How to Set Preset Radio Stations in Cars in a Second

Are you tired of turning the knob back and forth a hundred times when searching for a station? That ends today because you will access your favorite channel with just one click after learning how to set preset radio stations in cars.

The feature allows users to save up to 30 channels to preset buttons. Now, you can enjoy your station of choice without fumbling with the head unit every time. Listening to car radio is becoming more convenient than ever.

The procedure varies among radio and car models. Find yours below and follow the corresponding steps.


Steps to Set Preset Radio Stations in Cars

You won’t need anything other than the key to your vehicle to save radio stations in car. If you’re not already in your car, hop into it and insert the key.

Step 1. Tune into the channel


Switch the key to the accessory position to turn on the radio. You don’t have to start the engine. Now, what station do you want to save? Keep it in mind.

Once the radio is on, set it to AM or FM, depending on the frequency your desired station broadcasts on. If you want to set FM radio station in car to a preset, the frequency setting should be on FM.

Then, search for the station and tune into it. Some head units require you to turn a knob to do so; others might require you to press a tuning button.

Step 2. Save the channel


On the head unit, you shall find buttons numbered one to six. They can be icons on a touch screen or physical buttons underneath the screen.

Press and hold one of the six buttons for a few seconds to set favorite radio stations in car. When the radio beeps or flashes the screen, you have successfully stored the channel in the car radio preset and code saver.

From now on, you can tune into your favorite channel simply by pressing the preset button.

Note: As you key the button, the radio might stop for a second before reactivating.

Step 3. Repeat


If you want to save more channels, repeat steps one and two with other preset buttons. Each preset bank can save one AM and one FM channel. They will play either the AM or FM channel you saved, depending on the current frequency setting of the radio.

The steps might differ slightly in some radio models. Here, we provide the ones that apply to most. But if it doesn’t work for yours, check out the FAQs section. We discuss more models there.

Step 4. Remove preset radio stations


Unfortunately, you can’t remove preset radio stations on most car models, but you can change the channel you store in the preset bank to another one.

  • Tune into the channel you want to save
  • Press and hold the preset button you want to store it in

The radio will automatically delete the previous preset and store the new channel in the bank. You can use the same procedure to change Japanese car radio frequency presets.


How can customers set a radio station as a preset?

On most radios, you need to tune into the channel you want to save. Then, press and hold one of the preset buttons, which are often marked by numbers. You’ll know the preset is saved when the radio makes a beep sound or flashes the screen.

How do you set radio frequency?

On car radios, you can set a radio frequency as your favorite for easy access. Do so by pressing and holding one of the number buttons underneath the screen. Some manufacturers might integrate the buttons into the touch screens.

As the radio saves the preset, it will go silent for one to two seconds and then make a beeping sound or flash the screen. Now, you can access the frequency simply by pressing the preset button rather than rolling the knob back and forth.

How to save a radio frequency on Sony stereo?

You can use the procedure we explained above for most Sony stereos. However, if yours has a Manual Preset or Memory button, here is what you should do:

  • Select the AM or FM button according to the frequency that your favorite channel broadcasts on
  • Click Tune + or – to find the channel and tune into it
  • Press and hold the Manual Preset or Memory button for a few seconds
  • Choose the Preset bank you want to store the channel in and press Enter

The preset banks on Sony stereos can store up to 30 stations.

How to set radio frequency on Pioneer DEH S4010BT?

Many car manufacturers collaborate with Pioneer for the car radios. If your vehicle has a Pioneer DEH S4000BT or S4010BT, follow these steps to set preset radio channels:

  • Click the band button to choose FM 1, FM 2, FM 3, or AM depending on the frequency the station transmits on
  • Tune into the station
  • Key one of the six number buttons underneath the display to save it into the preset bank

How to set radio frequency in Suzuki Swift?

The procedure to save your station in a Suzuki Swift is the same as what we described above. Just select the channel you like and press one of the preset buttons. It should take around two seconds for the radio to register your choice.

Alternatively, press the AST button to save six channels at once. You’ll have less control over what stations the device records, since it’ll pick the ones with the best signals at the moment.

How do I set preset radio stations on Ford Sync?

Similar to other car models, you will need to select the correct source of the station: AM, FM, or Satellite. Do so by pressing the Direct Tune button. Then, type in the frequency of your desired channel.

Once the channel starts broadcasting, press one of the memory preset buttons, which are located at the bottom of the touch screen.

You can swipe to find different preset banks. Feel free to choose any of them, but you must remember the preset button you use for a channel to access it.

Can I remove a preset on a Mercedes?

Yes, you can. To begin, pull back your radio control button to access Preset and choose Edit Station Preset. When you select it, a menu of your preset channels will drop down.

Move to the channel you want to remove, pull the control knob to the right, then choose Delete Highlighted Station/Channel.


Within four steps, you have learned how to set preset radio stations in cars and change them when needed.

The feature assists your listening experience and promises safer trips. You will never have to take your eyes off the road to find your favorite radio content again.

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