How to Change the Clock on a Pioneer Radio in 7 Simple Steps

In the field of automobile stereos, Pioneer Electronics is a well-known name. They’ve made a wide variety of automobile radios for the time being.

There is a built-in clock in every one of their car radios. Inevitably, people will make mistakes when it comes to telling the time. If this happens, you’ll probably want to adjust the time accordingly.

How to change the clock on a Pioneer radio can be difficult for those who aren’t familiar with it. It doesn’t rule out the possibility of doing it on your own. Changing the radio’s time is as simple as starting the car and pressing the volume button. This article’s instructions will show you the right way. Continue reading to avoid missing out on this useful method!

What Is the Clock on Pioneer Radio?

Pioneer Radio is a radio station in the Netherlands. It broadcasts on FM and DAB+ with digital radio and internet streams.

It is owned by the Dutch Radio-television Commission (RTL) and is one of the oldest commercial radio stations in the Netherlands, having started in 1929. Pioneer Radio was founded in 1928 as a way to promote Dutch culture. Since then, it has been sold off several times, but it has always returned to its original owners: RTL Group.

Depending on its schedule, Pioneer Radio broadcasts news programs, music, talk shows, and comedy shows every day at different times.

7 Simple Steps to Change the Clock on a Pioneer Radio?


It is simple to change time on Pioneer car radio. But if you’re not familiar with how the clock feature works, it can be a challenge to set the time. You’ll soon discover that the method isn’t difficult after reading this.

It’s like switching from Aux Mode to FM or browsing through your phone’s album art. It takes a few minutes at the most, although it gets shorter as you become more familiar.

The clock on your radio can be fixed. However, there is a catch to this method. To modify the clock, you must select a radio model.

Each model has its own unique set of buttons and a different user interface that allows the clock to be set.

Use the steps we’ve provided to figure out which radio model you have and then take the appropriate action.

If you’re unfamiliar with how a Pioneer radio clockwork, changing the time can be a challenge. The purpose of this guide is to simplify the process for you. As long as you are comfortable with the process, it should only take a few minutes to complete. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty now!

Step 1: Get the car running.

The battery in your vehicle is what powers your radio. The first step is to start your car. You must first turn on the car’s ignition and turn off the car’s music. You can even leave the key in the accessory position if you’d prefer that.

Step 2: Unplug the radio.

Make sure your stereo is turned off. Press and hold the source button for a few seconds until the stereo shuts off while the clock is still shown to turn the stereo off. Notably, the source button can be used to cycle through the many offered modes.

Step 3: Hold the volume button and roll it to the right


To turn the volume down, press and hold the volume down button. In most situations, the volume button looks like a knob.

Once “Menu” appears on your radio display, hold down the sound button for a few seconds to bring up the menu. Then, turn the knob to the right until the word “System” shows on the screen.

Step 4: It’s now time to modify the clock display and the volume level.

As soon as you press the volume up or down, you’ll notice “Clock Set.” A 12-hour clock can be converted to a 24-hour clock by turning the knob to the left until the words “12H/24H” show.

The clock type you chose will be shown on the screen. Press the volume up or down button to select a different type of timepiece.

Step 5: Press and release the knob.


After completing step 4, it is not necessary to adjust the knob to change time on Pioneer radio.

As long as the message “Clock Set” is still visible, press the knob. Keep in mind that pressing and holding is not the proper technique.

To see what time it is, simply hold down the knob and look at the screen. You will see an additional AM/PM sign if you pick the 12-hour clock.

Changing the battery is easy if the hour (or minute) digit blinks.

Step 6: Adjust the time!

Turn the knob until the correct number is displayed for the hour (or minute). For example, you are altering the hour digit, and “10” is flashing. Turn the knob to the left if you wish to convert it to “3”. The knob should be turned to the right if the proper time is “12”.

The minute digit can then be adjusted by clicking the knob again after the hour digit has been changed. You’ll need to turn the knob right or left to get the correct number.

Step 7: Activate the radio


Hit the source button on the Pioneer radio clock settings to restart the audio system. Next, see if the clock is accurate in reporting the time.

It is usually a simple matter of following the eight steps outlined above to set clock on Pioneer car radio.

Or you can watch this video for an easy tutorial:

How to Set the Clock for Older Pioneer Car Stereo

Up, down, left, and right arrow buttons are still found on some vintage Pioneer radios from the 1980s.

  • If you want to get twice as much information from the source button, do the opposite of what you did in step 2.
  • It takes two presses of the source button to switch off and display a clock on the stereo. There are certain types that use the volume button as the source button.
  • A flashing hour digit is standard procedure. The up and down arrows can be used to change the numbers.
  • You may then go from hour to minute by pressing the left and right buttons. Once you’ve reached the minute side, you can adjust the time by pressing the up and down buttons.
  • To return to the “Tuner,” press the source button. To see the clock, press the display button as usual.



1. Do I require professional knowledge or service to set the clock on a Pioneer car stereo?

No, at least in terms of practicality. Fixing your radio’s clock is simple, despite how difficult it may appear at first glance. Taking it to the technician is not necessary.

With a little practice, you’ll be able to set time on Pioneer radio like it’s nothing at all.

2. How do I reset the clock when I’ve switched Pioneer radio models?

In the truest sense of the phrase, Pioneer radios aren’t all that distinct from one another. It will be easier to use the other if you’re already familiar with one’s buttons and controls.

The only thing that separates them is where the buttons are located, how they are displayed, and the features they offer.

Regardless of where the buttons are located on the radio, they still perform the same job. In addition, the UI has the same options. Just follow the instructions outlined in the preceding section.


Setting the radio’s time zone varies from model to model. All of the Pioneer models, old and new, should be covered by the processes outlined above.

Your model’s button layout may differ from that of another. If your radio’s interface is dated or if it has additional functions, you may want to upgrade.

In and of itself, it’s not a problem. You’ll need to learn how to use the radio’s buttons to alter the time.

Use the instructions on how to change the clock on a pioneer radio above, or if your radio has an instruction manual, follow the instructions inside. The more you become used to changing the time, the less of a hassle it will be.

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