How to Remove XM Radio From Car? Easy Steps in No Time

SiriusXM has done an almost remarkable job of becoming the satellite radio industry leader and collaborating with audio and automotive makers to install their systems into a wide range of automobiles. Nonetheless, it is not everyone’s favorite. Many find pre-installed XM radios inconvenient and want to discover how to remove an XM radio from a car.

If you have similar worries, don’t worry. The solution in this article on how to remove XM radio from car. The processes are simple to understand and won’t take much time. We’ll go over how to remove SiriusXM by chatting or using the Sirius website.

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Some Reasons to Get Rid of XM Radio Completely.


There are many reasons why you might want to get rid of the XM radio entirely, like:

  • Comfort: Today, customers are continuously bombarded with advertising. It can be tiresome to wait through an advertisement every time you watch television, listen to the radio, or watch a video on Youtube.
  • Your choice: When you make a significant purchase, such as a new automobile, and spend your hard-earned money, you should not feel forced to be exposed to ads every time you are in your car. Because radio and YouTube are free services, we are prepared to tolerate occasional commercial interruptions because we know they help to pay for the services we get.
  • Maintain an ad-free environment: It would be absurd to buy a new home and discover that the first day you move in, there are signs selling things in your yard and all over the walls that you cannot eliminate. You acquired property, and you have the consumer right not to be invaded by corporations attempting to sell you anything. If you save your money and eventually make the hard choice to buy a car, you should have the right to have it meet your wishes and requirements.

Common Ways to Remove an XM Radio From a Car

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Sirius XM cancellation trial subscription

  • The first step in uninstalling the XM radio from your car is to cancel Sirius subscription. There are numerous options for doing so, depending on whether you are still getting XM as part of a free trial or have extended the service and now want to cancel it.
  • Give it some time as an alternative. When your free trial period expires, your access to XM will be terminated automatically. However, you can discontinue the subscription at any point during the trial by calling SiriusXM customer support.
  • Finally, if you have elected to prolong your subscription but have subsequently changed your mind, you may call SiriusXM at any time and cancel your subscription instantly. You may also do this online by signing into your account or speaking with a representative, and entering your account number or radio ID.

Your options after this point are determined mainly by the brand and model of your car as well as if the dealer has configured XM to be the default setting when you start your vehicle.

Opt-out of your Sirius premium plans

However, suppose you’ve already signed up for a premium version and want to cancel it. In that case, you’ll want to ease through the many steps of canceling Sirius and not incur more fees.

There are several options, but the simplest is to contact SiriusXM’s customer support. Call their hotline, express your wish, and the staff will take care of everything for you.

If calls aren’t your thing, and you still want a direct response from a (hopefully) natural person, then engage in an online chat with an XM customer care agent.

Cancel SiriusXM Without Calling or Chatting

On the provider’s website, you can terminate your paid account plan.

Furthermore, SiriusXM cancellation on subscription in this manner is straightforward; all you have to do is complete the four steps outlined below:

  • Step 1: Go to the SiriusXM webpage and log in to your subscription.
  • Step 2: Then, select “Manage Your Account.”
  • Step 3: After that, find and choose the “Change Billing Info” section.
  • Step 4: The “Cancel Service” choice will display. Please click it.

Q&A About SiriusXM Radio


How do I know whether the vehicle I’m interested in already has XM Radio capability built-in?

The most straightforward option is to contact the dealership or seller and inquire whether the vehicle is pre-equipped with satellite radio or a free trial. You may also ask more specific questions like: is it pre-set as the default station, can you cancel the trial before purchasing, etc.

What is the distinction between Sirius radio, XM radio, and SiriusXM radio?

Sirius and XM originated as different firms and competed in the satellite radio market until they combined in 2008. However, they still continue to exist as other technologies with special packaging. Sirius radios only get Sirius packages, XM radios only accept XM packages, and SiriusXM radios only accept SiriusXM packages.


That’s all we’ve got for today. We’re sure you now know how to remove XM radio from car quickly. If you follow our instructions above, you will save a lot of time (and, in some circumstances, money) when terminating your XM satellite service. Best wishes!

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