The Best Radios for AM DXing for 2023

Written by RPennington / Fact checked by R. Combs

Radio has been gaining an enormous amount of attention. More and more people expressed their hobbies in this interesting form of communication and entertainment. They are also willing to invest money and effort into building a decent radio system. The results are beyond awesome.

You can do many things with a radio: listening to the news, weather forecast, podcasts, or streaming music. Now, many people are fond of DXing – a way of obtaining radio signals from faraway places. As this trend grows, the demands for AM DX radios also rise.

There are many radio models available on the market, and it must be hard to choose. We are here to help you all with the full reviews of the best radio for AM DXing. The most sensitive AM radiothe most portable radio, the radios with the best audio quality, and so on – we will figure it out in this article.

  Best Overall Compact & Mighty Most Budget-Friendly
Preview Tecsun PL880 C. Crane CC2BE Sangean ATS-405
Dimensions 7.56 x 1.3 x 4.45 inches 4 x 11 x 6.5 inches 9.6 x 8.7 x 3.1 inches
Weight 1.15 pounds 4 Pounds 0.8 Pounds
Speaker 1.6″, 4 Ohm, 3 W 5″, 4 Ohm, 6 W 2.5″, 8 ohms, 0.7 W
Power Lithium Ion AC, 4 D Battery NiMH Battery
Channels 40 Channels 40 Channels 40 Channels
Best Radio for AM DXing Reviews
1. Tecsun PL880 Portable Digital PLL Dual Conversion AM/FM

The third product that I’m going to review is Tecsun. This radio is small in size but the power it holds is tremendous. This device would make an ideal choice for any radio lover. So don’t forget to check this product out.
Firstly, I am impressed by how well-built this radio is. Different parts are well-assembled and the body looks almost like a seamless block. The buttons are also easy to push and highly responsive as well. Moreover, the knobs could be turned smoothly without any difficulties.
The coverage range of this product is relatively wide. With the single side band, it can receive both shortwave and longwave, AM/FM signals. You now have a wide array of choices and thus upgrade your radio experience.
When it comes to audio performance, there is nothing to complain about. The sound stays clear and crisp, no matter which frequency range the radio is tuning in. This will make sure that you have a consistent experience with this device. You can also connect this stereo radio to your personal headphone and enjoy it much better.
We can’t leave out other special features that might set this radio apart from other models on the market. You would have an alarm clock and a sleep timer that works 24/24h. All the necessary information will be displayed on the small LED screen on the front of the radio.
This small radio runs on one 18650 Li-ion battery and it is rechargeable. You will receive one battery in your product package, so please check for it. The battery can last for a long time, so this radio would be a good companion while you are traveling.
There is one small thing that the manufacturers can work on to improve this product. The signal reception is not always up to par and in some cases, it went pretty bad. That is a small notice that you should pay attention to before bringing this product home.
The device feels firm and sturdy
Crisp and clear sound quality
A wide range of extra functions
The reception quality is a bit poor at times
Overall, this radio would make a good deal. This is a basic device that does its job wonderfully and gives customers a decent radio experience. If you are looking for a high-quality DXing radio, I highly recommend this product.
2. C. Crane CCRadio-2E Enhanced Portable AM FM Ham Radio

Brought to you by C.Crane, the fourth product that I’m going to introduce is a decent AM FM radio for DXing. This small and sleek radio boasts several wonderful features that would appeal to many customers. Check this out and see whether it is perfect fit for you or not.
One selling point of this product is its portable size. Since this device is small in size and light in weight, you can easily carry it around. This radio is suitable for people who are constantly traveling or who are fond of outdoor activities.
With the built-in ferrite antenna, this device allows you to tune in whatever bands you like, and you can receive the AM signal reception the best. Apart from that, you can visit any FM bands, the weather band as well as the 2-meter ham band. You can learn more about the weather conditions and the natural disaster warning via those channels.
I also want to applaud the high-quality audio performance of this radio. The sounds through this device are clear and crisp, with almost no distortion. It is designed to transmit the human voice as close to the original as possible. Also, with this speaker radio, you can enjoy supreme musical sounds that many other models fail to deliver.
Regarding other functions, this device also incorporates timer, alarm, and clock – those features will be useful on some occasions. Moreover, you will find a small LED display screen on the front and it can be backlit for use in the dark.
This long distance am radio is powered by four batteries and they are not included in the product package. The batteries is rechargeable using a compatible power cord. Also, you can have trust in its battery life as this device can be active for an extended time.
However, there is one small problem you should take note of. The thing with this device is that it went worse after some time. The quality might not be on the same par in the long run and I think you should know it well before making any purchase.
A lightweight and portable device
High-quality sound performance
Long battery life
The overall quality deteriorates after some years
Despite one downside, this AM/FM radio could easily be an ideal choice for whoever in search of a good device for their radio system. If all the strong points I’ve mentioned appeal to you, don’t hesitate to add this product to your cart.
3. Sangean ATS-405 FM-Stereo/AM/Short Wave World Band Receiver

The first product on our recommendation list is a radio from Sangean. Although this product has a low price, it will impress the most difficult customers. If you are looking for high-quality AM DX radios, don’t forget to check this out.
This product is a professional radio that can work as a multi-band receiver. There are up to 108 preset channels, among those 36 channels are for FM, AM, and SW each. In addition, this radio for DXing can cover a wide range of frequencies: 2.3-26.10 MHz for SW, 87.50-108 and 76-108 for FM, 520-1710 kHz for AM.
It is easy to operate and control this radio. You could tune in whatever channels you want in five different ways: rotary tuning, memory recall, manual tuning, auto scan, or keypad access. This flexibility and versatility allow radio users to choose any method that is most convenient for them.
Looking at the front of this radio unit, you will see there are a lot of buttons. Each button would be a cue for a specific function of the radio. The label beside the button is really useful since it helps you know what to do with the device, even when you are an amateur.
There is also a small LED screen to display all the necessary information. This screen is backlit so that users can read it well even in the dark. On the screen, you might find the real-time clock, sleep timer, alarm, and other features. It’s amazing how this radio is packed with so many features at such a low price.
Moreover, I would like to praise the reception quality of this radio. The signal reception is surprisingly stable, even when you are on the constant move. That is to say, this radio is suitable for those who are frequent travelers.
As for the audio quality, the sound delivered is relatively good. It is consistent and crisp, and there would be no digital noises from the chip. You are assured to have the best experience with this wonderful product.
This device is powered by 4 AA batteries and they are not included in the product package. The battery can be recharged, and it can last for a considerable amount of time. You can carry this device around without worrying too much about the battery power. There is also the battery indicator on the screen to notify you when it runs out.
However, there is a minor issue with this radio. Many people complain that the buttons are a bit hard to push. This matter might cause certain inconveniences so you should take note before making any purchase.
A reasonably priced choice
Up to five tuning methods
Stable and clear sound quality
The buttons might be a bit hard to push
Overall, this product is a great contender for the best radio for DXing. This radio truly lives up to my expectations, and I’m sure that many customers would share the same opinion.
4. Eton Elite Executive AM/FM/Aircraft Band/SSB/Shortwave Radio

I bet that the next product from Eton will attract many people.This radio device is impressive in terms of both appearance and performance. I have had a wonderful experience with this product and would like to share it with you. Check out now to see if you agree with me or not.
My first impression of this radio is how great it looks. I think the modern and simple design is the huge plus point of this product. The small travel size significantly improves the device’s portability. The leather case helps protect your radio while you’re on the move and it looks incredibly good.
The button system on the front looks very neat. They are responsive and it’s easy to figure out their functions. The LED screen is large enough to display the much-needed information. This is a simple yet effective user interface for any customer.
This product is an international radio receiver that can receive almost any wavelength: from AM, FM to longwave and shortwave. This feature would allow access to a wide array of contents from various channels – a dream for any radio lover. You can either utilize the automatic tuning or do it manually.
Moreover, the signal reception quality is decent. The PLL tuner in action makes sure that received signals are clear and strong. The worst radio experience must be flickering and faded signals and nobody wants that. With this radio’s sensitivity, you can pick up even the weakest signals.
This product’s wide signal coverage would not disappoint you. At anytime, no matter you are inside or outside, this device can pull in stable signals miles away from any direction. That is quite impressive and you can totally have trust in this small but powerful radio.
However, a thing that might put off radio users is the sound quality of the said device. The audio performance is not on the same par with other functions of the radio. This product could be perfect if the manufacturers keep working on it.
Comes in a small travel size
A wide signal coverage
High-quality leather protective case
Inferior sound quality
This is a fine product and I appreciate all of its good points. I think this is the right choice for radio lovers who want to try DXing, or who simply wish to upgrade their radio experience. This radio truly delivers on the expectations and it will be your good companion for a long time.
5. Tecsun R9700DX 12-Band Dual Conversion AM/FM Shortwave Radio

Coming up next is another high-quality radio from Tecsun. At a relatively low price, you can get for yourself a small-sized but powerful device. This product is a perfect fit for travelers who would like something light and compact but of great quality. I highly recommend that you pick up this wonderful radio.
This small radio works effectively as a world band receivers, with up to 12 AM/FM bands. I also want to appreciate the signal reception quality of this product. You will enjoy consistent and crystal-clear signals from all bands. Also, the dual conversion technology and the antenna help with enhanced selectivity and sensitivity.
That is one reason why the audio performance of this product is outstanding. You will not experience cracking or muted sounds, nor inconsistency caused by unstable connection. The sounds are almost the same as the original, and your ears will realize immediately once you listen.
The friendly user interface is another plus point. This radio device is designed ergonomically so that anyone can operate and control it easily. Looking at the front of the radio, you can see how simple but effective the layout is. Customers can figure out what to do with the product right away without referring to the manual.
You can listen to the radio via either the built-in speaker or the included earphones. Each of which has its own charms and they are fitting in different situations. Both speaker and earphones are of superb quality – all to ensure the best listening experience with this radio.
This device is powered by rechargeable batteries. There is also a built-in battery charger and all you have to do is plugging it into any wall outlet with the given AC adapter. A fully-charged radio can last for an extended time, enough for customers to use the device comfortably.
However, I need to remind you of one small point. Many customers actually complain that some parts fall off when they open the product box. Accidents must have happened during the manufacture or delivery process and you should be extra careful.
Simple and intuitive design
Easy to operate and control
Great sensitivity and selectivity, with superb sound quality
Some parts might come off upon arrival
I can say that this radio is truly a keeper. Although there is minor issue with this radio, we cannot dismiss other outstanding features of this product. This DXing radio does its jobs wonderfully and I promise that it would not fail your expectations.
6. Sony SRF59SILVER AM/FM Walkman Stereo Radio

The seventh product is brought to you by Sony, and it is a little different from other models. This walkman stereo radio makes a great impression with its classic sporty silver look. If you take a closer look, you may find even more charming points about this radio. Check it out and get to know this wonderful product.
Although this radio looks small and light, it is sturdily built and well-assembled. Made of rugged materials, this device is not flimsy at all. It also can last for a long time. Its durability is suitable for outdoor use, especially when you’re traveling or doing exercises (running, jogging, bicycling, etc.). There is also a belt clip to make sure the radio stays securely despite strong movements.
This is a walkman radio but it does not support cassette tapes, you can only tune in AM/FM frequencies. You can go for whichever frequency bands you like. However, the preset option is unavailable, so you have to tune it manually.
The signal reception quality is generally great, but the local/distant switch can step up the game. In certain situations, you can choose a suitable mode to optimize signal quality. In addition, to adjust the frequencies, use the turning knob. The knob is easy to turn and it is also responsive.
This radio comes with a micro-dynamic receiver (MDR) headphones, which double as a ferrite antenna. It is a smart design to save space and keep up the excellent performance at the same time. With these headphones, you can enjoy a rich and ambient sound while still being aware of the surrounding events.
With just one AA battery, this device is good to go for an extended time. This radio can be active for 100 to 140 hours of use before getting it recharged. That is quite impressive and once again, this product is the perfect fit for an outdoor trip.
Light and compact device, suitable for traveling
The local/distant switch to facilitate the best signal reception
Long battery life for 100-140 hours of use
No frequency read-out on the display screen
This classic stereo radio deserves a spot on the best DXing radio list. I believe that many people will share the same opinion as mine and would be willing to pick up this wonderful product. This radio promises to be a great touch to your radio system.
7. Sony ICF-SW7600GR AM/FM Shortwave World Band Receiver

Coming up next is a wonderful radio from Sony. This product impresses by its supreme quality and outstanding performance. This is a piece of equipment that would upgrade your radio system to a whole new level.
When I first got my hand on this radio, the first impression is it gives a solid feel but not too heavy. The product is sturdily built and every part is well-assembled. You don’t have to worry about the durability of this product.
This radio works perfectly well as a digital tuner and it can receive signals from different bands, such as MW/AM, FM, longwave, and shortwave. The device is also able to scan 100 frequencies and store them in memory. You can tune in whichever channels that fit your preferences.
The label preset function with six different alphanumeric letters allow you to identify the channels much easier. Moreover, there are four tuning methods for you to choose from: preset, scan, manual, and direct. There is also a hold button to prevent accidental switches to another channel.
This small radio holds more power than you can imagine. I’m impressed by the wonderful reception quality of this product. The single side band reception increases the sensitivity to signals. It also reduces interference on the band, hence the better reception quality. The built-in antennas also help with the signal reception.
As a result, the sound quality is top-notch. The audio is generally stable and clear, and there is little to no distortion. The speak is exceptionally good and it produces loud sounds that can easily fill the room. Therefore, this radio can be used almost anywhere, either inside or outside.
In addition, this device boasts other features that will be helpful on many occasions. There is the world clock feature that displays the time at different locations on Earth or the dual standby function that allows you to set two wake -up alarms at the same time.
Moreover, you can listen to the radio in private by plugging the headphone into the built-in 3.5mm jack. This is an effective way to hear sounds more clearly with noisy backgrounds. As for the battery, you will need four AA batteries to power the device for up to 47-hour use.
The only thing I can complain about this product concerns the user interface. The button system might be confusing at first and takes some time to decipher. First-time users should pay close attention before putting this radio to your cart.
The device is sturdily built, ensuring the heightened durability
Wonderful reception quality
Loud and clear audio quality
The buttons and controls can be a bit overwhelming
This radio is the epitome of the brand’s incredible workmanship. Despite a minor inconvenience, the product impresses many customers by its outstanding performance. This AM radio DXing deserves a high spot on your list.
8. Eton Field Radio with Bluetooth & Fine Digital Tuning

Coming up next, Eton blesses us with another DXing radio that would grasp your attention. The quality of this product is superior and you will not be disappointed. This is the product that will upgrade your radio experience to a whole new level.
Compared to other models, this radio is a bit thinner and it fits nicely in your palm. I really like its pocket size since it will be convenient when you are traveling. Hence, the portability should be considered when buying radio.
The reception quality of this AM/FM radio is also incredible. The increased sensitivity improves the reception performance by a great deal. The signals are consistent and clear, and there is little to no distortion or background noises thanks to the anti-interference technology. The built-in telescopic antenna, as well as the external antenna connections, also contribute greatly to the signal stability.
Moreover, the audio quality is impressive. The radio does a wonderful job of keeping the sounds stable and clear while staying true to the original. You are in for a wonderful listening experience with this small but powerful device. Also, there are up to 50 preset stations for you to choose from – whatever you feel like!
This product features a line-in and line-out jack as well as a headphone port so that you can listen to the radio in any way you want. The special thing about this radio is that it supports Bluetooth, so you can stream your favorite playlist from any Bluetooth-compatible devices. You will have a more diverse range of options to choose from.
On the front of the device, there is a small orange LED screen to display the necessary information. Instead of buttons, there are more control knobs and they function smoothly. Another point I like about this radio is the extra hand-carrying strap so that you can bring this device with you virtually anywhere.
The only downside of this radio concerns the battery. It does not last for a long time since the clock is always on. That is one small thing that you need to know before making any purchase.
High sensitivity and outstanding audio quality
Compatible with Bluetooth
Convenient hand-carrying strap
The battery drains quickly
This device is an excellent piece of equipment that will spice up your radio experience. I highly recommend you check this one out and have a wonderful time with it.
9. Tecsun PL-600 AM/FM/LW SSB Shortwave Radio

The ninth product on our recommendation list is another radio from Tecsun. This device promises to give customers the best experience they have ever had. It totally deserves this spot on the for all the strong assets it possesses. Let’s look into details and see what’s good about this product.
This world band radio receiver features the phase-locked loop and dual conversion technology – all to improve the quality of the received signals. As a result, you could enjoy consistent and clear connections.
This radio can work on multiple radio bands: SW, LW, AM, and FM. There are also 600 preset channels stored in memory for you to choose from. 600 is an impressive number and it could be a great chance to diversify your listening experience.
You can tune in whichever channels you want in four different ways. First of all, you can directly type in the digits for the desired channels. Or you can use the turning knob to change the frequency. Also, the scanning function is useful when you are unsure of what you want. Lastly, you can tune in preset stations via the touch of a button.
There are also several ways to enjoy this radio. You can blast your favorite songs or podcasts through the built-in speaker of the device. It is a powerful and reliable speaker that is not inferior to any standalone device. If you want to keep your experience private, we have the earphones for you. They could step your experience up a notch.
I really like the exterior design of this product – simple yet effective. The black color gives the radio a clean and sleek look, and I think many customers will be attracted. The small screen is nicely placed on the top right corner of the front, and there is a set of buttons below. This interface is user-friendly for you to operate and control the device at ease.
Four AA batteries power this radio and you have to get them yourself. Instead, you will be given an AC adapter to recharge the batteries. You just have to plug it into a power source and then the radio will be good for an extended time.
There is one small thing you need to know: the FM reception quality is not as good as the AM one. This radio might not be the best FM receiver, and I was hoping you could to take this matter into careful consideration.
Up to 600 preset stations stored in memory
Four tuning options
Easy to operate and control
The FM signal reception is a bit lacking
This radio might not be perfect, but this device does the best at what it is supposed to do. I cannot ask for more from this wonderful product. You will be satisfied with every aspect of this small radio.
10. Kaito KA29 All in one World Receiver

Brought to you by Kaito, the final radio on the list would be the ideal choice for whoever is interested in DXing. The impressive performance would be the main selling point of this product. This review will give you a glimpse into what this radio has to offer.
There are two color options for you to choose from: black and white. If you find the color back a bit common and boring, you should go for the refreshing look for white radio. Also, this radio comes in the pocket size – how convenient it is while you are on a trip! The small size and the lightweight helps with the portability.
This is a radio with three functions: radio receiver, audio recorder, and MP3 player. First of all, this world band radio can receive signals from any AM/FM/SW channel. You can tune in the desired stations in five different ways. Especially with the preset tuning, you can store up to 248 channels in memory.
Secondly, this radio works well as a recorder. You can record the radio as well as your own voice. The built-in microphone is designed to support this function. You will be surprised at the quality of the recording – it is clear and not distorted at all.
Lastly, you can use this radio as an MP3 Player. There is a USB port so you can connect this radio to any compatible device and stream your favorite playlist from it. The radio speaker is pretty decent and you will have great fun using this product. The repeat mode also simulates a similar experience to a standalone MP3 player.
Other extra features would come in handy at some points. For example, you will have a calendar on the screen to check it more conveniently. There would also be a sleep mode and an alarm clock. This will be really convenient for radio users.
With the long antenna, the signal reception is of great quality. As a result, the audio quality is also excellent. This radio will treat you to a flavorful experience that you can hardly have with other models. So, don’t hesitate to give it a go and have great fun.
Were I to complain about this product, the LED screen should be a little bigger. The current display does not provide enough information and that might interfere with your experience.
A lightweight and pocket-sized device with great portability
A great combination of a radio receiver, recorder and MP3 player
Great signal sensitivity and great audio quality
The display screen does not provide enough information
There is a small problem with this product but that does not dismiss other strong points. I believe that this device will tick all of your boxes. Please check it out to see if it lives up to your expectations or not.
What to Look for When Buying a Radio for AM DXing

Whoever is interested in DXing might understand the frustration of getting access to far-off radio stations with an inferior radio. Owning a decent AM DXing radio is the key answer to solve the problem. You will notice the difference right way – a high-quality device would significantly improve your radio listening experience.
But what makes a good radio device? You might wonder about it yourself. There is a wide array of radio models on the market, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. It must be not very clear to pick up one product that meets all your criteria.
Don’t worry, we are here to help you with that. We have compiled a list of the most important factors to consider when buying a DXing radio. Everyone has their own definition of a perfect radio, but you can always consider this list as a buying guide. We hope that these bullet points might help you in your search for an ideal radio.
Sensitivity and Selectivity – I think this is the most important factor that separates a good radio from a bad one. Normally, DXing involves separating two waves of signals close to each other, and that could be challenging. Selectivity is the ability to separate the two signals, so you should consider it.
Sensitivity is the ability to detect or amplify radio signals. A radio with great sensitivity will be able to pull in clearer and more stable signals. Your radio experience will then be significantly improved.
Frequency Range – Many people often forget to take this into consideration. If you fail to pick up the radio that can cover the frequency range you want, it is pointless. My best advice for you is to check it carefully before making any purchase. Make sure you choose a radio that fits your needs.
Battery – Rechargeable AA batteries power the majority of DXing radios on the market. Normally, you will receive an AC adapter to recharge the batteries when necessary.
I suggest that you go for products with a long battery life, especially when you are a frequent traveler. A radio that is constantly running out of power might be a real nuisance that no one wants to experience.
Portability – Another thing to remember if you want to carry your radio around at ease. There are many radio models with small, simple, and lightweight designs that you can check them out. Some models can even fit nicely in your palm. The pocket-sized radios would be of great convenience to you.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a radio for AM DXing?
To put it simply, DXing describes the process of searching for radio signals from faraway places. More and more people becoming interested in this radio. The nice thing about this hobby is that you don’t need any sophisticated or expensive equipment – a normal radio would do.
Of course, there are some factors that you should consider. You can refer to our buying guides for more information and suggestion of what to look for.
How does it work?
The mechanism behind a DXing radio is almost the same as other transistor radios. Some parts might be different to improve the signal reception quality, but others are roughly the same.
How to use radio for AM DXing?
For AM DXing, you will need a decent radio receiver with suitable specifications. Since far-off signals are often weak, you should go for the radio with high sensitivity. Next, you need to tune in a suitable, and I highly suggest you use the Single Side Band (SSB) function.

It is not difficult to find a suitable radio for DXing. We hope that with our detailed reviews, you will be more certain about what you want and what you are buying. With enough information, I believe you will find out the best radio for AM DXing for your own.

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