Single DIN vs Double DIN Radio: What is the Difference?

Having the correct car stereo head unit is critical whether you want to play only music or use apps like GPS, Spotify, YouTube, and others in your car. And, as you might think, there is a large variety of automotive head units available that provide a variety of various capabilities to the user.

However, before purchasing any vehicle head unit, it is critical to search for what is suitable for your car’s dashboard regarding the size and form?. This size of automobile head unit is called Din, and it includes both Double Din and Single Din car head units. Let’s educate yourself about Single DIN vs Double DIN radio. This article will assist you in making an informed selection by walking you through these sections

What Is Single DIN?

Starting with the smallest size, a Single Din automobile head unit is 2 inches tall. It measures 7 inches wide, giving it a more compact alternative. Because they are smaller and easier to include, most older and entry-level automobiles will only have room for a Single Din car audio system.

What Is Double DIN?

The front faceplate of a double DIN head unit will be the same width but twice as tall. Because “2 DIN car radio” is a colloquial name for “double DIN,” the head unit in your car will measure around 7 x 4 inches (180 x 100mm) if it meets that standard.

The Differences Between the Double DIN vs Single DIN

DIN is an abbreviation for a set of German-developed yet globally accepted technical standards utilized by vehicle radio companies and automakers worldwide. Some vehicles have a Single DIN unit, but others have Double DIN head units. Let’s go over the differences between the two to have a full view of them.

  • Size: Starting with the most visible yet crucial distinction between these units, we have their size. A Double Din head unit is twice as tall as a Single Din head unit. This means there will be a large display area for easier to access controls.
  • Features: Regarding the functions provided by 1 Din and 2 Din automobile head units, they offer the same multichannel audio options. So if you use an additional amplifier, both will provide the same sound quality. However, because of the bigger screen displays utilized by most of them, the larger Double Din device offers superior capability regarding its operating system. It means that practically all of them have the Android operating system, allowing you to effortlessly utilize Maps, YouTube, Spotify, and others.
  • Both automobile head units operate well with amplifiers and other audio equipment for actual use and functionality. But when it comes to a Double Din unit,it will be nicer and more adaptable if you wish to attach external cameras or link your cell phone via iPhone or Android phone.

Pros and Cons of Single-DIN and Double-DIN Radio


Here are some advantages and disadvantages of single-DIN head units:


  • Single-DIN units are simple to install.
  • A Single DIN car stereo can be a low-cost yet significant improvement to old or damaged car audio. They might include features such as an auxiliary input port or wireless Bluetooth audio.


  • Single-DIN devices are pretty tiny, and there isn’t much area for controllers. Controls may be hard to reach and utilize in some circumstances due to a shortage of real estate.
  • A Single DIN stereo often lacks a screen. Some models have a fold-out touchscreen. However, they are uncommon and more costly.

Now consider the advantages and disadvantages of double-DIN stereos:


  • Controls on double-DIN car stereos offer greater area. That is why they are easier to access and operate than controls on single-DIN systems.
  • Because of their larger size, double-DIN stereos can accommodate a screen. Still, single-DIN stereos cannot unless the touchscreen is a foldout version. A touchscreen stereo has several key advantages. Touch screen stereos are more user-friendly than non-screen stereos, having easier-to-read displays. They also provide better phone integration.


  • Installing a double-DIN stereo is more complex than installing a head unit without a touchscreen.
  • Double-DIN models will be more costly than single-DIN models.


You must know what features you want in your car entertainment system ahead of time. Here are some crucial characteristics to look for when purchasing a head unit.

1. Display

The recommended display size is big. When someone calls, you can see what music is playing and who is calling. Furthermore, a more prominent display allows you to view the back of your car more clearly while using backup cameras.

Aside from size, it is preferable if you opt for head units with high-pixel-count display panels.

2. CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility

You may link your phone to the head unit via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Then, the operation of your car’s entertainment system will be dictated by your phone. This capability is likely to be found in newer types of single and double DIN head units.

With cell phone connectivity, you may use all of the same applications on your phone, such as Siri, making hands-free calls, and accessing up-to-date maps for navigation.

3. Equalization

Adjusting the frequency component to balance the sound coming out of the stereo is called equalization. This feature allows you to customize the sound by decreasing or boosting frequencies, enhancing your vehicle’s surround sound.

4. Support for backup cameras

Using a rear view video display improves sight behind the car. Instead of relying on guessing, users can correctly estimate their location. As a result, backup camera input in the head unit is preferable.

Q&A About Single DIN and Double DIN Car Stereo


Are aftermarket stereos superior to factory stereos?

Yes, aftermarket stereos are far superior to the original units.

Factory stereos can handle the output from a head unit, but not to the full extent of the sound’s capabilities. You’ll find yourself continuously changing the volume to improve the clarity of the music. This is because automobile manufacturers strive to save money and do not invest in a high-end radio.

What you’re missing will be revealed via an aftermarket stereo. They provide higher-quality, more detailed sounds. Aftermarket car stereos often include several tone settings, allowing you to fine-tune the audio to your preferences.

Is it true that altering the car radio affects the sound?

Extra functions to improve the overall sound of a car stereo system are not usually included. They may highlight one aspect of the sound, such as the treble or bass. You can improve the quality using equalization settings, but it will not make a substantial difference. Changing your stereo is an excellent way to get the most fantastic surround sound.

You may add extra speakers, sound deadening material, and a DIN head unit by upgrading to a new customized stereo. These components will significantly increase audio receiver quality.

Is the head unit critical regarding the amp?

The combined power of amplifiers and head units is required for optimum audio. Neither can operate at their best without the other. Both aid in enhancing sound signals for improved audio.


After considering all of the variables, details, features, and differences between Single Din vs Double Din radio head units, you should have a decent notion of finding qualifying purchases for your requirements.

To begin with, both Single Din vs Double Din automobile head units give the same audio quality because it has nothing to do with their audio quality performance. Because of the bigger screens, a Double Din head unit will likely have many more advanced functions. A Single Din head unit, on the other hand, is significantly smaller, making it easier to install in most automobiles, while certain cars may not have adequate room for a Double Din head unit.

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