How to Tune Radio to Channel 0? Master it within 5 Minutes

Have you been in a situation where you were required to know your SiriusXM radio ID? That can be as easy as 1-2-3 if you know how to tune your radio to channel 0 on Kenwood radio.

In this article, we will show you a step-by-step procedure on How to Tune Radio to Channel 0 so you can get your Radio ID. The tutorial will cover everything you need to know from radio activation to dial tuning and other pertinent steps including some tips and tricks.

What to Know Before Tuning

One good thing about tuning your radio into whatever channel you desire is that you don’t need special equipment for it. You have to:

  • Familiarize yourself with technical words and the functions of every button of your device to avoid you touching unnecessary buttons. Function keys can be found on your radio manuals for your reference.
  • Read all given instructions carefully
  • Understand clearly what is being pointed, refer to your manual if you are hesitant, or buttons function or design changed.
  • If you failed to do it the first time, do not be afraid to repeat it, especially if things went far than what is supposed to happen.

3 Easy Steps to Tune Radio to Channel 0


Step 1Switch Audio Source

After opening your device, the first thing you should do next is to switch your audio source. Do this by simply clicking on the option “Audio Source” then choose “XMSirius”. The next thing that will show is the device giving you an option whether to change your mode for different options.

Step 2: Change Tune Mode from Category Mode to Channel Mode

After seeing the options, promptly click or select “more” options shown on the bottom part of the screen. Then, select Change your mode from “Category Mode” to ‘’Channel Mode”. It will automatically show different channels, depending on your current channel setting will be the interval or how long it will take you to reach “Channel 0”

Step 3Browse

The next thing after reaching the channel option will be for you to choose whatever channel you desire. Most devices will sort the channels ascendingly. Pushing the left cursor or whichever button is nearer to channel 0 will be your preference. Lastly, after tuning to channel 0, it will show your radio ID.

Here’s a video link on Youtube showing how it is done. Find Sirius ID on Honda Channel 0



What Radio ID is and Its Relation to Channel 0

The radio ID contains 8 characters (it may be an AlphaNumeric combination) and can be found at the bottom of every SiriusXM Tuner. It can also be seen when tuning your radio to channel 0. This identification is very important because all radios have unique Radio IDs that they can use when renewing their subscription to their providers.

The most commonly used method of finding one’s unique radio ID is by tuning your radio into channel 0. Many users nowadays opt to find their Radio IDs because unit upgrades make them easier to find using shortcut methods.

Aside from tuning your radio to channel 0 to get your Radio ID, you may also opt for other alternatives like press the AUX and preset 1 button simultaneously or by pressing the MENU button, then select the Sirius menu. After that, proceed to Advanced settings then the Radio ID will display immediately.

But there is a drawback; some ways may not be available to other devices based on their year of production, but tuning to channel 0 will always give you the answer you are looking for.


There you have it! A simple tutorial on how to tune radio to channel 0 on Kenwood radio. In the absence of different options or shortcuts, or if you are using an older radio model, and it happens that you need to know your radio ID, tuning your radio to channel 0 will be the fastest way and the most convenient one.

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