How to Turn Off Pioneer Radio? – Step-by-step Guide

Many Pioneer car stereo models don’t come with a power-off button. Even after you find the right button to turn off the music, the screen still displays flickering text information. Don’t let it mess with your head; here’s how to turn off Pioneer radio:

Step 1. Key the SRC button for five seconds.

Step 2. Key the knob control until you see a menu.

Step 3. Rotate the knob to find Demo On and press to switch it to Off.

Step 4. Click the back button to exit the menu, and the radio will shut down.

Step 5. If the screen still shows a timer, you need to turn the Display mode off. Do so by pressing the DISP OFF button and holding it for five seconds.

This procedure applies to many recent models of Pioneer. But if your radio doesn’t come with the same buttons, scroll down! We cover more models below.

Things to Prepare


You don’t need to prepare anything besides having your actual stereo in front of you.

Steps to turn off a DEH-150MP

Step 1. Press the main control knob to get to the menu.

Step 2. Rotate the control until you find the System menu.

Step 3. Click to choose System.

Step 4. Rotate the control until you see PWR Save, then click to switch it from Off to On.

Step 5. Press the Back button to exit the menu.

Step 6. Press the SRC button to shut down the device.

This video will help you visualize the steps:

Steps to turn off Pioneer EX radio

On a Pioneer touch screen radio, the procedure is more simple. On the top right of the screen, you will find a source-off button and a power-off button. Follow these steps to turn off Pioneer Mixtrax radio:

Step 1. Click the power-off button.

Step 2. A pop-up screen will ask whether you wish to power off the unit completely. Choose yes to confirm.

  • AVH-200EX
  • AVH-201EX
  • AVH-210EX
  • AVH-211EX
  • MVH-200EX
  • MVH-300EX

Steps to turn off Pioneer BT radio

Step 1. Key the SRC button for five seconds.

Step 2. Click the knob control. The radio will bring you two menus: initial and system.

Step 3. Rotate the knob control until you find System and press to choose it.

Step 4. Rotate the control, find Demo Off, and press to switch it to On.

Step 5. Choose Yes to confirm.

Now, the demonstration mode is off. When you press SRC, the Pioneer Mixtrax car radio will display a clock. If you don’t like it, press the D (Display) button on the bottom left to turn it off.

This procedure works for many Pioneer Mixtrax car radio models, such as:

  • MVH-S300BT
  • MVH-S400BT
  • FH-S500BT
  • FH-X700BT
  • DEH-S4000BT
  • DEH-S4010BT

Steps to turn off Pioneer NEX radio

On a Pioneer NEX radio, you have two methods to turn off the lights of the display.

Method 1. Key the home button for five seconds. This will shut off the whole system, including the display. To turn it back on, touch the home button.

Method 2. Touch the arrow button on the top left of the screen. On the drop-down menu, choose Power Off to shut down the device.

This procedure works for all AVH-NEX and MVH-NEX models, including:

  • AVH-1300NEX
  • AVH-1330NEX
  • MVH-2300NEX
  • AVH-2300NEX
  • AVH-2330NEX
  • AVH-3300NEX

More Cool Tricks for Your Pioneer Radio


1. Turn off the music but leave the display on

You can turn off the music while leaving the Pioneer radio’s display on. For older cars that don’t come with a clock, this function can be a lifesaver. All you need to do is click the source-off button.

  • On a Pioneer EX touch screen, you can find this button on the top right.
  • On a Pioneer NEX, you must click the arrow button on the top left of the screen to see a drop-down menu, then select Source Off.
  • On other models, you will see the SRC button near the main volume control.

2. Turn off the display but leave the music on

When you don’t need the display, you can turn it off and still have your music playing. This can help save your car’s battery. To do so, press the Display Off button.

  • On EX models, the Display OFF button is right next to the home button.
  • On NEX models, press the Back button to turn off the screen.
  • On BT models, the Display OFF button is right next to the BASS button.
  • On a DEH-150MP, the Display OFF button is the last one on the bottom row.

When the radio is in this mode, the buttons continue to illuminate. You can adjust the volume or skip tracks. To turn it back on, touch the screen or press the home button.


To sum up, Pioneer radios have a demonstration mode that displays texts on the screen after you shut down the device. You must get to the menu to switch off this mode.

If your Pioneer radio won’t turn off even after you shut down your car’s engine, it has a wiring problem. You should ask for help from a professional.

Now that you know how to turn off Pioneer radio, you can enjoy your next peaceful night drive.

In case we haven’t covered the Pioneer model you use, leave us a comment. See you then!

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