How to Unlock GM Navigation Radio: Step By Step Guide

In the early GM Navigation radio, there is the Theftlock anti-theft system. This system will automatically lock your radio if your vehicle is disconnected from the battery. For that reason, sometimes you will have your radio turned off. How to unlock GM Navigation radio?

The main task when opening the GM radio is to find a way to restart Theftlock.

To know how to do it step by step, continue to follow the article.

What to Prepare Before Unlocking Gm Navigation Radio

Your GM radio unlock challenge will be simpler if you prepare the following tools:

  • Cars that have a locked GM Navigation radio
  • Paper and pen
  • Phone

5 Steps to Unlock GM Navigation Radio


If you already have all the tools, then read on to unlock GM Navigation system. The operations are not too complicated but require you to be focused, fast and accurate.

Step 1: Start the car

The first thing you have to do is start the car; do as you usually do before. Once the car is up and running, you turn on the radio by pressing the power button located on the volume dial.

When the GM radio turns on, you should observe its digital display. The status “LOC” is indicative that the radio is locked. In this case, the cause is the activated Theftlock function.

If you see “INOP” instead of “LOC,” keep the ignition on for around one hour. “LOC” should appear afterwards.

If you see nothing on the screen, you should contact a technician for help.

Step 2: Hold down the keys: 1 and 4 or 2 and 3

Once you’ve turned on the radio and identified the problem, look for preset buttons 2 and 3 on the GM radio if your radio has fewer than 4 buttons. Otherwise, find the buttons 1 and 4. Then, press and hold them for 10 seconds. When enough time has passed, a 3-digit code will appear on display.

At this point, you should quickly take out the paper and pen to save the numbers. Your operation must be completed within 15 seconds. By exceeding this time, the code will disappear, and you have to go back to work from the beginning.

Step 3: Get the rest of the radio’s serial code

You now have 3 numbers. Now, you’ll have to continue to the next operation to get the remaining 3 digits.

You’ll find the AM/FM button next to the number keys. Click on it so that the last 3 numbers appear. Then you need to take a pen and paper and note the numbers down.

Thus, you have 6 numbers for the radio’s serial code. Note that you must arrange the numbers in the correct order. The numbers taken in step 2 will come before the numbers taken in this step. Each digit must be in its right place. If there is an error in any position, your next step cannot be successful.

Step 4: Request to unlock

Once you have obtained the radio confirmation code, you should use it to contact the GM call center or dealer to receive the unlock code. You can do this through the following ways:

  • Get the unlock code from GM

The GM radio hotline is 1800 537 5140, which is toll-free and automatically available 24/7. You can contact them using this number to ask for your problem to be resolved, and of course, you can call at any time.

After that, follow the instructions of the specialist to enter the dealer’s access code. Normally, 106010 is the most common code that employees use. So try entering them with the “#” sign.

If not, try other access codes like 620529, 139010, 206053, or 202108. Enter until you find the right code. This is a bit time-consuming, but there is no cost to receive the radio unlock code.

Once the connection is successful, continue to enter the 6-digit serial code collected in the previous steps. Enter the correct number, and you will receive the radio access code from the operator automatically. This unlock code consists of 4 digits.

The auto operator won’t repeat it over and over again. Therefore, you should pay attention while listening to proceed to unlock 2007 GM radio. It’s best to write the code down on paper.

  • Get the code from your local dealer

If you’re having trouble getting a code with the GM hotline, don’t worry. You can contact your local dealer, and the technicians will be able to help you turn on the radio.

Tell them your 6-digit radio confirmation code. They will then give you the access code. Usually, the agent will charge you. The price will depend on the location you go to but will usually fluctuate around 10 dollars.

In addition, you can find better prices if you go online. The Internet often has discount codes. However, you should be cautious to avoid being scammed.

Step 5: Use the code to unlock the radio

Once you have received the GM Navigation unlock code, the rest will be much simpler.

If your radio is turned off, turn it back on like starting a car.

Next, press “HR” on the GM radio until the display shows the number matching the first 2 digits of the unlock code you received. For example, if your code is 0912, you must press the “HR” button 9 times to match the code.

When you have finished pressing the first 2 digits, switch to the “MN” button, which controls the remaining two digits. You also have to push it until the number on the screen matches the last two of your unlock code. By design, the number can be quite large, and you need to be patient to complete the steps.

After pressing the code, select the AM/FM button to confirm completion. Now your radio is officially unlocked, and you can again ask it to assist in moving to the right location.

This method can also be applied to unlock 2012 chevy radio. So, if you are using this version of the radio, don’t worry, just follow the instructions correctly. The radio will quickly restore to its original state.

A Few Notes When Unlocking GM Navigation


The steps to get the serial code are very important, so you need to do them carefully. Just one careless operation, and you will have to spend time redoing things. Or, when the number arrangement is wrong, you will not receive the unlock code from the call center or GM dealer.

Unlock codes are reusable, so you should save them somewhere easy to remember and easy to find. Thus, you will not need to worry about the radio being locked anymore in the upcoming trips. Keeping the unlock code not only saves you time, but it also saves you money.

Not all locked GM Navigation radios can be opened by the above method.

Specifically, when starting the radio, if you see the words “RDS” on the screen, unfortunately, you cannot get the code from GM because GM does not provide access codes for RDS units. Therefore, you have to go to the dealer and ask them to intervene manually.


Learning how to unlock GM Navigation radio is not difficult, but it needs meticulousness. Applying this method, you only need to put in the effort once; you can use the code for a lifetime, and the process to acquire it is not too expensive.

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