CB Radio vs. Ham Radio – Which Side are You On?

There has always been a long-fought feud between CB radio vs. Ham radio users and even though the technology used is considered ancient compared to modern standards, their user base remains passionate about the hobby. They are even more than willing to get physical in defense of their choice of system. If you ask CB … Read more

The Best CB External Speakers for 2023

The external speaker is one of the most important parts of any CB radio system. The quality of your radio system is manifested the most clearly through the audio performance. Therefore, it is understandable that you should invest in the best CB external speaker for a better CB radio experience. I know that there are … Read more

How to Calibrate a CB Radio in Only 5 Easy Steps

After mounting your CB, you need to tune the antenna and calibrate the radio so it can perform correctly. The process involves four steps: Calibrating CB antenna only takes five minutes once you learn how to calibrate a CB radio properly. So, dive in! What You Need Steps to Calibrate a Cb Radio Before you begin, make … Read more

The Best CB Radios for Jeep for 2022

When it comes to a beneficial radio for Jeep car models, I bet that there are many selections will pop up in your mind. Nonetheless, professional market researchers state that you should install a CB radio due to its compatibility and flexibility. You are curious about what it can do, aren’t you? A CB radio … Read more

The Best VHF Marine Radios for 2023

Written by R. Pennington / Fact checked by R. Combs Marine radios have been an important part of our lives. This special device is not only for entertainment but also a great means of communication, especially off the shore. Just imagine once your boats and ships are equipped with a decent radio system, you can communicate as well as … Read more