even if you haven’t received any weather disturbances, you should monitor the weather channel before embarking on a trip. This is a good safety measure.

Waterproofing and Weatherproofing – If you will be taking your radio out into the water, like say a fishing boat in a lake then get a waterproof radio. Some cheap radios out their claim they are waterproof but the truth is they are only splash-proof. This means that if you drop them into the water, then they are done for so be vigilant.

A good VHF radio should be able to survive getting dunked underwater without nary a scratch or any other issue. Moreover, it should be able to float for easy retrieval.

Display size and Backlighting – Almost all of the available MURS radios these days use a Dot Matrix LCD. This provides enough contrast that you can easily read what is written on the screen even when it is bright outside. It also needs to have a backlight function so that you can read the screen at night.

The display size will depend on the additional features of the radio that you’re getting. For instance, radios with GPS should have a bigger screen to accommodate the additional information that it needs to display, like GPS location, maps, weather information, and others.

Dual or Tri-Watch – When we say dual or tri-watch, this pertains to the number of channels that the radio can actively monitor during operation. You should at least have a dual-watch radio because you are required to monitor channel 16 as this is the emergency channel.

When you get a tri-watch radio, you get an extra channel for monitoring channel 09, which is usually used as a hailing channel.

MURS Radio Frequencies – There are only five MURS channels and they either have bandwidths of 11.25 kHz or 20 kHz. To be more specific, here are these five channels:

  • 151.820 MHz (11.25 kHz)
  • 151.880 MHz (11.25 kHz)
  • 151.940 MHz (11.25 kHz)
  • 154.570 MHz (20.00 kHz)
  • 154.600 MHz (20.00 kHz)

If you live within the United States, you can only use these 5 frequencies if you own a MURS radio. If you use frequencies that are outside of these five, the FCC will slap you with a hefty fine. How will the FCC find you? It is quite simple. There are certain private groups tasked by the FCC to monitor the frequencies for any illegal transmissions.

They can track you down by triangulating your exact position using your signal. If you own a legitimate, unmodified MURS radio then you will not be able to go to any other channels anyway, so there is absolutely no risk of you getting fined by the FCC.

MURS Radio Range – As far as the range of the MURS radio is concerned, here is the basic guideline:

  • With a clear line of sight – up to 3 miles
  • Normal conditions – up to 1.5 miles
  • Forested/Hilly area – half a mile out

Do not expect more than 3 miles of range from the MURS radio even it is under ideal conditions. It is because that is the limit set up by the FCC. To be more specific, MURS radios can only have 2 watts of power maximum.

Also, the maximum height of a MURS external antenna should be no more than 60 feet above the ground, or around 20 feet above the roofline of where the antenna is installed. Those specs mean that you do not have much to mess around with.

Keep in mind that the distances listed were acquired in ideal laboratory conditions and with a clear line of sight. These are conditions that rarely occur in the real world. Obstructions like buildings, thick concrete walls, floors, and hills can greatly affect the range of radios.

The Safety of Using MURS Radios – Lastly, MURS is an open frequency. This means that anyone can use it at any time. If you want to transmit private information, therefore, then this is not the avenue to do so as anyone with a radio can hear your messages.

One way that you can work around this issue is to come up with a kind of secret code that you can use. For instance, give every person and place involved with a code dame. This will make it a bit harder for other people to get a grip on what you are talking about and track your movements.

Other Important Factors to Consider


There are a couple of other things that you need to know before you even start shopping for a new MURS radio. Your awareness of such things is important because ignorance of them will get you in trouble with the law.

There are lots of misinformation about how bad MURS radios are, but those are just products of lazy research. To give you some more insights about this type of radio, here are some valuable details you need to be aware of.

What is MURS Radio?

According to the FCC, the MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) is a private, short-distance, two-way data or voice communications service that civilians can use. This is mostly used for personal or business activities. MURS stations cannot legally be connected to the public phone network.

It must not be used for in-store and forwarding operations. Furthermore, the use of radio repeaters is not allowed. The MURS uses channels in the VHF spectrum, specifically between 151 to 154 MHz.

This type of radio is commonly used for two-way, short-distance communications. It usually uses portable hand-held units that work almost the same way as walkie-talkies.

Who is the MURS Radio for?

Because the MURS operates within the VHF spectrum, it is very popular among those who love to go on long road trips. It also works for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who likes to spend time on the go. The reason being that VHF has characteristics that make it the best choice for short-distance terrestrial communication.

It is due to a range that is normally somewhat farther than typical line-of-sight. Even though there are limitations set on how much power a transmitter is allowed to have and how high an antenna tower can be used, there is nothing specified regarding external antennas.

This means that vehicle-to-vehicle communications range when using MURS can be wider than that of Family Radio Services. This increased range of MURS makes it great for outdoor activities, as it allows base camps to use higher external antennas to contact lost campers and reach emergency personnel.

How Does the MURS Radio Work?

MURS is essentially a two-way radio that uses only five VHF frequencies. Three of these frequencies are within the 151 MHz and come with bandwidths that are narrow at just 11.25 kHz. The other two frequencies are within the 154 MHz range and have a slightly wider bandwidth at 20 kHz.

Remember that before you use your radio, you need to ensure you are using the right bandwidth. Making the wrong choice at this point can and will affect the quality of your audio. It can also possibly interfere with adjacent channels. Another thing that you need to remember is that MURS radios can only operate at 2 watts of transmitter power.

Now, looking at it at face value, it would seem that it is not that much but that is not the case. For most intents and purposes, 2-watt power is more than enough for use in local short-range communications. It is especially true since you can use an external antenna to increase its range.

Normally, you can only get a couple of miles of range with a regular handheld radio but when you use a base antenna, the range can increase by up to 10 miles. However, as previously mentioned, you are not allowed to use a repeater on MURS channels. It was mentioned earlier that MURS is a personal and/or business radio service that’s unlicensed.

This means that you cannot reserve any of the channels for your private use. However, there are a couple of users who previously licensed some of the channels and they have been grandfathered into the current MURS channels.

This is why there are some channels where you can hear regular business chatter. Once you run into these channels, just find an alternate, unused channel. Alternatively, you can use tone codes to filter other people’s transmissions.

What are the Different Types of MURS radios?

Since the MURS frequency is relatively new, only a few devices are made specifically for it. Regardless, there are still several types of MURS radios and a couple of other uses for it.

Handheld Units – Because the MURS frequency was only released in 2002, only a few handheld radios are made specifically for it. The radios that are legitimately made for MURS work just like regular two-way radios. They also look like them but they can only access and use MURS frequencies.

Base Station Intercoms – This is just a handheld MURS radio but in a desktop configuration. The great thing about base station intercoms is that you can use external antennas to boost the power of the transmitter. Although it can only go up to 2 miles, with a good antenna, the audio quality becomes much better.

These radios essentially have two parts: the base, which houses all of the important hardware and the handset, which is the mic and speaker). You can place them on a table or mount them on the wall.

Base Station Intercoms – A base station intercom is essentially a handheld two-way radio in a desktop form. Instead of holding it in your hand, it sits on a horizontal surface. In some cases, it can be wall-mounted.

Here are some of the many uses of MURS radios:

Wireless Call Boxes – This is an emergency communication hub that is placed in weatherproof housings so that you can mount them outdoors. Mountain hikers who strayed off their path and need emergency assistance can use these.

Wireless Public Address System –It is because installing wires in outdoor spaces, especially in wooded areas, is quite troublesome. Using the base station intercom as the loudspeaker, you can use any two-way MURS radio to make announcements even from a long distance.

Wireless Switch Control – Back when Wi-Fi technology was still in its infancy, the radio is one of the more popular ways to remotely control lights, water pumps, or activate an emergency siren.

Wireless Switch Control – A wireless switch control device is used for any application where a contact closure is needed to remotely control a light, turn on/off a pump, activate a siren, or other application.

Voice Notification Wireless Monitor – This is a form of wireless radio transmitted which says whenever there are changes in the position of the switches by sending voice recordings to base station intercoms. Usually, this transmits recorded messages when a switch changes positions including when the switch happened.

Wireless Customer Service Intercom – Aside from the great outdoors, you can also use MURS radios in retail establishments, like a customer service intercom. This is a fast and easy way for retail customers to summon sales associates to their location whenever they need assistance with their purchase.

When the customer presses the button on the intercom, it sends out a pre-recorded voice message to all the two-way radios or wireless PA systems.

Why Do You Need a MURS radio?

The biggest reason why people are using MURS radios is that these function on the VHF band, which means audio quality is excellent. You also do not need to use a HAM radio to access the VHF band. This means you do not need a license. You just need to get a legitimate MURS 2-way radio and you are ready to go.

Another reason why people will benefit from using MURS is that it is fairly new and it is restricted for use only by the certified MURS radio units. This means that there are not that many users, so incessant radio chatter, which is always present in other frequency bands, can be avoided.

This also indicates that even though you cannot reserve channels, you can easily find channels without or with very few users that you and your group can use as your own.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted MURS radio brands?

Do you want to get the most dependable MURS radio from a reputable brand? Then you might want to check out BTECH, Motorola, Dakota Alert, Retevis, TERA, and Baofeng because they are among those brands that continue to earn the trust of the public.

How to set up and use?

Step 1 – Make sure the batteries are fully charged.

If your radio comes with detachable batteries, place them into the charger and plug the charger into a wall outlet. If the batteries are built-in, connect the wall charger to the radio then plug it into a wall outlet.

There should be a flashing light indicating that the batteries are charging. The light will stop pulsating when it’s full. Once the battery is full, put it back into the handheld unit.

Step 2 – Turn the radio on.

The On/Off switch also happens to be volume knob, located on top of the unit. Turn the knob to the right. At first, you will only hear white noise static, so you need to adjust the volume to a comfortable level.

Step 3 – Specify the channels you wish to monitor

Since MURS radios are only relegated to use five channels, you are not allowed to go beyond such channels. If you are using a certified MURS radio like you are supposed to, then you will not be able to do so.

Pick the specific channel that you want to monitor (up to three channels if you have a tri-watch) by pressing the up or down button. Make sure that the buttons are unlocked first.

To set the sub-channels, press the mode once or twice, wait for the display to blink then select the channel using the up and down keys Press the mode button once more to exit.

Step 4 – Make a call

Once you set the channel of the person or persons you want to call, hold the radio near your face, press the PTT (Press-to-Talk) button, hold it then speak into the microphone. Once you are finished speaking, let go of the button and wait for a response.

Ensure the volume on your end is loud enough so that you can hear your conversations with ease and clarity.

What are the rules for using MURS radios?

You can freely operate any MURS device anywhere the FCC is in charge of regulating radio communications. The FCC requires that you only transmit on a MURS frequency using a radio model that is MURS certified. You are also not required to identify the MURS station you’re using with any particular call sign.

Another rule is that A MURS device must have certification from the FCC. You will know if a MURS device is certified if it has an identifying label on it. Also, not one of the MURS channels can be assigned to any system exclusively.

You will be sharing the channels with others so you need to ensure that you don’t do anything to cause any interference for the other users. No MURS radio unit should exceed 2 watts transmitter power, too. There is no limit placed on antenna gain but you are not allowed to use power boosters.

Also, remember that it is illegal to transmit still images, videos, and radio-facsimile on MURS frequencies. There are no rules that address music transmission over MURS frequencies.

Furthermore, all MURS users are responsible for avoiding and causing interference for others. This includes monitoring of communications in progress to minimize the potential for interference.

How to store MURS radio?

You need to store your radio properly to keep it in good running condition. Make sure to avoid storing it in a room that is cool and dry. Ideally, radios should be in room temperature not exceeding 72F with limited to no exposure to excessive heat or cold.

Extreme temperatures can cause serious damage to the batteries. Moisture condensing inside the radios can cause battery housing to corrode while excessive heat can cause the batteries to vent. Furthermore, before storing your radios, do not forget to turn them off. If they have removable batteries, then take them out before storing them.

How to charge your 2-way radio?

Do not use your radio while it is charging. If you do this, it will draw power from the battery and charge at the same time, thereby significantly shortening the lifespan of your radio’s battery.

Also, prevent overcharging your radio’s batteries. Unplug the charger from the wall outlet as soon as the batteries are fully charged. Although most chargers have overcharge protection. It is still a good practice to not leave your radio batteries charging all night.

What are some tips for day-to-day use?

One important tip is to never hold your radio by the antenna. This will loosen its connection to the base and lessen its effectiveness at gathering radio signals and transmitting. Also, try not to drop your radio even if there is no visible damage on the outside.

There might be parts that are jiggled loose on the inside. To prevent this, consider using a belt clip to reduce the chances of accidental drops. Also, consider using a silicone cover to lessen the impact of drops.

How to clean the two-way radio?

You should regularly clean your two-way radio to keep it working properly. It does not take much to keep your two-way radio clean. You just need a microfiber towel, some water and for stubborn dirt and stains, some rubbing alcohol.

To remove dust and smudges, you can just dip your microfiber towel in a bit of water. If the dirt is too much for that, you can mix a bit of rubbing alcohol with the water and use it to scrub them away without scuffing up the surface.

What is the warranty?

Most two-way radios have one-year warranties but some brands offer longer warranty periods. It is much better if you choose the ones with longer warranties as their manufacturers have faith in their products, so much so that they are confident that they will last for more than a year.

Where to buy?

You can usually find different kinds of two-way radios in most electric appliance stores. However, finding one that is certified for MURS frequencies can be very difficult. The best place to buy a MURS two-way radio is at online retail stores like Amazon or eBay.

There, you will find dozens of choices. Most of them are more likely to be cheaper than what is available in brick and mortar stores.


If you want to try your hands at using two-way radios, the easiest to get into is the frequency of the MURS radio. Aside from the fact that there is no need for a license to get into it, there are also not that many who use this frequency so it is not so crowded.

However, you still need to be familiar with the rules and regulations regarding the use of MURS radio; otherwise, you will be facing fines of up to $10,000 from the FCC. On the other hand, if you can manage to follow the simple rules, you will find that it is quite fun and efficient to use the best MURS radio.

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