The Best Pocket Radios for 2023

In this digital era, it seems that radios’ role is slowly fading behind loads of modern devices. However, many people still choose to get quick updates on broadcast news, talk shows, weather alerts, sports events, and the latest music charts in a simple way: carrying and operating a compact pocket radio.

Instead of having a smartphone or laptop, the pocket radio is an excellent alternative that does not need constant charging or attaching to an electricity source. Its operation time can last up to weeks with long-life batteries. This type of small radio also allows much convenient storage by sliding the unit in shirt pockets.

Once you have gotten used to using a pocket radio, you would no longer look down on a wide range of different features in a small housing. Although there is no Bluetooth pocket radio in this article, I hope you can still find the most suitable and best pocket radio.

Best Overall Portability Sound Quality
Preview Vondior VX-Radio



Vondior E300



Sangean DT-400W


Dimensions 4.7 x 2.75 x 1.1 inches 4.41 x 2.48 x 0.71 inches 2.5 x 1.18 x 4.19 inches
Weight 3.2 ounces 1.44 ounces 4 ounces
Battery 2 AA 2 AAA 2 AA

Best Pocket Radio Reviews

1. Vondior AM FM Portable Pocket Radio


It is nice to have simple transistor pocket radios like the Vondior AM FM silver pocket unit around. This radio is recommended as the wonderful pocket radio reception thanks to an attached telescoping antenna to receive external signals best.

This portable pocket radio runs on 2 regular AA batteries that you can easily find in most households to avoid sudden power collapse. Compared to modern devices, the unit includes far fewer buttons but still enough of what you need. It is manufactured small to fit in your hands or pocket pants for convenience.

Although this AM FM transistor unit is not an advanced gadget, it still deliver fine sound through a large integrated speaker. If you do not want to disturb other people with the news you are listening to, the radio has a mono earphone jack so you can enjoy it entirely by yourself.

Since the right pocket radio is not power-consuming at all, its batteries can last for weeks for you to go on a long trip or go camping with no worries of charging. The extra carrying strap helps to keep it alongside in case there is no pocket.

From what I can tell after using this portable FM/AM radios, the sound quality is not exactly as good as described. There is no treble or bass control to make its produced sound better and it is certainly not digital. Sometimes, this kind of shrill sound hurts my ears a bit so I hope the brand can improve this feature soon.
  • It has fine reception through an antenna.
  • Includes a mono-socket for earphones.
  • The batteries can last for weeks of use.
  • The carrying strap is highly convenient.
  • Its sound quality is short of expectation.
If you wish to impress elder people in your family with a timeless gift, then I would not hesitate to recommend giving them this Vondior battery-operated pocket radios. Its operations are simple enough to suit users of different ages.

2. Vondior Digital AM FM Portable Pocket Radio


The second AM FM transistor gadget from the brand Vondior is a pocket digital radio with almost the same basic functions as the manual one above. As it requires 2 AAA batteries to perform, they can be found quickly in any household and have the power to last through weeks of intermittent usage.

Its LCD screen with blue backlit displays the station frequency that you are currently on in numeric so changing between different stations is much easier. The upgraded audio enables a more powerful volume with less distortion. This pocket radio includes a built-in sleep timer from 10 to 90 minutes auto-off.

Whenever you need to wake up at a certain time, the digital portable radio will provide you with an integrated alarm clock to set up and select buzz sounds or a favorite station. Furthermore, this radio contains a special misoperation lock feature to secure previous setup changes when you are traveling or sleeping.

In terms of signal reception, this one has been improved to an advanced level with a DSP chip. The tuning bar is right below its LCD screen and a headphone jack is placed on top for you to use it more privately. Also, its telescoping antenna is attached to be extended or drawn back as wished.

However, the transistor pocket radios is indeed a fragile unit because the glass screen immediately broke when I accidentally dropped it. After that, the LCD had obliterated this screen so it was not near good to use at all. It was mainly my mistake but I still think the brand should make this AM FM radio more firm.
  • It has an LCD screen with a blue backlit.
  • The sleep timer allows 10 to 90’ auto-off.
  • Enables alarm clock on chosen stations.
  • Provides a misoperation lock function.
  • There is a DSP chip for better reception.
  • The external shell is made far too fragile.
The brand Vondior has done quite well in combining modern technology into a traditional simple radio unit. I bet that this AM FM digital radio will gain further satisfaction if it was manufactured to be more solid than this external housing.

3. Sangean DT-400W AM FM Digital Pocket Radio


Out of almost all Sangean pocket radio reviews, I see that the DT-400W digital pocket model is favored by many users, including myself. In this small unit, there are 19 different random presets of AM FM/WX stations for you to choose from with a button for a favorite channel selection.

Its integrated speaker is enhanced with a DBB (Dynamic Bass Boost) feature and this has been proved through the NOAA weather alert performance. Other than warning you about emergencies in the neighborhood, these channels also offer general information on local weather if you are planning for a trip.

To preserve the AA battery life in a better way, this portable radio can optionally enable an auto shut-off after a maximum of 90 minutes. With the innovative PLL synthesized tuning, interrupted signals would be stabilized or recovered from their noisy environments and get to your ears at their finest.

The large LCD display with a supplied backlit is beneficial for users whose eyes are a bit weaker in poor-light conditions. An automatic searching function for stations makes the AM FM pocket radio even more convenient to operate. Its belt clip behind is quickly removable to attach this gadget on your belts or pockets.

The most noticeable issue that this digital radio is currently facing is about impenetrable user manuals. When I pressed and held a certain radio button, its screen came up with the wording “PER 30” but that is unexplained at all in the instruction manual. I expect the brand to add an answer to this kindly.
  • Enables random presets for AM FM/WX.
  • The external speaker has a DBB feature.
  • There are NOAA weather alert channels.
  • The PLL synthesized tuning is beneficial.
  • The removable belt clip is greatly flexible.
  • The user manual is difficult to understand.
Concerning a digital AM FM radio in a compact size, I find a lot of potential in this Sangean DT-400w unit with a series of different advanced features. The most advantageous of this product is the dynamic boost of bass on audio speaker and a PLL tuning that has been synthesized for fine reception.

4. Crane CC Pocket AM FM Radio


People do not call the C. Crane CC Pocket gadget the best pocket AM FM radio for no special reason. Underneath the LCD screen is 5 preset one-touch buttons to allow 5 AM FM channel memory pages. Unlike other fragile radios, this one includes rubber-coated sides for a firm and stable grip during operation.

Even if the incoming signals are weaker than they should be, the digital radio can produce high sensitivity to receive them at ease. The good thing is that this top-rated pocket radio package also contains earbuds for you to listen to its audio with higher quality. There are both a normal clock and alarms in it.

Two-meter bars on the screen indicate how much battery is left and the current signal status. Besides working on AA batteries for around 75 hours of usage time, the portable pocket radio is compatible with rechargeable ones as well. The AM filter allows you to select a narrow or wideband based on your liking.

Nevertheless, I personally am not pleased with how the batteries in this AM FM radio cannot stay steadily in place to secure a continuous current flow. Instead, the slightest movement is enough to move the batteries out of their positions shutting the pocket radios off. This issue should be strengthened soon.
  • Has a bar for storing channel memory.
  • Both sides are fully coated with rubber.
  • Offer high sensitivity to weak signals.
  • Contain both battery and signal bars.
  • Select a wide/narrow band for the AM filter.
  • The batteries do not stay firmly in place.
The CC Pocket AM FM radio from the brand C. Crane is manufactured to be safe and sound through dropping. Moreover, this one is sensitive enough to catch weak signals. In my opinion, these advantageous features are exactly why this unit should be on your preference list of the top pocket radios to go shopping in the future.

5. Eton Elite Mini Compact AM/FM Radio


If you are looking for a true manual mini pocket radio that performs well enough with receiving the short wavelength, I would highly recommend using this Eton Elite Mini unit. Along with an internal AM antenna, there is an extra telescoping antenna on top of the compact radio for FM/SW signals reception.

By having a helpful sleep timer, it would be easy for you to fall asleep without wasting its power. I also really appreciate how this brand provides a handmade portable case made from stitched leather to carry the radio unit safely around.

Unfortunately, the lack of a micro USB power port as mentioned in the product description is quite disappointing to me. In fact, it is a 3V plug that you have to spend extra to purchase. Though this is not a major detail, this brand should have equipped the shortwave radio with such a port if it had been stated in the description.
  • Receive SW signals besides AM FM.
  • Goes along with 2 separate antennas.
  • There is a fine customizable sleep timer.
  • The offered case is craftsman stitching.
  • A micro USB power port is not included.
I truly recognize the effort to help protect the Elite Mini AM FM radio from Eton against unwanted external impacts with a high-quality leather case. I do not think you should ever hesitate to purchase a compact and well-protected unit like this to effectively receive & listen to radio stations on the shortwave band.

6. Sony ICF-S10MK2 Pocket AM/FM Radio


For people who are interested in trying out diverse digital audio devices from a long time ago, Sony must have been one familiar brand that is still gaining much attention now. The ICF-S10MK2 pocket size AM FM radio is a reliable gadget to let you listen to a series of fascinating talk shows, sports games, and music.

With only a pair of regular AA batteries to operate like analog portable radios, the brand claims that this unit offers battery life up to 45 hours in AM mode and about 40 in FM mode. The radio is compact enough to be slipped quickly into your pocket. Still there is a provided carrying strap for further convenience.

You can either choose to listen to its audio via the integrated external speaker or plug personal earbuds into the mono earphone jack for better sound quality. The 100 mW output power of this AM FM pocket radio enables 10% harmonic distortion. When the gadget is being tuned, an LED light indicator will turn on.

There is a certain issue related to the right pocket radio tuning function that I feel the need to talk about. Whenever I try to tune to a particular station, it holds that station for about 2 minutes then the frequency fades off so it has to be regularly tuned. No matter what, this error needs instant troubleshooting.
  • The AA battery life can last for 45 hours.
  • Has an attached carrying strap.
  • Include a speaker and earphone jack.
  • There is a light indicator in tuning mode.
  • Its channel frequency is unstable to view.
Besides the unwanted defection with the station frequency display, I believe that its 45-hour battery life and 10% reduction of noise distortion are tempting for you to consider. As a small manual portable unit, this Sony ICF-S10MK2 AM FM radio is one of the most favorite and powerful.

7. BTECH MPR-AF1 AM FM Pocket Radio


Among a wide range of different pocket radios reviews, it is no doubt that most people are likely to underestimate the mini versions of these small radios. However, the MPR-AF1 model from BTECH might change your mind due to its auto scan & save 58 favorite AM FM channels in the memory bank.

It contains a strong 500mAh lithium-ion battery with long-lasting life that is rechargeable for less hassle than replacing new batteries regularly. There is an effective backlit display for you to use in the dark. Moreover, a built-in clock is available to tell the time when this pocket walkman radio is already off.

You can enable muting for its audio via the power button. All of the large front keys are organized and indicated with clear functions for straight-forward understanding. The AM FM mini radio prevents unexpected modifications of your previous settings with a functional keypad lock on the go.

While treating the highly sensitive ferrite antenna as an internal component, its top headphone jack can be used as another long external antenna as well. You can select between two different types of earpieces of earbuds and silicone covered. A lanyard is available to cling the entire radio on your neck.

Sadly, this personal portable radio is currently facing a major problem with the inability to perform its operation to preset stations. The AM FM gadget keeps on jumping back to the station preset at the factory and that is not very reassuring.
  • Its memory bank can save 58 channels.
  • A 500mAh li-ion rechargeable battery.
  • Can be muted through the power key.
  • Uses the earphone jack as an antenna.
  • Compatible with two styles of earpieces.
  • I cannot use the preset stations normally.
BTECH is a concentrated USA business in developing radio products only so the overall unit quality can be considered at a high level. Amazing energy and fantastic features are all combined into this MPR-AF1 mini AM FM radio. So it can be one of the best choices for you to store in pockets while going for a walk.

8. Hapito Portable Pocket AM/FM Radio


Your favorite AM FM stations on the pocket radios are not so far away to listen with only 3 easy settings from this simple interface. It does not matter if you are indoor or outdoor since weak signals can still be accepted via its antenna, that is why this Hapito unit is the most proper portable AM FM radio for running.

The black transistor radio has a low rate of power consumption. Therefore, 2 AA batteries can enable it to last for a couple of weeks through camping trips. When holding its attached hand strap, you would not worry about dropping this radio. The 3.5mm headphone jack on the AM FM pocket radio is a standard one.

While pulling in far stations, this small transistor seems to fail hard with receiving signals from closer ones. The audio tends to break up with crackling sounds on stations nearby and it goes really loud at a small volume. It is impossible to completely get rid of the distortion with this kind of problem.
  • The simple interface has only 3 settings.
  • Usable for outdoor/indoor conditions.
  • Consume a low rate of 2 AA batteries.
  • Has a standard 3.5mm earbud jack.
  • It does not work well with close stations.
This radio is highly recommended for you to jog, walk or go camping. The outer speaker and its standard 3.5mm earphone jack allow you to listen to the music, publicly or privately. In brief, it is all you need to accompany for a walk.

9. Sangean DT-180 AM / FM Pocket Radio


The Sangean pocket radios model coded DT-180 includes a minimal keypad that can be locked to prevent accidental changes in the radio settings and interrupts your listening. On the LCD screen of this pocket radio, you can easily see its battery power indicator and know precisely when to change for new batteries.

I believe that it is unnecessary to be a pocket FM radio with Bluetooth to be robust and obtains fine AM FM signal reception. If you wish to recall a few favorite stations, there are direct presets to reach out 10 FM slots and 5 for AM. A pair of this brand’s earphones are included in the pack.

This AM FM handheld pocket radios is approximately 3 ounces in weight to be carried inside small pockets. The signature DBB (Deep Bass Boost) audio of this radio brand will improve its general sound quality to a whole other level.

The signal strength of this pocket radio is displayed on the top left corner of its LCD screen. A real-time clock tells the correct time. Its 90-minute auto-off feature is helpful to extend battery life. It also contains adjustable channel tuning steps.

So far, the most serious issue that needs to be addressed on this portable AM FM radio is the station selection buttons on its top. They are made of soft plastic and they shear off in my pocket. I cannot use the unit due to this button lost and the extra cost to repair such minor details is not relevant for me to spend.
  • There is a helpful switch lock for keys.
  • The battery power indicator on the display.
  • A total of 15 AM FM memory channels.
  • Built-in DBB for improved audio quality.
  • The screen presents a real-time clock.
  • The soft plastic buttons fall off at ease.
I know it is not rare for radio buttons to fall out of their positions but the brand should better work on this situation and adjust it. On the other hand, the AM FM DT-180 radio from Sangean has been getting a lot of positive feedback for comprising so many beneficial features in a compact construction for pockets.

10. Retekess V112 AM FM Portable Mini Radio


The brand Retekess has manufactured this V112 AM FM unit which is currently among the top pocket radio review on the market. With its 0.1 lb weight in the size of a bank card, the radio is indeed a miniature unit to fit into pockets. In the AM broadcast, this gadget offers adjustable tuning steps of 9/10KHz.

Its improved lithium 500mAh battery with a longer life can be recharged after use through a provided USB charging cable and integrated port. The clear and simple radio interface allows small children and older people to operate it with no difficulties. The standard headphone jack of this mini radio is 3.5mm.

Being a personal pocket radio with 2 AM FM bands, it allows you to directly read the current station frequency and follow the battery charging process. Its earphones can be effectively used as an alternative FM antenna. The mini portable radio still has optimal signal reception without a telescoping one.

Since the brand has chosen not to build an external speaker for this mini AM FM radio, the only way for you to listen to audio is by wearing a connected pair of headsets. In spite of my disapproval with the absence of this feature, I understand that the gadget as a whole is made suitable to the price range it is in.
  • There are adjustable 9/10KHz AM steps.
  • Its 500mAh radio battery is rechargeable.
  • The screen shows the channel & battery.
  • Earphones are usable as an antenna.
  • No built-in external speaker is equipped.
Looking on the bright side, you can still enjoy listening to talk shows, sports events and music in great privacy with this mini pocket radio. The absence of a speaker does not make the Retekess V112 AM FM mini radio less attractive at all because there are tons of other valuable functions to try on this gadget. It is also one of the favorite sports radios.

11. DreamSky Pocket AM FM Radio


What makes an excellent impression on me about this DreamSky pocket FM radio is the extra-long telescoping antenna to capture the most stable local channels. Its high-performance external speaker ensures loud and clear audio coming from news & entertainment stations or you can plug in some earbuds.

A random pocket radios station can be approached within 2 simple steps of operation. Thanks to that, it is undeniably the best gift for your dad or grandparents. The compact design comes in convenient with an extra hand string. This brand offers 2 AA batteries in the set for you to activate this radio.

Despite being a negative piece of information, I have to say that this pocket radio has a high power consumption rate, which leads to battery replacement around every 2 days. Based on my personal experience, I usually see that these batteries can last for quite long even with frequent usage.
  • A telescoping antenna is great in length.
  • Contain a speaker and an earbud jack.
  • The two-step operation is beyond simple.
  • Two AA batteries are added to the pack.
  • The battery consumption is way too high.
With a provided pair of AA batteries in this radio set, you can immediately get it to work out of the box. Moreover, the 16.5-inch length of its antenna ensures that signal reception is always at its finest performance. All in all, the AM FM pocket radio from DreamSky is a heavyweight competitor on the radio market.

12. PRUNUS J-125 Portable AM FM Pocket Radio


Last but not least, this is a gadget that has been considered the best personal radio with an incredibly sheer weight of 0.13 lbs while containing no batteries. The J-125 pocket radio model from PRUNUS comprises an extra removable lanyard in the package for you to keep an eye on this unit on your neck.

The LCD screen is back-lighted so the displayed time and channel frequency would be highly visible in poor light conditions. By operating the alarm clock on this radio, you can program it to the 12/24-hour system and wake up when the timing is over. It is a reliable alternative for enabling morning alarms.

When you press and hold the preset key for 3 seconds, the AM FM pocket radios will start to auto scan and let you store a majority of available stations. If there is a need to recall favorite channels, you may want to manually set them up with sorted numbers from P00 to P19 to approach these stations quickly.

I am delighted about its variable levels of volume adjustment up to L30, which enhances the pocket radios audio to a far higher quality than average. A small tip is that you should replace the batteries if the sound decreases abnormally. There are 2 compatible supplies for the small unit: AAA batteries or a DC3V charger.

Nevertheless, I am not quite happy with how the auto preset channel function keeps on adding some AM channels that nobody listens to and there are no instructions to delete them. I have to add my preferred AM channels into the memory bank in a manual way and I cannot remove those unwanted stations.
  • The removable neck strap is convenient.
  • Contain a backlit screen for night use.
  • An alarm clock offers 12/24-hour options.
  • Auto-scans and saves favorite stations.
  • Two different power sources for the radio.
  • The preset auto adds undesired stations.
This PRUNUS J-125 digital AM FM radio is an awesome unit with flexible power supplies for diverse circumstances. I think you might also enjoy the quick and optimal channel scanning of this radio that allows you to store all of your favorite stations. You should not hesitate to buy an excellent radio like this.

What to Look for When Buying a Pocket Radio


PLL tuning – Through both manual and digital pocket radio reviews, I can see that most of them contain fine channel tuning. Being an upgraded version of the normal pocket radios tuner, PLL (phase-lock loop) synthesized tuning is explicitly included for AM broadcast (520-1710 KHz) to promote the overall operation.

By having management on a VCO (voltage-controlled oscillator), PLL tuning improves signal reception in this AM mode and its audio performance. This tuning constantly adjusts to match frequencies of input signals.

If incoming data from a certain communication channel is interrupted with too many background noises, you should take advantage of the PLL synthesized tuning. It can modulate, filter, stabilize, generate, or recover signals from these stations so that you can still listen to them without missing information.

Carrying accessories – The most common carrying accessories for a pocket radio that you can find is either a hand strap, hanging lanyard, or a removable belt clip. In case your clothing does not include any pockets, these items will be a true savior to keep this AM FM radio close and does not leave your sight.

In addition, having a suitable component to help carry the radio will minimize interruptions between your workout sessions or household chores. You could easily reach out for it in the middle of a hike without needing to shove hands into pockets. Most pocket radio packs contain carrying accessories for free.

Sleep timer – Regardless of the battery type (disposable or rechargeable), it should be preserved when not in use by turning the pocket radio off. While you are traveling or unintentionally fall asleep, a built-in sleep timer in this AM FM portable radio would allow you to complete all of that with a peace of mind.

The regular radio sleep timer provides countdown from 10 to 90 minutes then it will automatically turn this transistor unit off afterward. You probably do not want to wake up with dead/drained batteries in your pocket radio, especially if it has to be on duty the next day. Thus, this sleep timer needs to be activated.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a pocket radio? Who is this for? How does it work?

Pocket radios is a compact and lightweight transistor gadget that provides 520-1710KHz AM and 87.5-108MHz FM broadcasts. It operates with either rechargeable or AA batteries and its size is small for easy carriage. This type of radio is widely favored for having powerful reception in small construction.

In terms of any existing radio, it would be best as a present for elder people. However, interested teenagers can still buy one and tune into the nostalgic vibes. In general, a pocket radio has a minimal profile and interface for users of all ages to entertain themselves traditionally, rather than complicated digital devices.

The pocket radio receives AM/FM/SW signals via a telescoping antenna to broadcast local stations. Then, it delivers audio through the built-in speaker or plugged-in earbuds. You can turn it on and off manually or with a sleep timer.

What are the different types of pocket radios?

Manual pocket radio – A manual pocket radio comprises meer features for news updates and entertainment. It usually comes with a plain interface and works with AA batteries. It is actually a little inconvenient to operate everything manually but still a great choice of simplicity, especially for the elderly.

Digital pocket radio – A digital pocket radio includes the same basic functions but more advanced and more power-consuming. It works with rechargeable batteries and most of them show the battery status on the LCD screen. Often, there are more keys with digital ones but the organization is neat and simple.

The most noticeable modern features programmed for a digital pocket radio are sleep timer, switch lock, digital tuning and auto station scan with a memory bank, etc. They ensure that you still get the highest level of convenience while using a radio. This digital gadget can also be a pocket radio with Bluetooth.

Why do you need a pocket AM FM radio?

There will be moments when you are unable to catch signals for a smartphone or charge the laptop during emergencies. Instead of that, battery operation of a pocket radio is far more convenient for long camping trips. A pocket radio provides flexible audio listening from both AM FM stations publicly or privately.

A pocket AM FM radio brings back a retro vibe that simply cannot be diluted by modern units. Besides the regular manual unit, digital ones would comprise extra features like an LCD display, Bluetooth connection or an alarm clock to ensure that you are in touch with modern technology from a traditional gadget.

The compact transistor radio offers both AM and FM broadcasts for variable channel options of entertainment and local news in real-time. You can scan and store favorite stations right on it. This unit adds excitement to household chores or sports training without the need to bring along a large smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best pocket radio?

Among a wide range of different reliable radio brands on the current market, the finest pocket radio is manufactured by Sangean. This is an original brand from the USA that currently is leading the radio market with multiple types of different optimal consumer electronics, including pocket AM FM radio with Bluetooth.

What is the best small portable radio?

One of the most popular handheld radios that are easily portable thanks to its humble dimension is undeniably the BOCTOP pocket radio. The advanced stereo sound with the help of Dynamic Bass makes this radio a powerful yet compact unit. Its carrying strap can either be removed or attached as desired.

By providing both AM and FM broadcasts, the portable digital radio allows you to tune in all kinds of news programs and entertainment (sports games, music, talk shows). The main power source for this transistor gadget is a pair of AAA batteries, however, it is possible to be supplied with an external DV3V adapter.

On a fully backlit LCD screen for better operation during nighttime, it displays a real-time clock and a programmable alarm and the current frequency that you are listening to. Apart from the strong integrated external speaker for public audio, it offers a 3.5mm earbud jack to privately use the radio.

What portable radio has the best reception?

Although countless transistor gadgets claim themselves to be a pocket AM radio with great reception, my vote would go for the Sangean PR-D5BK AM/FM portable radio. Two different antennas are equipped into this unit: a 200mm AM ferrite antenna and another 26.5-inch telescoping one for FM.

Furthermore, this signal reception can absolutely prevent fading with the help of its PLL synthesized tuning. The memory bank of this pocket radio is divided into 5 AM and 5 FM channel storage. An auto-search for nearby stations is available and you can keep track of the battery status displayed on its screen.

You can decide to be alarmed by the Sangean handheld AM FM radio itself or an HWS (humane wake system) buzzer. The dual 2.5-inch speakers deliver excellent audio quality with a selectable switch. Its Aux-in connection allows you to pair the radio with a smartphone/CD player to listen through the speakers.

Personally, I find both of its rotary side knobs are simple to use for tuning and volume adjustment. In terms of the pocket radio power supply, its provided AC adapter is compatible with 100-240V or you can choose 6 “C” cell batteries. In general, this unit from Sangean has so much more than just great reception.

How to set up and use it?

When first installing pocket radios, make sure that it has a solid telescoping antenna attachment with fresh/charged batteries as required. The backlit LCD screens will automatically go bright in poor light conditions. Moreover, check for the battery status and current channel frequency displayed on this screen.

There is an external speaker and earphone jack with volume adjustment. You can search and scan different stations for diversity via the preset. Access the channel memory storage for a quick approach to favorite local frequencies (if available). To boost audio quality, enable its PLL synthesized tuner.

Aside from the main functions, pocket radios are likely to include a sleep timer, a key lock, and an alarm clock. You should attach the neck or hand cord for a more convenient carriage. Remember to consult its English-written instruction manual for further information about installation and usage of the pocket radio.

How to take care and maintain it?

Turn the pocket radios off when not in use to reduce redundant battery consumption. Try not to let it go overcharged too frequently concerning lithium-ion batteries. Store in air-dry areas far from water even slight splashes since the majority of these AM FM units are not made as waterproof pocket radio from the start.

If there happens to be dirt and stains stuck on its surface, clean them off with a damp cloth only and no other detergents. I suggest you take advantage of its carrying accessories as stated above to secure the pocket radio from being dropped. A radio lifespan is only expanded if obtaining proper care from users.

Where can I buy a pocket radio?

Whether you wish to purchase a Bluetooth AM FM pocket radio or a regular one, I have some reliable addresses such as Walmart, eBay, Costco, Lowes, Amazon, Best Buy, and Home Depot. They are among the most famous local US chain stores and online shopping sites.

When visiting the mentioned places to buy a pocket radio, you should apply my buying guide and product review list above to actually get the best one. It needs to come with simple warranty guidelines as well so you can solve all manufacturer defections without costing them extra money to repair any errors.


Pocket radios certainly help the elderly in your family entertain and listen to the news without explaining much about complicated technology. I can guarantee that all of the presented radios on this list are worth spending the money for due to their effective AM FM reception and excellent performances.

What is your personal opinion about this article on the best pocket radio in the current market? I expect my tailor-made buying guide and along with a lot of tips based on personal experience would be more than helpful to your radio shopping time. Thank you for reading & I hope your desired pocket radio is the best.

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