The Best Radios for Running for 2023

Hunting for the best radio for running is one of the things that a few runners and joggers love doing. This is especially true for those who want to listen to their favorite music each time they run. With a good running radio playing in the background, each jogging and running session will be much easier and more bearable.

Playing music while running can even help improve your athletic performance. The good thing about having a running or jogging radio around it always gives you the option to hear the music that can further elevate your energy and mood. You may also use it to follow sports or listen to the news.

That way, you will be updated about what is happening around even if you are outdoors running. If you want to buy one then you will be glad to know that there is an abundance of fantastic options for the best portable radio for running. Get to know more about ten incredible choices for runners’ radio through this article.

Best Overall Best Sound Quality Longest Battery Life
Preview Retekess FY4117J



Dimensions 3.35 x 1.89 x 0.51 inches 3.25 x 0.4 x 1.75 inches 2.24 x 3.7 x 0.86 inches
Display LCD LCD
Radio FM: 64/87-108 MHz

AM: 520/522-1710 kHz

FM: 87.5-108 MHz

AM: 520-1710 kHz

FM: 88 – 108 MHz

AM:520 – 1710 kHz

Connectivity Technology 3.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm
Battery 500mAh (10 hours) 500mAh 2 AAA (24- 38 hours)

Best Radio for Running Reviews

1. Retekess V112 Portable AM/FM Mini Radio


The first portable AM FM radio for running I would like to suggest is the Retekess V112. I am drawn to this specific AM FM radio for runners, walkers, and joggers because of its compactness. It comes at a truly compact size so even if you are into intense physical activities, the radio will not stop and hinder you.

It is so compact and portable that carrying it while inside your pocket is easy. This mini exercise radio also has the advantage of being easy to use. I discovered that it only has a few buttons that are all easy to use and operate. Even kids and seniors will not have problems operating this device.

I am also very happy with the LCD incorporated into this small yet functional radio. This type of display is clear enough, further promoting ease in radio operations. It can also clearly display important details like battery consumption, sleep timer, lock key symbol, volume adjustment, and frequency.

I am also happy to highlight the unique feature built into this radio, which comes in the form of a lock switch. I find this feature helpful in preventing it from being operated accidentally. This mini radio is also equipped with a rechargeable battery, which you can conveniently charge with its built-in USB charging table.

I like the better UPC support promised by this portable radio, too. It is because this also assures users of better reception capability. I am also very pleased with the radio’s incredible reception for both AM and FM stations. Furthermore, it is well-designed and takes pride in its solid and sturdy build.

However, one noticeable drawback is that it is quite difficult to see the present charging status when exposed to the sun’s glare.
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable, which ensures that you can easily carry it
  • Clear display, providing relevant information and details
  • Uses a rechargeable battery
  • Not prone to getting operated accidentally, thanks to its lock switch
  • Easy to operate and program
  • Slightly hard to see the charging status when using the radio under the sun
Overall, Retekess V112 Portable AM/FM Mini Radio is one of the most reasonably priced choices for running, jogging, and walking radios guaranteed to give nothing but the best performance to users.

2. BTECH MPR-AF1 AM/FM Personal Radio


The second highly recommended small radio for running is the BTECH MPR-AF1 AM/FM Personal Radio. I super love the portability of this device, which also comes with FM radio headphones for jogging and running, among many other physical activities that you can do with the radio on.

I am happy that the built-in battery is rechargeable. The life of the battery is also noticeably long, preventing you from having to replace it too frequently, especially if you are on the go. With this personal run and jog radio, you can hear your favorite songs and receive news and local sports information even if you are outdoors.

I can also say that this radio is well-designed. It is even built in a way that can meet the demands of those who are into running, jogging, and other outdoor and physical activities. It is a functional pocket radio, which is never difficult to use. It has a rounded full case, which, I think, contributes a lot to make it easy to slide inside the pocket.

This specific shape and design helped a lot in letting the radio glide smoothly and effortlessly. The ability of this personal radio to store a max of 58 favorite channels through the preset channel memory bank also offers a strong advantage. It is because it promotes speed and ease in finding your favorite station.

It also features a backlit LCD, which works great because you can easily use it even when it is already dark. Furthermore, it has a clock designed to display time easily once you turn the radio off.

It also gives you the choice to set the device to turn off automatically using the built-in sleep timer. However, one thing I dislike about this device is that it does not have a belt clip.
  • Portable, making it useful for runners, hikers, and joggers, among many other users
  • Features a backlit LCD guaranteed to be easy to use and read even when it is dark
  • Great reception guaranteed
  • Equipped with a sleep timer to turn the radio off automatically
  • Features a preset channel memory bank
  • Does not come with a belt clip
With its many fantastic features, this choice for the best radios for runners and anyone who is into outdoor and physical activities offered by BTECH will surely impress most of its users because it is noticeable for performing excellently and functioning as expected.

3. PRUNUS DE333 AM/FM Transistor Radio


Another device I am proud to introduce is the DE333 AM/FM Transistor Radio from PRUNUS. In my opinion, one thing that truly makes this AM/FM running radio stand out is its portable and compact design. It is just a small pocket radio but is powerful and valuable enough that it can meet the rigorous demands of active users.

I also discovered that this is light enough at only sixty-five grams. It has such a lightweight construction that moving around while carrying the radio will never become bothersome. With that, I am sure you will find it hassle-free to use for indoor listening as well as when performing outdoor activities.

The versatility of this radio is also undeniable, especially if you realize how it can handle different indoor and outdoor activities, like jogging, running, climbing, walking, and camping. I also found out that this radio has a user-friendly construction. It is so easy to use at it only has three control buttons.

These are the tuning knob, band/power switch button, and volume knob. I am also pleased to say that there is a signal indicator on this radio. This further promotes ease in tuning in the radio. The sound quality is clear and perfect. It has a built-in speaker with high-quality sounds.

The reception of this radio is also excellent. Furthermore, it has a hinged battery compartment cover, which secures the battery, preventing you from losing it accidentally. I like the inclusion of a portable bag in the purchase of this radio. However, unlike other AM/FM radios, this one does not have headphones.
  • Small and compact while still being powerful and sturdy
  • Lightweight, so moving around even when carrying the radio is easy
  • Versatile since you can use it for both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Clear and high-quality sounds produced by its built-in speaker
  • Excellent reception guaranteed
  • Lacks headphones
Despite that, I noticed that the majority of the valuable features that a running radio should have are present in the PRUNUS DE333 AM/FM Transistor Radio, so I can safely say that buying it is a smart decision that you will never regret.

4. Sony SRF-S84 AM/FM Super Compact Radio


Another compact and portable radio that runners, joggers, and anyone interested in regular physical activities should consider owning is the SRF-S84 AM/FM Super Compact Radio from Sony. I am super happy with the lightweight and compact nature of this radio.

One of the most pleasing benefits of this compact radio from Sony is that it lets users enjoy FM broadcast stations in either mono or stereo. With that, I am sure you can select which one meets your preferences the most. I am also delighted with this radio’s unique bass boost system, which enriches the sound.

It ensures that the bass sound reproduction is not only deepened but also enriched. Another incredible feature in this compact radio that contributes to its overall performance is the synthesizer tuner phase, which helps in checking the precision of the frequency consistently.

The presence of such a valuable feature also aids in retaining the stability of signal reception. The provided AM/FM reception is also decent, allowing you to listen to your favorite stations without any problem. It is also equipped with its own set of earphones that let you listen to FM stations in stereo.

Upon regular use, I also discovered how user-friendly the analog tuner is. It offers amazing sensitivity each time you intend to tune in to your favorite stations. It also has intuitive, straightforward, and simple controls. Furthermore, it comes with a sturdy belt clip, which you can use to turn this into a good arm radio for running.

One issue in this radio, though, is that the round area of the earbuds is constructed out of hard plastic, sometimes causing discomfort. The size is also slightly large for those who have small ears.
  • Lightweight and compact structure
  • Can check the frequency’s precision consistently
  • Simple and easy to use controls
  • Decent reception for both AM and FM stations
  • Boasts of high-quality sound
  • The included earbuds are quite uncomfortable because of the round area constructed from hard plastic.
Even with that noticeable problem, the Sony SRF-S84 AM/FM Super Compact Radio is still a valuable product for a lot of runners because most of its features cater to their specific requirements, especially when playing a radio when doing physical activities is concerned.

5. JESSON Personal AM/FM Pocket Radio


I also consider the JESSON Personal AM/FM Pocket Radio as one of the best options for anyone searching for a running or exercise radio. Available at a very affordable price, this pocket radio contains a lot of cool features that make running, jogging, or doing other physical activities more exciting.

I think one great quality that this pocket radio from JESSON carries is its high level of durability. It has a solid build without losing its compactness and portability. The fact that it is compact and portable promotes ease when it comes to slipping it inside your handbag or pocket.

This also enhances the versatility of the radio, making it a great companion whether you are indoors or into outdoor sports. The radio’s FM frequency is also amazing. It delivers decent sound quality and performance. Expect to take advantage of new and unique functions from this AM/FM radio, too.

One of these is the mute option, which is unique as far as running radios are concerned. I am happy with the support that this radio has over AM and FM stations. I like the adjustable nature of the AM frequency, as well. Another reason why I love this device is that it lets you automatically search and store some of your favorite stations.

It is also equipped with just a few buttons, so operating it is easy. Furthermore, it has a lock switch, which is a big help in preventing any accidental action. This radio also works well not only for runners and joggers but also for those who travel frequently. However, I noticed that the earphones are of subpar quality.
  • Affordable without sacrificing features and overall quality
  • Compact, portable, and sleek design, ensuring that you can carry it with ease
  • Boasts of a mute option and other unique functions
  • Allows the automatic searching and storing of statio
  • Easy to operate since it only has a few buttons
  • Subpar quality earphones
Overall, the JESSON Personal AM/FM Pocket Radio meets the demands of most runners out there, so making it a part of their daily workout routines is beneficial for them.

6. Flyoukki Pocket Small Radio


Your search for a highly dependable AM/FM radio for your physical activities, like running, will also most likely end once you get introduced to the Flyoukki Pocket Small Radio. I like this small radio for so many incredible reasons – one of which is its lightweight and compact structure.

This radio takes pride in its simple and portable design. It is easy to slip and store in your handbag, pocket, or glove compartment since it is so small. It is also multifunctional and flexible that it can handle a wide range of activities, not just running, jogging, and walking.

You can also use it for your gym workouts or each time you want to walk your dog. Another reason why I am in love with this AM/FM radio is that it delivers high-quality reception. It provides AM/FM support while also boasting of an auto search and store function.

With this specific feature and function, expect the radio to be able to remember a max of 58 stations. The reception is also crystal-clear, which assures you that you will enjoy not only music but also sports games, news, and morning talk shows, among many others.

This small radio is also designed in such a way that you can use it both indoors and outdoors. I am also sure you will love its rechargeable battery. This is so convenient since you no longer have to replace the battery too frequently.

You just have to recharge it using the included USB cable. However, the battery life does not seem to last as long as the others, requiring more frequent recharging compared to other radios.
  • Provides AM/FM support
  • Can remember a max of 58 stations
  • Crystal-clear reception guaranteed
  • Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, proving its versatility
  • Portable and simple design, making it easy to use
  • The battery life is shorter than other running radios.
With the clear and strong reception of the Flyoukki Pocket Small Radio, I am pretty sure you will enjoy each of your running, jogging, or workout sessions since you can use it to entertain yourself

Jensen SAB-55BK Black Limited Edition Armband Radio (Outdated)


If you are looking for an armband radio for running then the SAB-55BK Black Limited Edition Armband AM/FM Stereo Radio from Jensen will not disappoint you. This radio left a positive impression because of its sleek and portable design as well as its lightweight nature.

Both these traits help ensure that you will never encounter problems bringing it with you on your next outdoor activities, like running. This specific radio is also constructed to be highly flexible. It is flexible in the sense that you can put it inside your pocket or set it up on an armband, hand, or belt.

It even works as an effective clip-on radio for running as it also comes with a belt clip. If wearing it on the arm excites you then you can use the non-slip and adjustable elastic armband offered by this running radio. Regardless of the manner through which you carry the radio, expect it to produce full and clear digital sounds.

This is made possible with its presets and bass boost. I am also very happy with the support that this radio has over AM/FM stations, as it gives me several options on what I should listen to. Another incredible advantage of this running radio from Jensen is that it supports night running or physical activities.

It is due to its reflector safety ring. This radio also comes complete with its stereo earbuds. It even has a digital clock for further convenience. However, I have one complaint regarding this Jensen radio and that is the fact that the buttons are slightly hard to understand and decipher initially.
  • Boasts of a sleek and portable design
  • Provides support for AM/FM stations, letting you choose freely
  • Supports night running and physical activities, thanks to its reflector safety ring
  • Equipped with a digital clock
  • Decent reception guaranteed
  • Quite hard to understand buttons at first
If you are shopping for the best armband radio then this device offered by Jensen will surely impress you with its compact design, nice features, and powerful yet clear sounds.

DreamSky Mini Portable FM Radio (Outdated)


Another fantastic choice for the best FM radio for jogging, walking, and running is this specific Mini Portable FM Radio from DreamSky. I am so satisfied with the overall portability of this small-sized radio. It is compact, too. With this, I am sure it will never bother you if you put it in your pocket and play it when you are doing some activities.

It is also a versatile pocket radio player. It is because I noticed how it works not only for jogging and running but also for bicycling, walking, working out in the gym, and traveling. The reception is also more than decent and you can get such a result whether you are doing a manual or auto search.

I am delighted that this radio is lightweight, compact, and small enough that fitting it inside your suitcase and backpack (apart from just your pocket) is hassle-free. It also features an easy-to-use neck strap, which you can use if you intend to wear the device over your neck without worrying about it getting lost.

I am in favor of the built-in lock button of this radio because I noticed how effective it is in preventing accidental operations each time you are working out in the gym or doing some outdoor activities. I am also glad to say that this does not only function as a radio. It also serves as a simple yet functional alarm clock.

It has simple buttons with labels that promote ease in setting the radio. There is also a wide LCD integrated into the radio, which displays the actual time and the alarm time.

Furthermore, it has a battery power indicator, which immediately sends alerts once the power of the battery goes lower than 25 percent. However, I am not so impressed with the overall quality of the headphones because I find them quite subpar.
  • Compact and portable, making it fit inside pockets nicel
  • Versatile as it can withstand a wide range of physical and outdoor activities
  • Functions both as a radio and alarm clock
  • Wide LCD, which displays time
  • Good reception
  • Not that high-quality headphones
Overall, the DreamSky Mini Portable FM Radio will not let any user down because it is one portable radio for walking, jogging, running, and other activities filled with several great features that help boost its performance.

 Mifine Portable Pocket AM/FM Radio (Outdated)


Lastly, I would like to suggest using Mifine Portable Pocket AM/FM Radio for all your running and jogging sessions. One thing that drove me to use this radio consistently is its great AM/FM receptions regardless of your location. I think it is mainly due to the high-quality antenna used by this radio.

I am impressed with the advanced DSP chip used in this radio, too. It is because it allows it to not only gain stable signals but also filter unwanted noise and sounds. With this specific capability, I am sure that this radio can give you clear sounds no matter where you want to go.

I am also very happy that this device comes with a timer. This refers to the radio’s sleep timer feature, which lets you set it so you can fall asleep in ninety minutes. Expect it to turn off automatically after that period. Another incredible ability of this portable radio is that it can store forty preset stations and remember them.

The 1.18-inch LCD of this AM/FM radio is also one of its strengths. This boasts of its smooth and simple design, which can resist dust, splash, and rain. I am happy that it has a backlight design, too. It is because this promotes ease when reading the time when you are lying in bed.

The lock screen feature is also a big advantage as it prevents accidental touching of buttons. The built-in speaker is also very powerful in the sense that it can let you enjoy clear and distortion-free sounds. However, I also discovered one downside and that is the inability of the battery to last as long as the others.
  • Great AM/FM receptions guaranteed no matter where you are
  • Advanced DSP chip, which guarantees the stability of signals
  • Assures users of clear sounds by filtering unwanted noise
  • Features a smooth, simple, and intuitive LCD that is easy to read and use
  • Powerful speaker integrated into the radio
  • The battery life is not that long.
With the many amazing qualities and features carried by this AM/FM radio from Mifine, I am one hundred percent sure that it will not disappoint those who decided to try it out.

PRUNUS J-982 Mini Portable AM/FM Pocket Radio (Outdated)


Your goal of finding the most reliable running and jogging FM radio can also be attained once you come across the J-982 Mini Portable Pocket Radio offered by PRUNUS. As the name suggests, one prominent trait of this device is its portable design. It is so portable that you will not feel bothered each time you put it inside your pocket.

It is also very lightweight, so carrying it around will be effortless. You can use it to listen to music indoors as well as when doing some outdoor activities, like running, jogging, walking, climbing, and camping. The many applications where you can use this radio to showcases its overall versatility.

The reception of this radio is also undeniably great. I noticed this benefit with my regular use of the radio. I think it is because the earphone wires also act as an analog radio antenna. This works in improving the radio’s broadcast receiving capabilities. It also offers support for both AM and FM stations.

I also love how this pocket radio is suitable for use in the majority of countries worldwide. In other words, you will not experience difficulties using this pocket radio to hear local stations. I like how simple and minimalist this pocket radio is designed overall.

With such a simple design, using it is not that complicated. All you have to do is to find the tuning knob then turn it to locate your favorite stations. However, one fault I discovered on the radio is the somewhat cheap earbuds included in the package. I was hoping a much-better quality from the offered pair of earbuds.
  • Offers support for AM and FM stations without losing reception
  • Can be used to listen to local stations in different parts of the world
  • Simple design, promoting ease of setup, programming, and operation
  • Useful in all forms of physical activities
  • Comes with a tuning knob, which is easy to use in locating favorite stations
  • Somewhat cheap earbuds
If you consider everything that the PRUNUS J-982 Mini Portable AM/FM Pocket Radio, you can safely say that it has most, if not all, of the coolest features and the best traits a pocket radio should have, which makes it truly deserving for anyone’s attention.

What to Look for When Buying a Radio for Running


Are you starting to get bored each time you decide to go on a run or job around the neighborhood? This should not be the case. You need to enjoy your time jogging or running so that you can stick to this healthy routine. Probably one of the things you need is a soundtrack to run to.

The problem is that you can’t bring along your phone as it could slide off your sweaty palms and using an armband is out of the question because of your phone’s weight. Why not try the best radio for running instead? These are lightweight and they usually don’t cost much, so you won’t hate yourself too much if you do drop it on the pavement.

To help you choose the right radio for running, here are some of the specific qualities you have to look for:

Must be compact and lightweight – Remember that you will be taking the radio out while you are jogging, so you need this to not be so bulky and heavy that it would be uncomfortable to use. Get portable radios that are light enough that you can even forget that you are wearing them at all.

If possible, go for one that weighs 45 grams or less. This is the ideal weight for running or jogging radio. The earphones or headphones should also be lightweight. It can get pretty annoying when you have a heavy thing bouncing on top of your head. The whole package should also be not so large that it will not fit in your pocket.

Must be weatherproof – It might have been slightly overcast when you first left the house but just as you were getting into the groove, it suddenly started pouring rain. If it were up to you then you would have probably continued with your jog. However, you are worried that your radio might not survive the trip.

This is why you should choose a running radio that is somewhat waterproof and dustproof. With such qualities, it can surely survive your morning and evening jogging sessions. It is not just rainwater that you have to worry about. Your sweat can also damage the internal circuit of the radio, rendering it unusable.

Must be comfortable – The radio should be comfortable to use and wear. The earbuds should fit comfortably in your ears, too. Also, if you prefer headphones, make sure that they are not too huge nor too tight that they give you a headache.

The cord of the earphones/headphones should not also be so long that they get tangled around your arms every five minutes. The main body of the radio should also come with a clip so that you can attach it around your waistband, onto an armband, or anywhere else that you feel comfortable with.

This is where lightness also comes in. The radio should be so comfortable to use that you can forget that you are using it.

Good audio quality – It is not enjoyable to listen to the radio when the sound quality is equivalent to someone talking into an old tin can, in the middle of a huge cavern. It would be more enjoyable to run when you are listening to your favorite tunes and talk shows in crystal clear audio.

A couple of factors can affect the sound quality of the radio, including the reception and the quality of the earphones. Ultimately, you should get a radio that has a decent reception because you can always replace the earphones with better quality ones. However, if you need to replace the radio itself, then you just wasted your money.

Battery Life – Some running radios run on alkaline batteries while others have built-in Li-ion rechargeable batteries. The nice thing about running radios is that they are usually compact transistor radios. This means they do not use up that much power.

A running radio that uses one alkaline battery can even accompany you on your everyday jogs around the neighborhood for a couple of weeks before you need to replace the batteries. However, if the radio has other energy-draining features, then a brand new battery might only last a week or two, three tops.

Additional Features – Speaking of additional features, if there are times when you simply are not in the mood for radio DJs talking over the music, or if you feel like having your custom soundtrack to run to, then you should get a running radio that supports MP3 files. You just load up a micro SD card with all of the tunes that you want then play them through your running radio.

Another feature that you might want to look out for is Bluetooth connectivity so you can use wireless earbuds or headphones, letting you move freely as you run. This means that there will be no more wires tangling around your arms. Find out more about other devices using bluetooth connection here if you need!

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is Running Radio?

A running radio is usually a transistor radio that is shrunk down to a size that can fit in the palm of your hand. They often do not have built-in speakers but they do have a 3-mm audio jack where you can plug in your favorite earphones and listen to your favorite radio programs all day long.

Running radios should not be so big that they would not fit into your pockets. They should not also be too heavy that they can become quite burdensome. It is usually so light that you will forget that you are wearing it all along.

Who is the Radio for Running for?

This is for the serious runner, jogger, or even for those who just want to listen to their favorite radio programs on the go. This is perfect for runners who do not want to bring along their smartphones and listen to them. It is because running radios do not have additional distracting features, like social media apps, email, and Facebook.

It does not contain other things that might take your mind away from your jogging. Furthermore, some people are not big fans of FM radio and would rather listen to the AM band. The problem is that there are currently no smartphone or cellphone out there, that I know of, that can tune in on the AM frequencies, making the radio useful for them.

How Does the Radio for Running Work?

To understand how AM/FM radios work, you need to learn about the concept of modulation. The electromagnetic radiation in the air is nothing but random white noise. To make it useful, meaning that they would be turned into signals that can carry information (audio), it must first be modulated or changed.

This is the basis of AM (Amplitude Modulation) and FM (Frequency Modulation). Regarding radio broadcasting, the electricity in the air needs to be modulated with the type of information that you want to send.

Amplitude Modulation

AM broadcasts use amplitude modulation and it is the simplest form of broadcasting. To get a grip on what amplitude modulation is, imagine a steady wave, broadcasting at 1000 kHz on the AM bandwidth. The constant signal amplitude of the constant signal remains unmodulated, therefore containing no useful information.

When it is modulated with information, like any kind of audio, it results in a change to the amplitude strength of the signal. This will cause its strength to go up or down depending on the amount of information modulated. Only the amplitude of the signal changes. The frequency remains the same.

Frequency Modulation

To better understand FM (Frequency Modulation), imagine a signal that has a steady frequency and amplitude and since it is unmodulated, there is no useful information in it. However, once information is introduced into the signal, the combination causes a change in its frequency

The change is also proportionate to the amount of information modulated. When the frequency is changed between high and low, audio signals are transmitted by the carrier frequency. Only the frequency changes in this case. The amplitude remains the same.

Advantages of AM radio:

  • Having more stations in any given frequency range
  • Easier to pick up by receivers
  • Can be transmitted over greater distances

The disadvantages of AM radio:

  • AM signals are more prone to white noise
  • AM signals are susceptible to static interference, like when there are thunderstorms nearby.

Advantages of FM radio:

  • Broadcasts audio in stereo
  • Not as susceptible to interference as AM signals

Disadvantages of FM radio:

  • Cannot pass through walls

What are the different types of running radios?

Pocket radio with built-in speakers – If you do not mind a bit of extra bulkiness and are planning to use this radio to listen to news and music while you are relaxing at home then this is the best choice. Most of the pocket radios that come with speakers usually run on 2 AA batteries.

These batteries can last for a couple of weeks when used with earphones, and a week or so when using the speakers. Do not expect too much out of the sound quality of the built-in speakers. They usually do not sound that great even if you are listening to FM stations.

It is because there is only one small speaker so stereo music will not make any difference. If you will only be listening from the earphones, the sound quality will depend on the quality of the earphones themselves.

Pocket radio with 3.5mm audio jack only – These personal AM/FM radios can only be used when there are earphones connected to them. These are much smaller than the ones that have speakers and they are also much more energy-efficient since they only need to supply power to the earphones.

If you want to listen to the radio without the use of earphones, you can connect them to external speakers that have 3.5mm jacks. As always, the sound quality of this radio will depend on the quality of the earphones used.

Usually, the earphones that come with the radio do not sound that good, so you should at least invest in a good pair of earphones. You can buy a decent pair for less than $10 so why not splurge a little?

Pocket radio with cassette deck – These radios became extremely popular in the 1980s and interest in them is once again on the rise, thanks to movies and television shows like Guardians of the Galaxy and Stranger Things. Sony was the first company to come up with the concept of a portable cassette tape player.

They called it the Walkman. Because of the popularity of the Walkman, many other companies came up with their versions of the portable radio and cassette player. Usually, the earphones that come with these portable radios are already pretty decent sounding.

However, if you want to enjoy the full sound quality of the cassette player function, getting headphones that have fairly large drivers and produce deep bass notes is your best bet.

Pocket radio with MP3 player – These are better called MP3 players with FM radio because MP3 players came out much later than the first pocket radio, and there have been many portable MP3 players that have come out without a radio function. The addition of the FM tuner is just an afterthought, an additional feature if you would.

The great thing about this form of portable radio is that you can load it with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of your favorite songs for your listening pleasure. Now, if you want to listen to mainstream music or your favorite morning radio talk shows, you can flip a switch and the MP3 player will turn into an FM radio.

Why Do You Need a Radio for Running?

Simply just running for running’s sake will get real old real quick, especially for those who just started to try this routine as a means to get healthy. Now, if you have your customized soundtrack playing through your earphones, running will be much more enjoyable.

You can even change your pace depending on the tempo of the song playing through your earpieces. You will not also feel the exhaustion caused by running that much if you have some sounds playing on the background. It is because it can energize and uplift you, making you enjoy each session and look forward to it.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted running radio brands?

If you love running and plan to do it regularly then it would be much better to have a good running radio to accompany you. It can make every running session a lot more enjoyable and exciting.

Fortunately, it is not that hard to grab a running radio because several brands providing such devices have already proven how good they are in this industry. Some of the brands that deserve your trust and respect are Retekess, BTECH, DreamSky, PRUNUS, Jensen, Sony, JESSON, Flyoukki, and Mifine.

How to set up and use?

Setting up and using portable radios is extremely easy, especially if you are only using the ones that only have 3.5mm audio jacks. You just need to make sure that the radio has batteries. Flick on the switch, pull out the antenna and place the mode toggle either to FM or AM, so you can start tuning in to your favorite stations.

If your radio uses an analog tuner, you will find a string of numbers. These are the frequencies from the AM and FM bands. Usually, the FM frequencies are on the right column while the numbers of the left are for the AM bands. You will need to turn the tuner switch until the marker falls on the station number that you like.

If you cannot seem to get a clear signal like if all you are hearing is static, you should move the antenna until you get the one you are hoping for. This is usually what you need to do when you are listening to the radio inside your home. When you are outside running, you just need to pull out the antenna partially to get clear AM or FM signals.

Other newer pocket radios have digital tuners. There, you just need to press the “search” button and the tuner will stop at every AM or FM station that it passes through. Digital tuning radios also provide you with the option of saving the stations that you like so you do not have to search every time you want to switch stations.

How to care and maintain the radio for running?

These pieces of electric appliances are quite robust and you have to completely neglect them for them to deteriorate and break down completely. However, if you want your portable running radios to last for many years to come, here are a couple of tips on how to take good care of them.

Always replace the batteries at the same time and use the same brands every time. You should never mix old and new batteries in any electronic device. Aside from causing uneven wear on the batteries, they will also drain much faster this way.

Furthermore, the additional stress you are putting on the batteries will cause them to heat up and vent. This means the battery casing will crack, causing battery acid to spray inside the radio, leading to irreparable damage.

Remove the batteries when you will not be using the radio for some time. Leaving the batteries in the battery sled for long periods will not only cause them to discharge. This will also trigger the terminals of the batteries to corrode and weaken. This further leads to the battery acid bleeding out and damaging the insides of the radio.

Portable pocket radios are quite light, so even if you accidentally drop them on the pavement, they will usually just get some scratches. However, there is a chance that you drop the radio at just the right angle that you crack open the plastic casing.

Prevent this from happening by always wearing the hand strap to avoid accidentally dropping the radio. Or if you want, you can use a belt clip or an armband to hold your running radio securely, thereby preventing it from dropping while you run.

How to clean the radio?

Cleaning your running radio will not be too much trouble. You just need to wipe away any accumulated dust and dirt using a moist, clean rag. You do not need to use any soap or detergent as these radios are usually made completely of plastic, thereby preventing them from staining.

If you want to give it a good cleaning, wet a small, clean piece of fabric in some rubbing alcohol and wipe it all over the radio until all traces of dirt are gone.

Why is there so much static in AM radio?

AM radio signals are naturally susceptible to static interference. Even a slight variation in the amplitude of the radio wave (which could be due to the weather, obstructions, or travel distance) can create a noticeable change in the signal; hence, the static feedback noise.

Sometimes, FM radio signals also experience variances in the amplitude of the radio waves but they are not quite as noticeable as AM radio. Generally, FM radio signals are not as susceptible to static interference because of the way the signals are carried.

What is the warranty?

The usual warranty period for portable running radios is one year and this covers factory defects and any damage not caused by human error. On the other hand, these electronic appliances are some of the toughest in the world. It is even possible for them to last ten or more years of regular use without running into any major issues.

Oftentimes, the first things to give in these radios are the plastic switches. Unless your radio came from a sketchy company from overseas, the one-year warranty is just there for legality.

Where to buy?

You can buy pocket radios in any small town electronics stores (the modern ones in the malls rarely stock up on these rather old technologies). There, you will probably find two or three kinds of radios and it is a sure bet that you do not even recognize at least one of those brands.

These days, if you want to get legit running radios, you need to go shopping for them online. At online retail websites like Amazon or eBay, you will find hundreds, maybe even thousands of brands and models of pocket radios, some of which were made ten or twenty years ago.

Aside from being spoiled for choices, you will also often get lower prices compared to buying them from brick and mortar stores.


If you are the old school type of person or you just like to listen to AM and FM radio, ditch your smartphone and get yourself one of the OG pocket AM/FM radios. These little devices are not only affordable but can also take a beating and still keep on ticking for many years to come.

If you want to give your everyday run or jog around the neighborhood something different, you should get yourself the best radio for running that you can find.

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