How to Remove Coaxial Cable Lock & Reuse It (3 Steps)

When you don’t need your cable anymore, you may consider removing coax cable.

But how to remove coaxial cable lock properly? You need to hold two pairs of pliers, one at each end of the lock. Then, gently pull until the end of the lock comes off. Next, you can slide and remove the coax cable lock.

Below, you will find detailed instructions and videos to help you visualize the process. Plus, we’ll guide you to reinstall the lock on a new cable.

3 Steps to Remove Coaxial Cable Lock


There are many types of coaxial cable locks, but you’re likely to encounter one of these three at home: Twist-on, compression, and crimp-type (also known as coaxial barrel lock).

Twist-on connectors are easy to remove; you only need to rotate the lock. But you can’t do so with the other two.

What you will need

You won’t need any coax cable lock removal tools other than two pairs of pliers. If you do not have pliers, prepare tissue paper.

Steps to detach the coax lock

Step 1. Hold one pair of pliers at the top of the lock and one at the other end.

Step 2. Slightly pull until the end of the lock comes off.

Step 3. Now, you can easily remove the coaxial cable connector.

When you don’t have pliers, use tissue paper to fill the space between the lock and the cable. Then, turn it counterclockwise to remove the coaxial lock.

Watch this video:

How to Install a Coaxial F Connector

What you will need

  • Coaxial compression tool
  • Coaxial cable prep tool
  • Side cutters

With these professional tools, you will install a connector in 30 seconds without damaging it. But if you don’t have them, you can get the job done with a utility knife or a pair of cutting pliers. Note that the process will be longer and more meticulous.

The materials you need include:

  • Coaxial cable
  • Compatible coaxial compression connectors

Step 1. Trim off the cable outer plastic sleeve

Cut the cable to the length you need. Then, pick one of its ends and insert ¾ inch into the coaxial prep tool. Rotate the tool in one direction two to three turns. The tool will cut off the outer layer of the cable. Remove it to reveal a metal core.

If you’re using a utility knife, carefully cut around the cable. You want to strip ¾ inch of the outer plastic and shielding foil. Don’t cut too deep as you might damage the core.

Step 2. Install the connector

Now, Insert the cable into the connector. You should ensure that the center core is straight. After that, firmly press the lock against the cable.

Step 3. Use the coaxial compression tool to tighten the lock

Place the compression connector into the cavity of the coaxial compression tool. Squeeze the handle until the ratchet system unlocks and your connector is fully secured.

If you don’t have the tool, use a pair of pliers and a hammer. Place the connector upright on a surface. Hold the pliers where the lock connects with the cable. Then, use a hammer to gently push them tightly together. Doing so will secure the lock in place.

Step 4. Trim off the excess materials

Trim off any excess materials with the side cutters or a knife. Finally, pull to see if the compression connector is attached tightly to the cable.

Step 5. Repeat with the cable’s other end

Repeat steps one to five to install the connector on the cable’s other end. Now, you have your coaxial cable ready for any task you want.


The job is not difficult once you learn how to remove coaxial cable lock properly. So, don’t leave redundant cable lines in your house. If you know friends who have the same problem, share this article with them. Thank you for your time!

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