How to Change the Time on a Bose Wave Radio? (3 Methods)

One standout function of Bose Wave radios is the independent alarm clocks, which allow you to set more than one wake-up time. The alarms, however, can go all wrong when the displayed time is incorrect.

This guide will walk you through the steps on how to change the time on a Bose Wave radio. You have lost the remote control? No worries! You can do it with your smartphone.

3 Simple Ways to Change the Time on a Bose Wave Radio

You can change time on Bose radio with the buttons on the case, the remote control, or the SoundTouch app. These procedures will work on both the Bose Wave radio 2 and Bose radio 4.

1. Using the buttons on the radio

To set time on Bose Wave radio that has control buttons on the case, you will:

Step 1. Press ON to activate the radio

Step 2. Press and hold Clock Set

Step 3. Press Tuning Down < or Tuning Up > to change Bose radio clock set

Step 4. Release the button when you reach the correct time

Note: You can press and hold the Tuning buttons to move the minutes faster.

2. Using the remote control

If you have a remote control for your Bose Soundwave radio, grab it, point it at the device, and follow these steps.

Step 1. Press the Time-/Time+ buttons repeatedly until the screen displays Clock Set.

Step 2. Use the Time-/Time+ buttons again to move the time backward or forward.

Step 3. Release the button when you finish setting clock on Bose Wave radio.

3. Using the SoundTouch app

If you have lost your remote control, you can still change your Bose Wave radio time display with the SoundTouch app. Follow this Bose Wave radio clock set procedure.

Step 1. Download the SoundTouch app, open it, and sync your device.

Step 2. Select the Menu icon (on the top left corner).

Step 3. Choose Settings, then Speaker Settings, and the Bose Wave system where you want to reset the time.

Step 4. Touch the clock toggle to turn it off then turn it back on.

Now, the time on your Bose Wave Soundtouch is synced with your device.

Change AM/PM to 24-hour and Reverse

Changing the time format of your Bose CD player radio is easy. Here are the steps:

Step 1. On the remote control, press Alarm Setup until the screen displays Setup Menu.

Step 2. Press the forward Tuning button (marked “<”) until you see Time Setting.

Step 3. Press Time+/Time- to choose between AM/PM and 24-hour formats.

Step 4. After a few seconds, the device will automatically change its time format.

If you use the SoundTouch app, the Bose radio’s time format will sync with your smartphone. You must choose the AM/PM or 24-hour format on your phone’s settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do when Bose clocks cannot be set?

When you cannot change the time on your Bose Wave radio, ensure that:

  • You’re using the correct Bose radio alarm instructions as we introduce above.
  • You’re not selecting the SoundTouch or Bluetooth source.

If you’re still unable to set the timer, try resetting your device. Resetting will clear minor issues and put the time display to the manufacturer’s clock setting standard.

How to reset Bose Wave radios?

Bose makes it really easy to reset its radios. All you need to do is remove the power cord for 30 seconds and then replug it into the device.

If you have a Soundtouch Pedestal system, you will need to find the Control button on the back of the pedestal and press and hold it for at least ten seconds.

Can I control my Bose Wave radio with my phone?

Yes, you can. The free SoundTouch app allows you to adjust Bose Wave radios without remote control.

In the app, you can change the time and other settings, view recently played radio content, reach Bose’s customer service team, and leave feedback for future improvements.


Nothing beats an early morning with a warm coffee and your favorite radio channel. The experience is so unique in a world full of quick visual entertainment like Instagram Reels and Tiktok.

We hope our guide on how to change the time on a Bose Wave radio helped you set the clock right. Remember that you can use the buttons on the case, the remote control, or your smartphone.

Don’t hesitate to leave us a message should you have any further questions. We’ll respond promptly. Thank you for reading!

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