How to Turn on Radio Without Starting Car? All Possible Ways

Radio listening accompanies most car experiences. For infotainment purposes, tuning in the radio is a significant feature that car owners use daily. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why broadcast radio dominates audio car-in, as studies have shown.

Although radio listening is associated with driving, did you know that listening to radio with the engine off is possible? Yes, you can still hang out with your car off through this guide on how to turn on radio without starting car.

Different Ways to Turn on Radio Without Starting Car

Based on the car type and model, several factors are to consider to turn on the radio with car off. With keys or not, these simple steps will help you set your car’s radio on track.

1. Accessing the Accessory Mode for Keyed Cars


In regular cars that uses key ignition, to put car in accessory mode is the way to go.

It’s easier to navigate the radio with car off for older vehicles. Listening to radio with engine off is just a twist away by turning the ignition to accessory mode.

To do so, all you need is the car key– insert it in the ignition and turn it clockwise until you reach the ‘acc’ mark. This will give you access to your vehicle’s entertainment system, letting you play the radio on and keep the music going.

2. Accessing Accessory Mode for Keyless Cars

In keyless cars, listening to radio with engine off operates via an alternative method. You can do so without starting engine push start with this simple trick.

One of the steps to turn engine off but keep radio on is using your car key fob. Just press the accessory mode option located at the car key fob and hold down the ‘lock’ button in the keyless entry system of your vehicle.

You can alternately do the required steps and enjoy the radio without the hassle of wasting your engine’s energy.

Steps to Turn on Radio Without Starting Car for Keyless Honda Civic & Toyota

Even if most keyless cars’ accessory mode is accessible in the previous method, there are various ways distinct on particular brands like Honda and Toyota.

1. Accessory Mode in Honda Civic


Listening to radio with engine off is much easier than you think it is for a Honda Civic. The convenience of a push start button for car owners is likely beneficial for those that appreciate the luxury of their vehicle’s entertainment system.

It is the case with the honda civic’s availability of accessory mode through the push start/stop button. Pressing the button twice will enable you to access your honda civic’s in-car accessories, including the radio, while the engine is off.

2. Accessory Mode in Toyota


The method to turn engine off but keep radio on for toyota vehicles might be a little trickier than the previous ones discussed in this article. But, worry no more; learning this process is as easy as ABC.

First, shift your car into park mode. Then, before pushing the start button, remember to take your foot off the brake pedal.

Click it once, and you can play the music with car off whenever you please.

How Long Can Your Battery Stay in Accessory Mode?

Since the accessory mode is significant to turn on the radio with car off, knowing how long the battery can last while in this mode will help you navigate your car’s function to the fullest.

Based on the battery condition and accessory type, the duration of battery usage while in accessory mode varies. Accordingly, some cars last up to 40 hours of continuous listening to the radio with the engine off.

However, it is advisable to use the accessory mode for an hour or two only. It ensures that your car can still perform its essential utility, allowing you to drive it whenever you need.


A stretch of time spent waiting in your car works best as you listen to the radio. Depending on the vehicle, various methods are applicable to turn on the radio. You can do so without running the engine, regardless of its ignition type.

As you try it, be mindful of some factors that you should consider to make the following methods possible. Think of your battery first and decide how long you want to tune in your car’s radio.

Simple, isn’t it? That’s the guide on how to turn on radio without starting car. Spread the word if you find the article helpful. Thank you!

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