What Channel is Newsmax on Sirius XM Radio?

It is true that Sirius XM radio provides qualified satellite and online radio services, but what channel is Newsmax on Sirius XM radio? Indeed, there is no Newsmax on Sirius XM since the corporation strives to keep its networks fair and independent.

Furthermore, OAN (One American News), known as a “great supporter” of Donald Trump, is also an unavailable channel on SiriusXM satellite radio. Yet, I bet you may discover other intriguing content or other comparable, worthwhile conversations on this radio. Scroll down to find out more!

What is Newsmax? Where Do I Find Newsmax?

Founded in September 1998 by Christopher Ruddy, Newsmax is a digital media company with multiple famous key products. Some of them are the website (Newsmax.com) about Health and Finance, the famous cable/broadcast channel, magazines and the emergency radio.

Newsmax emergency radio offers a lot of good deals and it’s also necessary for any household (to ensure they always receive the hottest news promptly).

Unluckily, during the 2020 election, this network involved many controversies with baseless accusations about voter fraud, and this has also led to many unnecessary consequences.

However, if you want to make some requests for the conservative media on this network, feel free to contact the Newsmax radio station number, 1-877-NEWSMAX, and your ideas are all accepted.

In case you still insist on finding out how do you get Newsmax, as you cannot find it on Sirius XM radio, I recommend you to refer to other services such as Vidgo, and FuboTV, or download it as an app (available on both Android and IOS).

Sirius XM Radio Channel List

With over 425 channels on Sirius XM, which range from multiple fields, such as sports, music, comedy, or news, I’m sure you can always find your favorites among them.

To illustrate, I will only recommend some of the most famous radio channels on Sirius XM in the table below. Therefore, if you want to find the detailed, printable Sirius XM Car channels list, kindly access their official website.

Fields/Topics Suggested Radio Channels
Music Tiktok Radio, Sirius XM 14, Sirius XM 104, Sirius XM 105, Road Trip Radio
Sport Fox Sports, ESPN Radio, SiriusXM NBA Radio, SiriusXM NFL Radio, SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio
Talk & Entertainment XM Preview, SiriusXM 109, TODAY Show Radio, Team Coco Radio

Sirius Vs XM Vs SiriusXM: What’s The Difference?

To be short, Sirius and XM were 2 distinguished companies which both provided satellite radio services. At that time, the main difference between them was that XM provided more channels with less prices (122 channels and $9.95 a month) while Sirius required $12.95/month for only 120 channels.

Although it was less costly than Sirius in terms of satellite radio, XM lacked numerous advantages in terms of internet access and exclusive channels. The two businesses ultimately put a stop to their rivalry in 2008 with a merger that gave origin to Sirius XM.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SiriusXM patriotic music channel?

It’s surely SiriusXM 125 (Patriot) and I promise it can please your music taste.

Where is Sirius XM station?

The headquarter of the largest audio entertainment company in North America is now placed in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

You can access their radio station guide via https://www.siriusxm.com/channels.

How much is the subscription fee on Sirius XM radio? Is it free?

It’s not free to fully experience Sirius XM and the prices for the services are different between packages. Detailedly, for the platinum packages (usable on both car and streaming devices), you need to pay $22,99/month (with 3 trial months for only $1).

The cheapest packages (which include only music and talk shows, available on streaming devices only) will cost you $4,99 a month.

Is Newsmax on the radio?

Yes, it is. You can download the free iHeartRadio app on your smart devices and search for Newsmax. Since it’s a free and “portable” option, it’s more convenient than the other cable-required channels/suggestions.

Can I listen to Newsmax on my car radio?

Yes, you can. Not only that, but you can also experience the contents while doing exercises or even gardening. How useful!


In addition to providing you with the finest answer for “what channel is Newsmax on Sirius XM radio,” I have also given you a number of relevant information on this topic. I hope you find them all to be helpful and appropriate.

Do you have any recommendations for channels to explore on these platforms? Don’t be shy, leave a comment down below. Loving is sharing.

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