How Much Does It Cost to Install a Car Radio? Read This Post to Save Your Budget

Whenever your car has problems or any modification is needed (including a custom car audio install), you will think about a car repair service that offers everything you can imagine. It is easy to send your car to professionals, and once the work is done, all you need to do is just pay.

However, you will save much more money if you can handle the radio installation yourself. This job is considered not too difficult to do but still needs attention.

So how much does it cost to install a car radio? Let’s find out!

The Facts of Car Stereo Installation Cost

If you have your car stereo installed by a professional service, they will charge you no lower than $100 for the basic one (CD player). The more features attached, the more you will pay.

The features we are mentioning like new speakers, amplifiers, CD receivers, wire harnesses, equipment brands, etc, all of these will boost your stereo install cost much more than you expected, even up to $1000!

Now that you know the cost range, we will go a bit deeper to explain why it takes that much for an automobile radio installation, then compare the price between professional service and doing it yourself.

Equipment Attached Installation Cost


We believe that you’ll get more than a basic CD player, as people know how to treat themselves with modern features nowadays. Thus, there are other attached factors made to bring you satisfaction.

Receiver $30-$200
Speakers $50-$100
Amplifier ~$30
Wire harness ~$20
Total $130-$380 (depend on your options)

1. Receiver

You can get a basic standard receiver for under $30. In case you prefer an advanced version with a bigger touchscreen and more features, the price can be up to $100.

It is also important to figure out if the size of your car radio is Single DIN or Double DIN, which you can measure. A standard single DIN head unit is 7×2 inches, while the double DIN is 7×4 inches.

The price is different as well. It takes around $50 to $100 for the single DIN, and $100 to $200 for the double DIN. Not every head unit can fit your car, so choose it wisely.

2. Speakers

The price range of speakers is large due to the variety on the market. It also needs to be suitable for your car. The speakers will add more than $50 – $100 to your car stereo installation cost.

3. Amplifier

Not many people know that most car stereos have an amplifier attached to support the system and speakers, but it actually does not work very well.

There are some reasons you can consider getting a new and separated amplifier, which brings you the best sound experience. A budget of around $30 is reasonable for this factor.

4. Wire harness

Last but not least, the wire harness has an important role to make sure everything works smoothly. After a period of time, the old wires are damaged and might affect the whole system.

Thus, changing to a new wire harness is necessary and recommended. This factor costs about $20 extra in the total fee.

Car Stereo Install Cost Comparison

1. Professional service for car stereo installation

You will pay literally $200 to $500 for the service, depending on many factors such as the equipment brand, the skill of the experts, etc., so make sure to do the research for quality places that install car stereos.

In addition, you might get a promotion or discount. However, the biggest thing you can have from the experts is that everything works perfectly without any problems. Some service places will give you a warranty as well.

2. DIY car stereo installation

If you know even a little about the mechanism of car radio installation, you can save a lot of your money, since it is not too complicated to do. You just need to prepare the necessary equipment and tools to get started. The whole process might cost you not over $50.

You can take a look at this helpful guide here:

Nevertheless, doing it on your own gives you a higher chance of making mistakes. If you do not know well how the system works, you may cause some problems and damages, which will cost you much more than a service in the future.


This article has shown you the reality of car stereo installation costs, including the price of every piece of attached equipment in the installation, & comparing stereo install costs between professional service and DIY.

We hope the information in this article helps you answer the question “how much does it cost to install a car radio.” Each solution has its pros and cons; thus, just choose wisely what suits your situation best.

Do not hesitate to comment in the box below if you have any budget-saving methods for this issue.

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