How to Increase Watts on CB Radio? – Step by Step Guide

CB Radio is a tool to help you get info on traffic jams, weather forecasts, and is especially helpful in emergencies. Especially for the driver, the radio is a companion to increase the unique flavors of life.

Your experience will be more immersive if the radio works well to produce vivid sounds. However, sometimes poor radio performance brings discomfort and frustration. So, how to increase watts on CB radio?

With just the steps of this guide, you will see your radio’s performance improve dramatically. To know how to do them, follow the article below.

Preparation Tools


You need to prepare adequate supplies to turn up the watts on a CB easily and efficiently.

How to Increase Watts on CB Radio


The process of making your radio stronger cannot begin if your CB is not set up. Therefore, proceed to install the SWR meter on the radio and start reading the numbers (low numbers are preferable).

Next, attach the antenna to a place as high as possible. Finally, to finish, you can use a coax cable to link the antenna to the CB.

Usually, when the tuning is done, I turn on a specific channel to test. Once the machine was up and running, I started the process to make my CB radio more powerful.

Step 1: Read the radio’s manuals

Even from the same manufacturer, with varying designs of radio, you can easily see that their recommended setting is completely different.

Therefore, in order to use the maximum capacity of the machine, you need to read the instructions in the manual that comes with the device when buying the appliance.

In addition, you should strictly follow the recommendations and instructions of the type of machine you are using. If you correctly understand how to use it, it will be faster to adjust the CB to increase the watt. Besides, you can also protect the machine against damage.

Step 2: Move the radio to the appropriate position

The space greatly affects the CB radio power booster. Specifically, tall trees will interfere with the frequency of the machine, or high-rise structures will weaken the reception. So forests and high-rise buildings in big cities are not ideal places.

Radios also do not transmit waves through solid objects. Therefore, an environment with many obstacles is not a wise choice. An open location without many obstacles is the most reasonable for you to choose.

Step 3: Set up the antenna

Antenna greatly affects the operation of the radio. Therefore, setting up the antenna is necessary and must satisfy the following factors:

  • Choose a quality antenna

The antenna is what determines the quality of your radio. Therefore, choosing a good enough one is a direct way to increase the CB sound effectively.

You need to buy an antenna with a changeable height for convenient adjustment. At the same time, the accompanying coaxial must be firm and matched with it. Thus, the sound will be standard, and the noise will be reduced significantly.

  • Antenna placement

As mentioned before, you need to place the antenna in a high position, where there are not many obstacles. An open space will receive and transmit signals better, which is an important factor in maintaining the Radio’s stable operation.

  • Standard Specs

When tuning the antenna, rely on the SWR meter to get the correct parameters. Try to set up the system to make sure channels 1 and 40 are the same number on the SWR. Of course, this number should preferably be less than 2.

Step 4: Use the SWR tool

You still have many ways to tune the antenna without the need for an SWR meter. However, doing it manually often takes a lot of time and effort but does not bring the most accurate numbers.

Through this tool, your operations will be simpler, and tracking the antenna is very convenient. That way, you’ll always be sure the radio is in good working order.

Check the antenna’s reading on the SWR meter. A low reading (around 1:5) is good.

Step 5: Adjust the dead-key wattage

To increase radio power, you can adjust the power of the dead key. Any radio will have this capacity. Find and peak the dead key wattage pot, and you’re done.

Step 6: Take advantage of the Squelch function

In addition, you can improve the CB radio wattage by interfering with the machine’s squelch function. The advantage of this function is that it allows users to minimize noise in specific cases. As a result, the sensitivity of the radio is significantly increased.

Squelch is a knob similar to other volume knobs. However, when you turn it to the right position, the background noise is significantly reduced, but the radio’s sound is still very intact. Because of that, you will feel the radio sound has improved dramatically.

Also, modern radio versions have RF customization. You can choose this adjustment instead of squelch. These two knobs both do the same thing, but you’ll find the RF to be more effective.

Step 7: Invest in an amplifier

Amplifiers are the ideal tool you should invest in to improve your CB. You will be surprised by what it brings. The radio dead key power will be higher with the use of amplifiers. The sound will also increase in clarity for easier reception by other parties.

There are many quality amplifiers for your reference, but linear amplifiers are the best suggestion because this product provides an effective connection between the antenna and BC radio.

Tips to Make Your Radio Sound Better

If you have followed the above instructions correctly but are still not satisfied with the sound quality of the radio, please note the following additional issues:

Choose the right CB radio

There are many types of CB radios. Each will do just fine if you put it in the right environment. Therefore, determining the need before choosing CB is very necessary. For normal use, you can select a mobile station. Its properties are suitable for simple activities.

Of course, they are not suitable for commercial purposes. Radios with larger controls will work well in this case.

Handheld CBs will be the perfect choice for those who need to communicate via walkie-talkies such as security guards, police officers, or soldiers…

Choose the right channel

Choosing the wrong channel will not bring you a good experience. Therefore, selecting channels that are regularly monitored will help the overall system increase performance.

Channels 9 and 19 are very popular. One channel specializes in sending emergency signals, and the other channel updates the traffic situation. Therefore, they are popular for communicating with other people.

Master the radio codes and jargon & know common channels

Using CB radio will likely require knowledge of radio codes and jargon, simply because you’ll often talk to other radio enthusiasts. So to be more integrated, learning those languages ​​is essential.

From there, you will find your radio has good quality.

Besides, you also need to know the meaning of active channels. For example, channel 9 is where you need to be when there are emergencies that need help. In addition, other channels will also have their functions, and you can study and learn about them.


How to increase watts on CB radio? There are a lot of different ways of doing things and considerations, but you just need to focus on the factors that directly affect the radio, and your adjustments will produce results quickly.

However, you need to know that the maximum wattage of a BC radio can only be 4 watts. Therefore, no matter what method or tool you use, you should not push beyond the allowable limit. By doing so, it is very likely that you will violate the law.

Hope the above will be useful to you. Please try to apply the above process and share the results with everyone.

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