How to Crack Sirius Satellite Radio? (Android and iPhone)

If you enjoy listening to the radio during long drives, you may be interested in a satellite and broadcasting service like SiriusXM.

A SiriusXM subscription can cost you around $12.99 to $22.99 per month, which is too pricey for many, especially when compared to other streaming services.

So can Sirius XM Radio be hacked? The answer is yes! Learn the methods in this article on how to crack Sirius satellite radio.

Sirius Radio Hacks – Ways to Crack Sirius Satellite Radio

There are multiple methods to jumpstart your Sirius lifetime free hack. This could be through an app hack or a second-hand Sirius radio activated device.

Here’s what you will need:

  • An internet connection
  • Smartphone (Android or iPhone)
  • SiriusXM Dealer app (latest version)

How do I Crack Sirius Satellite Radio?

1. Download the SiriusXM Dealer App


This SiriusXM hack crack apk (SiriusXM Dealer App) allows its users to hack Sirius satellite radio signals and refreshes their free trials every three months.

You will need to use your smartphone to get the app and connect it to the internet. Go online and look up the SiriusXM Dealer App. Then, save it to your mobile device.

Sometimes, your Android will not allow such apps to run. Check the settings of your phone under “security”, and make sure to enable the installation of third party or unknown apps. To this effect, your phone will now be able to run and recognize the Sirius free hack.

Also, ensure that you have a stable internet connection as well, so that your download will not encounter any problems.

Once you have acquired the app, proceed to open your File Manager and look for the SiriusXM Dealer Apk. Start the software’s installation process by opening it.

2. Look for Second-Hand SiriusXM Portable Devices

A SiriusXM portable device is a small gadget that was first launched by Sirius during its earlier days. This device already has a lifetime Sirius satellite activation, which means you won’t need to pay money for the service.

Consider searching at flea markets or ebay, where people sell secondhand items, and with luck, you might come across an old portable Sirius radio activated device with a registered subscription. With this, it would seem like you have acquired a Sirius lifetime subscription hack.

Don’t Pay the Full Price, Get the Best Deals


This is a cheaper way to subscribe to a Sirius XM plan should you choose not to forever hack your Sirius radio through an app hack or did not have any luck in finding an old device.

First, sign up for the 3 or 4-month free trial. Then, at the end of the trial period, reach out to Sirius XM by going to their website help center and chat with a representative during their operating hours.

Now, what you should do is tell the rep you would like to pay for the service, but it’s too expensive. To retain customers, SiriusXM may give you its best deals (such as $25 for 5 months). You can also choose to call customer service for a faster transaction.

The representative will give you deals and free trial offers they think you might accept. Keep declining their offers until it gets really cheap for $5 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is SiriusXM?

It is a radio service which uses satellites to broadcast and transmit signals to your car stereo, mobile phones, and computer.

SiriusXM can be used in your car and offers various entertainment channels, including talk shows, podcasts, music and sports channels, to name a few, for a monthly subscription.

How Much Does this Service Cost?

SiriusXM cost depends on the type of service you want to avail. For car radio and streaming devices, they have categorized their packages with the following prices: $12.99/month for Music Showcase, $17.99/month for Music and Entertainment, and $22.99/month for Platinum.

Sometimes, the company will have special promotions, such as a trial that costs $1 for three months.

How Do I Hack My Sirius Receiver?

Download the SiriusXM Dealer app on your phone for a sirius XM free hack and to block Sirius deactivation signal. This resets your free trials with the company every three months.

Also, another route is to fake your GPS location by using a location spoofer app, such as Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free, so that it would appear you are close to a dealer.

Can Sirius Satellite Radio Be Traced?

Yes, as long as you have signed up for a SiriusXM Guardian subscription, the service provider can locate and trace your vehicle’s location along with the Sirius Radio.

This could be advantageous should your car happen to be stolen. It is advisable that you call the police to assist you and call the service provider (Sirius), so they can provide you with the information and location of your vehicle.

Is it Possible to Have a Free Trial 1 Year Plan?

SiriusXM offers free trials for up to 3 months and 4 months. The 3-month free trial is for streaming platinum members and works only on mobile devices, while the 4-month free trial is for platinum members who want SiriusXM on both their devices and car.

Can XM Radio be Hacked?

There are third party apps which enable users to hack an XM Radio. An example is Sirius XM Mod, which is being used for unlimited access to music without ads.

How do I Unlock My Sirius Radio Channel?

Open the channel lock by pressing the plus and minus buttons on your Sirius Radio. Then, press the select button and choose lock/unlock. If you have not used this feature yet, you will be given an instruction to enter a four digit code from 1111-6666.

But in this case, just type down the code you used to lock the channel.

How do I Get Free SiriusXM in My Car?

Once you have done the free XM radio hack, and you happen to have a portable Sirius device, you can use it in your car through a mounting mechanism on your dashboard or by connecting it with an aux cable.


So, that sums up this article on the Sirius radio activation hack. Given the methods we have shown you, getting Sirius Radio for free should now seem a lot more probable.

There are also alternatives to save money, such as getting the best offers through Sirius XM’s call center or looking for a used Sirius radio with an active subscription. We hope this article was able to show you how to crack Sirius satellite radio.

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