The Best Radios for Airsoft for 2023

Even when communication methods advance and eliminate each other rapidly through time, people never seem to lose interest in making use of radios. As long as users are in the required transmission ranges, they can interact with the other at ease by pushing side buttons to talk and create emergency alerts.

In tactical sports games like airsoft, the need for two-way radios to talk is great. If you have the intention to engage in it, do not hesitate to check out the best radio for airsoft available on the market being presented here. We will give comprehensive guidance from our experiences and the recommendation we get from others.

Best Overall Most Durable Budget Friendly

Midland GXT1000VP4

Proster ‎PST78

Dimensions 8 x 4 x 5 inches 7.9 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches 1.18 x 2.3 x 4.5 inches
Weight 1 pounds 0.3 Pounds 0.92 pounds
Tuner Technology UHF, VHF UHF UHF
Channels 128 50 16
Battery Lithium Polymer Battery 4 AA Lithium Metal Battery

Best Radio for Airsoft Reviews

1. BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Two-Way Radio

The dual-band two-way radio from the brand BaoFeng includes a strong antenna that is 7-inch high and can be easily bent over. Its channel step ranges from 2.5 to 25Khz. This radio is engineered with a battery saver mode and a low battery alert so you can be aware when it is running out of power.

I enjoy its commercial durability, which makes the radio much more compact to be used as a BaoFeng UV 5R airsoft setup equipment. The frequency range it can receive in Mhz is VHF (136-174) and UHF (400-520). It contains a large push-to-talk key along with two other side keys for alarm, flashlight and monitor.

What is more impressive about this UV-5R radio is its sturdy body made out of high-quality dense polycarbonate. This feature helps to enable its overall durability in such a competitive team sport like airsoft. It is capable of resisting pressure; thus, it would not become a big deal in case you drop it during the game.

You are free to have tri-color background light choices from a built-in VOX feature of 0-9 grades. Its output power can be up to 5W with a high level of safety. Should you plan to use the voice companding function on this radio, it has a 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS coder, which includes 128 different channels.

There are a bunch of useful accessories you can get in the dual-band radio package from the manufacturer. The list goes from a headset, a hand strap, a belt clip, an adapter, a user manual in English and a desktop charger that is compatible with the power source of 100-240V. All of them for a price under $25.00.

A lot of grievances come from previous customers saying that the charger system of this radio occurs manufacture defections after a few uses. Some complain that the battery life seems to be shorter after charging, and others wonder why the LED indicator does not display similarity to its manual.
  • A 7-inch high flexible antenna.
  • Low battery alert for users.
  • The case durability is commercial.
  • Tri-color background light selections.
  • 128 channels in 50 CTCSS/104 DCS.
  • 3 side keys for different purposes.
  • Sustainable polycarbonate radio body.
  • An effective pack of attachments.
  • A malfunctioned charger system.
It is obvious that the radio has lived to most user expectations related to its diverse functions, to achieve multiple goals other than airsoft engagement.

2. Midland – GXT1000VP4, 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio

There are 50 General Mobile Radio Service channels available in this Midland two-way radio. A channel scan can be enabled to check for activities around your location. It has an external speaker to allow mass hearing by a group of airsoft players. You can purchase the radio as a 3-pack, pair pack or a single one.

It is wonderful to know that the radio is water-resistant since it comprises a special JIS4 Waterproof Protection to prevent any splashes from damaging it. The radio from Midland should be used within a range of maximum 36 miles to ensure clear voice transmission in open areas, without external obstruction interrupting.

Its battery cover is beneficial in shielding the battery from falling off this radio. The large belt clip helps it to hold tight onto your belt and backpack during frequent motions. There are several important icons being displayed on the LCD screen including key lock, channel number, vibrate alert and SOS siren, etc.

Personally, I admire the NOAA weather scan system as it automatically scans for surrounding weather conditions through 10 different band channels. Afterward, the alarm will notify you that your area is expecting severe weather soon. Consequently, you would be able to return from that dangerous location.

Strong privacy codes of 142 CTCSS/DCS with 3,124 channel choices will block redundant conversations from your activities. I think the eVOX (Voice and Sound Activation Transmission) is helpful for 9 levels of sensitivity are equipped with, so that you can proceed with completely hands-free operation.

Unfortunately, I am in doubt that a headset problem has resulted in the radio to either receive or transmit signals to other users and not both. I know that this is an uncommon situation for this tool, but customers expect that they can use airsoft radio comms for both of the mentioned purposes at once.
  • Contain 50 different GMRS channels.
  • Versatile radio package options.
  • Waterproof radio works in 36 miles.
  • Has vibrate alert and SOS siren icons.
  • Auto NOAA weather recognition.
  • Over 3,000 channels in privacy codes.
  • 9-level eVOX for convenience.
  • Inability to both receive and transmit.
If the brand Midland can strive to fix the issue of their radio headset, I believe their fame and reliability would be widely spread even more than the present.

3. Proster Rechargeable Walkie Talkies Two-Way Radios

With the maximum frequency range of 2 miles to contact your airsoft partner through this Proster radio, some people may believe that it is not the most optimal. In my opinion, 2 miles in a wide-open field is even better than longer ranges in crowded places. There are 16 license-free channels being equipped in it.

The brand does not provide a correct number of its DCS/CTCSS feature, but you can be certain that it does include this to enable you with strong privacy codes. Any external signals or noises that interfere with yours would be eliminated. Its LED flashlight is a true lifesaver when it comes to emergencies.

You can push its large black side button to speak to the other user quickly. There are two knobs next to the antenna on this radio for Proster, one for switching among 16 channels and one for suitable volume control. There are wide applications for it like construction sites, airsoft games and outdoor adventure, etc.

One good thing about this radio is how it can be charged with multiple other types of charger besides its own. Sometimes, when you already leave the house and forget to bring its charger dock, you can fill up its battery via a power bank or USB charger instead. It also has an 18-month satisfaction guarantee.

Although this two-way radio is advertised as being rechargeable, I see that there are a lot of customers complaining about the low-quality use of its battery life. It can go dead quite soon after several uses, some must replace the battery into a new one so they can continue using the Proster radio.
  • Transmit within a 2-mile range.
  • Include DCS/CTCSS privacy codes.
  • Prevent interrupted signals and noises.
  • Built-in LED light for emergency.
  • Engineered with a PTT button.
  • Ideal for various applications.
  • Compatible with multiple chargers.
  • Has a warranty of 18 months.
  • Defective battery unlike the advertisement.
Other than the problem related to its battery function, in general, this airsoft radio from Proster is considered a potential opponent to many popular brands. I believe if the brand can solve and eliminate all of the existing issues left, they would seriously make a name on the market.

4. Luiton Walkie Talkies Voice Scrambler Two-Way Radios

The Luiton walkie talkie radio does not include a large airsoft radio headset, but instead, you will get a durable pair of regular earpieces to plugin on the way. You can activate its VOX function so that it is hands-free to talk through earphones. There are 2, 6 and 10 packs of this radio for your buying options.

This radio is engineered to have a voice scrambler function so that your whole team can communicate in total secret. In order to activate its RF power, you will need an energy source of 3W. This feature enables a long connection link at a maximum of 3.6 miles and 16 pre-programmed channels awaiting you to choose.

I like how slim the design of this radio is, mostly because it can fit my entire hand when I hold it. Other than that, the radio also comes with a useful belt clip for you to hang it anywhere possible. Its 1500mAh Li-ion battery is rechargeable in 3 to 5 hours and the radio can support a standby mode up to a week.

It will surely give you an alarm if the power cannot be consumed anymore, that goes with a low battery alert. You can operate this airsoft radio within a temperature range of -30℃ to over 60℃. The audio distortion level is only about 5%, so there is no need to worry about weak signals being transmitted.

With the output power of its audio from 800 to 1000mA and its 36mm speaker size, you can stand closer than 3.6 miles to speak clearly in a crowded street. I am glad that it contains 50CTCSS and 105 DCS codes as well, thus it is positive for any users to communicate at a high level of secret and security.

I remember that I once saw a customer commenting about it that the radio itself does not come with these mentioned features. You need to connect it with a PC program to enable them. This case has not occurred to me so I cannot confirm it, although the brand should take this into account.
  • Convenient hands-free VOX feature.
  • 3 choices of radio packages.
  • Voice scrambler for secret talks.
  • Can be held easily inside hands.
  • Standby power up to a week.
  • Low sound distortion measure.
  • 36mm large speaker size.
  • Has to go with a PC program.
In spite of being programmable with a PC, I hope that this brand can fix the issue and allow this airsoft radio to work independently.

5. Radioddity GA-2S Long Range Walkie Talkies Two-Way Radio

It is so convenient that the Radioddity GA-2S two-way radio has a micro USB gate protected by an outer cap, which is compatible with car chargers, phone chargers, power banks and laptop chargers, etc. This feature totally reduces the need to bring its own charger dock around. It contains a removable antenna.

This device is a really lightweight radio with a rugged outer shell. Being sturdy makes this GA-2S radio suitable for multiple vocations and activities like airsoft games, warehouses, factories, kitchens, hiking, camping, security teams and retail stores, etc. You can pick the wide or narrow bandwidth of 25 or 12.5kHz.

As for the airsoft communication setup, it is single-band radio so you are free to add as many other sets as you like, they all have the same preset channels. The good news is that the radio is CHIRP supported to locate other users in real-time. Its PTT side key is customizable between monitor and alarm mode.

I am blown away by its incredible standby time of up to 96 hours; therefore, you can charge for only once then use the radio for the rest of the day. The possible frequency range is 400-470MHz. This two-way radio only takes 2W to operate, and your audio can be transferred within a 3-mile range of no constructions.

Different from other typical models, its in-ear earpieces are made out of silicone, known as air acoustic earbuds that are comfortable to plug in all day long. There is a 1W output speaker to provide much clearer audio. This radio has 60 days for buyers to return and up to 18 months of product warranty.

Sadly, the silicone earbuds are reported by a majority of customers to break down too soon. Most of the users do not drop or abuse the earphones at all but their lack of genuine quality disturbs them. This radio can still work even without earpieces but they are relevant accessories for a lot of customers to use.
  • Flexible micro USB charger gate.
  • Lightweight with a hard shell.
  • Ideal for multiple applications.
  • CHIRP supported tracking.
  • Long standby mode for 96 hours.
  • Nice air acoustic earpieces.
  • Come with a product warranty.
  • The earbuds are not durable.
From my perspective, Radioddity is a potential airsoft radio brand, and most of the features in this GA-2S two-way radio is beneficial enough to support a variety of customers.

6. Ansoko Rechargeable Walkie Talkies Long Range Two-Way Radios

As one of the most popular basic walkie talkie radios that are cost-effective, the brand Ansoko offers 4 package options at reasonable prices from 2, 4, 6 to 10 pairs of their two-way radios in one purchase. I appreciate how the radio is solidly built with such a compact size in hands so it can be easily portable anywhere.

This radio is able to perform well in nearly two days after a full charge. It is seen as a long battery duration above the average rate of the market. Its UHF radio wave can easily penetrate thick materials like non-metal walls, wood or concrete and decreases the casual interference that happens among wireless systems.

There are already 16 built-in channels at your service, together with privacy codes of 50 CTCSS and 105 DCS to ensure safe and private conversations. Its integrated LED flashlight and alarm are extremely helpful in emergency situations. This radio is also protected by an 18-month product warranty.

I cannot deny that the two-way radio is ideal for multiple occasions, both for indoor and outdoor applications. The list includes ski fields, factories, retail stores, train stations, hunting, hiking, safety teams and warehouses, etc. Its 3-mile transmission range can quickly handle all of these.

Nonetheless, its brand should be notified about the lagging delay when users hold the push-to-talk button and wait for it to transmit audio. It does not appear to function as quick as other two-way radios and that is a minus point with impatient customers. I hope the manufacturer can fix the transmission process in a better way.
  • 4 nice choices of radio packages.
  • 2-day battery duration is long.
  • Transmit signals through walls.
  • Can reduce wireless interruption.
  • Work for in/outdoor applications.
  • Perform well up to 3 miles.
  • The transmission is often delayed.
Its lagging sound transferring progress must be due to the poor connection link between two Ansoko radios. You should try using it at a closer distance and I bet this radio for airsoft will manage to do its best. The radio itself is already fantastic and a few more repairs would make it a flawless device.

7. WISHRING Z Tactical Miltary Heavy Duty Bowman EVO III Headset

So far, this item is the unique one on the list for being not just a regular airsoft radio, but rather a fast helmet radio headset made of sustainable polymer. The headset is casually seen in military uses, being worn under helmets or ear defenders at ease. It contains a large earpad to enable external hearing.

The headset has a low-profile design and you can put it either on the left or right as wish. It withstands a great amount of noise with the frequency response from 150 to 500Hz. Its microphone boom is lowered down for easier direct talking. For a walkie talkie device, this is an awesome price under $25.00.

It is compatible with a PTT unit to be connected to an airsoft radio but you would have to purchase it separately. There are 3 elastic nylon straps that can fit multiple head sizes. Its jack plug is in a military size as well, and every single detail harmonizes with each other to create a flexible airsoft headset.

I do not have a clue whether this problem happens to most users or not, but the tactical headset once caused stitching when I first tried it on. I think it was the nylon straps that are a bit irritating for a person with such sensitive skin like me. Afterward, the bad feeling has been improved but still lingers.
  • A polymer airsoft helmet headset.
  • Low-profile, worn left or right.
  • Incredible frequency response.
  • Can be connected to a PTT unit.
  • The head straps are stretchable.
  • Large military-size jack plug.
  • Cause irritation in first wearing.
The excellent tactical comms setup can definitely be completed with this military audio headset. You can choose to wear it under large helmets or caps and it would still provide a sufficient amount of comfort for extended uses.

8. Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios

I love how the Arcshell two-way radio is small enough to be held inside my hand at ease. Without the antenna, its height is approximately 4.53 inches, which is a compact size compared to other walkie talkies for airsoft. It is simple for users of all ages to operate and the radio is entirely waterproof.

The radio comes with a charger dock that usually takes around 2.5 hours for a full charge. You can use it for sound transmission up to 96 hours, and apparently, it depends on your usage frequency as well. I am also glad that this radio from Archshell also contains overcharge protection to prevent consuming too much electricity.

Its functional built-in speaker is great for the frequency range of 400-470Mhz. The audio distortion of this radio is less than 5%, which is capable of reducing outer noises around your area. There is a prompt instruction voice of both Chinese and English due to your needs. You can set a timer to disconnect a channel.

The signal transmitted via this single-band Arcshell radio can go through thick material like concrete, steel and wood, etc. at ease. Its belt clip is removable when not needed and suggested to be installed back in with a screwdriver. The number of channels that have been previously set up and ready to use is 16.

It is obvious that the frequency range of all airsoft radios depends on the surrounding terrains and this one can transmit sounds within 5 miles around construction-free areas. This radio is able to support a majority of commercial uses such as in factories, schools, security teams, hotels, event management, etc.

Nevertheless, the VOX feature on this radio for airsoft does not seem to perform properly. One customer says that although they had followed the user instructions to activate its gain adjustment, nothing happened. That buyer intended to buy this radio for that purpose, but sadly it is completely out of order.
  • A compact-size waterproof radio.
  • Work up to 96 hours in one charge.
  • A low rate of audio being distorted.
  • Transmit through thick materials.
  • Perform well within 5 miles.
  • Suitable with most commercial uses.
  • The useless VOX without gain adjustment.
It is important to notify the manufacturer about its problem related to the VOX function, which is one essential feature people tend to buy walkie talkie radios for hands-free operations. Apart from that, I can tell that Arcshell has been trying their best to create a beneficial long-range radio like this.

9. Pofung UV-82 Transceiver Dual Band Two-Way Radio

In lieu of BaoFeng, I want to introduce the dual-band UV-82 radio of their re-branding name Pofung which still has the same general quality. This is an interesting airsoft radio podcast since it only has a single receiver but the radio is actually able to “watch” once with two channels due to its semi duplex technology.

You can choose to purchase one or two packs of this two-way radio. As divided sections of the PTT button, the A and B bands are independently operated from each other.The radio has 128 channels in store for you to use. It can receive FM radios with up to 25 stations.

Even though being a famous and reliable name in this field, I can tell that most of their radios are at good prices. The brand claims that the UV-82 radio model is an advance compared to older ones as it has a louder 1W speaker. It is also possible to connect this radio to work with a PC on your choice.

This brand is known to manufacture airsoft radios with keypads for users to select among a hundred channels. Thus, it contains a keypad lock function if you want to protect your communication link from strangers. The menu button is to operate a shortcut mode. Its LCD screen tells you which channel you are on.

It is equipped with a battery saving mode and a low battery alert. Because this is a dual-band radio for airsoft, every action from the display, frequency and standby mode are synchronized in harmony. You are capable of switching to choose a high or low RF power as you wish. The removable belt clip is extremely convenient.

Being an airsoft radio brand outside of the USA, it is truly aching for the fact that there are plenty of deceiving sellers of this item on online shopping sites. Customers who purchase from them will get a rip-off that looks close enough like the genuine BaoFeng UV-82 radio, but it is actually a dysfunctional one.
  • Has a modern semi duplex function.
  • Different A/B bands on the PTT button.
  • The price is fairly reasonable.
  • A loudspeaker of 1W.
  • Can be programmed with PCs.
  • Keypad lock and shortcut menu modes.
  • Syncs radio actions together.
  • Being sold by deceiving online sellers.
It is most ideal to purchase a radio for airsoft from official brand websites to avoid negative situations. With an effective walkie talkie device like this one from Pofung, I am certain that you will get the most out of your communication progress during fascinating airsoft games.

10. BaoFeng Walkie Talkie UV-5R Dual Band Two-Way Radio

This is not the same BaoFeng UV-5R radio that has been reviewed earlier. It amazes users by comprising an additional 1800mAh battery for you to take turns using and charging them. There goes the long 3 or 5 hours of waiting for a fully charged radio. Its frequency range has been upgraded up to 520MHz.

With all the necessary attachments included for no extra charge, I bet you would be happy to know the whole functional set only costs less than $40.00. And I know that you expect to have a BaoFeng tactical headset, but the earpieces are really sustainable with a compact size to carry along all the time.

Most people are fond of the brand new TIDRADIO 771 long antenna on this radio and so am I. It can be bent at ease, with a high level of sensitivity and your walkie talkie distance will definitely improve. It is possible to set up the radio via its keypad because the information is displayed on the screen.

I love that I can customize the names for 128 available channels so my airsoft team can have much quicker and easier access. The radio is engineered with a modern voice companding technology for users to communicate freely, even in crowded and noisy areas. The digital screen shows you how much battery is left.

There is one criticism about a user receiving the wrong programming disc. It means that the person cannot program this radio from BaoFeng on a PC due to the malfunctioned disc. This issue often involves low-quality online sellers that are not officially distributed. It would be best if you remembered to avoid it.
  • Two batteries for convenience.
  • An upgraded frequency of 520MHz.
  • $40.00 for the total package.
  • Sensitive TIDRADIO 771 antenna.
  • Customizable channel names.
  • An advanced voice companding mode.
  • Display battery rate on screen.
  • Getting incorrect programming discs.
Although a large group of customers do not care much about the PC programming feature of an airsoft radio, this helps enable a lot of other functions in it for you to use. Having the wrong disc for programming certainly annoys users, who pay the cost with the desire to get a full functional pack.

What to Look for When Buying a Radio for Airsoft

Transmission range – You should always remember to check for the possible transmission range of radio for airsoft in the first place. So that you can estimate your desired distance along with it. As far as I am concerned, the longest transmission range in this article is 36 miles and the shortest one is 2 miles.

However, the radio does not necessarily have the upper hand only due to its long transmission range. The audio you transfer would be most loud and clear in open areas without large obstacles and noises. Consequently, if your radio works within 36 miles but the location is too crowded, it cannot be the most optimal.

For instance, talking through airsoft radios in a large factory with no blockages between workers will turn out much better than users standing close to each other. The transmission range still matters a lot, though, since you can stand a great chance to make conversations in a considerable distance.

Privacy codes – Having privacy codes is essential when you take part in an airsoft game to avoid rival teams overhearing your conversation with partners. The more channel options you own, the higher possibility you can block unwanted interference while sharing a two-way airsoft communication gear.

The CTCSS and DCS codes are able to prevent external signals and sounds from interrupting between your private talks. This feature can help you out in loads of circumstances besides team sports engagement. It is because most radio users would not be pleased to have their personal information leaked through channels.

Impact resistance – A large group of airsoft radio brands do not take this detail into consideration since they believe a series of functions and a sturdy shell are already enough to attract customers. On the contrary, a lot of users including myself, wonder about the ability of a radio to resist external impacts.

The most common resistance types are waterproof and anti-pressure. A radio for airsoft, which can allow water entry without any dysfunctioned inner parts, is a device worth being invested in. Imagine yourself in several water-related circumstances such as under the rain or water sports, and the regular radio can go off anytime.

People usually take the hard plastic shell of an airsoft radio for granted, that it cannot be broken after a slight drop. In fact, a large number of radios start to display damage sequels if someone sits or steps on them by accident. This is exactly why you should always prefer to buy an anti-pressure radio for airsoft.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted airsoft radio brands?

It is perfectly fine for you to be concerned with the most trusted airsoft radio brands to purchase the best one possible. I have already collected and introduced the top international brands in this article including BaoFeng, Arcshell, Luiton, Radioddity, Proster and Ansoko, etc. They produce premium radios.

Now I understand that there are still a lot of existing manufacturer defections in each of the airsoft radios here, but you should look on the bright side of how beneficial they all are for your desired applications. Not a single one of them comes without effective accessories so you can absolutely rely on these radio brands.

Why do you need an airsoft radio?

An airsoft radio is used to enable private conversations in open areas where teammates are far away from each other, especially in tactical games. It is an effective alternative that has been operated centuries ago in the replacement of phone calls, which costs fees to talk to each other. It comes with a series of helpful accessories.

At present, besides airsoft games, an airsoft radio can support a bunch of commercial applications including restaurants, warehouses, hotels, construction sites, golf fields, event management, train stations and airports, etc. Wherever people need to communicate in bulk, airsoft radios should be used.

How to set up and use it?

First, turn the radio on and control its volume with the knob on top. Should the radio not include a keypad, it would provide you with another knob to switch among available preset channels. Notice its battery level, which can be displayed on the digital screens. It is best to bring a fully charged airsoft radio.

In order to do a few tasks, press on instructed side keys including speaking, opening the menu or making an SOS alarm, etc. If you need a private talk, you can plug in an airsoft headset to avoid audio coming out of the speaker.

During your airsoft walkie talkie operation, there will usually be a belt clip or a lanyard to carry the airsoft radio alongside you. Several radios are equipped with USB portals, so their charger docks are irrelevant in the case. Whenever you are on the pause of using it, the radio switches into a standby mode.

How to take care and maintain?

You should be aware that the radio for airsoft should not be cleaned up with water-soaked towels. An adequate amount of moisture would work and it does not damage the inner electronic parts of the radio. It takes time to complete the best airsoft comms setup so its dismount process because of water will be disturbing.

Store the radio and its accessories back in the package or a neat place when it is not being used. It is important not to leave them unprotected because small children may pick the pieces up and ruin your device. Airsoft radios with a low level of pressure resistance are greatly threatened by external impacts.

What is the warranty policy?

The typical radio for airsoft will include a 60-day return window and 18 months of product warranty. During this period, you can experience the radio for as much as you like and return it in case of dissatisfaction. However, do not damage its components on purpose since that cannot count as errors from the manufacturer.


Are you eager to purchase any of the best radio for airsoft in this article yet? Not only have I presented a detailed review for each of them, but I have also managed to provide a great deal of knowledge about airsoft radios, in which you can absolutely take advantage of while shopping. Thank you for reading.

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