What is a Bluetooth Radio? (Applications, Pros & Cons)

Technical terms get listeners confused from time to time. What is a Bluetooth radio? Does it refer to a regular AM/FM radio? Bluetooth technology allows you to transfer data from one device to another without cables. It works for any compatible devices that come with Bluetooth chips, also called Bluetooth radios. In day-to-day conversations, Bluetooth radios … Read more

The Best Sounding Clock Radios for 2023

Many people want their AM/FM radio to be able to wake them up in the morning. And so sounding clock radios were produced to the market. Such alarm radios are mostly built to have compact, portable designs with large LCDs of illuminated numbers, contents, and other amazing features The radio concentrates more on the alarm … Read more

The Best Pocket Radios for 2023

In this digital era, it seems that radios’ role is slowly fading behind loads of modern devices. However, many people still choose to get quick updates on broadcast news, talk shows, weather alerts, sports events, and the latest music charts in a simple way: carrying and operating a compact pocket radio. Instead of having a … Read more

The Best HD Radios for Better Sounds Quality

Investing in the best HD radio is a wise decision especially if you want to broadcast the content of convenient AM and FM stations over digital signals. The good thing about most AM/FM HD radios is that they tend to produce a better quality of sounds compared to AM/FM radio bands. According to many legitimate … Read more

The Best Kids Radios for 2023

Radio has been not only a great source of entertainment but also a great tool for learning. For that reason, many parents begin to welcome radios into their children’s life. A radio will bring a joy, while teaching the children valuable things. The demand for kids radios has grown significantly. A kids radio is not … Read more

The Best Outdoor Radios for 2023

If you are planning to spend the weekends outdoor, maybe on the beach or far away in the jungle, and looking for something to add fun to the adventure, I suggest bringing an outdoor radio along. With those site dab radios, you can blast some tunes or turn on the podcasts, while enjoying other activities. … Read more

The Best Radio CD Players for 2023

Written by R. Pennington / Fact checked by R. Combs Are you a music lover? Then you can probably relate to those who can’t seem to get enough of music by just playing it on their mobile phones. Don’t get me wrong! Most love their mobile phones and use these devices to play music. However, if you are a … Read more

The Best Radios for AM DXing for 2023

Written by R. Pennington / Fact checked by R. Combs Radio has been gaining an enormous amount of attention. More and more people expressed their hobbies in this interesting form of communication and entertainment. They are also willing to invest money and effort into building a decent radio system. The results are beyond awesome. You can do many things … Read more