The Best Office Radios for 2023

An office radio is a compact and portable audio device that can provide great indoor reception and a bunch of other advanced technology like Bluetooth and MP3 player. Although the vast majority of them offer FM stations only, some also equip AM frequencies for versatile listening choices.

Whether it is designed with a beautiful retro wooden or simple metal housing, an office radio offers diverse power supplies and battery selections to operate for hours of playtime. Essential USB/AUX cables are often provided in the radio package as well. Despite its small size, it has high definition audio quality with deep bass and low distortion.

You can have it on board anywhere from your office desk to a kitchen shelf at home, or even carry it along in pockets to join outdoor activities. Read this article on the best office radio to find the most suitable one for your office.

Best Overall Best Sound Quality Most Convenience
Preview Victrola VRS-2800-ESP

Panasonic RF-2400

Greadio GR-R919

Dimensions 9.5 x 6.3 x 4.9 inches 3.23 x 9.21 x 4.8 inches 4.4 x 2.7 x 2 inches
Weight 2.83 pounds 1 pounds 0.001 pounds
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth/ 3.5mm USB/ 3.5mm Wireless/ Bluetooth/ 3.5mm
Power AC Adapter AC Adapter & Battery 1100mAh (Up to 9 hours)
Antenna No Yes No

Best Office Radio Reviews

1. Victrola Retro Wood Bluetooth FM/AM Radio


The first radio unit for office that I would like to mention is a vintage wooden one from the brand Victrola that offers both AM and FM frequencies. It is truly a traditional analog one with a manual tuner knob to find nearby stable stations. The entire interface of this retro radio uses big knobs to enable rotary dial.

At first, I did not look forward that such a classic radio design would include Bluetooth connection to pair with external devices, but it amazes me with this function next to the AM/FM mode. It’s bass & treble control is a significant bonus. This radio offers powerful built-in stereo speakers for the best audio quality as well.

I find it rather disappointing to accept that the wooden radio performs poorly regarding the Bluetooth connectivity power. It can cut out all of a sudden when playing music from my phone, which makes it a real burden to use. I hope the brand will try to improve this advanced wireless connection.
  • Provide both frequencies of AM and FM.
  • It is a tradition model with a knob for manual tuning.
  • Include a new connection for Bluetooth.
  • There is a control knob for the bass & treble.
  • The Bluetooth connection line is not so reliable.
All that the brand Victrola has to do with this retro office radio from wood is to strengthen its Bluetooth connection for better stability. The audio quality of this unit is way beyond my expectations with loud integrated stereo speakers. Just rotate the bass and treble control knob to improve its produced tone in seconds quickly.

2. Panasonic RF-2400D AM/FM Radio


While being completely AC capable with a 120V and 560Hz power source, the traditional radio model supports a DC 6V with 4 AA batteries as well. If you are not keen on plugging earphones into its 3.5mm audio jack, then it has a strong audio system power output, known as RMS, of 770mW max.

I might prioritize this Panasonic RF radio more than many its competitors as it offers both AM (520 – 1730KHz) & FM (87 – 108MHz) channels. The built-in handle is extremely convenient for you to carry the lightweight radio around an office. Plus, the large radio dial panel and straightforward interface are easy to use.

I see that the AM/FM radio speaker is approximately 10cm, which is big, and a highly precise station tuner will benefit for clearer sound. It also contains an integrated Ferrite antenna to contribute to the best quality of audio. It still works well even when there are severe local weather conditions.

Nevertheless, the sound level control of this RF radio for office is now facing many issues that need to be quickly solved. To be honest, I do not find this feature sensitive enough because it would either be loud or very soft but nothing in between. Its volume stations also drift intermittently and do not stay focused.
  • Compatible with AC & DC power supplies.
  • Offer a 770mW audio system power output.
  • There is a handle on top with a simple panel.
  • It has a 10cm speaker and a fine station tuner.
  • The Ferrite antenna improves its reception.
  • Its sound level control is not sensitive enough.
Since the RF-2400D AM/FM radio from Panasonic is a rather old model, its level control for the audio might sometimes be too powerful. Besides that, I believe that many other users have high hopes in this brand to manufacture more office radio like this unit. It is such a fantastic deal concerning all details.

3. Greadio Walnut Wooden Bluetooth FM Radio


If you desire to purchase an FM unit that combines a retro sense with modern technology, I would utterly suggest the Greadio walnut wooden FM radio. This small office radio brings back the classic 1950s music vibe while ensuring that all of the latest advanced features are offered.

Its vintage housing made out of natural wood and a nostalgic interface will be a major bonus for people who enjoy an old fashion style from the 1950s. The bass enhancement system and 5W amplifiers output of this wooden radio are useful in producing richer, louder audio without any distortion from the front.

Despite being small and lightweight compared to other opponents, I love how the radio contains a rechargeable 1100mAh battery for 8 hours of playtime. Its Bluetooth 4.2 connection helps it to connect with all Bluetooth devices in less than a second. The FM radio package includes extra micro cords for USB and AUX.

Having a beautiful wooden housing is highly likely to be a double-edged sword for this Bluetooth office radio. If the supplier does not control the radio quality before sending it out, the wood may be severely dented or scratched. This case does not occur much in terms of plastic/metal FM radios.
  • Retro outlook with smart technologies.
  • Contain an excellent bass system & 5W amplifiers.
  • The audio it produces is deep & distortion-free.
  • Its 1100mAh battery can work up to 8 hours.
  • Able to connect with all Bluetooth-enabled units.
  • The wooden exterior might be scratched out.
Thanks to the vintage wooden look and powerful smart features, the Greadio walnut office radio with Bluetooth is useful for both leisure and formal occasions. If you have the same thought, do not hesitate to wrap it up and send it to your loved ones as a beautiful and impressive Christmas gift.

4. GPX Inc. R602B Portable AM/FM Radio


I highly value the built-in handle that the brand GPX has decided to equip for this portable R602B office radio in black. It is capable of providing both AM and FM frequencies for more diverse options in radio listening. This radio can meet these requirements if you want to have it around in the truck or at home.

The unit accepts connection from other external devices via its 3.5mm input jack of audio line and delivers audio through the speakers. Since a telescopic antenna has been integrated, the radio AM/FM reception is enhanced. The analog volume control, along with its metal grills, is not complicated to use at all.

Besides the built-in AC power cord that can be stored neatly inside its battery compartment, the DC power supply of this office radio uses 3 C-size batteries. This means you can select a more convenient source between the two of them in different situations. The radio battery life lasts up to 8 hours of audio.

The only problem that still concerns me quite a lot about this portable AM/FM radio is how it is unable to hold the tuned frequency. It might sound fine at first, but it tunes to static at some point. Moreover, I cannot get a station to come in the clears for more than several minutes before it suddenly turns to static.
  • A built-in handle and AM/FM frequencies.
  • Connect to other devices via an input jack.
  • The telescopic antenna has been pre-installed.
  • Support both AC and DC power supplies.
  • Its average playtime is 8 hours of full charge.
  • It does not hold the station and tunes to be static.
In my opinion, it would be such a waste if you miss out on this AM/FM radio for office use. The top reasons are its budget-friendly, compact, AC-powered unit with an earphone jack. Having the extra solid handle to bring the radio along, you will be surprised at what this small, lightweight R602B radio model from GPX can do.

5. ANJANK Small Alarm Clock Radio



Without a doubt, this alarm clock FM radio from the brand ANJANK is utterly the most recommended alternative that can replace your plain, old-fashioned clock. Although its overall construction is pretty small, the LED screen of 3.2 inches is bright and big enough to show the time like any other digital clock.

I am confident of claiming that the unit here is the best small radio for office for plenty of reliable reasons. There are 5 different levels of brightness dimmer from full to dark so you can use it with comfort throughout the day and night. It has dual 5V/2.1A USB ports to be able to charge two different mobile devices.

Upgraded to consume less energy of the 3 AAA backup battery life, this alarm clock radio enables a special mode that only allows some key functions to run. Its main power supply is AC 100-240V, with a provided 5-feet safe AC adapter for switching between these two sources and conveniently storing it away.

It is possible to select the manual or auto scan for nearly 60 FM stations in its FM frequency range of 87.5 – 108MHz. I like how the brand adds a sleep timer in 10 – 120 minutes to help users fall asleep side by side with their favorite channels. This radio includes a low minimum volume and a headphone jack.

Apart from the dual alarm design, you can also activate its 10-minute snooze if you are still not ready to wake up yet. The small FM radio provides 6 soothing music sounds for the alarm ringing, and the extra 7th sound is your preferred channel. Its temperature switch between °C and °F makes it more useful to use.

My biggest complaint about this portable unit has got to be related to most of its button size. The snooze button can please me, but the rest should have been made bigger than their current size. It is hard to push these buttons, and there is enough room on the top of this FM radio to enlarge them.
  • Provide 5 adjustable screen brightness levels.
  • 2 USB ports to charge other electronic devices.
  • Power-saving mode for AAA batteries is available.
  • Offer a manual & auto scan of 60 FM stations.
  • There is a clock timer from 10 to 120 minutes.
  • It views the current temperature due to °C & °F.
  • Most buttons should have been enlarged more.
ANJANK has been thoughtful to engineer 5 dimmable viewing modes and 6 relaxing ringing sounds for the alarm of this small radio. I would consider it an advanced digital alarm clock with temperature display and manual/auto 60 FM station scan that is perfect to use at home and office.

6. PRUNUS M-160BT AM FM Retro Radio


Here is another luxurious-looking retro small office desk radio to broaden your selections on this review list. The brand PRUNUS has generously offered versatile bandwidths of AM, FM & SW (shortwave) for it to be more sensitive towards signals. Its copper antenna is 21cm and retractable to ensure stable reception.

The M-160BT unit can be an excellent decoration for your home and office desk by having an impressive vintage aesthetic outlook. Its AUX and wireless Bluetooth functions help it connect to other devices in a second within 10m. The audio playtime is estimated at 6-8 hours with a 30% volume.

I can guarantee that with the 270° tuning space for its circular tuning window, the reception accuracy of this small AM/FM radio is significantly improved. If you have not noticed yet, there is a warm light on the tuning window for you to use at night without harming the eyes. It is indeed lightweight, with only 383g.

What is more surprising to me is that the radio unit supports both flash drives and TF card up to 32GB to play all of the stored MP3 files in those devices. A built-in 3W magnetic speaker delivers deep bass audio. There is a charging indicator light to show you when its non-removable 1200mAh battery is fully charged.

This feature is probably unpopular for most brands and their buyers, but this Bluetooth retro radio lacks overcharge protection, so I cannot leave it plugged in all night. It has to be manually removed after a charging time of 3-11 hours, or else there is a high chance of causing a battery fire or shortening battery life.
  • Provide 3 bandwidths of AM, FM, and SW.
  • The vintage appearance is a great decoration.
  • It can connect with other devices within 10m.
  • Its tuning window space is big with warm light.
  • Support using both flash drives & TF card.
  • Include a charging indicator light in the process.
  • It does not have a battery overcharge security.
The PRUNUS unit smoothly blends different eras for those seeking a nostalgic sense in a smart radio with modern technology. The indicator light for a full charge is certainly a relevant detail to take away the hassle in this process. It is a valuable office AM/FM/SW radio choice for the money in general.

7. Antimi Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio


Not many office radios out there on the market have a WAV lossless decoding to produce output sound in the original soundtrack quality, but you can surely count on this Bluetooth FM unit. It includes a lithium-ion 2200mAh battery that is rechargeable by most USB power sources to play continuously for 12 hours.

The Antimi speaker radio offers a built-in wireless amplifier for FM signals, so it can support most channels and empowering the reception. There are no sharp edges on the metal design; thus, it is comfortable to touch or slide it in your pocket. This smooth construction prevents risks of splash, dust, and rain.

I am pleased with its innovative 360° stereo sound since it ensures harmonic distortion at less than 1% for better fidelity. Dual full-range 3W speakers work well with enhanced bass to enable audio efficiency. You will not be tied down by cords thanks to the wireless Bluetooth connection that activates fine within 10m.

All of its touch buttons are highly sensitive, allowing the switching selection of 3 listening modes, including Bluetooth, Micro SD, and Aux-in. Bluetooth will enable it to connect with a lot of Apple/Android devices. The Micro SD and TF card can upgrade the speaker’s firmware while an Aux-in is connectible to TVs via a cable.

Its clear LED screen displays the current FM frequency, battery capacity in the Bluetooth mode, and also the radio mode. Digital keys are available right by this screen for your convenience in use. It only takes around 2-3 hours to charge the unit fully. There is a charging lamp on top of this radio to indicate the process.

I do not exactly feel assure when the Bluetooth FM radio is charged. Because the indicator light keeps on flashing, then another time later is solid red, and other times it is not on at all. This is quite confusing as I have no idea whether it has been fully charged so I can bring it to different places without the cable.
  • The lossless decoding delivers quality audio.
  • It can be used for 12 hours after a full charge.
  • The FM signal amplifier brings better reception.
  • The sleek design prevents water & dust.
  • Its speaker produces sound with little distortion.
  • 3 listening modes are enabled via touch buttons.
  • The charging indicator lamp is not so reliable.
I am attracted to the smooth, edgeless design of this MP3 player with FM stations from Antimi. The current trend is to combine the best features in a portable unit, and this brand has succeeded with it. They only need to fix the charging indicator light, and it would utterly be more appealing to all users.

8. Studebaker SB2000TS Retro Portable AM/FM Radio


The SB2000TS model from the brand Studebaker is the last radio for office on this review list that comes with a vintage appearance. There are 3 colors for you to choose, including red, turquoise, and teal, which all look stunning. With 350mW of the output power, this portable radio only has 10% total harmonic distortion.

It is good news to know that I can fold down its convenient carrying handle when not in use, making the retro unit far neater for storage. The 120V AC adapter plug and 4 C-size batteries are its charging options. An Aux input jack is beneficial for connecting the AM/FM radio with a lot of digital audio players.

There appears to be a problem with the radio battery. As far as I am concerned, a small unit like this one should not use up to 4 C-size batteries at the same time to operate. It is, without a doubt, too much power for the radio to handle. The brand should have manufactured it to use 2 batteries is better.
  • It only allows 10% of total harmonic distortion.
  • The foldable carrying handle is convenient.
  • Offer two charging selections of AC and DC.
  • Its Aux input connects with other audio players.
  • It is consuming too many C batteries at once.
The Studebaker SB2000TS is my last office radio with good reception on this product review list. Its exterior color options are meant for those who have a great fashion sense. Furthermore, the total harmonic distortion rate is not too high, so you can be certain that your listening experience will be unforgettable.

9. Greadio Retro Bluetooth Speaker FM Radio


At first sight, I am immediately impressed with the vibrant Ferrari red paint of this retro Bluetooth FM radio for office from Greadio. It does bring back much reminiscence for the 1950s, but at the same time, the powerful speaker with 5W amplifiers of audio output can create more vibrant and louder sounds with no distortion.

More than using this speaker radio in the office, the portable unit is brought along at ease for different outdoor activities such as camping, picnic, traveling, yard work, etc. There are 3 modes for music listening besides the FM stations like wireless Bluetooth connection, Aux-in, and an integrated slot for a TF card.

Despite its excellent benefits, I wish that I have a bit more fine control on the tuner knob. This means a small rotation would be able to offer a larger change of FM frequency. That way, I would not have to manually turn the tuner knob too many times with a lot of effort to achieve more frequency changes.
  • It is a good combination of tradition & modern.
  • Its audio output has a powerful amplifier of 5W.
  • It could be carried along to different activities.
  • Include 3 modes (Bluetooth, Aux & TF card).
  • It needs more frequency change for the tuner.
I would say that the brand Greadio has done quite an excellent job with this small, cute retro FM office radio with Bluetooth. Other users are also amazed that it is capable of delivering rich and deep bass audio through its strong built-in amplifiers. This FM unit cannot be left out from your radio shopping list.

10. Soundance SDY019 Portable FM Radio for Office


Even in an enclosed environment like an office, you will need to have a powerful speaker for the audio boost of FM channels for some time.

The radio features premium speaker technology to give you a quality, clean, clear sound. Both speakers of this Soundance SDY019 office radio with Bluetooth are 40mm, and the bass resonator has been considerably enhanced to provide deep bass in its sound.

It only requires one click to automatically scan and save all of the available stations within the 87.5 – 108MHz frequency range. A USB/AUX cable can be connected to be used as an antenna to improve radio signal strength. Each radio broadcast is easily set as an alarm ring as wished.

This brand applies the durable ABS material to create a solid radio shell, active as it does not interfere with the FM frequencies. If you are not a fan of ticking clock sound, its LED screen shows the 12-hour time format without this detail. Also, the screen displays its 8-hour rechargeable battery status.

Because this office radio accepts an audio line of 3.5mm, it can support an MP3 player and audio files. With its Bluetooth 3.0 feature, the radio is conveniently compatible with both Apple and Android mobile devices. Not to mention the integrated microphone that enables hands-free Bluetooth calling.

I had once expected that this portable office FM radio would manage to shuffle songs on its own while plugging in a USB. On the contrary, it is incapable of doing that action automatically. You will need to shuffle to another track by pressing the backward/forward button, which is extremely time-consuming.
  • 40mm speakers with a boosted bass resonator.
  • Allow auto searching and storing for FM channels.
  • A USB/AUX cable can be used as an antenna.
  • The outer shell is made of durable ABS material.
  • Support an MP3 player connection & its files.
  • The Bluetooth works with Apple/Android devices.
  • Require to play shuffle USB songs manually.
It will be much helpful for office employees as this radio allows wireless Bluetooth connection from a distance. The Soundance SDY019 office radio includes innovative components that are much beneficial to enjoy your favorite FM stations at work. I bet it can be favored more if it auto shuffles USB songs.

What to Look for When Buying an Office Radio


Earphone jack – The earphone jack is far more relevant than most people think, especially in an office environment where many people work. It is much better to listen to these radio stations privately since the audio would not affect others. This is a common manner in public places.

The standard radio jack for earphone plugin is 3.5mm. A vast majority of office radios lack this important detail, so you should focus on those that do include and prioritize them on the shopping list. With a good pair of earphones, you can enjoy the radio anytime and avoid unwanted co-workers.

Battery supply – You will see that an office radio would usually consume rechargeable batteries in most cases, but many office radios use disposable battery sources (C-size, AA…). Both of these supplies have their ups and downsides, which I will explain further below for you to be aware of.

It should come with a charging cord/adapter in the radio package. An FM radio for work with high mAh means the playtime between each charge is considerably longer than the lower ones. On the other hand, you have to rely on the charging process and more troublesome when there is an electricity outage.

Most radio packages do not provide disposable batteries. They can be easily found in most households, and the price is really low in a bundle. It requires around 3-4 batteries to function. They enable quick and simple replacement, but obviously, the radio cannot be turned on if you run out of this battery type.

Bluetooth connection – When you are not interested in listening to AM/FM radio stations anymore, a wireless Bluetooth connection is your substitution. It supports you to play tracks from other electronic devices via its large radio speakers. It might seem weird, but some retro radios have this feature, while more advanced ones do not.

It only takes a couple of seconds for you to connect a radio with another Bluetooth-enabled device successfully. The convenience of wireless Bluetooth lies in the absence of strings and cords between these units as they are irrelevant in this case. You will be able to activate this feature almost anywhere possible.

Most Bluetooth connection in office radios would perform well within a range of 10m (33 feet). The connectivity starts to grow weak if two devices are placed farther than this distance. At present, Bluetooth technology is connectible to a wide range of Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, and Windows 7, 8, 10.

Telescopic antenna – People use an antenna in hopes of enhancing and stabilizing RF signals to transfer audio with much higher quality. It extends from 10 to 21cm long. We see a radio antenna from different perspectives since most people find it beneficial, but others feel that it is not that necessary.

To respond to those tough demands, a few brands choose to get rid of a built-in antenna for their office radió. Instead, they make it removable with ease or allow using a USB/AUX cable as a replacement to boost reception. The core material for a telescopic antenna would certainly be premium metals.

If you have faith that your desired radio already has the best kind of reception for FM (and AM, in some cases), it will be your personal choice for an extra antenna. However, I would still advise you to purchase a radio pack that comprises a removable telescopic antenna in case the signal strength is unreliable.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted office radio brands?

I bet you can already tell several trustworthy names on the office radio market from this article, including GPX, Studebaker, Greadio, Panasonic, PRUNUS, Soundance, Antimi, ANJANK. You are highly guaranteed to have the best radio reception in office building produced by one of these famous brands.

Through my detailed review of each of their functional office radio models, you can see that there is a wide diverse range of designs and highlight functions. Most of them are not too expensive, but they can provide long playtime hours along with a considerable lifespan to gain the ultimate trust from users.

Why do you need an office radio?

Several office wifi might block streaming media. And I believe that you cannot stand listening to a limited offline music library all day long at work. Scan for the most powerful radio channels and listen to them for local news and entertainment instead. Having a wireless Bluetooth connection is even more splendid.

Not only for office use but also at home as it provides great reception inside closed spaces. As you can see, a lot of AM/FM radio frequencies above are equipped as an extra function for digital alarm clocks or MP3 players. Therefore, you can own an optimal unit that serves multiple purposes.

Another less popular application of an office radio is for decoration, especially the ones made out of natural wood that brings back a great nostalgic vibe. It is undeniably a major highlight for your desk or bookshelf. Also, this radio makes a beautiful gift for your loved ones and friends on special occasions.

How to set up and use it?

Setting up and learning to use a small radio for office does not require any complicated steps. Make sure it is fully charged in advance or use fresh disposable batteries. It enables 6-12 hours of playtime depends on different brands. There will be a telescopic antenna, or you can use a USB/AUX cable instead.

Subsequently, select a specific bandwidth if the radio includes more than one option (AM/FM/SW…). You need to push a button or turn a knob to auto or manually scan for strong stations. After that, you can listen to your favorite channels via the external speaker or plug in a pair of headphones for privacy.

Activate the wireless Bluetooth connection or insert a TF card if you want to listen to your favorite tracks through the strong radio speakers. You can also set an alarm clock with its default sounds or pick a favorite radio station to wake you up in the morning. Read its instruction manual to discover more features.

How to take care and maintain it?

Since the office radio is an electronic device, it requires your attention to take care and maintain it during use. This helps prevent dusting and rusting if this radio is being used regularly. Remember to store all of the important cables in places that you can easily reach out to find.

For those that do not include a charging indicator light, you need to protect them from the risk of overcharging. Redundant power supply shortens the rechargeable battery lifespan and, sometimes, can lead to internal burning.

From what I can tell, you are free to place the radio on your office desk or a bookshelf as wished, but the chosen position should avoid direct sunlight and water splashes. Remove unwanted stains on the exterior housing with a soft, damp cloth is fine; you should not apply any types of detergents on this digital device.

What is the product warranty?

In most cases, the return window for an office radio would be within a maximum of 90 days from your purchase. Whereas, other manufacturer defections, later on, can be solved in one following year depends on different brands. I advise you to focus on the product warranty and try to take advantage of it while you can.

Where can I buy it?

Based on my experience, you should visit Lowes, Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy, and eBay to purchase an office radio with great reception indoors. They can guarantee you the highest product quality at reasonable price ranges and comfortable warranties for their radios.


An office radio is seen as one of the best entertainment ways you can make use of daily at work. A small electronic unit like that can comprise a series of advanced technology and features to spice up your office life. Make sure you obtain the mentioned office radios in this article for the best quality assurance.

My tip is to stick to the instruction manual and this buying guide to learn how to use the best office radio properly. It is not difficult to set up, use, take care, and maintain this AM/FM unit if you manage to follow all of my advice. Have fun with your radio shopping time, and thank you for reading this.

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