How to Remove a Pioneer Radio? – Only 5 Steps

Pioneer radios provide many features, such as music and FM listening. There is no denying that it provides users with the entertainment they need while driving.

However, these car stereos may require replacement due to many reasons, such as internal systems malfunctioning or simply old age.

The process of Pioneer radio removal is not as difficult as it sounds. Learn how to remove a Pioneer radio below.

Ways to Remove a Pioneer Radio

There are two ways to take out Pioneer radio. One is with a removal tool, and the other is without special tools. These methods will be explored in the detailed steps and FAQs of this article.

What Can I Use to Remove Car Radio?

There are many tools you can use to remove a car radio. Below are the ones you will need:

  • Flat Screwdriver
  • Open-End Wrench
  • Flashlight
  • Car Radio Removal Key (U-shaped keys or Flat keys)
  • Pry bar

Step 1: Disconnecting the Car Battery


Before anything else, it is important to turn your car off before disconnecting the battery. Then, go to the front of your car to open the hood.

Once the hood is open, you will be able to locate your vehicle’s battery. The negative terminal and positive terminals have two large wires and “minus” and “plus” signs. These terminals are being secured by a bolt or nut.

Using your open-end wrench (a socket wrench may also be useful), remove the bolt of the negative terminal and carefully put the wire away from the battery and car engine for safety measures as you do not want any short circuits or sparks to occur.

Next, remove the positive terminal by doing the same procedure as you did with the negative terminal. Make sure that all bolts/nuts are removed and put the negative wire away from the car battery.

Step 2: Removing the Frame


To access and remove your Pioneer radio, there is a frame/border that has to be taken off as it covers the stereo itself. Usually, this is a plastic panel which protects the Pioneer touch screen radio from scratches or minor damages.

You have to check for screws or clamps securing the frame of your car stereo. In some instances, these will be beneath your radio. You can use a flashlight to locate those hidden screws as they may become a problem in the event of a stuck car radio.

Next, use a screwdriver to release them and carefully take off the frame. Keep in mind that you might lose the screws during this process, so have a container nearby to store them.

Step 3:Taking Off the Dashboard Panel

For newer vehicles such as SUVs like the Mitsubishi Pajero or Toyota Corolla, car stereos are equipped with dashboard panels.

Pick up your pry bar and insert it in the edges of the dashboard panel. Use moderate force only as you do not want to damage the panel or the Pioneer Double Din Sleeve.

Once the dashboard panel is out of the way, your Pioneer headunit is now accessible and ready to be removed.

Step 4: Removing the Pioneer Radio With Radio Removal Tools


Check your Pioneer radio for slots/clips on each side. This is where you will insert the radio removal keys. These universal tools can take out your Blaupunkt Car Radio or that of other brands.

Also known as U-shaped pins or U-hooks, they are useful in removing car stereos in Volkswagen Polo, Ford, Mazda and other vehicles that have two holes on each side of the Pioneer radio deck.

  • Carefully insert the U-shaped pins into the holes. Too much force may damage your Pioneer Mixtrax Radio.
  • When you reach the end after you have inserted the pins, you will feel a click that indicates the security clips are released. Pull the U-shaped pins out from the socket. You may support the weight of the radio upon sliding it off.

In some instances where the slot of your Pioneer radio is thin and vertical, you can simply use flat removal keys. Insert them just as you would with the U-pins. Now, pull your car stereo until you see its wires.

Step 5: Removing the Wires


At the back of your car radio, there are wires that you are going to remove. Usually, you can find two wires, such as those of the antenna, and a clamp of wires consisting of the power, ground and audio connections.

Pull all of them out, but for the clamp, you need to squeeze it first. Finally, your Pioneer radio is completely removed from your vehicle’s dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Remove a Pioneer Car Stereo?

Essentially, radio removal keys are the most convenient way to remove a Pioneer car stereo.

Below are the summarized steps:

  • Step 1: Disconnect the car battery by unplugging the negative and positive terminals.
  • Step 2: Loosen all screws that hold the plastic frame in place and remove the frame.
  • Step 3: Insert a pry bar into the edges of the dashboard panel to take it off.
  • Step 4: Use radio removal keys such as U-shaped pins or Flat Radio Keys, depending on the type of slot found on your device.
  • Step 5: Before removing the stereo, disconnect the wires behind it.

How Do You Remove a Pioneer Radio Without the Tool?

Removing your Pioneer radio without keys can be easy with these alternative tools: two sharp thin knives and a shirt hanger.

You can insert two thin knives into the slots of your car stereo. As for the shirt hanger, cut its bottom ends into two pieces (each must be 6 inches in length) and bend them into U-shape forms. Now, the hanger can be inserted into the holes of the stereo.

 How Do You Remove the Touchscreen on a Pioneer Radio?

The first thing you have to do is to remove the Pioneer radio from your vehicle’s dashboard.

Then, disassemble your car stereo by loosening the screws and opening the panel.

Disconnect all wires of the screen of your Pioneer Double Din Radio from the motherboard.

Now, you can remove the touchscreen by loosening the adhesive tape or glue that keeps it intact. Should you install a new touchscreen, make sure that the screen is properly cleaned.

Is Removing Pioneer Head Unit difficult?

It is not difficult per se to remove a Pioneer head unit. As long as you have the right tools, you can do it on your own without having to hire a professional or expert in this field.

Moreover, this article has provided detailed steps which you can easily follow, with or without special tools.

 How Much Does it Cost to Remove Pioneer Head Units?

Removing Pioneer head units does not cost that much, especially if you are doing it yourself with the radio removal keys, which can range from $2 to $20.

However, if you are considering hiring a professional to do the task and install a new radio, it can cost you up to $100. A new replacement radio can also cost you around $50 to $500, depending on the type and brand you wish to acquire.

For instance, a Pioneer AVH-4200NEX can cost you around $400 due to its many features such as touchscreen and DVD receivers.


With all that being said, removing Pioneer Radio can be like a walk in the park, as long as you follow each step, understand the methods and purpose of each tool, be it radio removal tools or improvised ones.

Don’t forget that safety is the first priority, not just in handling the terminals of your car battery but also when you’re enjoying your car radio during a long drive. Please feel free to spread the word and share this article on how to remove a Pioneer radio.

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