Discover the Best Radio Shack Battery Chargers: A Comprehensive Guide to the Top 9 Products Reviewed

Finding the greatest Radio Shack battery chargers is like finding your gadget’s soulmate—once you have it, you’re fueled for life

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It might take a lot of work to find the right battery charger. It’s easy to lose in the sea of brands, models, and features where we come in! My detailed guide will help you choose the finest Radio Shack battery charger. We’ve reviewed everything from Radio Shack to help you choose the right charger.

Why concentrate on Radio Shack? Good question! Quality and dependability have made Radio Shack a trusted electronics retailer for years. This article is your treasure map to the best 9 Radio Shack battery chargers, with extensive evaluations. Please sit back, take a coffee, and let’s get started!

The Battery Charger Market

The battery charger business is expanding. In an era where practically everything depends on batteries, a dependable charger is more important than ever. Charging devices are unlimited, From smartphones to laptops to electric automobiles and power equipment. With this increased demand, the market has become a cornucopia of alternatives, making selecting a charger that meets all your needs even more important.

But here’s the catch: Battery chargers vary. There are basic, smart, rapid, and universal chargers, each with unique features. Whether you’re a tech-savvy millennial or want to keep your electronics operating, researching the battery charger market is the first step to making an educated selection. Knowledge is power.

What’s Radio Shack?

Hi, Radio Shack! The term conjures up recollections of weekend mall trips to browse the newest tech. Despite nostalgia, why use Radio Shack for your battery charger? Put trust and longevity. Radio Shack has survived for decades, which is no small feat. Quality items and great service underpin it.

In addition, Radio Shack has always been ahead of technology. They include simple chargers for tech beginners and high-end ones for device experts. The biggest benefit is availability. Radio Shack chargers are simple to get online and in shops. Radio Shack should be your first stop for battery chargers that are reliable, versatile, and easy to use. It’s a timeless brand for a reason.

Radio Shack Battery Charger Types


Traditional Charges

How about starting with the classics? The charging world relies on Radio Shack chargers. You plug them in, attach your batteries, and let them work. Nothing fancy. Simple and reliable, these chargers charge well. Excellent for those who want to avoid fiddling with settings or features. Simple things may be the most fulfilling, like grandma’s meatloaf.


If you like electronics, smart chargers are perfect. With sophisticated technology that adjusts to your battery, these chargers are the Einstein’s. Rush-charging? Check. Maintain battery health with trickle charging. No doubt. So you don’t overcharge, these chargers automatically switch to maintenance mode. Like having a battery butler!

Chargers Universal

The last topic is universal chargers. Have you ever struggled to manage several devices with different batteries? The universal charger from Radio Shack solves your charging problem. These chargers, such as Swiss Army knives, can take AAA, D-cell, and occasionally more batteries. It is ideal for families with various devices or people who want to be prepared.

What to Look for in charging

Charging Speed

Speed matters. Especially when you’re fuming, and your gadget is going to crash. Charging speed decides this. Some chargers can quickly charge your batteries, while others take longer. Look for fast and trickle-mode chargers to adjust to your demands. Who wants to be plugged in all day?

Battery compatibility


We frequently need to pay more attention to compatibility. Like dating, not all chargers fit all batteries. Certain chargers are made for alkaline, lithium-ion, NiMH, and other batteries. You want a charger that works with your main batteries. Consider a universal charger for various devices with different batteries. Why use separate chargers for each device when one can match them?


The freedom to travel! Portability may be outside your priority when buying a charger, but it is important. A lightweight, portable charger might rescue the day for frequent travellers, weekend warriors, and anyone who moves about. Some variants include folding plugs or built-in USB ports, making them even more portable. Imagine charging your electronics wherever, anytime—sounds like a dream, right?

Different Radio Shack Battery Charger: Product

Comparison Table

Aprelco DC AC Radio Shack Battery ChargerAprelco240Black18.88Aprelco AC DC Adapter Compatible with Radio Shack
UPBRIGHT DC/AC 12V Battery ChargerUPBRIGHT120Black9.99UPBRIGHT 12V Adapter
SupplySource PRO Radio Shack AdapterTIDRADIO240Black14.05SupplySource Adapter
Omilik Long Cable 6FT Power AdapterOmilik240Black10.99Omilik 6FT Long Cable UL Listed Power Adapter
UpBright New Global Radio Shack AdapterUPBRIGHT 240Black11.49UpBright@ New Globlal Adapter
Accessory USA PRO Radio Shack Battery ChargerAccessory USA240Black13.89Omilik 6FT Long Cable UL Listed Power Adapter
PK Power PRO AdapterPKPOWER240Black10.89PK Power Adapter
DCPOWER AC Power AdapterDCPOWER240Black13.99DCPOWER Home Wall AC Power Adapter
MPKKE DC/AC Pro AdapterMPKKE240Black6.39MPKKE Adapter


Product Top Quick Picks: Radio Shack Battery Charger – Expert Advice For Your Convenience

I know you’re busy. Cut to the chase. Find the Radio Shack battery charger you need without the hassle here. I’ve selected the greatest value fast selections with professional recommendations for your convenience.

MPKKE DC/AC Radio Shack Adapter: Most versatile.

MPKKE Adapter

This is the Swiss Army knife of chargers, featuring AC and DC choices and fast charging. Perfect for busy people.

UPBRIGHT DC/AC 12V Battery Charger: Most reliable.

UPBRIGHT 12V Adapter

This charger is like your faithful horse—reliable and durable. Overheat and overcharge protection protects you.

Supply Source DC/AC PRO Radio Shack Adapter: Professionals prefer.

SupplySource Adapter

This exudes quality and professionalism. The Rolls Royce chargers offer sophisticated functionality without compromising safety.

Detailed Product Reviews

Benefits Of Using Radio Shack Battery Charger

Dependability You Can Trust

First and foremost, Radio Shack is a classic brand. Decades in the electronics business mean reliable goods. No more chargers dying after a month or two!

Safety Features Galore

Folks, safety first! Radio Shack chargers provide overheating and short-circuit protection as an airbag for batteries.

Variety of Options

Variety is the spice of life, and Radio Shack offers chargers for every need. They provide a variety of chargers, including smart, universal, and classic.

Rapid Charging

Who has time to charge batteries? Not you! Many Radio Shack chargers can fast-charge you to get back online quickly.

Flexibility and Compatibility

Radio Shack chargers can have broad compatibility. You may find a Radio Shack charger for AA, AAA, or other batteries. The universal remote for all your power requirements!

Smart Charging Technology

Several Radio Shack chargers include clever technology that adapts the charge to the battery. This prevents overcharging, increasing battery life. Your batteries have a personal trainer!


Finally, Radio Shack chargers include clear indications and instructions. Even without tech skills, you’ll charge like a pro in no time.

1.  Aprelco DC AC Radio Shack Battery Charger

Aprelco AC DC Adapter Compatible with Radio Shack

The Apercu DC AC Radio Shack Battery Charger—is a game-changer! This versatile gadget works with DC and AC power. Imagine your flashlight dims while camping. No worries! It works again when plugged into your car’s DC outlet. Back home? Switch to AC to maintain juice flow. Overheat and short-circuit protection are cherry-on-top safety features. You may also carry it anywhere thanks to its elegant, compact design. It combines convenience and adaptability.

Customers Testimonial:


Fits my keyboard great and isn’t too bulky like some other plugs. It came with various adapters, so it was compatible with my needs.

Special Feature:

Automotive Intelligence: The Brain Behind the Charger

The Apercu DC AC Radio Shack Battery Charger has auto-detection. What makes it special? The charger immediately recognizes the battery type you’ve inserted. That means it optimizes charging settings for that battery to maximize efficiency, safety, and speed. Consider the charger doing all the thinking for you. Just plug it in and let it work. No guessing, no hassle—just smart, efficient charging.



Brand Apercu
Input Voltage 240 Volts
Power Source Corded Electric


View On Amazon:

Positive Aspects:

  • AC/DC-compatible versatile
  • Auto-detection tech
  • Safety features
  • Fast-charging
  • User-friendly

Negative Aspects:

  • It may cost more than basic models
  • Not compatible with all batteries
  • Some people find it bulky.
  • Limited warranty options


2.  UPBRIGHT DC/AC 12V Battery Charger

UPBRIGHT 12V Adapter

The UPBRIGHT DC/AC 12V Battery Charger is a versatile powerhouse that belongs in your electronics gear. This charger works with DC and AC power, so you’re covered at home or on the move. It charges batteries rapidly and smoothly, making it a noteworthy feature. Safety precautions, including overheating and short-circuit prevention, make charging worry-free. It fits easily in your backpack or glove compartment due to its tiny form. Secure and efficient charging for all your requirements!

Customers Testimonial:

This worked for my RadioShack MD-1700. It would be nice if they had a version with a slightly longer cord.

Special Feature:

Fast Charging, Cooling Mechanism

The UPBRIGHT DC/AC 12V Battery Charger’s fast cooling technology makes it distinct. While the charger is fast, this function prevents overheating. This feature is like a racing vehicle that can drive full throttle without sweat. It quickly charges batteries while keeping them cool and secure. This is great for those who are constantly moving and can’t wait. Charge quickly, keep calm, and move on!



Connector Type Barrel Connector
Compatible Devices Musical Instruments
Special Feature Travel


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Positive Aspects:

  • AC/DC Dual Power Source
  • Quick-Cooling Mechanism
  • Fast Charging Safety Protocols
  • Compact Style

Negative Aspects:

  • High Price
  • Limited Battery Compatibility
  • Requires Proper ventilation
  • Auto-Detection Not Available


3. SupplySource DC/AC PRO Radio Shack Adapter

SupplySource Adapter

The SupplySource DC/AC PRO Radio Shack Adapter is a battery charger multitasker. This charger operates flawlessly with DC and AC power sources, offering unmatched versatility. The “PRO” function provides professional-grade charging for higher power demands and is a selling point. Safety safeguards protect you and your batteries, including overcharge and short-circuit prevention. The sleek design makes it easy to carry and travel, so you can take professional-grade charging everywhere. It’s a good pick for quality and convenience.

Customers Testimonial:


Special Feature:

PRO Mode: Power User Charging Upgrade

Hold on to your hats! The Supply Source DC/AC PRO Radio Shack Adapter has a “PRO Mode” for power users. What does it mean? This is different from your typical charger. PRO Mode charges heavy-duty batteries quickly and efficiently, which is great for your most demanding products. This setting ensures your batteries can power professional photographic gear or high-performance tools. This is like a turbo button for your charger, giving it additional power when needed. A battery-charging revolution!



Brand Supply Source
Connector Type Barrel Connector
Compatible Devices Scanner, Adapter, Radio
Special Feature Short
Input Voltage 240 Volts


View On Amazon:

Positive Aspects:

  • Enhanced charging mode
  • AC/DC Dual Power Source
  • Strong safety features
  • Small and portable
  • Ideal for power users

Negative Aspects:

  • Pricey than ordinary models
  • Incompatible with basic batteries
  • Required manual setting tweaks
  • It is a little bulky for travel


4. Omilik Long Cable 6FT Power Adapter

Omilik 6FT Long Cable UL Listed Power Adapter

Save yourself from short wires with the Omilik Long Cable 6FT Power Adapter! This charger’s six-foot cord lets you walk around while charging. Despite its long wire, this charger is small and portable. It charges quickly and reliably for home and travel. Safety features? You bet! Overcharging and short-circuit safeguards prevent nail-biting while charging. In conclusion, this is an excellent choice for those bored of wall sockets.

Special Feature:

6FT Long Cable: Roaming Freedom

The Omilik Long cord 6FT Power Adapter has a six-foot cord. Why is this important? Imagine being stranded in a crowded airport terminal with the lone socket next to someone who missed their morning coffee. The long cable lets you charge your smartphone from a comfortable distance. You may want to browse your phone in bed while it charges at home. With the six-foot cable, you can move. A small feature that makes a big impact.



Brand Omilik
Connector Type barrel connector
Special Feature Lightweight
Input Voltage 240 Volts


View On Amazon:

Positive Aspects:

  • 6FT Long Cable for added mobility
  • Compact and portable
  • Safety features like overcharge protection
  • Quick charging capabilities
  • Versatile for home and travel use

Negative Aspects:

  • It may tangle easily due to the length
  • Limited to specific device compatibility
  • No advanced charging modes


5. UpBright New Global Adapter

UpBright@ New Globlal Adapter

The Up Bright New Global Adapter—a traveler’s best companion. Due to its multi-voltage compatibility, this charger works internationally. Just arrived in London or Tokyo? No problem! Flip the switch and go. This gadget has overheat short-circuit protection and fast charging. Its sleek, lightweight form makes it excellent for travel, slipping into any carry-on luggage. If you wish to travel the globe without battery issues, this charger is for you.

Special Feature:

Global Voltage Compatibility: Your Uninterrupted Charging Passport

Ready to jested? You can only leave home with the Up Bright New Global Adapter’s feature: Global voltage compatibility. What’s the big deal? See this: When you travel abroad, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your charger suits the local voltage. With this tool, you can effortlessly modify voltage settings to fit your country, like having a universal travel adapter in your charger. So stamp that passport and travel the globe without worrying about charging your devices.



Connector Type Barrel Connector
Input Voltage 240 Volts
Output Voltage 240 Volts


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Positive Aspects:

  • Global Voltage Accessibility for travel
  • Quick, efficient charging
  • Safety aspects include
  • Light and portable
  • Compatible with numerous devices

Negative Aspects:

  • Manual voltage switching required
  • May not have customized charging modes
  • Short warranty
  • Not good for high-power device

6. Omilik Long Cable UL Adapter

Omilik 6FT Long Cable UL Listed Power Adapter

The Omilik Long Cable UL Adapter combines safety and convenience. This UL-certified charger gives you peace of mind when charging your electronics. There’s more! Like its cousin in the Omilik family, it has a lengthy cable for mobility. Fast and dependable charging? Check. Multiple safety features, including overcharging and short-circuit? Double-check. Everything is in a stylish, compact style. This charger is perfect for home or on-the-go use.

Special Feature:

Trust UL Certification: A Safety Badge

Who doesn’t desire electrical device peace of mind? The Omilik Long Cable UL Adapter proudly displays UL Certification, a safety symbol. What is the big deal about UL? This accreditation signifies the charger passed strict safety tests. The electrical safety VIP lounge is where only the finest hang out. This tool is great for busy parents, tech-savvy teens, and safety-conscious people. It’s a gadget safety net.



Brand Omilik
Connector Type barrel connector
Special Feature Lightweight
Input Voltage 240 Volts


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Positive Aspects:

  • UL Certification for safety
  • Cable length for flexibility
  • Multiple safety features
  • Fast, efficient charging
  • Easy storage with a compact design

Negative Aspects:

  • Cable has a risk of tangling.
  • Device compatibility is limited.
  • There are advanced charging modes.
  • Safety features cost more.

7. PK Power DC/AC Pro Adapter

PK Power Adapter

The compact PK Power DC/AC Pro Adapter is a powerhouse. This charger has DC and AC ports for versatility and is ideal for professionals and anybody who needs reliable charging. Additionally, it has overheat and short-circuit protection. “But what about charging speed?” This small dynamo charges quickly without making you tap your feet anxiously. Its tiny size makes it perfect for carrying around and charging. This charger is versatile for all your charging requirements.

Special Feature:

Dual DC/AC Inputs: Best of Both Worlds

Are you divided between DC and AC charging? The PK Power DC/AC Pro Adapter asks, “Why not both?” Operating with DC and AC inputs is a notable feature. So what? This means you can put it into your vehicle for a speedy charge on the road or into a conventional wall socket at home. It’s like getting two chargers for the price of one. Flexibility rules here, guys. This tool is a game-changer for regular travellers or those who enjoy alternatives.



Connector Type barrel connector
Input Voltage 240 Volts
Specification Met CE, RoHS


View On Amazon:

Positive Aspects:

  • dual DC/AC inputs for versatility.
  • Fast-charging
  • Safety features, including overheat protection
  • Compact and portable
  • Flexible for home and travel

Negative Aspects:

  • Manually swapping DC/AC modes
  • Device-specific compatibility
  • No smart-charging advancements
  • Price may be increased for dual input.
  • Different inputs may need separate cables.


8. DCPOWER AC Power Home Wall Adapter

DCPOWER Home Wall AC Power Adapter

Let me present the DCPower AC Power Home Wall Adapter. This is important, particularly if you’re interested in home charging alternatives. This charger concentrates on AC power and does it effectively, unlike others that utilize both. Fast, efficient, and safe charging from your home’s power outlet.

There’s more! It has overcharge and overheat protection and fast charging. “Is it bulky?” you ask. Nope! Its tiny, simplistic form makes it easy to use and store. You may charge many gadgets simultaneously since they fit neatly into wall sockets without impeding other outlets. Durability ensures you get the most for your money. Overall, this is a solid, no-frills AC charger for home usage.

Special Feature:

Compact Minimalist Design: More Than It Looks

Let’s discuss this exceptional feature. You may wonder, “What’s so exciting about a compact design?” It’s like putting a band in a jukebox. Its hidden star is the DCPower AC Power Home Wall Adapter’s tiny, simplistic style. Why? The modest size ensures it doesn’t use up your wall outlet. It can be plugged in close to other devices without starting Tetris.

There’s a cherry on top! This tiny form saves room and is portable. Its lightweight design lets you unplug it, move it to another room, or pack it in your backpack. Plus, its sleek, minimalist design blends with any interior style. Like the Swiss Army knife, this charging design element is unassuming but very handy. A modest yet powerful component that shouldn’t be disregarded.



Connector Type barrel connector
Input Voltage 240 Volts
Specification Met Compact design


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Positive Aspects:

  • focusing on AC power for effective home charging.
  • Easy storage and transportation with a compact design
  • Overcharge and overheat prevention
  • Don’t obstruct nearby wall outlets
  • Durable and long-lasting

Negative Aspects:

  • Only AC power, no DC.
  • It may not work on all devices
  • Missing sophisticated smart-charging features
  • No lengthy cable restricting the location
  • International travel may need an adaptor.


9. MPKKE DC/AC Radio Shack Adapter

MPKKE Adapter

Let me present the MPKKE DC/AC Radio Shack Adapter, a true multitasker. This handy gadget offers DC and AC charging for maximum flexibility. How about having your cake and eating it, too? It may be charged in your vehicle on long road journeys and plugged into a wall outlet at home.

Hold on—we’re just scraping the surface. This charger offers multiple power choices securely and effectively. This charger eliminates charging worries with overheating and short-circuit protection. Plus, it has a rapid charge capability to charge your devices quickly. You ask, “What about its size?” Good news! Compact and elegant, it’s easy to carry. The MPKKE DC/AC Adapter is the Swiss Army knife of charge due to its versatility and safety. You’ll wonder how you survived without it!

Special Feature:

Quick Charge: Time Matters

Waiting for electronics to charge is the scourge of contemporary life. What if I told you the MPKKE DC/AC Radio Shack Adapter provides a solution to this problem? Yes, this charger has a rapid charge option. Imagine putting in your gadget and charging it quicker than usual. Not magic but amazing engineering.

This function is great for ‘oops, I forgot to charge my smartphone’ times. Everyone’s been there, right? This rapid charge option saves you while preparing for a meeting or a lengthy drive. Your devices’ fast-food drive-thru. Fast, easy, and pleasant. Best part? It achieves this without affecting device safety or battery life. Reclaim your time without hesitation!



Color MC36
Connector Type


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Positive Aspects:

  • Dual AC/DC power for maximum flexibility
  • Quick charge for fast charging
  • Extra safety against overheating and short-circuit protection
  • Easy mobility with a compact design
  • Compatible with many devices

Negative Aspects:

  • It may cost more due to features
  • A quick charge may not work with all devices.
  • Limited cable length
  • International usage may need adapters.
  • It is not waterproof, thus indoor usage only.

Buyers Guide: What Are The Things You Should Know About The Best Radio Shack Battery Charger Before Shopping


Consider Your Charging Needs

What will you mostly use the charger for? Does it cover travel, home batteries, or specialist equipment? Knowing your demands helps you choose a charger.

Limits on Budget

Money speaks! Chargers vary from cheap to expensive. Determine your budget and pick a charger with the finest features.

Safety Features

Folks, safety first! To avoid overcharging, look for chargers with overheating, short-circuit, and auto-shutoff protection. Peace of mind is priceless.

Reliable Brand

You can buy a cheap charger, but reputable brands provide greater quality and support. Check reviews and ratings to assess a brand’s reputation.


The speed of light is technology. Make sure the charger you choose will last. A future-proof charger should support numerous battery types and have updatable firmware.

Customer Support and Warranty

Finally, examine the warranty length and coverage. A good warranty protects your investment. Consider how simple customer assistance is to reach if you have concerns

Maximizing Charger Life

Charger longevity depends on healthy behaviors. First, store it in a cool, dry area to avoid moisture and heat. Unplug it while not in use to protect its parts. Avoid pushing incompatible batteries by following the charger’s instructions. Wipe ports to keep dust and dirt out. Allow your smart charger to avoid overcharging. Giving your charger the care it needs will ensure a long and healthy relationship.

Maintenance Tips


Keep Cool

Like your phone, your charger shouldn’t be left in the sun. High heat might harm the charger’s internals. So keep it cold and dry. Avoid heat-generating equipment and direct sunshine.

Unplug When Not Use

Though basic, many of us forget it. Leaving your charger plugged in 24/7 might cause wear. Always disconnect the charger while not charging batteries to prolong its life.

Regular Cleaning

DUST and debris are sneaky. They get into charging ports and other tiny spaces. Clean the charging slots with a dry, soft cloth or compressed air to keep your device working smoothly.

Follow the Manual

Have you heard “When all else fails, read the instructions”? It applies here, too. Follow the user instructions for the best results. DIY alterations and unauthorized charger use are prohibited.

Update Firmware

Smart chargers with firmware need to be updated. Manufacturers frequently update to address flaws or improve performance. The latest firmware upgrades are on the brand’s website. Ensuring a long, healthy relationship with this crucial device.

Tips for Storing

The Right Setting

Storage goes beyond throwing your charger in a drawer and forgetting about it. Keep your charger dry and cold to avoid moisture damage and overheating. Electronics and dampness hate each other!

Protect Your Case

A case or bag helps protect your charger from scratches, dents, and other damage better if your charger has a case! Use it. If not, a tiny electronics bag should work.

Management of Cords

Besides being annoying, tangled cables may damage wires. Keep wires organized using Velcro straps or cable organizers. This makes finding the charger easy when needed.

Stay away from harm.

Keep your charger away from acidic cleaners and chemicals. Accidental spills might cause gadget failure.


While you want your charger protected, don’t hide it in a rubbish drawer. Store it readily accessible so you can get it immediately. Saving time saves battery life!

Bottom Line

Locating the best radio shack battery charger is like locating a needle in a haystack. You’re ahead with Radio Shack’s legendary quality and dependability. Radio Shack has everything from standard to smart chargers that adapt to your battery’s demands to universal chargers for all your devices. This article gives you everything you need to choose a charger that matches your lifestyle. Happy charging, and keep your gadgets charged!

Frequently Asked Questions

Key elements of a good charger?

A decent charger must have fast charging speed, several safety features, and battery compatibility. A portable charger with a good warranty is a plus.

Do smart chargers justify the cost?

Absolutely! Personal battery whisperers are smart chargers. They adapt charging based on battery status to preserve life and avoid overcharging. Long-term performance is worth the additional money.

How can I prolong Radio Shack’s charging life?

Good maintenance and storage go far. Keep it cold, dry, unplugged, and follow the usage instructions.

What charger safety features should I look for?

Overheat, short-circuit, and auto-shutoff are important safety features. They’re like charging seatbelts and airbags, saving you from countless hassles.

Are Radio Shack chargers compatible with other battery brands?

Overall, yeah! Most Radio Shack chargers support several battery types. Always verify the chargers and battery requirements to be sure.

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