The Best Shower Radios for 2023

I know many people who are so into radios that they desire to bring the unit along to the bathroom. However, you might be conscious that not all AM/FM radios on the market are made to resist water. They are too big and need a large space in the shower as well. A compact, waterproof shower radio is the solution.

The operation basis of a shower radio is as simple as other regular radio types, but there are many differences from inside out when comparing them. This radio for showers is often built-in small size and must be waterproof to an extent. It is mostly functioned by rotary knobs and works with a set of AA batteries.

It would be wrong for anyone who underestimates the sensitivity and signal reception of a shower radio just because it is small. A lot of shower radios can also catch NOAA weather stations and alert you when there is an emergency. With just some good points of a shower radio, I bet that you want to own one of these. However, choosing the right one is not an easy task to do. So I hope you will find the best shower radio that can impress you among the reviews in this article.

Best Overall Best Lightest Weight Best Sellers Rank
Preview Sangean H205

Pyle PSR6



Dimensions 7.9 x 3.2 x 4.4 inches 2.25 x 5.75 x 3.75 inches 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.8 inches
Item Weight 2 Pounds 0.39 Pounds 0.6 pounds
Water Resistance Level JIS7 IP67 IPX7
Power Battery, Corded Battery Battery, Corded

Best Shower Radio Reviews

1. Sangean H205 AM/FM Shower Radio


Some people might underrate this Sangean H205 shower radio at first sight because of its small vertical design. Still, this unit is much stronger than you can imagine. Having 20 slots for preset memory including 5 AM, 10 FM and 5 WX with a big visible LCD screen is what makes this radio a valuable investment.

You needn’t have to worry if you ever drop this AM/FM handheld radio into the water in your bathtub because it is waterproof with a JIS7 rating for complete submersion. The built-in clock is convenient for you to use and adjust both of its sleep and nap timers as preferred. Its battery level is indicated on the LED display.

Aside from being integrated with a powerful AM antenna, the AM/FM shower radio package also includes another pigtail one to support FM/WX frequency. These two antennas are among the main reasons they can catch all 7 NOAA weather channels which then quickly alert you to prepare before the local weather gets bad.

This is a huge bonus as this small waterproof radio has received certification for effective public alert during emergencies. Honestly, I did not expect it to be that helpful when severe storms occurred in town. The device produces a loud and clear siren that can be transmitted far to alert other people.

After being used for 3 months, the buttons on its top-right did not respond until I tried to push them a few times. Over time, the unresponsive button number increased and required me to hit them for up to 20 times to work. I do not know whether I used too much force on them, but 3 months are too short.
  • Has AM, FM & WX memory preset stations.
  • Waterproof with a JIS7 rating.
  • Includes sleep & nap timer for its clock.
  • Built-in AM and pigtail FM/WX antennas.
  • Successfully receives NOAA channels.
  • Enables a siren alert for severe weather.
  • The buttons go unresponsive too fast.
With such a compact size that is fully JIS7 waterproof rated, I bet you would enjoy using the Sangean H205 AM/FM shower radio from the bathroom to the beach. It can provide you with both AM and FM radio frequency, but the most noticeable radio unit’s ability is how it receives all of the essential NOAA stations.

2. Pyle PSR6 Shower Clock Radio


In order not to take up too much space in your bathroom, the brand Pyle has equipped its PSR6 shower clock radio model with a built-in hook. It is made in a compact vertical shape, and the hook helps you hang this radio by the showerhead. The LCD screen displays a digital clock with both of the time and date.

Via the large rotary knob set in the front, this radio ensures you get quick access to a certain station of AM/FM frequency by manual tuning. I also like that its antenna is extendable to gain better reception for the radio in closed spaces. It features an IP67 rating for being made of a splash-proof housing.

Due to the waterproof rubber gasket, these radio knobs are tight, but the other part is frustrated since the grooves in it are not big enough to turn the volume knob. This on/off knob is made out of plastic and has nothing to grip on, so it is impossible to be turned with your wet hands.
  • Its integrated hook helps enable hanging.
  • Has a digital clock to show time and date.
  • Use a manual tuner to find AM/FM stations.
  • Receives IP67 rating to be splash-proof.
  • Cannot turn the on/off knob with wet hands.
There are not many shower clock radios on the market with an integrated hanging hook like this PSR6 waterproof device, so I suggest using this feature. Its IP67 rating ensures you can hang the best shower clock radio in your bathroom without worrying about water damaging it.

3. LEZII Shower Speaker

The LEZII wireless shower speaker promises users that its sound quality is not affected by the water vapor in your shower. Being rated with the IPX7 standard allows you to clean this portable radio under running water. Its rubber exterior is effective at making the radio dust-proof and impact-resistant.

I find out that the built-in chip and signal amplifier for FM frequency in this unit has improved its sensitivity and reception to a higher rate, which supports over 80 USA channels. Within up to 33 feet, the Bluetooth 4.2 version guarantees quick pairing with another mobile device and a powerful, stable connection.

When the 2 high-performance 5W wireless speakers are active, you would be amazed with a 360° surrounding HD audio. The audio bass has been fully vigorous, and there are no distortions while being played at the max volume. It has the power to operate for up to 12 hours.

I do not know whether this problem happens with other users, but whenever I use the TF card function to play music, it would stop right away if I turn up the volume to maximum. I need to power off and on to get it working again. The radio does not show any defection while its TF card is being played at average volume.
  • Able to resist water, dust, and other impacts.
  • Supports over 80 USA stations.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 pairs up fast and stable.
  • Two 5W speakers produce 360° HD audio.
  • Its TF card stops playing at max volume.
I find it extremely impressive that such a small Bluetooth shower radio can resist water, dust, and external impacts. In the USA, you can use this LEZII waterproof wireless speaker to gain signals from over 80 FM channels. Also, the audio quality it delivers is remarkable.

4. Sangean H201 AM/FM Shower Radio


The auto channel seek function of this AM/FM shower radio helps you scan and save 20 memory channels with 10 FM, 5 WX, and 5 AM. On the large and easy-to-read LCD screen of this Sangean shower radio H201, it can show both a real-time digital clock and an indication of the battery status.

Apart from receiving the AM and FM frequency, this shower radio is excellent at getting all 7 NOAA weather stations and will alert you with an LED torch and buzzer in terms of emergencies. Because the device has been certified as an effective public alert tool, I feel safe to use it even for outdoor activities.

Having an extra swivel handle makes it easier for you to either hang or carry the AM/FM radio around. A hanging strap and a mounting plate on walls are available in the package. Two antennas have been integrated into this shower radio, one for AM and the other FM/WX wire pigtail.

Sadly, you need to tune to the NOAA channels on this radio before going to bed to get a weather emergency. Because, the Sangean H201 waterproof radio would not automatically announce to you about the local weather, and that is probably a major drawback for me.
  • Auto-scan & save 20 memory channels.
  • The screen shows time & battery power.
  • Contains an emergency torch & buzzer.
  • A convenient swivel handle for carriage.
  • Built-in AM and pigtail FM/WX antennas.
  • Does not auto announce weather alerts
Due to obtaining full recognition of public alerts, this waterproof shower radio would be a reliable companion in emergencies and provide you with a LED torch and loud buzzer. When its automatic tuning feature is active, get ready to store your favorite AM/FM/WX stations. Its antennas will help boost these receptions.

5. Jensen JWM-160 Shower Radio


The JWM-160 Jensen shower radio is also built from high-quality plastic with a nice bright illumination interface. You can pick the dimmer level on the same button with its alarm settings to use this bathroom accessory even in the dark. Its Bluetooth function allows quick pairing with another mobile device of yours.

Since this AM/FM water-resistant radio features a built-in digital alarm clock, there has to be another button for you to set up its sleep timer and snooze in the morning. The radio speaker is in the front, so it can deliver the best audio performance. I often slip this compact Bluetooth radio into my pocket as well.

While the main responsibility of an integrated antenna is to help the radio gains better AM/FM reception automatically, I feel upset having to hold this one as it is made with poor quality. Because when I am not holding the antenna, this shower radio would not be able to pick up radio stations properly, so it annoys me.
  • Features an adjustable dimmer face.
  • A button for sleep timer and snoozing.
  • Front speaker for better audio quality.
  • The antenna needs to be held to work.
I cannot imagine anybody who would not be interested in a portable AM/FM shower radio with built-in Bluetooth, digital clock, and alarm settings like this one from Jensen. Many awesome features are combined into one audio device, and besides, it is even water-resistant to be used freely in the bathroom.

6. BassPal Shower Speaker


I must compliment the housing material of this BassPal shower radio Bluetooth speaker from durable ABS and silicone to make the unit lightweight. More than just resisting water with its IPX7 rating, this radio speaker can also battle against dusting, external impacts, and even scratching.

The FM radio mode of this wireless speaker has been supported with a built-in antenna to enhance its signal reception within the 120Hz to 22KHz frequency. In a 66-foot distance, the Bluetooth 5.0 speaker could still operate well with another unit. You can check for the time and battery status while in this mode.

Furthermore, this radio brand has created a stunning LED light show driven by audio bass in the small shower speaker. I got the best audiovisual experience using this Bluetooth waterproof radio at night pool parties since it works effectively in boasting vibrant light to the music rhythm.

Its 730mAh rechargeable battery only takes 2 hours for a full charge then this portable wireless shower radio can enable an 8-hour playback time. I can see that a lanyard is included in the package to hang it in the shower. But the removable suction cup is way more convenient to be stuck on multiple slick surfaces.

Whenever you want to level up the speaker audio to a 360° high-definition surrounding sound performance, its TWS (True Stereo Sound) technology can meet that requirement. You can have 2 units connected through Bluetooth and play music at once. A built-in microphone is available for making hands-free calls.

In my opinion, I feel that the manual instructions for this shower speaker are pretty complicated. Things will have been much easier if they include some guidance on how to change the clock, so I did not have to call for customer support. Its built-in clock does not stay programmed after the radio is shut off.
  • Waterproof, dust, and shock-proof.
  • A built-in antenna for FM reception.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 works within 66 feet.
  • The LED light show is driven by an audio bass.
  • Plays for 8 hours after a full charge.
  • Includes a lanyard and a suction cup.
  • TWS 360° HD surrounding audio.
  • Hands-free calls via the microphone.
  • The clock changes after shutting down.
This shower speaker does have a lot of resistance to external impacts. Two diverse choices of hanging the unit are cool, including a portable lanyard and a removable suction cup. Along with the bass-driven LED light show and 360° TWS quality. I can never ask for anything more functional than this.

7. AUDIIOO Bluetooth Shower Radio


While using this portable Bluetooth speaker radio from AUDIIOO, I dropped it once by accident, but its TPU silicone external cover had protected the device from impacts. Hence, you are assured that this product is fully protected. On the speaker side, I can see a TF/SD card slot for an extra audio source, a USB charging input, and the standard 3.5mm Aux-in.

You can acquire a true stereo sound effect with this FM shower radio speaker due to the 10W subwoofer that enables 3D audio and noise-canceling technology. The handheld Bluetooth speaker is IPX7 rated to be immersed 1.5m underwater, which is perfect for showering, swimming, and kayaking.

After the small waterproof speaker has been powered on, you can quickly hit its power button to switch it into a portable FM radio or hit 2 times again for the Bluetooth mode. This shower speaker is flexible, from my perspective, because you can receive hands-free calls and hang up, rejecting them as well.

By having a strong rechargeable 1500mAh lithium-ion battery, the Bluetooth speaker radio offers 8 to 12 hours of audio playback depending on the volume level. A USB cable is included in its package for quick 3-hour full charging. Its extra hanging hook would be extremely convenient for carrying the unit along.

Some people might find it quite challenging to be able to charge this portable waterproof shower speaker because of its small USB cord. I had to determine the exact angle for much longer than I expected in order to plug this cord into its USB charging port. I hope the brand will try to improve this flawed charging cable.
  • TPU silicone cover provides protection.
  • Supports TF/SD card & 3.5mm Aux-in.
  • Provides noise-canceling stereo sound.
  • Receives the IPX7 rating for waterproof.
  • Switch between radio and Bluetooth.
  • Offers full control tasks of phone calls.
  • 8 to 12 hours of long playback time.
  • The USB charging cable is too small.
Who would have thought that a handheld Bluetooth speaker radio can do so much as this wonderful AUDIIOO waterproof unit? In terms of delivering fine audio, you can see that it is supported by a technology to cancel unwanted noises. The switching operation between its FM radio and Bluetooth is flexible. 

8. CIYOYO Shower Radio Speaker


If you desire to have a compact wireless speaker that delivers superior audio quality, I would recommend this portable CIYOYO shower radio speaker. The dual acoustic drivers and 3W of output power are effective in providing great stereo sound in the mid-range with rich bass, excellent treble, and a suitable volume.

The unit becomes a shower radio with Spotify after you activate its wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connection with another mobile device. I am amazed at how it can pair up so fast within a 33-foot range and enable a stable transmission. A 1000mAh lithium-ion battery is integrated for this speaker to play music in 10 hours.

Aside from the FM radio operation in the 87.5 – 108MHz frequency range, the wireless Bluetooth shower speaker, accepts the SD card as another audio source. The IPX4 rating is capable of preventing water splashes from affecting its internal components, and you can use the strong suction cup to stick it on walls.

Unluckily, I can access the radio memory presets numbers 1 and 2, but I cannot save any channel to these presets. I have to press the tuning key for a while to find my favorite stations. Though I can save the stations on all of its presets, it is impossible with the 1 & 2, which happens to be the only one I found.
  • Offers deep bass and treble for audio.
  • 33-foot stable Bluetooth connection.
  • Strong battery for 10 hours of playtime.
  • Allows playing music from an SD card.
  • Receives IPX4 rating against splashes.
  • Cannot save stations to the FM presets.
The IPX4 rating would become much helpful if you mostly use this CIYOYO wireless Bluetooth speaker radio around the bathroom as it prevents damages from water splashes. After giving the shower speaker a full charge, I am certain that you can start playing music and enjoy its fine audio for 10 hours.

9. AGPTEK FM Shower Radio Speaker


Important calls will never be missed out because the built-in microphone of this AGPTEK shower speaker supports hands-free calling and dialing to a recent call as well. The LCD screen is 1.14-inch wide to display a real-time digital clock and the current FM frequency. It goes with convenient alarm clock settings.

I must say it deserves to be the best Bluetooth shower radio 5.0 by enabling wireless connection within a wide range, so you do not have to carry your phone close to the radio speaker. You can save 40 favorite FM channels. Its 8-minute power off and the lower power voice prompt help extend the battery life.

The FM radio speaker survives water splashes in the bathroom or home pools with the IPX5 rating as they will not interfere with the audio. Plus, there is a high-quality 5W driver that offers clear sounds with the DSP technology. This small radio takes 3 hours to charge for 12 hours of playtime by its 2000mAh battery.

I know that it is compatible with an SD card up to 128GB of storage to play an entire music library. As long as you have a smooth surface, its suction cup would be able to be attached on like glass, tiles, or car windows, etc. All of the silicone buttons on the speaker interface are separated to avoid wrong operations.

Nonetheless, I am dissatisfied that the Bluetooth waterproof speaker does not let you pick the FM stations. This radio keeps on doing an auto scan and automatically stores nearly 40 channels on its own. I once ended up with 35 stations with only static noises and the other 5 that I did not ask for at all.
  • Allows hands-free controls for phone calls.
  • Wide 1.14-inch screen to display a clock.
  • Strong Bluetooth connection 5.0 version.
  • Power off and lower voice to save battery.
  • Gains IPX5 rating against water splash.
  • Operates for 12 hours with a full charge.
  • Supports 128GB of SD card for audio.
  • Separate buttons limit wrong operations.
  • Does not let users pick the radio stations.
I hope this shower speaker brand would allow users to search for and save the FM radio stations themselves in the future. Other than that, I think this device is truly amazing, thanks to all of the advanced and thoughtful features for you to make use of. The AGPTEK waterproof speaker should be on your top list.

10. KGG FM Shower Radio


The first time I look at this speaker FM shower radio, I am instantly attracted to its contemporary cracking backlight as I know it would be a great illumination for a party room. Furthermore, this LED lighting enables a quick on/off to suit diverse occasions. The universal Bluetooth 5.0 connection pairs up with most devices.

It would be best if you took advantage of the powerful suction cup underneath to make it an effective built-in shower radio on glass surfaces. The portable speaker obtains the highest waterproof level of IPX7 to be used freely in the bathroom. There is no need to use any sorts of battery since it is rechargeable via a USB cable.

I like the reliable FM signal reception and how it enables you to store up to 30 of your favorite channels in the preset memory. An integrated microphone of this waterproof shower speaker allows hands-free phone calls. Its 5W output combined with a clear audio quality is able to produce the best stereo sound possible.

This Bluetooth speaker radio skips a second from every paragraph while reading an audiobook, so it is not very pleasant. The audio cuts off the first second at the beginning of every paragraph and the first word of all chapter names and every part. I have to guess what they say in the book.
  • The modern backlight is ideal for parties.
  • Enables a universal Bluetooth connection.
  • Gains the highest IPX7 waterproof level.
  • Quickly rechargeable via a USB cable.
  • 30 slots for the FM preset memory station.
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calls.
  • Skips a sec while playing an audiobook.
I am happy that the KGG portable shower speaker has obtained the highest waterproof rating and latest wireless Bluetooth version. Also, it is able to produce a really loud audio performance compared to its small construction. It reduces the need for batteries as you can charge this device through a USB cable.

11. Sony ICF-S80 Shower Radio


As a famous and reliable name on the electronic device market, it is not hard for the Sony shower radio ICF-S80 to come to life. Thanks to a splash-proof, I can listen to all of my favorite stations in the shower, without worrying about damaging its internal components.

It might sound weird to other users, but I am fond of how portable this shower radio is. It has a detachable strap to be hung easily in the bathroom. This splash-proof radio can work for approximately 100 hours; but you can choose to enable its automatic power off to save the battery.

Even though the shower radio offers a convenient auto seek station, I am aware that many users sometimes feel the need to tune or dial in their favorite channels on radios manually. Its auto-scan often skips some great stations, but I am incapable of manually turning to them, which makes me quite disappointed.
  • Delivers loud audio and splash-proof.
  • Goes with a rubber strap for hanging.
  • There is an automatic power-off mode.
  • Perform for approximately 100 hours.
  • No manual tuning or dialing in stations.
Though the battery life of this radio is mind-blowing,this one can be preset to auto turn off and preserve its lifespan in general. Its detachable strap would be extremely convenient if you plan to hang this radio in the shower to enjoy the radio stations loud and clear.

12. Conair Home Shower Radio


I guess this plastic unit is probably one of the smallest AM FM shower radios I have ever experienced using. Like other models mentioned above, this one works with both AM/FM frequency. Moreover, I am glad that it enables both frequencies with an easy on/off push control. The hanging hook is convenient, and being completely water-resistant which allows you to use freely while showering.

I was just hanging it in the shower as it was already turned off, but a horrible stench happened in a short amount of time. Something shorted out, melted its case, and fused the batteries.

There is a problem related to this home shower radio being a fire hazard. It is quite dangerous if you do not preserve the unit carefully.
  • Made from plastic in small sizing.
  • Works with both AM/FM frequency.
  • Includes a convenient hanging hook.
  • Enables resistance against water.
  • Likely to be a potential fire hazard.
Because of the compact and portable construction, I recommend you also bring the Conair AM/FM shower radio along for other outdoor activities. It is guaranteed to be lightweight for being manufactured from plastic. If I were you, I would not hesitate to get this small but powerful AM/FM radio for the shower.


What to Look for When Buying a Shower Radio


Waterproof standard – As you can tell through the product review section, most units receive an IPX7 rating to become certified waterproof radios for the shower. The most noticeable feature separating this type of radio from a lot of others is how it can withstand impacts from water without being damaged.

The first digit “X” stands for the ability to resist external impacts and dusting, so the IP67 rating is the highest possible rate to prevent dust entry fully. While the latter one means your shower radio is at level 7 for protection from water, in which it is submersible for around 30 minutes at 1 meter underwater with no damages.

Because each of these standards can protect the shower radio against certain issues only, you need to be careful when deciding the final product you would like to bring home. There are loads of different risks inside a bathroom, so this shower radio has to be able to endure splashes, water vapor, moisture, and submersion.

Strong reception – From my perspective, a top-rated shower radio has to deliver strong signal reception, whether in an indoor, closed environment or within a long distance in outdoor activities. That way, users can follow the latest news and weather emergencies all the time on AM/FM frequencies.

Besides delivering a strong reception from itself, a shower radio can pick up many stations with the help of a built-in extendable antenna. Some even have 2 integrated antennas at the same time to support all of the AM, FM, and WX frequencies. Never forget to check its AM/FM signal reception before buying.

Built-in clock settings – In spite of not being the most important feature of a shower radio, I notice many brands concentrate on equipping it with a built-in clock. Listening to your favorite radio stations while checking for the bathroom’s real-time clock is what an optimal shower radio can offer you.

Since most shower clocks include an easy-to-read LCD screen with a suitable brightness level, the illuminated digits on it are clearly seen at a quick glance. Moreover, this built-in radio clock usually comes with a sleep timer and snooze function for you to make use of the radio before sleeping without affecting its lifespan.

Hanging accessories – Most of the time, a shower radio would be attached to a certain hanging accessory to help you to place it on suitable areas in your bathroom. It can either be a built-in hanging hook, swivel handle design, or an extra portable lanyard, and I can claim that they are convenient for your radio use.

Use this hanging accessory to stick on shower head or a backpack, around your neck, or the palm of your hand. I believe it would help never let the handheld radio out of your sight and risk losing it in outdoor activities. You can buy extra if your shower radio does not initially include one.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a shower radio? Who is this for? How does it work?

A shower radio is a bathroom accessory for audio and broadcast, which offers all of the most advanced functions such as Bluetooth connection, alarm clocks, or brightness control. It prioritizes the FM frequency, but there are also AM/WX stations. This radio is made waterproof and reliable enough to endure a humid environment.

It is wonderful to know that the whole family can share one shower radio. It is truly ideal for users of all ages, so this audio AM/FM device can either be an adult or kids shower radio. I believe the intuitive interface, clear buttons, and an LCD screen are designed for kids and older people to use without hassle.

A shower radio always goes with an easy on/off button. Its digital contents are displayed on the LCD screen. There are clear indications for each function on its interface. Sometimes, the built-in radio antenna promotes better reception. This wireless device also picks up NOAA weather channels and alerts you in emergencies.

Extra features are available such as the alarm settings on its real-time clock, strong Bluetooth connection, and adjustable LED backlight. According to its IP rating, the entire unit is waterproof to an extent so you can freely use it in the shower. It either uses a lithium-ion battery for a recharge or needs a set of AA batteries.

What are the different types of shower radios?

Shower radios – Although many digital shower radios are available on the market, there are other models that need to be manually tuned. A normal shower radio provides both of the AM/FM and WX frequency with a spacious memory station. Sometimes, it comes with an integrated antenna to boost the reception.

The large, easy-to-read LCD screen with illuminated contents is what makes a shower radio simple to operate for all ages. Besides the battery status, it also displays a digital clock with alarm settings, sleep timer, and snooze. This radio only takes AA batteries to work. A built-in hook or a swivel handle is good for hanging.

Shower speakers – On the opposite, shower speakers tend to concentrate on wireless Bluetooth connection, audio quality, and LED backlight performance to suit outdoor activities. Actually, the FM radio is only one of its side functions that are easily switched to. There is a suction cup below it to stay on most slick surfaces.

The shower speaker often provides an integrated microphone for hands-free calling and control. It consumes rechargeable batteries with long hours of playtime after a quick charge in a few hours. In most cases, this speaker radio can be paired with a second speaker to enable better HD surrounding audio performance.

Why do you need a shower radio?

Bathing used to prevent people from listening to radios, but this problem has now been solved by an advanced shower radio. Never miss out the latest local weather news, famous talk shows, or top music charts even when you are taking a bath. A shower radio promises to be your best shower companion.

Multiple features are gathered into one compact audio device when you use a shower radio. It is a waterproof shower radio, so splashes and water vapor cannot harm its components. It can be put in more places other than the bathroom due to the small design with loud stereo sound and strong AM/FM reception.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted shower radio brands?

Among thousands of different names available on the market, I would advise you to purchase a LEZII, AUDIIOO, Pyle, Conair, KGG, Jensen, CIYOYO, Sangean, BassPal, AGPTEK or Sony shower radio. At present, they are the most trusted brands that produce only the finest shower radios and speakers.

Their devices are manufactured and sold worldwide, but you should reach out to one of their legit distributors to purchase a shower radio. That way, the product quality is more guaranteed to avoid being an expensive rip-off, and you can easily solve manufacturer defections for no extra charges.

How to set up and use it?

Kindly turn it on for tuning to scan and save AM, FM, and NOAA weather channels and get access to your favorite ones in its preset memory. Alert other people of severe weather if the radio includes a public alert mode. It may not be a wifi radio, but you can use the built-in Bluetooth to connect it with another device.

Adjust the backlight if it offers dimmer controls for the big LCD screen to work better with your eyes. Then set up the volume to your comfort level. Take the built-in antenna out when you want to pick up more AM/FM signals without static. The hook is molded into the shower radio to ensure solid hanging on a showerhead.

Though there are shower radios that operate with rechargeable batteries and USB charging, most of them use a set of 2 to 3 AA batteries. Apart from a high-performance speaker radio, use it as a digital alarm clock with the sleep timer and snooze. You should bring the unit to join outdoor activities as well.

How to take care and maintain it?

From what I know, I would advise you not to submerge the whole shower radio in water or other liquids for too long if its IP rating is not qualified enough. Only wipe dust and stains off of its surface with plain water and do not add any chemical agents on your cleaning cloth because they might destroy the radio housing.

You should best avoid disassembling the radio on your own unless you have experience in repairing electronic devices, and it is an emergency that needs to be checked from the inside. Do not short-circuit the battery terminals as well to minimize risks of internal combustion, which is possible to occur if you are careless.

Intentional dropping, throwing, and smashing the shower radio are definitely not recommended since they are likely to cause physical shock and damage this unit. Place it far from flammable objects. Lastly, use the correct battery source as instructed so you could enjoy a shower with a built-in radio that is safe.

Where can I buy it?

In order to successfully purchase an excellent shower radio, there are several famous addresses that I hope will be beneficial for you to go shopping. They are both reputable chain stores and online websites, which are Walmart, Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, and eBay, for you to be most convenient.

Of course, I highly recommend you to go search for and consult other users about the best-rated shower radio on these platforms to determine your final purchase. These places are distributors of many popular shower radio brands, so you can feel assured with what you find at an economically-friendly price range.


I bet that you do not hesitate to bring the wireless portable radio into your shower anymore because water cannot harm it. Now you can enjoy the most advanced functions in a compact, lightweight audio device such as alarm clocks, Bluetooth, hanging accessories, and true stereo sound.

Never let the taking shower interrupt your joy of daily radio listening by obtaining the best shower radio, as introduced in this article. I hope you find all of the tips and buying guides from my personal experience will become helpful when you go shopping for this radio in the upcoming future. Thank you for reading this.

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