The Best Under Cabinet Radios for 2023

The under cabinet radio is an innovative combination of an AM/FM radio, CD player and real-time digital clock in a single device. Its slim, low-profile design can be mounted under a kitchen cabinet with all of the necessary hardware included in just one package. It is literally the most functional unit you can ever ask for.

In case you are highly interested in purchasing an under cabinet radio, I know that this exclusive article about the best under cabinet radio would be much helpful. Apart from the comprehensive reviews of each of the best-selling units available on the market, there is a buying guide and other useful information.

Best Overall Best Sound Quality Most Feature Rich
Preview iLive IKB318S






Dimensions 9.09 x 7.32 x 2.44 inches 13.7 x 12.2 x 3.4 inches 3.4 x 12.3 x 8.2 inches
Weight 1.61 Pounds 6.4 Pounds 2.02 pounds
Radio Bands Supported FM AM/FM FM
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes
CD Player Yes Yes Yes
AUX Yes Yes Yes

Best Under Cabinet Radio Reviews

1. iLive IKB318S Under Cabinet Radio


As a wonderful cooking companion in your kitchen, the iLive FM IKB318S Bluetooth radio does not take up space on your counter. In terms of design its completed package consists of mounting hardware including 4 screws and 4 spacers. This under cabinet digital radio is equipped with a PLL synthesized voice.

The negative LCD display is large enough for you to view its full contents in a white LED backlight and flexible dimmer control. I appreciate those integrated stereo speakers because they support this under counter radio Bluetooth to produce premium audio quality for all of its 20 memory presets of FM stations.

I believe that by having a built-in FM wire antenna, the wireless radio would be much more powerful and sensitive in picking up channels. Its connection range for the Bluetooth function is up to 60 feet with another mobile device. There is a convenient pairing button on the front interface to quickly pair with your phone and play music.

Since its digital clock has shown real-time on this under cabinet radio screen, it also comes with a single alarm feature to your advantage in multiple tasks. In addition, an AC/DC adapter is included because its DC power input requires this extra accessory. The radio will need 2 AA batteries as the backup plan for its clock.

I do not know whether other people encounter the same issue with me or not, but so far I find out that presets for this radio are quite impossible. If you make a mistake on an FM station or position, you are stuck because you are unable to override once it is entered. You cannot change the position in order of use as well.
  • Includes mounting hardware with spacers & screws.
  • The white backlit display with dimmer control.
  • Built-in stereo speakers for high-quality sounds.
  • An integrated FM wire antenna for better signals.
  • A Bluetooth pairing button within a 60-foot range.
  • Shows real-time digital clock and an alarm mode.
  • An AC/DC adapter for DC power input.
  • Inability to change the entered station or position.
It is sold at a low price considering the fact that the under cabinet FM Bluetooth radio package from iLive provides full mounting hardware. You needn’t struggle to install such radios under the cabinet anymore due to these clear specifications from the start, so do not hesitate to purchase one for your kitchen.

2. Sony ICFCDK50 Under Cabinet Radio


Even when you are not a huge fan of advanced electronic devices, I know that you probably have at least once heard about or used a unit manufactured by this brand. The Sony under cabinet radio ICFCDK50 is designed with a slim and low profile to be mounted under the cabinet without taking the counter space.

The most excellent feature that I have discovered on this CD clock radio so far is a one-touch cooking timer that’s helpful for food preparation and other kitchen chores. Its correct EST (Eastern Standard Time) is preset by the manufacturers and still maintains the right time after any power disruptions.

15 channel presets are available to help you with its digital AM/FM tuning function. As this brand has long been popular for its products with high-quality sound system, the under cabinet AM/FM radio could produce rich and deep tones with bass reflex. The internal audio cable is for connecting music players.

While most other radio CD players only support factory-pressed audio discs, this kitchen CD clock radio accepts burned CD-R and CD-RW ones that are recorded by users. I never have to worry about misplacing its remote control because this accessory is magnetically supported to be attached to a fridge.

A major downside of the under cabinet CD radio is the flimsy battery holder design that cannot stay attached for as long as I expected. The backup battery is simply unable to make contact when being inserted into its holder and get this radio CD player to work. Although it is a side feature, it cannot be underestimated.
  • A low-profile design for mounting under a cabinet.
  • Contains a one-touch digital timer for cooking.
  • Preset EST stays correct after power interruptions.
  • The digital AM/FM tuner with 15 preset channels.
  • An integrated cable to connect with music players.
  • Supports playing self-recorded CD-R/RW discs.
  • A magnetic remote control for fridge attachment.
  • The poorly designed holder for its backup battery.
The EST function for correct timing is not available on many under cabinet CD radio players, so I truly feel that it should be valued and obtain more attention from potential users. Other additional features that can assist you well in this Sony ICFCDK50 radio are the magnetic remote control and burned CD discs acceptance.

3. Jensen SMPS-628 Under Cabinet Radio


Apart from the built-in universal Bluetooth feature to quickly pair up with other mobile devices, the JENSEN SMPS-628 under cabinet CD radio clock has an Auxilary input jack for connection via a cable. Although most people will prefer mounting this unit in their kitchen, it can be mounted anywhere with the proper hardware.

What’s more, the PLL digital channel tuner can be easily activated and the included Bluetooth CD player radio consists of preset numbers to store your most-listened FM stations. With the integrated working area light, which is of 4x LED power, you are able to finish different kitchen tasks under a bright light condition to prevent your eyes from fatigue.

On the large radio LCD display with a considerable amount of dimming, it will either show your current FM frequency or a real-time digital clock. I advise you to use a built-in timer right on this audio device to save money from buying a separate one for kitchen activities. The supplied AC adapter is compatible to 120V.

From my perspective, I dislike the terrible signal reception of this under cabinet radio. Because there are no external connections for an antenna, what I get from its FM frequency is full of static. It is one of the primary functions of this radio type, and it should have been far better.
  • Has Bluetooth connection & Auxilary input jack.
  • Easily mounted anywhere with proper hardware.
  • Digital tuning to scan and store favorite presets.
  • Integrated 4x LED power for poor light conditions.
  • Poor reception and no outer antenna connection.
This brand JENSEN has done quite well in engineering its radio CD under counter with 2 diverse options for audio player connection. A nice thing about using this under cabinet SMPS-628 unit is that you can mount it under most cabinet areas besides the kitchen, without worrying about limited spacing.

4. Sylvania SKCR2713 Under Counter Radio


Compared to the previous version of a regular CD player with radio and clock only, the Sylvania SKCR2713 unit has now been upgraded to support wireless Bluetooth connection. This advanced Bluetooth function is of the latest 3.0 version and this CD radio clock includes a button to pair it with mobile devices.

Besides a full mounting hardware kit that comes with this under counter CD player with radio and Bluetooth, you can use its provided remote control to adjust all of the available features. An integrated FM tuner allows you to scan through the FM frequency range to find your favorite ones and start streaming music.

Its large LCD screen is easy to read with a real-time clock or your current FM channel. I see that the overall radio interface in the front is intuitive for less hassle in controlling. You might want to reposition the internal antenna to gain better reception. This under cabinet CD radio always features a battery backup.

Nevertheless, I must say that the viewing angle on this LCD screen is terrible. Your eyeballs need to be at the same height with the CD radio display since too high or too low will make you see only a mess. I know how important an under cabinet radio screen is, so this brand should fix that problem in the future.
  • Features FM radio and Bluetooth in a CD player.
  • New Bluetooth version & a quick pairing button.
  • Comes with a mounting kit and a remote control.
  • A built-in tuner to browse through FM frequency.
  • Displays a real-time clock & the current channel.
  • Simply adjust the internal antenna for reception.
  • Includes a convenient backup plan for batteries.
  • Difficulties in viewing the screen at certain angles.
I would be incredibly thankful if someone gave the Sylvania SKCR2713 under the counter Bluetooth CD radio to me as a birthday present. I really like how you can control it from afar thanks to a full-function remote, which is something not many brands think of. A built-in radio antenna is neat for when you mount the radio.

5. Bose Wave Music System IV


As you can tell, Bose is another reputable brand on the market that produces breakthrough electronic devices with high-quality performances. I am specifically interested in the Bose under cabinet radio system Wave IV for the way its waveguide speaker technology creates room-filling sounds of stereos.

The small CD radio system is not even 4.5 inches tall so it can fit at ease with almost anywhere you wish to place it. An advanced tuning function is ready to use for both AM and FM frequency. Regarding the CD player mode, this radio clock features an LCD screen that shows the text display of your current song.

I must say that its remote control is a true convenience for having 12 presets at once, therefore, you needn’t have to be too close to control the unit anymore. The remote can be used to adjust this under cabinet Bluetooth radio volume, setting up the real-time clock, selecting certain channels and playing CDs.

What makes me even more satisfied is that the built-in dual alarms are made independent to wake your family members up at different times within the day. It is incredibly thoughtful of the brand to design the under counter CD radio player like this. Also, it works with devices that use a standard audio output of 3.5mm.

If you think a remote control is good enough, you might have to consider again when you use the touch-top feature of this Bluetooth radio CD. Its top surface is responsible for turning this device on and off and helps you snooze the alarms. The 8-foot AC power cable is provided in the package for proper charging.

Based on my previous experience, I see that whenever I forget to wipe down the CD disc before its insertion into this CD radio Bluetooth, the CD would skip. This problem does not happen on every listen, but it tends to become more frequent over time. It has to be taken into account for fast future repair.
  • An advanced wavespeaker technology for audio.
  • Enables a tuning function for AM FM frequency.
  • Information on the current song is right on screen.
  • The remote control can manage a lot of activities.
  • Dual alarms work independently from each other.
  • Touch-top is used for turning on/off & snoozing.
  • An AC adapter cable of 8 feet to charge the unit.
  • The CD skips if not wiped down before insertion.
I do not know exactly what you think but I am pretty sure some of you can feel that you will receive wonderful quality beyond the radio size with this Wave IV music system from Bose. Plenty of fantastic functions are for you to try them out in the kitchen or anywhere in the house thanks to its compact flexible design.

6. Venturer KLV3915 Under Cabinet Kitchen


This multifunctional device from the brand Venturer is a unique combo for those who wish to use lots of accessories at once but need to save household space. The KLV3915 kitchen LCD TV/DVD under counter unit is 15.4 inches if measured diagonally, which is sufficient for large pictures but still compact for mounting.

Its greatest advantage compared to other opponents available on the market is an additional flip-up screen that can be flipped around and up at ease below the CD radio player. This means you can save a bunch of space in the mounting area and protect the screen while getting this fantastic extra feature.

When you activate the ATSC/NTSC tuning function on this under cabinet radio kitchen CD player, a wide range of interesting TV shows are in store for you. Additionally, its built-in DVD player is compatible with most types of discs, including DVDs, CDs and JPG images, for you to enjoy multiple latest movies.

The AM/FM digital tuner is indeed convenient for you to save your favorite channels at both frequencies into its memory presets. I notice that there is already an FM antenna and another detachable one for AM frequency. I appreciate how all of the actions above can be adjusted and monitored through a magnetic remote control.

However, it appears that many previous users are unhappy about the cheaply made plastic swivel that tends to break after some time of use. When this part goes broken, it is highly likely to cause this radio screen to fall and be hung by the wires. I hope the brand will do something to enhance the swivel service.
  • Flexible sizing for large pictures and mounting.
  • Its flip-up screen is retractable to save spaces.
  • ATSC/NTSC tuner & DVD player for TV shows.
  • An FM antenna and a detachable one for AM.
  • Monitor a lot of actions via a magnetic remote.
  • Its cheaply made plastic swivel falls apart easily.
I have not discovered many combo devices like this Venturer KLV3915 LCD TV/DVD kitchen radio, so it is really nice to introduce such a unit to you. You would be capable of achieving a series of activities with the multitask TV CD player under a kitchen cabinet while saving up relevant spaces.

7. iLive Under Cabinet Kitchen Radio


Lastly, I cannot miss out on mentioning another high-quality under cabinet unit from the popular brand iLive which also supports Bluetooth connection, a CD player, an FM radio and a digital clock. Its integrated Bluetooth function allows streaming media without irrelevant wires at a maximum range of up to 33 feet.

The slim under counter design is a major bonus as the kitchen clock radio will not take up your precious space on the cabinet. It is entirely up to you to either choose to listen to your favorite CD discs on the built-in CD player or use the FM radio. 20 memory preset stations are available for you to store these FM channels.

Similar to an independent alarm clock, its digital alarm is adjustable to wake you up with a buzzer sound or a certain FM radio station. Because the under counter radio CD player features a built-in cooking timer, you can now exclude the need to use an additional timer for your food preparation process.

I must admit that I feel annoyed by the fact that its instruction manual has tiny writings on it and it does not show clearly how to program the device. I believe that this manual book is extremely important, especially for electronic units, so it needs to explain and instruct users well on how to take full advantage of this radio.
  • Enables wireless Bluetooth connection of 33 ft.
  • Has a slim design for mounting under a cabinet.
  • Streams media through CD discs or FM channels.
  • Includes a total of 20 slots for its memory preset.
  • A buzzing sound or an FM station for the alarm.
  • Consists of a convenient built-in cooking timer.
  • Tiny writings and hard-to-follow instruction manual.
For such a slim and low-profile CD radio player design like this iLive under cabinet model, the number of its functions has been highly impressive to me. Aside from the integrated CD player to play music, it also supports users to entertain through its Bluetooth connection or these FM channels.

8. Sony ICF-CDK70 Under Cabinet Radio


Different from loads of other under cabinet radios for the kitchen, I think the Sony ICF-CDK70 AM FM under cabinet radio is a genuinely optimal model. This unit features 3 integrated slots for you to insert 3 discs at the same time, and of course, there are buttons to help you switch between them.

Besides supporting standard factory-made CD discs, this radio CD player can play CD-R or CD-RW ones, which is fascinating to me. The digital tuner works for both AM FM frequency and its radio mode allows 20 memory preset. Its line-in and cable for audio are used to connect to MP3 players and other devices.

Although it is one of the main features of this under cabinet device, I am highly upset that its CD player usually skips music tracks and plays intermittently. It has a tendency to occur during playback and many users notice this problem as well. This brand needs to take the defection into consideration and fix it soon.
  • Includes 3 slots for 3 different insertions of CDs.
  • Also supports playing music on CD-R/RW discs.
  • A digital tuner with 20 presets for both AM & FM.
  • Features audio cable for MP3 player connection.
  • Its CD player often skips tracks during playback.
Instead of taking favorite CD discs in and out of the Sony ICF-CDK70 under cabinet kitchen radio CD clock every time, you can now insert 3 at once and switch between them to listen. It is extremely nice to know that this device also allows user-made CD-R and CD-RWs to be streamed with its fascinating system.

9. RCA SPS3688B Under Cabinet Radio


You are guaranteed to have the most comfortable mounting experience with this SPS3688B Bluetooth FM radio under cabinet from the brand RCA. Its slim wireless design plus all of the provided hardware makes this whole installation process a breeze. The Bluetooth feature allows direct media streaming from phones or tablets, etc.

I think 20 memory presets are enough for you to store your favorite channels on the FM frequency for quick access when in need. This under-cabinet radio speaker also consists of an external FM antenna, so it gains optimal reception. My preference utterly goes for those with an antenna for such FM signals.

However, these built-in radio speakers have completely failed to meet my expectations whenever I try to use its wireless Bluetooth connection. The beeping sound keeps on going incredibly loud if I activate the Bluetooth pairing feature, regardless of the volume settings. I believe lots of users will find this irritating.
  • Designed for easy installation with all hardware.
  • Offers direct media streaming via its Bluetooth.
  • 20 preset channels available for FM frequencies.
  • Includes an external antenna to gain reception.
  • A continuous beep follows the Bluetooth pairing.
I have done lots of research and I know that there are numerous under cabinet CD radios on the market that require experience and skills for mounting, even with specific instructions. Still, the RCA SPS3688B Bluetooth FM radio is easy for everyone to use and its external FM antenna is a thoughtful bonus.

10. GPX KC232S Under Cabinet Radio


If you choose to fill your kitchen with audio coming from the GPX KC232S AM FM radio CD player, I can assure you that it would be your best decision throughout the year. The advantage of using an analog radio tuner instead of a digital one is your ability to control these AM and FM channels better.

Its negative LCD screen helps this under cabinet AM FM radio CD player to be easily seen in the dark with large LED contents in white color. Because it includes a standard input jack of 3.5mm for plugging in another mobile device, the CD AM FM radio also has a flip down cradle so you can hold your phone there.

The mounting hardware kit for this under cabinet radio CD player goes with 4 spacers and 4 screws to ensure the easiest process for unprofessional users to complete by themselves. It is fully powered through charging with a built-in AC adapter cable. The provided remote control has been installed with proper batteries.

Based on my previous experience, this under cabinet CD radio clock features an AM FM antenna that is completely a pain to adjust in the long run. I cannot find a comfortable spot to convey a decent AM and FM signal and most of the time, I have to stand on one foot with this antenna pointing towards the Orion direction.
  • Enables both AM and FM frequency channels.
  • Gains more control when tuning for the stations.
  • Negative LCD display with white digital content.
  • A 3.5mm input & a cradle to hold mobile units.
  • A mounting hardware set with spacers & screws.
  • Includes a remote control with ready batteries.
  • Hardship in using its antenna to pick up signals.
Sometimes when you use an Auxilary input jack to connect with other mobile devices, I understand that there is no extra space to hold them close to the under cabinet CD radio speaker. Fortunately, this GPX KC232S AM FM radio CD is equipped with a flip-down cradle to keep your audio player safe.

11. Auna KR-140 Kitchen Radio


It would be so wrong of anyone to underestimate the auna KR-140 kitchen CD player under cabinet for its small external housing. There are 2 speakers inside this device and each of them offers 10W of sound power, along with 2 small woofers in order to give you the best listening experience with powerful bass.

The FM tuning function can bring you up to 40 slots for memory presets at the FM frequency range, which is a great number to save a series of your favorite channels. When you choose to pair your mobile devices with Bluetooth in this under-cabinet clock radio, you are capable of getting fantastic wireless audio streaming.

Moreover, its integrated Bluetooth feature also enables a practical hands-free operation for you to handle incoming calls without the need to pause cooking. Besides, this under counter Bluetooth radio contains dual alarms and 2 different timers for egg cooking and sleeping. You can use the touch screen then clean it later.

Sadly, I notice that the digital clock on this Bluetooth radio does not seem to keep the right timing. I feel a bit irritated when it loses over 20 minutes a day, so I have to reset this clock every time I turn the whole device on. It is a genuine defection that needs to be improved right this instant by the radio brand.
  • 2 speakers of 10W each and 2 extra woofers.
  • Provides up to 40 slots for FM memory preset.
  • Enables wireless connection through Bluetooth.
  • Gains hands-free operation for incoming calls.
  • Dual alarms and 2 timers of cooking & sleeping.
  • Includes a digital touch screen for quick usage.
  • Its integrated digital clock loses time every day.
If the brand auna strives to boost the performance of this under-cabinet radio clock soon enough, I bet there will be a lot of attraction drawn to their KR-140 kitchen radio in the future. Even though it might look small on the outside, the dual speakers, 2 effective timers and the touch screen impressed me a lot.

10. iLive iKB333S Under Cabinet Radio


This iKB333S model of an iLive under cabinet radio only requires 3 spacers and 3 screws for flexible wall mounting and its package has provided all of these important accessories. The V 3.0 Bluetooth goes with a pairing button for you to quickly connect your device with a wide range of other mobile units.

I enjoy both of its convenient built-in timer clock and bottom lighting system as they would become reliable companions for versatile kitchen tasks. The large LCD screen has been lightened up with an LED backlit and digital numbers. A digital clock is displayed right on this screen together with your current FM channel.

20 preset stations are fine enough so you can store the most-listened ones on the under cabinet Bluetooth FM radio after enabling its digital tuning. By using the digital volume control for this radio clock CD player, its audio volume can be adjusted to a certain level that makes you feel comfortable enough to work.

The fact that there is no beeping or indicator light for its built-in timer makes me quite disappointed. I found out recently that I am unable to tell whether this timer clock has started to run or not. Furthermore, it requires a bunch of button pushing to set it to where you want. The radio timer needs to be more intuitive.
  • Full spacers & screws in the mounting hardware.
  • A pairing button for Bluetooth V 3.0 connection.
  • Contains both of the timer and a lighting system.
  • Shows a digital clock & the current FM channel.
  • A total of 20 slots for the station memory presets.
  • Flexible digital volume control of great comfort.
  • No indicator & lots of button pushing of its timer.
The iLive iKB333S under cabinet kitchen radio is manufactured to enhance other digital mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs and other Bluetooth units. With only 3 spacers and 3 screws in the hardware kit, I believe that you will face any difficulties in mounting this radio under a cabinet.

What to Look for When Buying an Under Cabinet Radio


Mounting hardware set – A complete mounting hardware set is an important detail in all packages of under cabinet radio CD players that seems almost impossible to be missed out. Still, you need to check your targeted kit to see whether this set is provided or not because it is your buying right to have it for free.

There would be some spacers and screws from 3 to 4 pieces in each package, depending on different CD radio models. Remember to check for their quantities right after you receive your device. Also, I advise you to see if the hardware is manufactured in a wall mounting or under cabinet style to install it properly at home.

Flexible power supplies – In most cases, this type of under cabinet radio has an internal rechargeable battery and an AC or DC adapter to give the device a full charge. The charging adapter or cable is always supplied in the radio CD player package, so you can charge your unit right away after use.

Besides this main power source for an under counter radio, it will often accept AAA batteries for backup in case of unexpected electricity failures. In spite of being quite convenient, disposable batteries can only maintain the most basic features of this CD player radio. You should take notes of this power limitation.

As you can see, most under cabinet kitchen FM radio CD players have flexible power supplies to adapt to all situations, including power outages at your house. Nevertheless, you should only use AAA batteries when seriously in need and charge the device on a reasonable basis to extend its service in general.

Timer and LED lighting – A timer and LED lighting system are both seen as extra features on an under cabinet AM/FM radio, but most units now include them to serve users better with household activities. Consequently, I think you should prefer the models that feature these tools, and never regret it.

The integrated lighting features a suitable dimmer level that illuminates the surface below for you to complete tasks with ease in poor light conditions. When working on your late food preparation, you don’t have to use an additional flashlight to light up the kitchen area like the old days anymore.

Its built-in timer can be used either as a sleep or cooking timer as desired. It needs to include a beeping or flashing light to indicate when it starts to run. If I were you, I would prefer a digital dial to set the time since pushing a lot of buttons is a real hassle. These small details are essential to make things more convenient.

I bet you would be really satisfied if you manage to purchase an under cabinet radio clock with these tools included. It means even more accessories are combined into this single slim unit, which is a working light system and a timer for cooking. They are not truly a must, but they are definitely valuable for your use.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is an under cabinet radio? Who is it for? How does it work?

An under cabinet radio CD player is a multifunctional device that enables extended services of a CD player, an AM/FM radio and a digital clock while maintaining all of them in one unit. You can see that this type of radio offers quality beyond its size to bring you a whole multimedia center below a kitchen cabinet.

You can tell that people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen would be the ideal users of this under cabinet radio CD player. Other than that, it is a great accessory for your family thanks to the multifunctionality it offers. This unit can be one of your most useful kitchen companions.

As being mentioned earlier, this device includes a versatile radio at both AM FM frequency, a normal CD player with a real-time digital clock. It will always feature a large LCD display with illuminated digital content, audio streaming via wireless Bluetooth connection or the Auxilary jack.

Supporting these fundamental features are several other integrated tools like an antenna for better reception, a cooking timer to help you cook and the LED lighting to illuminate its below area. The built-in alarm is interesting to use right on this radio CD player. You can also have multiple audio sources when using this unit.

What are the different types of under cabinet radios?

From what I know, the main difference is whether the under cabinet stereos include a built-in CD player or not since some units are only equipped with an AM FM radio. This model supports CD discs as an additional source of audio streaming aside from the radio and Bluetooth/Aux-in device connection.

I advise you to avoid purchasing a model that has been said to fail to perform a proper CD ejection while in use. An under cabinet CD player radio clock, in this case, is likely to consume your discs once inserted and does not let them out later on. This situation would definitely cause much disturbance to you.

On the other hand, a minority of these devices include an extra integrated flip-up screen for you to watch multiple TV shows and movies on the CD/DVD as well. This specific type of under counter radio CD player is not as common as the unit alone, but it is still a highly recommended option that is worth trying.

Why do you need an under cabinet radio?

When you own an under cabinet radio in the kitchen, you can stream your favorite music and broadcasts from the CD/DVD discs, AM FM radio stations or Bluetooth connected devices. With one space-saving device, you would have an entire multimedia entertainment center right in your house.

Unlike other electronic audio devices, this type of CD radio clock can support smart mounting under the cabinet, so it does not take up much space for other kitchen stuff. It spices up your casual cooking experience and helps decorate the kitchen cabinet in its very own way, which are all practical needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted under cabinet radio brands?

In case you are questioning which under cabinet radio brands are the most trusted ones in the current market, I would like to introduce some of them. Sony, iLive, JENSEN, auna, RCA, Sylvania, Venturer and Bose are the finest and most famous names that you can count on when it comes to the quality under cabinet radio units.

It is not an exaggeration to claim that these brands own the best portfolios in serving users worldwide with their high-quality under cabinet AM FM radio CD player. I have experienced using all of their units and all I can say is how great they are. The general price range is reasonable and they all come with warranties.

How do you mount an under cabinet radio?

Installing a CD radio player underneath your kitchen cabinet is far easier than you think since this process does not require professional skills. As far as I am concerned, most under cabinet radio packages come with an extra template that is extremely helpful in making this entire procedure less complicated.

You need to find the center of the cabinet and this provided template to drill a few holes depends on your radio CD model. After that, all you need to do is to drop in the bolts and tighten the unit up. Make sure you already have an outlet while mounting. These are the most basic steps to be achieved in less than 5 minutes.

How to use it?

To begin with, you need to finish mounting it under a cabinet with the following hardware. Then adjust the built-in antenna to pick up AM FM stations better. It would be either a digital or analog tuner to scan through and store different channels into its memory presets. These numbers vary from at least 10 to 40.

There is often a pairing button in the front for wireless Bluetooth connection or an Auxilary 3.5mm input jack, so you can go the traditional way with a suitable cable. In terms of its integrated CD player, this function takes in one or more CD and DVD discs for you to enjoy exclusive music from all of them.

The most relevant content will be displayed in a digital LED form on its large LCD screen with a suitable dimmer rate. You are free to activate its single or dual alarms to replace your old bedroom one. Finally, you should make use of the cooking timer and LED lighting system to do kitchen tasks better.

How to take care and maintain it?

The first and foremost rule for all users is to never disassemble the whole unit or mess with its wires for no special reason. You might regret doing this action afterward. Try to keep close track of and protect the under cabinet radio from overcharging as it costs a lot of money to replace its rechargeable battery too soon.

You need to shut down the device when not in use instead of leaving it on for an entire night without using it. Use a soft damp cloth with only plain water to wipe dirt stains and dust off the surface. Do not apply chemicals on this under counter CD and radio player to clean under all circumstances.

If you fail to take care and maintain the radio CD clock player properly during your usage process, it will result in short service life and quick degradation of its components. The best CD player radio under cabinet can definitely retain its premium features when it is looked after carefully by its owners for long-term use.

Where can I buy it?

Last but not least, I believe that you would like to know exactly where to buy one of the under cabinet radios above without receiving rip-offs. Besides the USA, you can get them in countries, chain stores and online sites like Canada, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Lowes, eBay, Home Depot, etc.

Not only do these places offer you the most trustworthy units of AM FM radio CD player under counter, but they also sell them at a reasonable price range. They allow international shipping with the least damage to your package. You should always reach out to these addresses when in need of this device.


The under cabinet radio is a great combination of multiple electronic tools for local news and entertainment into one device. It does not take up any counter space in the kitchen, which meets our needs. It also contains a wide range of different functions in one slim, compact design.

It will be such a shame if you do not hurry up and purchase the best under cabinet radio in this article after reading it. I hope my personal tips from previous uses and the detailed buying guide might help you out in some ways when you buy this sort of radio in the near future. Thank you for reading.

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