How Much Do Radio Show Hosts Make? (2023 Rate)

As a broadcaster, you can connect with others, entertain listeners after long days at work, and accompany people on their daily commute.

While passion sparks your interest in a career, the earning potential decides whether you’ll stick with it. So, how much do radio show hosts make?

As of December 2022, the average radio host salary is $48,500, which comes to slightly more than $4,000 per month. However, popular radio hosts can earn up to $377,500 annually.

Radio Talk Show Salary
State Annual Salary Monthly Salary Weekly Rate Hourly Rate
Tennessee $44,448 $3,704 $854 $21
Boston, Massachusetts $53,579 $4,465 $1,115 $28
Connecticut $51,453 $4,288 $1,070 $27
Rhode Island $50,122 $4,177 $1,045 $26
Seattle, Washington $66,874 $5,570 $1,340 $35
Portland, Oregon $63,141 $5,260 $1,315 $33
New York $55,876 $4,656 $1,165 $29
Ohio $46,432 $3,870 $967 $24
Iowa $45,509 $3,790 $950 $24
Utah $45,966 $3,830 $958 $24

How Much Do Radio Hosts Make?

How much money does a radio host make a year? According to, local radio personalities make $48,517 on average. The most popular range falls between $40,000 and $59,000.

In detail, the first 10th percentile radio show host’s salary is $32,209, the 75th percentile is $59,237, and the 90th percentile is $68,997.

So, the job has pretty high earning potential for those who stay in the industry and constantly build up their skills and experience.

Depending on Each State

Besides degree and experience, the salaries of radio talk show hosts depend on the location where they work. The salaries for radio personalities in big cities are usually higher than in rural regions.

In addition, stations that have a broader audience and attract huge advertisers often pay more money. But as a rule, they’ll require more skills and experience from their employees.

One of the cities that offer the highest pay is Seattle with an average of almost $67,000 per year. Meanwhile, you would make around $53,000 in California and $60,000 in Atlanta.

Types of Pay

The $48,517 average salary of morning radio hosts would translate to $4,041 per month, $1,010 per week, and $25 an hour.

Though the average radio DJ salaries are not too impressive, top earners in the field can bring home up to $377,500 annually. And popular hosts like Howard Stern can make millions of dollars per year.

You can rest assured that the earning potential of this career is unlimited. Once the audience loves you, stations are willing to pay top money.

1. Top highest paying following states

As mentioned above, the earnings you can yield as a radio morning show host depend largely on the state you work in. While some states pay top money for the position, some offer relatively low salaries.

If you are shooting for the star, you might consider moving to a location that offers the most money. Below is a list of top-paying states in the U.S. according to However, note that higher-pay states often come with higher costs of living.

U.S. states that have the highest average radio host salaries
States Annual Salary Monthly Salary Weekly Rate Hourly Rate
San Jose, California $69,831 $5,819 $1,455 $36
Alaska $62,153 $5,180 $1,295 $32.4
District of Columbia $61,891 $5,178 $1,290 $32
New Jersey $61,518 $5,127 $1,280 $32
Massachusetts $60,539 $5,045 $1,260 $31.5

2. Top-paying jobs related to radio hosting

There are many niches around the career of a talk show host. You can choose to specialize in sports events, morning news, or lifestyle. You can also become a TV show host.

Each niche has its perks and sacrifices. Below is a glance at how much each one pays according to

Top-paying jobs related to radio talk show hosting
Job Title Annual Salary Hourly Rate
Sports radio host $31,000-$104,000 $15-$50
Television show host $29,000-$57,000 $14-$27
Lifestyle show host $28,000-$51,500 $13.5-$25
Morning show host $31,500-$48,500 $15-$23
Manager talk show host $108,520 $52
International talk show host $108,483 $52


Who is the highest-paid radio talk show host?

Popular hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Oprah Winfrey, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity all bring home millions of dollars annually from their careers. But according to Forbes, Howard Stern is the top earner of 2023.

His show on SiriusXM has brought him at least $90 million per year since 2015. Plus, he earns $12 million each year as one of the show’s judges.

How much tax will a radio host have to pay?

Radio hosts have to pay taxes like any other occupation. Depending on your working location, you will have to pay taxes to the federal government, state governments, and local governments. The amount usually falls around 10% to 37% of your total income.

Do radio hosts work full-time?

Though radio hosts only air a few hours per day, they often have to work full-time. The job would involve writing scripts, contacting and welcoming guests, doing research, keeping up with hot news, and maintaining the station’s social media.

A radio host’s working schedule might also include early morning and late night shifts. So, it is often challenging for hosts to maintain a work-life balance.


How much do radio show hosts make? The starting point is around $32,200. But once you unlock the career’s potential, the earnings are almost unlimited. Experienced hosts can bring home over $300,000 per year.

After obtaining the information, what do you decide? Are you determined to pursue a career in hosting radio shows? If so, check out our article on “How to get into radio broadcasting”. Pack yourself with the right degree and experience and be ready to grab forthcoming opportunities!

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