A Complete Guide to Push To Talk Radio

If you’re in the market for a two-way radio that can meet your communication needs, push-to-talk (PTT) radios are an excellent choice. Out of all the various types of two-way radios available today, Push To Talk offers features and functionality unique to its specific design. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into everything there … Read more

The Best MURS Radios for 2023

The best MURS radio is ideal for short-range communication. What is good about it is that it does not require potential users to get a MURS license or certification to transmit via MURS frequencies. Also called multi-use radio service, the MURS handheld radio has a wide range of users. You can now see it being … Read more

What Kind of Radios Do Police Use? – 4 Common Types

Radios play an important role in our lives, as it is an excellent source of information, entertainment and communication. Furthermore, it is one of the gears used by law enforcement. But what kind of radios do police use? They use two-way radios, which can provide instant communication including sending messages and receiving signals especially during emergencies. … Read more

The Best VHF Antennas for 2023

Written by R. Pennington / Fact checked by R. Combs A VHF antenna can pick up and transmit radio signals at a very high frequency. It supports users in strengthening their VHF marine radios’ reception ability with plenty of other radio types. All of these antenna packages contain sufficient equipment for you to solder them easily without professional help. … Read more

The Best Coax Cables for VHF Radio for 2023

A coaxial cable for VHF radio is a type of feed line used for connection with radio transmitters & receivers, antenna tuners or SWR meters, etc. for the marine frequency band. Since its first establishment in 1880, a coax cable has been a great tool to deliver high-frequency signals for distances without much loss. Unlike … Read more

The Best UHF Radios for 2023

Besides using a mobile phone with advanced technology, people are also fond of another wireless but the traditional way to communicate with others from afar. Owning a UHF radio can respond to your requirements of transceiving ability, and suitable for long distances. A UHF radio is one of the best transceiver tools for group activities. … Read more

How to Find Two-way Radio Frequency? Easier Than You Thought

Written by R. Pennington / Fact checked by R. Combs Contrary to what most people believe, the radio frequency spectrum is a naturally-occurring and finite resource. Radio waves are primarily used nowadays as a means of transmitting information from one place to another, all without using any other kind of media. Among the most important characteristics of radio waves … Read more

The Best SHTF Radios for 2023

A portable SHTF radio is beneficial in case of serious emergencies that require the survival mode of an individual. It might be a land that is unexpectedly attacked or collapsed, which is nothing new with military troops. Or, perhaps, a group of friends experiencing dangerous tactical games in the jungle. Whatever these situations might be, … Read more