How to Find SiriusXM Radio ID? – The Absolute Easiest Way

We all know how important a radio ID is to a radio listener. It is hard to run or subscribe to (or alter) any membership plan without this number.

As a result, understanding how to identify SiriusXM radio ID is crucial. If you’re having trouble getting this information, this article will supply all the important information as well as helpful hints and guidance.

We’ll show you how to find SiriusXM radio id by turning to Channel 0 and also talk about what to do if this isn’t enough for your car!

How to Find the SiriusXM Radio ID

If you wish to use Sirius radio services, you must first obtain your Sirius XM radio ID number.

There are two methods for determining your Sirius XM radio number:

  • Check the back of your SiriusXM Connect Tuner. Then, double-check your package because certain goods may not have the ID printed on the back.
  • Alternatively, you might read our instructions below and adjust your radio to channel 0. One thing to keep in mind is that a radio ID should not include the letters I, O, S, or F.

How to Set Your Radio to Channel 0

The simplest approach to obtain your radio number is to tune your radio to channel 0. Thus, for the fastest results, follow these three simple steps.

Step 1: To begin using your XM Radio receiver, unlock Sirius radio and press the “On” button. The frequency that the gadget is now using will then appear.

Step 2: Use the loop tuning wheel, the “Back” button, or any other radio options to reset the frequency to “0.” The frequency will be displayed on the screen, making it easy to see where you’ve tracked back.

Step 3: Finally, let the system run for a few seconds to confirm that your adjustments have taken effect. Your radio ID will be shown on your device.

How to Find Your Car’s Radio ID


  • On your radio, choose the SAT mode and push the MENU button.
  • When you select the Settings option on the screen, the audio Radio ID will appear (as well as traffic and video Radio IDs).

Lincoln and Ford

  • Sync 4 with 360L
  • Channel 0 should be selected.
  • Now playing, the Avatar logo appears, followed by a scroll to help and support.
  • Select MY20 Vehicles with SYNC 3.
  • Channel 0 should be selected.
  • Sirius Travel Link App – Subscription.

The Aston Martin

  • Select the Sirius menu by pressing the MENU button on your radio.
  • When you go to Advanced options, the Radio ID will appear.


Various types of radios may be installed in your BMW. Choose your model from the list below and follow the instructions to find Sirius Radio ID:

  • From 2003 to the present, in Sirius mode, hold down the SAT button for more than three seconds to show the Radio ID.
  • From 2004 until the present: In Sirius mode, scroll right until you see the Options screen. The Radio ID will be displayed once you choose Manage Subscription.


  • XK and XF: Select SAT Information from the SAT Options menu, and the Call Center number and Radio ID will be shown.
  • XJ: Click the Options button, then the More icon and the Radio ID will appear.
  • 2003MY–2007MY: Tune to Ch. 0 to see the Radio ID.
  • 2010MY: On the touch-screen, go to Settings, then SAT information, and the Call Center number and Radio ID will appear.

Land Rover

Select Settings from the touch-screen menu. Then, pick SAT alternatives, followed by SAT information. Along with the Call Center phone number, the Radio ID will be shown.


On your radio, go to the Audio menu and then to Sat Radio. Select Service from the submenu, and the Radio ID will appear.


Q&A About Radio ID

How can I locate my radio ID, often known as an ESN or SID?

For certain Sirius radios, just tuning to channel 0 will display the 12-digit Radio ID (also known as ESN or SID). If it does not show, your Radio ID can be retrieved by accessing the Menu feature of your radio (specific instructions can be found in your owner’s handbook).

Where is the ESN number on a Ford radio?

Write down your ESN (Electronic Serial Number). Ford radios equipped with satellite radios are assigned a 12-digit ESN. Turn your ignition on, press the “SAT” button on your radio, and hold down “AUX” and select “1.” Your ESN will be displayed on the radio.


That’s all there is to know how to find SiriusXM radio ID. We understand that obtaining this information might be difficult, especially for individuals who have misplaced the device package. We hope this article was able to assist you in locating your SiriusXM number. Best wishes!

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