Why Does My Sirius Radio Say No Signal? How to Fix It?

SiriusXm signal issues can sometimes arise while you are driving, particularly if a message suddenly pops up saying “No Signal.”

So why does my Sirius Radio say no signal? This could mean that there is something blocking the antenna, which makes it difficult to receive satellite signals. Another factor is that the mounting of the antenna may be loose or the antenna is damaged.

What Are the Reasons the SiriusXm No Signal in Car Message Appears?

1. Sirius Radio Antenna Problems

Antennas are a vital tool for transmitting and receiving radio signals. You might want to take a look at your antenna to see if it is still in good condition and if the cables are properly and securely connected.

Sirius antenna problems can cause the XM radio no signal in car message to appear. If a faulty antenna is a problem, go to the repair shop and check if it’s tightened correctly. If you plan to repair the antenna, expect the cost to go from $100 and up.

2. Sirius XM Reception Problems


If you are in a remote rural place surrounded by trees, mountains, and hills, your Sirius Radio may not be able to receive signals, thus a poor reception.

SiriusXM is capable of covering many areas but places where signals can be weak such as in dead zones can be a problem for your radio signals.

Also, consider the place where you are currently in. SiriusXm acquiring signal from satellites can intermittently cause the no signal notification to pop up when you are driving in obstructed areas like tunnels or parking garages.

This can also occur in places where you are surrounded by infrastructures like buildings, and driving under bridges can be a significant blockage in receiving radio signals.

Another factor is that the no XM signal reception may be blocked by objects such as aluminum foil and other metallic conductors that hinder the radios transmission.

3. Wrong Sirius XM Frequency


One other reason you can look into is that your car radio may be in the incorrect frequency. It is also possible that the channel or frequency you have selected may not be broadcasting any content for that matter.

4. Ongoing Update


If you are unable to get a signal to your radio or you think that it is not working, then a probable cause could be that SiriusXM is undergoing an update.

In view of this, you have to wait for a few minutes in order for the update to finish before you can use your car radio.

How to Fix It?

As regards XM radio no signal troubleshooting, there are many ways to fix and solve this issue.

1. Mounting Solution

Make sure that your antenna is properly mounted outside of your vehicle preferably on a flat surface facing the sky.

  • For Sedan or Coupe vehicles, it is best to mount the antenna above the rear window or in the front windshield.
  • For vehicles like pickup trucks, it is recommended that the antenna be placed above the front windshield.
  • For SUVs, place and mount the antenna above the roof as long as there are no obstructions and gives a clear view of the sky.
  • For convertibles, you can place it above the front windshield, on the trunk lid, on the front hood, or on top of the front fender.

2. Tuning in with the Right Frequency


As mentioned earlier, it is essential that you are tuned in to the right frequency as some channels may have closed down their broadcast for a specific location.

If the radio tuner is unable to receive and transmit signals, then you may have to replace it. It costs between $59 -$78 to buy a new tuner online.

3. SiriusXm Refresh Signal

You can request for a refresh by calling these numbers: 697-3373, 888-5397-474. You can also do it online via their website.

Keep in mind that you should have your radio ID before requesting a Sirius signal reset.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Refresh my Sirius Signal in My Car?

By dialing the number 888-5397-474, Sirius will send you a message, and follow the steps they will provide in order to reset Sirius radio in car.

In doing this method, you have to turn off the Bluetooth of your car first, and on the dashboard select Sirius.

You will be asked to set your car radio to satellite and listen to audio, and then you can click on the send refresh signal.

You can also text “REFRESH” and send it to 77917. They will provide a link that you can follow when it comes to refreshing your signal.

Where is the SiriusXM Antenna Located?

The antenna is usually called the magnetic mount antenna. It is connected to your Sirius Radio and it is recommended to put it facing a clear sky outside of your vehicle to get the best signals.


Hopefully, we were able to solve your Sirius Xm no signal contact dealer problems, and you can finally be rest assured that you can enjoy listening to the radio again.

As you have learned, the Sirius XM not working or no signal message is really not something a professional should work on but it can be accomplished by yourself with the help of this article on why does my Sirius radio say no signal?

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