Difference Between Radio Waves and Sound Waves

The music from our radios, the texts we send, and the calls we make are all the results of radio waves and sound waves. But don’t mistake one for another. They are different in all aspects: frequency, speed, source, wavelength, and applications. Now, touch your throat when you are speaking. Can you feel the vibration? … Read more

What Is Mobile Radio Active? – A Simple Instruction

When you turn on the app’s use details on your android phone, you will see a category named mobile radio active. what is mobile radio active? What does mobile radio active mean? Android phones have multiple mobile radio communication operations, such as cellular networks, GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot service, and Bluetooth. Mobile radio active refers to … Read more

What Is a Radio Interferometer? Everything You Should Know!

There are so many distinct ideas in radio astronomy that a newcomer may feel daunted. One example is radio interferometry. What is a radio interferometer?  The short answer is: Radio interferometers are astronomical instruments that detect radio waves to determine the distance and motion of objects in space. Please continue reading to find out all … Read more