The Best Police Radio Earpieces for 2023

Written by RPennington / Fact checked by R. Combs

In term of communication, radio earpiece is trusted by many teams of law enforcement officers or police during their missions. This form of radio communications can be performed across a long distance and is very useful in real-life operations. That explains the prevalence of this portable and effective device.

Considering the nature of these jobs, one would need the best police earpiece. A chunky headset or an earpiece radio with poor reception quality might interfere with your work, and that is the last thing you would like to happen. Hence, in order to to have an effective communication, a decent set of radio earpieces is much-needed. In turn, the missions will be facilitated and yield greater results.

There is a wide array of police radio headset and earpiece available, all of them having their good and bad points. Technology keeps evolving, and products now come in many forms with better quality, minimal and stylish design at competitive prices. It could be hard to choose which one works best for you and your team.

We are here to help you with that. Here is a list of the best law enforcement radio earpieces for you to check them out.

Best Overall Best Sound Quality Budget Friendly
Preview MaximalPower RHF 617-1N


‎HYS TC-617-1N


HYS TC-617




15 x 0.5 x 1 inches ‎6.93 x 4.72 x 0.91 inches 3.5 x 2.68 x 0.67 inches
Weight 0.04 pounds ‎0.04 Pounds 0.02 pounds
Audio Jack 3.5 mm Jack 3.5mm Jack 3.5 mm Jack
Material Heavy Duty Rubber Rubber
Form Factor In ear In ear In ear
Connectivity  Wired Wired Wired

Best Police Radio Earpiece Reviews 

1. MaximalPower RHF Surveillance Headset


First off on the list is a tube earpiece from Maximal Power. This product has decent quality while its price is not expensive at all. It is understandable that this product is on the top list of many police officers, security guards, and so on. As part of the communication gear, this headset will satisfy the basic needs in secret service, I promise.

The first thing that I want to note down is that this product acts as the receiver in operation. The earpiece also works well with transmitter, receivers, and even two-way radios. So you don’t have to worry about its compatibility with other headsets.

In addition, this radio headset supports radio speaker microphone, radio microphone, and many more audio accessories. This surveillance earphone also comes with a 3.5MM jack to connect the device with any compatible items. It can even be connected to MP3 players to stream any audios of your own wish.

Of course, we have to talk about sound quality. You should never buy the product that delivers unclear and distorted sound. As for this radio earpiece, I’ve got to compliment it in this regard. The sound stays pretty close to the original.

The output sound is measured at 72dB at maximum. With this product, the sound is kept within the standard level to prevent hearing loss. I know that police officers or anyone on duties have to wear the headset continuously for hours on end, so it would be better if the sound volume can stay under control.

The design of this acoustic tube earpiece is simple. The earpiece sits in one of your ears and is connected to a coiled tube. The tube runs along one side of the body and is plugged to the radio. The coil design allows better flexibility when using. Also, the tube will stay in place with the help of the earphone clip.

It might be frustrating if the earpiece keeps moving and falling out of your ears during duties. You wouldn’t want to be interrupted like that. This product will help you solve that problem. It is designed in a way that promises to bring customers the best experience.

The upper part of the coil tube is clear, so you can tuck it behind your ear and it will look almost transparent from afar. The lower black part of the tube can be put inside your shirts or jackets if you want to hide it.

There are some precautions we want you to know. This product is not waterproof, so you must keep it from getting wet in any way. Therefore, people who sweat a lot should be extremely careful when wearing this headset. Once you are done using it, you should also keep it in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

There are times when this radio earpiece fails to work, it is perhaps because there is moisture inside the coil tube. Don’t worry, it is not a big deal. You can blow the moisture out and continue to use the earpiece normally.

If there is anything to complain about this product, it might concern its durability. Some customers are questioning the ‘longevity’ of this headset. It works wonderfully at first, but as time goes on, the quality worsens. You should take this into consideration if you want to get this product.

  • Impressive sound quality
  • Great comfort, even in a long period of time
  • Affordable price
  • Not waterproof
  • Works well short-term, but not so durable in the long run
This earpiece is a satisfying product at a competitive price. Even though there is a minus point, I still think this is an acoustic tube earpiece that is worth your money. Don’t hesitate to give it a go and see if it fits your needs.

2. HYS 3.5mm Police Earpiece


Brought to you by HYS, this product is another listen-only earpiece. It is designed to cater to the need of professionals and amateurs alike. There are many things to talk about this headset, both positive and negative sides. Let’s go and check this out.

First of all, this radio earpiece delivers clear sounds, with almost no distortion compared to the original audios. You can even hear the transmitted sounds clearly, despite the noisy background. This headset is also compatible with various radio systems, such as Motorola, Maxon, Vertex, Icom, Ritron, Kenwood, and so on.

The headset can be connected to a microphone or other ear accessories if they have a 3.5 mm audio jack. The 3.5 mm jack is universal, so it means you can connect this earpiece with almost any devices. It would be very convenient, I have to say.

The simple design is another selling point of this product. Nowadays, people prefer slim and minimal technology to chunky and complex designs. With that spirit, this headset is designed to be the most convenient for users. The device is pared down, and there is just one long wire from your ear to the radio.

This design also helps improve the comfortness of the product. Nobody would like to wear an earpiece with too many parts, and the wires are draping all over your shoulder. People are more likely to go for something convenient, easy to put on, easy to use. If you are looking for the same thing, this product is a perfect fit for you.

In the product package, you will also see a pair of silicone earmolds. They come in the form of both the left and right ear. These earmolds can be inserted in your ears and work on two-way radios. These soft ear molds are also of great quality, and it won’t give you irritation when staying in your ears for a long time.

When you are on any missions, you might care about the security of the conversation you are having. This earphone will ensure that no one else within the area could overhear your talk. For example, when the policeman comes to arrest the suspect, he would not want anyone to hear the broadcast. That’s where this radio earpiece comes in handy.

Sadly, this product is not waterproof, so you have to be extra careful when using it. Also, many people say that after using it for a long time, this headset is not as good as it used to be. It could be troublesome so you must consider carefully before buying this product.
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Compatible with many radios
  • Minimal design
  • Not waterproof
  • The quality worsens as time goes on
This product has some downsides, but overall it deserves a place in this list of the best police earpiece. If these shortcomings do not bother you, choose this headset as your companion on the duties.

3. HYS TC-617 G Earpiece Headset


The next product I’m going to introduce to you is a G-shaped earpiece from HYS. This headset is a bit different from the previously mentioned product, in term of design, but the quality remains the same, though. It is undoubtedly one of the best police headsets on the market.

This radio earpiece offers the superb quality of the sound. Many users have also expressed their satisfaction with this product in terms of audio performance. You will be impressed by the clarity and the sharpness of the audio delivered through this headset. Personally, I find this feature of the earpiece very impressive, and I suggest you give it a go.

The versatility of this earpiece is also wonderful. This product is compatible with various types of transceivers, for example Motorola, Alinco, Yaesu, Incom, Adi, and so on. Once again, you can enjoy different listening experiences with this small but powerful headset.

This G-shaped headset can support two -way radios well. With the 3.5mm jack, the earpiece can also be connected to an MP3 player, a CD player, and so on. You can listen to a personally curated playlist on any device. This device could be useful on multiple occasions.

As I’ve just mentioned, this radio earpiece has a different in terms of the design. The ear hook is made in the shape of the letter G – quite similar to the human ear. With that design, the earpiece will fit the ear more comfortably, compared to other models. Many customers are very impressed with extra comfort.

Unlike earbud, this product sits right outside the inner ear, instead of being inside the ear hole. I know that many of you are uncomfortable having something inside your ear. If that is the case, then this product is ideal for you. You can almost feel like there is nothing on your ear.

Another selling point of this product is the wire. In other headsets, after being used for quite a long time, there might be moisture building up in the acoustic tube. This is not very easy to clean and it might affect the quality of the sound delivery. With this G-shaped headset, you don’t have to worry about that.

Another thing that I really like about this radio earpiece is its adjustment. This earpiece can be adjusted as you wish to use on either the right or the left ear. That is very convenient. Normally, other earpiece models only fit one ear, so you can’t switch to the other ear unless you buy a whole different earpiece.

Considering all the attributes I have just mentioned, this earpiece is suitable for dozens of purposes, whether for entertainment or work. It will come in handy in loud and noisy environments, such as bars, pubs, nightclubs, construction sites, or any other crowded places. If you happen to be there in any way, you might want to get this high-quality product.

Everything about this earpiece has been great so far, and there is only a minus point. Even though it is comfortable wearing this earpiece, many users claim that it does fall off their ears sometimes. You have to take this into careful consideration if you have a problem with this.
  • Clear and stable sound
  • Can be adjusted to fit both right and left ear
  • Suitable for multi-purposes
  • The earpiece falls off the ears sometimes
Overall, this product is a great deal. I have nothing much to complain about this earpiece, besides one small point regarding the fit. Just looking at all the outstanding of this headset and decide whether to buy it or not.

4. KEYBLU Acoustic Tube Earpiece


The next product on the list is a surveillance earpiece from KEYBLU. It impresses customers with the user-friendly design and the top-notch quality. I guarantee that you will have a wonderful experience with this product. Now, let’s have a closer look at this headset.

First of all, this listen-only earpiece can support two-way radios, MP3 player, and some kinds of microphones- any devices with a 3.5mm audio jack. We can say that this earpiece is useful on many occasions. If you want something for entertainment purposes, or something more professional, this audio earpiece can be all of it.

The quality of the sound transmitted through this earphone is decent. It makes your communication process wouldn’t be hindered in any way. Speech would come out loud and clear; you won’t have to worry about the voice being muffled or muted.

I believe the selling point of this product is the design with careful attention to detail. The thing that I like the most is its long cord. In other products, customers often complain that the cable is so short that it restricts their movements. It must be really uncomfortable. With this long cable, you won’t have to worry about that problem again.

There is also an earphone clip so that you can attach the headset to your shirt collar. This part is designed to keep the audio earpiece in the right place, even during aggressive movements. It must be really annoying if the cable and the earpiece don’t stay fixed.

The silicone earpiece is soft and it fits perfectly in the ear. The earpiece does not feel stiff around your ear, it just gently hugs the ear. You are assured of the best experience with this product. Also, since it is small, you can hide this earpiece easily under your garments. You can hardly see this earpiece, even when looking from afar.

The earpiece is made of durable material so that you can use the product for a long time. However, it would be help if you kept this radio earpiece from getting wet, since it is not waterproof. Once in a while, the headset might cease to work because of the moisture collecting inside the acoustic tube. If that happens, blow the tube to get the moisture out, and the device will work normally.

The guarantee is other great thing about this unit. If you are not satisfied with what you get, you could always ask for a refund.

One thing I have to say about this earpiece is the fact that the quality might worsen in the long run. The earpiece is wonderful, but in some cases, it doesn’t last very long. The customers should be mindful of this.
  • Longer cord for better flexibility
  • Can be easily worn and hidden under the garments
  • Extra comfort
  • The quality worsens after several months of use
Despite one minor shortcoming, this earpiece is worth the money you pay for it. Every detail is satisfying and conducive to the best listening experience.

5. BTECH QHM01 3.5mm Surveillance Earpiece


The second police duty earpiece on my recommendation list is a product from BTECH. This is a high-quality device that fits two-way radios and supports only audio. This is a very basic surveillance earpiece. Anyone could operate and control it whether you are a professional or not.

This radio earpiece is versatile and can be used for different purposes, both indoors and outdoors. Security guards can use this device as part of their communication gear. Construction workers can wear these earpieces for radios on sites. Even for industrial use, this tube earpiece is a great companion. This surveillance headset will be useful on many occasions.

This earpiece is compatible with different devices. It can be connected to a radio speaker mic, a remote mic, or even an MP3 player. There is a 3.5mm jack available for you to plug it in. This feature will diversify your listening experience. You can freely choose whatever you want to hear with this small earpiece, without being limited to just a single device.

I’m satisfied with the sound quality of this product. The sound is stable, clear, and precise. This factor is of great importance for the product to be a valuable piece of communication gear. Whether the information is delivered correctly or not depends mostly on the sound quality of the product. You should pay careful attention to this point.

Even in loud areas, this headset does its jobs wonderfully. You can hear almost everything clearly just like in normal conditions. With this surveillance headset, the transmitted sound will not be drowned out by outside noises. This feature, once again, would be of great help during police duties or secret service.

The product is designed ergonomically in a small size. It is portable and easy to maneuver around. Considering the nature of the jobs that require earpieces, the design should be as simple as possible. It should not get in the way but must be there when the users need it.

This in-ear headset is comprised of two main parts: a transparent acoustic tube and a transducer that makes the noise, which is connected to a cable. It is a typical design that is easy to use and simple to wear, and of course very light.

The product is made from heavy-duty material, so you don’t have to worry about the durability. You are in for a satisfying experience with this radio earpiece at an affordable price. Every detail is well-made, even the earphone clip is reinforced to make sure the cable stays in the right place.

It is also very comfortable wearing this earpiece for radio. The earbud sits nicely in your ear, while the cable hangs comfortably on one side of the body. Using the earpiece for a long time is not that much of a nuisance now, especially with this product.

The package comes with some extra and spare parts. There are custom earmolds that are suggested to whoever wants to use the product in a long period of time. You have to connect the piece to the acoustic tube and then, insert it into your ear canal. This will help the heads to stay in the right place, even with intense head movements. Customers are also provided with some spare ear tips to replace the old ones if necessary.

If I can change anything about this product, I want it to be waterproof. This small change will make the earpiece a better version of it. Also, some might say that the cord is a bit short and it restricts their movements. So, it would be better if the cord is made longer.
  • Superb sound quality, even in a high-volume environment
  • Easy to use, simple to wear
  • Extra comfort
  • Can be used for multi-purposes
  • Not waterproof
  • The cord is a bit short
Despite one or two shortcomings, this product is still a great deal in my opinion. Check this headset out and give it a go if you are satisfied with all of its features as I am.

6. HYS 2.5mm Surveillance Earpiece


This superb listen-only surveillance earpiece is another product from HYS. And of course, it stays on the same par with the other models we have just mentioned. Without further ado, let’s see what this earpiece got.

In normal conditions, the sound stays true to the original audio. And if that is not impressive enough, this earpiece could deliver the same high-quality sound in loud environments. You don’t have to worry if the people around are talking too loud or the machines are too noisy, this earpiece would still transmit the sound through.

This is possible thanks to an extra pair of rubber ear-molds coming with the product package. You just simply put them in your ears and keep it fixed. With these small parts, the sound will be amplified and you can hear it better in the noisy environment.

This listen-only earpiece can only act as a receiver, but it can work on two-way radios. Additionally, this product can be connected to radio speaker microphones or any similar devices that support 2.5mm jack. It is compatible with multiple types of transceivers, such as Yaesu, Motorola, Alinco, Adi, HYT, and so on.

The manufacturers keep the design simple and convenient. Every small part of the product – from the clear acoustic tube, the rubber ear tip, the earphone clip to the spare ear molds – is well-built. This attention to detail is what makes the excellent quality of the product. I promise you will be satisfied with this earpiece.

This surveillance headset can be used for many purposes. First of all, it is the top-rated police radio earpiece as claimed. It is an essential part of the communication kit for the police. The earpiece can also be used for less professional purposes, for example, to stream the music or as a noise-cancellation earphone.

Also, this surveillance headset is not limited to one location. You can use this earpiece anywhere you want and for any duties or missions you are on. It could be in the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, in the concerts or any outdoor events.

The only thing that might put you off putting this product in your cart is the price. To be honest, it is a bit expensive, especially when compared to other models of surveillance headset. If you are willing to pay that much, then it is no longer a big problem.
  • Clear sounds even in noisy environments
  • Second earmold option for a better listening experience
  • Design with careful attention to detail
  • A bit pricey
All features of this earpiece are exceptionally good, which pretty much explains the price. This could easily be the best radio earpiece on the market, and I can’t recommend this product enough.

7. COISOUND Motorola Radio Earpiece Police


Last but not least, we proudly introduce to you a two-way radio earphone from COISOUND. Now we have come to the end of the list, let’s see what this product has on offer.

The most appealing thing about this product must be the price. This headset is affordable, especially when compared with similar models. But low price does not equal low quality. This earpiece is as reliable as it is cheap.

The sound delivered through this earpiece is undoubtedly clear, which makes it the perfect fit for any jobs that emphasize communication. Even in noisy areas, the sound will not be drowned out; it maintained the same quality. That is a real selling point of this product.

This acoustic tube earpiece can be connected to several types of devices. With a 3.5mm connection, the product can work with MP3 players, speakers, and different models of microphones. It is always convenient to own a versatile technological device like this.

It is also very comfortable to use this product. The ear tip does not go too deep into your ear, just gently sit outside the inner ear. Therefore, this product is dedicated to whoever dislikes or can not wear earbuds. Also, the wire is very flexible and would never interfere with your head movement.

This earpiece comes in small size and overall it is really light. You can easily bring this headset anywhere you want, in your pocket or in your work bag. It is also a piece of cake to put this device on – it took less than a minute!

The only thing about this product I wish to improve is the fit of the ear molds. To some customers, these earmolds are a bit small, and they might fall off during the duties. If only it could fit better.
  • Clear sound effect
  • Small and lightweight
  • Affordable and reliable
  • The ear molds might not fit some people
I think the fit problem is a minor one that can be easily fixed. Apart from that, this earpiece is a true gem! I’m delighted with the experience I have with this product.

8. Commountain Acoustic Tube Earphone


Continuing the search for the best earpiece for police radio, here we have a wonderful surveillance headset from Commountain. This product is quite similar to the other earpieces from the suggestion list, and the quality is also on the same par. Let’s explore with us to see whether this earpiece is perfect for you.

This tube earpiece supports a 3.5 mm connection, which means it is compatible with any devices that have a 3.5 mm audio jack. The most noticeable is the shoulder mic and the two-way radio that is operated near the upper body. This headset can be connected to a variety of devices depending on your preference.

The design is impressive and it would be a waste if we didn’t talk about this. The coiled acoustic tube is made to be UV resistant to increase the durability of the product. Therefore, this tube earpiece is suitable for outdoor missions, where you often have to stay under the sun for long hours on end.

Also, the cable is made of PU plastic and it is reinforced to increase its strength. The cord is now tougher and not as easy to be cut as other products. And you can see that every part of this tube earpiece is made from high-quality materials, all for the customers’ great experience.

Next, I’m going to talk about the sound performance of this product. This surveillance headset has such a high-quality speaker that the audio delivered feels so pleasant to the ear. It is not too loud but very clear, stable, and precise. I’m 100% pleased with the sound output and you guys should definitely check this out.

Regarding the comfort when wearing this surveillance headset, I also do not have anything to really complain about. The earpiece is so light that it makes me temporarily forget its existence. It fits the ear gently and I guarantee that many customers would feel the same way. A solid ten for comfort.

The product package includes the headset, two mushroom-shaped ear tips, and two custom earmolds (for both left and right ears). There is also a warranty card, in case you want to exchange the product. Remember to check carefully if you have received all the listed contents.

It is also effortless to clean this earpiece, considering the simple design of it. The acoustic tube can be removed to clean separately. Just use a cloth to wipe the device after each use gently. By doing so, you can keep the product in good condition for a long time.

Everything seems perfect, but the matter is that this product is a bit expensive. If your budget is a bit tight right now, this surveillance headset might not be the answer for you.
  • Extra comfort, even after a long period of time
  • Excellent sound performance
  • Each part of the design is well-built and durable
  • A bit expensive
I believe that there is not much for customers to complain about this acoustic tube earpiece, beside the price. The quality is simply beyond our expectations.

9. FANVERIM Acoustic Tube Earpiece


Coming up next, we are going to give detailed reviews about this great surveillance earpiece from FANVERIM. Let’s see why this product deserves a spot on our list.

Compared to other models, this earpiece might look a bit bigger. However, it is neither chunky or heavy in weight. Actually, the ergonomic design of this earpiece is outstanding, and we are completely sold. The details are well-designed, well-built, and well-assembled.

The transparent acoustic tube is made of UV-resistant material so it could last for a long time. In case the coiled tube gets broken, it is replaceable. The earbud can also be replaced if necessary. You can change separate parts of the device, instead of buying a whole new unit.

In this surveillance headset, you can see a small radio adapter. There is a Push-to-Talk button (or PTT button) on that adapter for easy operation. Moreover, this earpiece is a two-wired design so that you can split one for a microphone and one for a speaker.

The clarity and stability of the sound are the best examples of how great the audio quality of this earpiece is. And it does not fail to impress customers even in high-volume environments. If you are working on some related jobs, my best advice is to get this acoustic tube earpiece right away.

This product’s performance is generally great; however, it might be not the most comfortable option. Many customers complained that sometimes this headset kept sliding off the right place. You would want to consider this aspect before coming up with the final decision.
  • Supreme sound delivery, despite background noises
  • High-quality materials
  • Might feel uncomfortable sometimes
In spite of one small shortcoming, I’m pretty satisfied with the design and the performance of this earpiece. After reading our reviews, if you find this surveillance headset suits your needs, don’t hesitate to give it a go.

10. Reyinl 3.5mm Surveillance Headset


The next product from the list is a package of two earpieces from Reyinl. If one earpiece is not enough for you, then this pack definitely suits you. Let’s read our reviews and see what’s interesting about this earpiece.

This earpiece also comes with some of the most basic features. It can be connected to two-way radios and other types of radio accessories. In addition, this surveillance headset is compatible with any audio devices that support 3.5mm jack. This means that there are multiple audio sources for you to freely choose from.

We can not forget to discuss the audio performance of this product, because after all, sound delivery is the most important factor when looking for a decent earpiece. The sound is crystal clear and does not differ much from the original. There would be no distortion of the voice if that’s what you’re worried about.

I also have to compliment this earpiece on its noise-cancelling quality. In loud environments, it can effectively block out most of the background noises. With this feature, you can fully focus on the audio transmitted through the earpiece during the missions. Hence, this product proves to be an indispensable part of the professional communication gear.

This surveillance headset is made from high-quality and durable materials. Also, I love every detail of this device. From the long coiled tube that is not easily entangled to the reinforced clip to keep the earpiece in the right place. Everything is designed and manufactured with great care and devotion.

There are two units in one product package. You can either keep the second earpiece for later use or share it with your friend or coworker. Buying a 2-in-1 package could be more convenient and even cheaper. You should definitely check this product out if you are planning on purchasing on a budget.

However, I am not too fond of the fact that this earpiece causes me discomfort sometimes. This product does not feel entirely pleasant in my ear, especially when using for long duties. You should look into it carefully, or else you might not be satisfied with this earpiece.
  • One package two high-quality earphones
  • Effective noise-cancelling feature
  • Not the most comfortable product
Although this product fails to be a comfortable piece of ear accessories, other features make up for it. I still feel good about this product and choose to put it on the list. Please check it out to see if you have similar thoughts as me.

What to Look for When Buying a Police Radio Earpiece


There is no doubt that communication is key in any task. Especially in security missions, it is even more important to have effective communication with your partner. A good communication kit will be of great assistant to every member of the team, and of course the team as a whole.

With that in mind, we are here to help whoever is in search of the right police radio earpiece. If you are clueless about what to look for, here are some points that you should consider.

Audio quality – Yes, the number one you can not miss when buying a radio earpiece is to check the audio. Remember to check the stability, the clarity, the volume of the sound. Watch out for any muffling, or any distortion of the voice.

Convenience – To stay 100% alert during the missions, you should not let anything interfere with your performance. To do that, I advise you to go for a device that is simple and easy to use. An earpiece that is intuitive to use will save you a lot of time and effort, compared to a complicated, high-tech device.

Comfort – Don’t forget about this, get yourself something that you will be comfortable in even after a long time. Just like how a good pair of shoes will help you go far, a nice and comfortable headset will improve working efficiency. Try it on if you can to check the fit as well as how you feel wearing that earpiece.

Compatibility – This is also an important factor to take note of. Before buying anything, you have to make sure that this earpiece is compatible with the devices that you own. You don’t want to come home with a useless earpiece that can not work on anything you want it to work on. So remember to check carefully before going for any product.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a police radio earpiece?

Police radio earpiece is part of the communication gear of the police or any other security teams. This device is utilized as a means of communication between different members of a team or several teams. You can never properly carry out a team duty without the help of radio headsets.

How does it work?

The earpiece used radio waves to transmit the sound from a person to another. With a listen-only earpiece, you can connect it to two-way radios in order to make a conversation. It is actually very simple, even those with the least experience can easily work it out.

Who is this for?

This product can be used for professional, and sometimes non-professional purposes. The main target of this product is policemen, security teams working on some missions, the staff at hotels, restaurants, or in concerts and any other social events.

What are the different types of police radio earpieces?

There are many kinds of police earpiece. Some of these include two-way radio earpiece, listen-only earpiece, one-wired earpiece two-wired earpiece, and so on.

Why do you need a police radio earpiece?

Radio earpiece is especially effective for communication purposes. In order to deliver the audio information directly across great distances and in private, the radio earpiece is much-needed.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted police radio earpiece brands?

There are some brands that are often seen in the best-selling list and I personally trust, including HYS, MaximalPower, BTECH, and so on. You can always refer to our reviews for suggestions.

How to use it?

Most earpieces are easy to use, operate and control. First of all, you have to wear it right. Find out which ear you are more comfortable with to put the ear tip in. Then, put the ear tip in and adjust to make sure it fits and does not come off. Also, keep the cord neatly so that it does not get in the way while working.

To begin using the device, turn it on and connect it to the radio. For further details, please check out the manual included in the product package.

Where to buy?

I believe that you can find this product almost anywhere. For the most reliable and high-quality products, please visit trusted stores. It is always best to come to the shops and try the device first-hand. If you can not do this, there is a cluster of online shopping sites for you. You just have to be extra careful when shopping online.

Some of the names that you can trust include Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Amazon, and so on.

What is the warranty?

It actually depends on the brands. Each brand will provide its own warranty policy, but normally it ranges from 8 to 12 months.

How to care and clean?

The care and maintenance of the earpiece are not difficult. After each use, make sure to wipe it clean and put it in a safe and dry place. You could keep your earpiece in a special box or pouch to avoid dust.




All in all, we hope that our list might help you in some way on your journey to find the best police radio earpiece. A high-quality earpiece would make your work much easier, I promise.

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